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Review #1, by victoria_anne 

21st May 2016:
Hi Ysh!

I know you're slowly trying to get that unanswered review count down, but here's one more muahahaha!

Oh how I love the character you've created for Marlene! (But Adhara remains my favourite Gryffindor gal - sorry Lily and everyone else! ♥) It must be because she's getting older, but I feel Marlene is really beginning to appreciate how beautiful she is and that she can use this to her advantage to make her feel good, and it's not necessarily a bad thing but it's fun to watch :)

(Also, I ship her and Owen so hard ♥)

Oh my gosh. Okay. That scene with the prank they pulled on Peter?

Best. Thing. EVER.

You had me in stitches, Ysh, it was absolutely hilarious! And I LOVE how Lily got involved in this one! And even Remus joining in! I know we've discussed sassy Remus but it is amazing to actually read it! Ha ha!

Aw how do you manage to make me feel sorry for Snape? But seriously, he can feel Lily slipping away and he's jealous and it makes him sad so it makes me sad :(

(But, er, Jily 4eva, sorry Snape!)

Oooh the boggarts were so interesting! As soon as I saw it as the chapter title I got very excited! The whole Lily and werewolf thing is very interesting, was it really hers or Remus's? Hm... Oh and poor Remus, his reaction! *hugs Remus and never lets him go* I love how the rest of the Marauders just won't let him push them away, and how they always stand by him no matter what. True friendship ♥

Incredible chapter Ysh, and this is your personal cheerleader telling you to keep writing on! *shakes pom poms* And thank you for the little mention, what an honour! I am so lucky you have you as a friend ♥

Love B xx

Author's Response: Dearest B!

Your reviews always put a smile on my face!!

Adhara is an enigma, even to me! She behaves in the most mysterious!

I'm glad you like Marlene. She might seem bitchy to everyone, but at 13, to know how pretty yu are and love that attention is quite natural, don't you think?

You are definitely the BEST cheerleader EVER! And I couldn't be happier I met you!!!

Loads of love!

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Review #2, by Kristina1990 

19th May 2016:

I've just finished reading from first to last chapter. This says much, because I usually don't like stories that aim to cover such a wide time span. I think they tend to get too long, slow-going and never seem to leave the same spot. Having said that, you have definately succeeded at NOT letting this happen.

You cover the most important events, dedicating just a few chapters to each year and have still managed to bring some nice character development (Adhara!) into your story. I've really enjoyed this and I'm hoping for a new chapter soon!


Author's Response: Hello Kristina!

What you've given me here is really high praise. Honestly, I didn't think I could do it. I do want to keep the pacing not too fast, not too slow and avoid using recurrent themes like you mentioned. I'm so glad you were able to read the whole thing, and didn't feel it dragged a bit much.

I do intend on using more chapters to cover the years as the events that unfold gets more and more. Hopefully I will be able to work in enough plotlines to keep the flow interesting.

I'm also really glad you liked Adhara here. Most people seem to like her, and I'm quite excited for her myself :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and telling me what you think. Hope you stick with the gang till the end :)


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Review #3, by May 

15th May 2016:
I really enjoy this storyline of Lilly and james

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) Hope you stay with the gang till the end :)

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