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Review #1, by Sugar 

23rd January 2017:
Please... Update. I want to cry, you haven't updated in so long. 😢

Author's Response: I just did! I submitted a chapter for validation like half an hour ago. It was this review that convinced me to do it, so thanks! You probably don't check back here anymore, but... thanks for reading. :)

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Review #2, by Sugar 

8th September 2016:
What is David hiding anyway? Is he related to death eaters? Or is he an orphan? Or is he homeless or a muggleborn or related to a squib? Really, you really need to answer my questions? Ooohhh... if you think about it, I think that the dementor will come to hogwarts ot something. Will albus have anymore exiting adventures? Because I like plot, mysterys, and the like. You and Gryffin_Duck are my favorite authors. Also, I'm wondering if you will have anymore quiddich matches, i love them! You are brilliant, remember, rock onand KEEP POSTING! ( for this chapter i am forced to rate 10/10, but if i could, i would rate 100/100.)

Author's Response: Hmmm you're definitely on a lead when it comes to David. And a lot of other stuff too.

I love Gryffin_Duck! She was one of my first favorite authors. Started reading her years ago.

Thank you so so much! You're so sweet and I love your reviews.

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Review #3, by Nina 

8th September 2016:

Author's Response: Just did... like over a year after this review... hey, at least I did it!

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Review #4, by Sugar 

8th September 2016:
This is probably your best chapter YET! Who is the DADA teacher? Why does he look like Harry? Tell me! *Puppy face*

Author's Response: Haha you'll see. And once you read the chapter about him, you might understand why he looks like Harry. I don't directly state it, but you should be able to infer it.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by MargaretLane 

21st March 2016:
Oh wow, I totally missed that this was updated. I'm really pleased because, as you know, I'm pretty curious about a fair few things.

Oooh, that part where Albus is beginning to wonder if Slytherins other than Snape fought against Voldemort is kind of interesting. I wonder if you are leading up to something here. Not sure WHAT exactly, but perhaps a Slytherin who fought against Voldemort will be relevant or perhaps Albus will befriend somebody in Slytherin now.

By the way, I think you have a space before the apostrophe in "Snape's" when you are talking about how he contrasts with the stereotype of Slytherin house.

Oooh, this new teacher seems kind of interesting. I wonder if the "satanic grin" means he's going to be a nasty character or if it's a red herring.

I also wonder if he could possibly be some relation of Harry's or something. After all, we don't know anything about James's family.

Poor Flitwick. I really like the way you indicate he's still suffering (although we don't know for sure if it's because of what happened the previous year or if he knows something else that Albus doesn't). I always like it when characters show some reaction to what they have been through.

Hmm, you've now started me wondering about Albus's skill with non-verbal spells. I assumed you just meant it as characterisation - everybody has some skills and some weaknesses after all - and maybe as something that would later help him to defeat or escape from the villains, but now I'm wondering if there is more to it. It DOES appear rather unusual.

Oooh, I really like the reference to how wizards contribute to damage to the environment. That stuff about the war makes sense.

Three friends is fairly average at that age, I'd say. From my own memories of being a young teenager, most people hung around in groups of between 2 and 5. It was really only when we got to about the age of 15 or 16 that people started hanging out with different groups at different times. I guess it might be a bit different at a boarding school, where you are with classmates all day, but I still wouldn't class it as anything unusual. Harry really only had two friends his first four or five years. It wasn't until Order of the Phoenix that he started to befriend Neville, Ginny and Luna.

*grins at the prefect being too tired to bother punishing them* Pretty realistic really.

I'm a bit confused. Albus said Marc was Muggleborn, but then Marc talks about his mother being Muggleborn, indicating he's at least half-blood. If it's still Marc talking then. It's not really clear.

I am really intrigued as to what David is hiding.

Author's Response: Oh goodness, this has been sitting in my unanswered review pile for a year and a half... *cringes* Great to hear from you as always, MargaretLane.

Yeah, the new teacher is interesting. You'll have to wait and see.

Poor Flitwick was under the imperius curse for like a year. (I think? Honestly it's been so long since I wrote the first book that I don't really remember.) It always amazed me how fast Moody recovered after being locked in a trunk for a year. Only a few months later he was helping Harry leave Privet Drive.

That's a good point, I only had like two friends when I was Albus's age as well.

That was Rob talking about his mother being muggleborn, not Marc. I forgot to clarify who is talking in the chapter, sorry! But yeah, Rob is halfblood, and you were right that Marc is established as muggleborn in the books.

Thanks for the review!

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