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Review #1, by victoria_anne 

24th April 2016:
Okay I'm going to be honest with you here Ysh - I wasn't planning on reviewing.

I know, I know. I'm a terrible friend.

I was planning on just reading the last couple of chapters so I was caught up, BUT this chapter was just so wonderful and amazing and incredible and there was just so much I enjoyed about it that I couldn't not share it in a review.

So here's me redeeming myself. Whoops.

(Prepare for me saying "I love" a lot)

I love Sirius and James. Yes I say it all the time but I really really do. This story is just canon for me - this is how their story went down. Their banter and the way they tease and pull pranks on each other just comes naturally and is incredibly entertaining. I may enter into this story in a bad mood but am soon smiling as I read.

Ooh that scene between Lily and James. That was not nice. Here we can really see that James is rather arrogant and being a bully is unfortunately in his nature (but I still loves him 5ever ♥)

~ Saint Moony and Saint Lily ~

SUGAR HIGH SIRIUS! Omg this is just amazing! I got to this part and this where I was like, that's it - I'm leaving a review! She HAS to know how much I laughed! Even this: "“You should visit our dorm after a trip to Honeydukes,” replied Peter darkly."

Freaking hilarious! :D

And that scene between Lily and Severus ♥ they truly were best friends, and I love the easy going, comfortable nature of their relationship. Although it's sad only Lily sees it this way :(

Owen Weasley is a doll! But I hope he doesn't fall in too deep with Marlene! (Unless she starts to fall for him, of course, then I'll be happy). And I love Adhara more and more as this story goes on.

So there you have it, my favourite moments I just couldn't keep my excitement over to myself. Gorgeous work Yshy ♥ ♥

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Review #2, by Unwritten Curse 

18th March 2016:
I'm finally here!

I read this chapter a week ago, but didn't have time to review. So I reread it now and have some comments for you. Hopefully this will help with your writers block. It'll mostly be me rambling as per usual. ;)

A quick suggestion: It took me aback when Lily swore. I can't quite imagine a third year Lily being so crass.

Okay, now that's taken care of, I have nothing but good things to squee about.

I love that Owen has come to sweep Marlene off her feet. Obviously she still has lingering feelings for James, but this romance with Owen is so sweet and innocent and unexpected that I can't help but smile. When he kissed her goodnight, I wanted to squeal like a little girl. Young love. *sigh*

The "always" also made me smile. You need to stop making me like Snape because I usually despise him and it's ALL YOUR FAULT that I'm starting to like him now. ALL YOUR FAULT.

More Lily/James fighting. Has McGonagall discovered what they're doing? She's obviously on to him (because of Snape?) but I wonder what she really knows.

The conversation about stereotypes was awesome. I really, really like the dialogue in this story. It never disappoints. You bring these small, silly moments to life and construct characters that feel so real. I can imagine having a conversation about girly stuff with my friends when I was a teen. Because I was such a tomboy like Adhara and my friends who chased after boys were so strange to me. I couldn't care less about boys until I was at least 16. Haha.

Anyway, loved the chapter! Off to the next!


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