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Review #1, by victoria_anne 

10th April 2016:
Hello angel ♥

(reviewing as I read, weee!)

Bam. Second sentence. Love the name Bathsheda Babbling! Don't know if that's her real name or something James made up, either way - it's amazing.

Ha ha trust Remus to still take notes when he's bored! Their actions during this class is just the perfect example of all their personalities!

Okay James and Sirius, that was *snorts* not *giggle* funny! That poor girl! *lol*

Ha ha I love the detail of the other Marauders having to learn the Augmenti charm early because Peter sets things on fire!

Oh no, more people dead :( this is just awful! And a 'greater good' reference - eek!


James and Marlene, sitting in a tree! K-I-S- wait... wrong ship! Jily 5ever!

Oh poor Mrs Norris! It's hard sometimes to admit (and I forget) that James and Sirius were bullies!

OMGOMGOMGOMG - the beginning of the nicknames!!! #superduperexcited

Weee! The story is unfolding so nicely, my beloved Ysh, I love love love it so much! ♥ ♥

Love B

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Review #2, by Meleessuhh 

22nd March 2016:
Hello! I am SO sorry about the wait D: Life got hectic and I didn't have a secure enough wifi connection to leave a proper review.

I love how James and Sirius are coming along. Their friendship is blossoming along quite nicely, and it's adorable how they are starting to finish each other's sentences now.

Aahh no, Voldemort is striking already. I almost forget that he's around but you've sewn in his looming threat quite well. I'm curious, are you thinking of ending this once they graduate from Hogwarts or until each of the Marauder's dies?

That always line oh my goodness! So cute. I always feel a bit bad for Severus because of how he's treated, but it seems like he's already molding into his Death Eater ways, unfortunately.

Oh no Marlene has a crush on James. I wonder how that's going to play out since we all know he ends up with Lily. Is she going to get crushed or find someone else?

I loved this scene with James and Sirius talking to Remus! They almost remind me of Fred and George with how close they're becoming. I can't wait to see them become Animaguses (Animagi? What's the plural?)! When does that start??

Overall great chapter! Again I am soo sorry it took me so long! My apologies

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Review #3, by Unwritten Curse 

27th January 2016:

Lily and James flirting. LOVE. They may not even realize that their bickering is flirting but it's obvious they like each other. Lily's just going to be stubborn and not admit it for years… *sigh*

Speaking of crushes, I already feel sad for Marlene. Because I know that James only has eyes for Lily. I mean, maybe in the meantime, before Lily admits her feelings, something will happen between James and Marlene. But it'll end in heartbreak for her.

Ah, it was the Bones who died in the last chapter. I'm quite fond of that family. Especially Amelia. Mainly because I'm writing a story starring her currently (and I always fall in love with any character I write (maybe I should try writing Snape…)) but also because I think she's such a strong character. She suffered so much loss. Losing her parents and then her brother. And she joined the Ministry in order to prevent that from happening to other families. She locked up the bad guys and worked towards peace. She's awesome.

Anyway, loving more of the Marauders and their schemes. I remember now that they began their Animagi journey in third year. You've done your research! (Oh, and the birth of the title "Moony" was just perfect.)

One more chapter! Oh my! I see from your Author's Note that you're planning to update frequently and for that I am grateful!


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