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Review #1, by Storiesbooksandnovels 

20th June 2016:
As usual I love it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for that :) :)

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Review #2, by victoria_anne 

5th April 2016:
Hello, my darling! ♥

Sorry I'm so late with this *hides*

Alright I'm going to jump straight in and say that that opening scene is not okay. Okay? Not okay. That was freaking terrifying (ever tried to write a horror? I imagine you'd be quite good at it). I had goose bumps.

Oh, some good news! Marlene's brother is okay, yay! Aw and Charlie just born, cute!!
I have to say (again) that you just do such a marvellous job at writing the build up of the war. It's how I always imagined it - all the confusion, horror and the terror. It's how it was described in the books and the way you write it is honestly spot on.

And again, I love the way you write Snape! That secret flame he holds for Lily is to die for! But always secret... That's what makes me sad. And I like the detail you added about his knowledge on the Dark Arts.


Aw, baby Tonks! Okay, you're forgiven. But seriously, the Tonks family are my absolute faves, this scene is so amazing! (Still loving all these details you're putting in!) Ha ha, so that's where Sirius' motorbike comes from!!

Ahh, my dear. I can't start my day happy now after reading your chapter. Thank you!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by Meleessuhh 

28th February 2016:
Awe I'm so glad Matty's safe! The way Marlene reacted when she saw him was really cute. And the woman who was there, that was Bellatrix wasn't it?

That always line...that made me feel a lot of emotions. Lily and Sev's relationship is great when it's just them, but when other people are around it becomes a mess. I like how she stood up to him as well.

I hope we see more of Tonks! I like how you introduced her and Ted and Andromeda. Hopefully Regulus and Sirius grow closer instead of further apart. But when is Sirius getting his bike?

Great chapter! :)

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Review #4, by Mr Penn 

21st February 2016:
Hello PrincessLily... I was late in giving aa review for our last review swap so decided to do this one for free. My way of making up I guess. Let's get started now.

I really like dark and edgy stories. So I guess, the beginning of this chapter really rules the roost. Though I have a feeling this is one time I most definitely DO NOT want to be in Wizarding England.

The dialogue between Lily and Petunia is both sad and lovely on so many levels.

ALWAYS! So it starts from here.

Really happy Matty survived. So when they say the McKinnons were killed by Tom Riddle in person with a lot of Death Eaters by his side, you mean they had to fight an Auror, a Healer and whatever Marlene becomes. No wonder they gave them a run for their money.

Sirius is getting his motorcycle I guess. I guess that's the best thing about this story. You have been integrating the most minor of points into the story and it doesn't feel like a drag. Real nice work there.

Great chapter once more PrincessLily. Will love to read more.


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Review #5, by Unwritten Curse 

27th January 2016:

o.o Who was the girl in the first chapter? Did she die? I… *cries*

Oh sweet relief. To follow that first snippet with a McKinnon reunion. I was thrilled to see Matthew home safe. All because he's a Pureblood… Oh well. At least he's alive and well.

Again, YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SO STINKING COMPLEX. I almost cried when Lily went to see Petunia to make sure she's okay. Sometimes I forget that they must've been close at one point. Before Lily went off to Hogwarts and Petunia got left behind. It's sad, really. We don't ever see young Petunia in the books. We just see her being horrible to Harry and I think we forget that she was basically abandoned (not that Lily meant to abandon her). She obviously let her jealousy go too far, but she's not such a black and white character after all.

And oh, Sirius and Ted. LOVE their banter when they first meet each other, and the "I like him!" moment. It made me smile.

I'm probably forgetting to mention other parts that I liked, so I apologize for that. I hope I've expressed enough how much I'm enjoying this story, because I really am. This deserves more reads and reviews!


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Review #6, by TreacleTart 

26th January 2016:
Hello my dear!

I'm back for the second of the reviews that I owe you. If I remember correctly, your concern for this chapter was the action scene, so I'll start with that.

I thought you did a good job of building up the tension rather quickly. Things like the pounding footsteps, the unusually chilly night, and something landing on the roof all add to that very suspenseful feeling in the beginning. Before anything really even happens, I already know it's going to be bad.

I thought that the actual action where the parents are struggling with the Death Eaters was pretty good as well. I liked that you used sound to tell the story more than sight since the main character was hidden in the closet. That was a unique touch.

My only really CC for the action scene is that I think you could push it just a little bit further. I'd love a bit more description around her hiding and some lead up to her mother being attacked instead of immediate action.

On a more general note, I thought it was interesting to see how many characters you included in this particular chapter. It was a bit confusing for me since I haven't read the beginning chapters, but I did think you did a good job of keeping each character fairly cannon compliant.

Good work!


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Review #7, by The Basilisk 

29th December 2015:
Hiss Hiss, guess who? The Basilisk, with a review.

This story is absolutely lovely. I went through all the chapters because once I started, I couldn't stop reading. Your portrayal of the marauders is the best. I am really liking your plot, and it looks like you get all of them so well.

I especially love how you write Lily and James and Sirius. It's just perfect. Being a creature who has roamed the castle even when these fellows lived here, I can say your portrayal of them is very apt.

Snape and James' interactions are also nicely done. Your dialogue is natural and reads easily. I love your narrative style overall and I'm really enjoying the story. Do keep writing. Happy Holidays!

And of course, since you've pleased my cold ancient heart, I shall not eat you or petrify you.

Hiss Hiss
The Basilisk

Author's Response: The Basilisk!

I'm honored oh Heir of Slytherin! Thank you so much for stopping bye.

It's high praise indeed that the Marauders are close to canon. I'm glad you like the dialogues and you weren't able to stop reading once you started!

I really hope you continue to follow my story and grace me with a Hiss once in a while :D

I bow to thee!
Happy Holidays!

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Review #8, by rakee 

22nd December 2015:
Please keep writing! I plowed through all 9 chapters in one day, it's that good!😍 You're an awesome writer, and your characters are more canon than most of the Marauder stories I find online.

Author's Response: Thank you so much rakee! I'm so honored to have such a review from you. I will write and upload more soon. Happy Holidays!

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Review #9, by DobbyLover 

18th December 2015:
I really like your story. I'm hoping for some more Lily/James action in future chapters. And the 'always' line in this chapter... (tears!).

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You will definitely see more action :D

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