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Review #1, by True Author 

4th June 2016:
I like how you are shifting the point of view to include all the characters you are focusing on. This seems like the best way to handle so many characters who belong to different groups at once. It gives a good insight of everyone.

Aah, Remus! Even though my favorite Lupin is Teddy, I absolutely love his father too. *heart eyes* The first part where he wakes James up was hilariously sweet. I loved that bit! The Marauders are developing an amazing friendship. :) The title of this chapter is very appropriate!

Poor Sirius! I cannot believe his mother came to meet Dumbledore for changing his house! It's very disgusting but pretty much believable. I can imagine Mrs Black doing this. The characterization was on point!

I loved Lily too. She indeed is smart but not another Hermione. I like that. :) Can't wait to read more about her. She seems like an interesting character.

Overall it was a fun chapter! I've always wanted to read about the school days of James, Lily, Snape, everyone so I'm really excited about your story. :D I'm guessing you have fun writing this too!

Great job! I'm loving it so far!


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Review #2, by victoria_anne 

22nd March 2016:
*cough* Ah, yes, I'm back.

Okay so I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the first part, in Remus' POV. It is absolutely perfect in every single freakin' way. How u do dis?


*hem hem*

I love Remus, the way he talks, his happiness after believing he was doomed to a doomed life because he was doomed.

I think I'm dooming this review. How funny does that word seem now?!

Anyway, focus. Even just James and Sirius grappling for the bathroom. It's just perfect!
Speaking of James and Sirius, their being late to their first Transfiguration is slightly familiar...

Okay, loving Sirius' mother! Oh my goodness that was an amazing scene! Of course she would want to kick up a fuss, how hilarious! But go Sirius, woo! TEAM GRYFFINDOR! (but always Puff pride, teehee...)

Aw feeling very sorry for Adhara right about now :( I wonder what's going on with her.

"First years should be seen and not heard" - Love that!

I love all the snippets into everyone's lives, it's so great and I'm so glad you chose to take on this project!

*love and cuddles*

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Review #3, by Owlpost68 

6th March 2016:
How can I review such an amazing chapter? I saw similarities between Harry and Ron's friendship and Sirius and James. I saw how possible it is that Snape was really watching Lily and taking notes from her the whole time, that maybe he got all his potioneering skills from her. That could also be why he wanted the professorship in it because it reminded him of her, it could have also been why he didn't want it. Again, your characterization is so on point I can't believe it. Remus and Peter, their eagerness and the constant reminder that Peter Still had to work hard to feel like he belonged. All the canon details and names we all recognize. I don't know of any Owen Weasley, was that a brother of Arthur's I've never heard of? The one silly thing I caught was this: "The took the empty seat"... I'm guessing should be 'They'.
My heart almost broke when I read the bit about Sirius' mom and Dumbledore. He was characterized SOO well. I can't get over all of it.

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Review #4, by DragonPoxPixie 

29th February 2016:
[part two of the review]

Transfiguration, it made em laugh so hard that just like Harry and Ron, Sirius and James are late for their first class (though technically it is now the other way around of course!) such a nice way to put some extra canon in there as an inside-joke! Great introduction of Lucius as well I knew who he was before you mentioned his name! And that joke Sirius made, being sure James is off the hook, really made me wonder what they have been up to that early in the year!
Having Lucius not acknowledging that he knows Sirius is a very clever way of showing that the news that Sirius hasn't been sorted in Slytherin hasn't gone down well with his family and makes for a very nice opening for the scene in which his mother goes well, mental.
Like McGonnagal, you've written Dumbledore very true-to-canon without copying the books. I truly admire this in your writing. Especially what he says to Sirius at the end of the scene doesn't feel like fanfiction but rather something JK could have written if it had been a prequel.
And Walburga is just hilarious, I love it when someone entitled/arrogant gets put in their place. How you had her very worked-up and then trying to retain a calm exterior, the details such as her disheveled hair, really made her come to life as a well-rounded character and not someone we just know as shouting profanities from a frame.
On to Slughorn, very true to canon just like the other professors. I very much enjoyed reading more about him at his "prime" as a teacher and how you showed him behaving as is described in the books. His comment about "following instructions like house-elves" is a very clever one. Not only does it give the story more "Harry-Potter-flavor" by using it as a saying but describes the position of the Elves very well at the same time.
I really liked the contrast you give in the scene the follows between Adhara and Sirius. While he seems to settle in just fine she appears as if she needs a lot more time to come to terms with the fact that she isn't a Slytherin and struggles with the adjustment. I think it's brave to add yet another layer to your story by introducing another character who's life provides another plot line in an already character-rich story. I am very curious to see which way her story will go and how it connects with those of the others.
"Fist years should not be seen or heard" was a sentence that I felt was well worth quoting. Once more you managed to capture the dynamics of a scene/group of people, with very few words which paint a very clear picture. And James and Sirius wanting to change it... Can't say I'm surprised.
I was happy to see some interaction between Adhara and Sirius (which I was hoping for ever since you first mentioned her) and liked how you showed it through Remus' eyes. It definitely made me wonder what they had said to each other and very much wanting to read more! Once more, very very clever.
The opening of the scene that follows about friendship is a very beautiful one, and the scene itself was very funny. I can completely believe their friendship to have started out that way!
I also thought it was very cute how Remus, who has been so careful up to this point, almost let something slip as he got excited by the prospect of having real friends and being included. It reminded me (and him I think) of how young he still is despite of having been so unfortunate to have to grow up so young.
I felt a bit sorry for Peter, which is something I usually have a hard time with haha knowing what will happen later of course. But for once I was pleasantly surprised to read about a Peter who is slowly growing on me.

Chapter Four.
Flying! I think that would be my favorite class at a Hogwarts and I love you for choosing to include it in your story!
"James Potter is a lot of talk", no matter how mean Snape meant it I have to agree. If he wasn't so funny I'd probably hate him for having such an inflated ego haha. It's so cute how Lily defends Snape and how convinced she is that he will do better then James.
"Lupin can't help the dunce with this one", once again I felt a bit sad on Peters behalf and this time got a bit mad at Sirius too. What has Peter ever done to you Black? Nonetheless I liked how you included it and used it to make Sirius more human. It shows the disregard he has for those he doesn't give a Knut about, much like how he treats Kreacher and, even though it makes you want to slap them occasionally, flawed characters are much nicer to read about then perfect ones.
The interaction between James and Lily was a lot of fun, and I have to agree with James when he says that him being able to fly makes him better, well, perhaps not better on the whole but he does have a point 'cause flying is pretty sexy! Also I like how you put the emphasis on "this" when he says to her that he has won this round. It's very promising for what's to come!
And then of course Sirius and James take off and pretend to be all innocent! It's great that it seems to become their trademark that early on in the story!
The only thing that stood out to me as a bit odd in here was the "rejuvenated", I get where you're going with it but it seems a bit off to use it when talking about eleven year olds. Perhaps reenergized would have been a better fit.
I love love love it that you mention how Hagrid let slip where the Fire Crabs were kept! Such a nice hint at the books once again! And it's so cute how they bonded over that and a shared fascination for dragons. Seems like a very believable basis for the friendship Hagrid talks about with Harry all those years later.
I didn't think it was possible but you keep making me love Remus more and more.

[had to break it here again and apologize for being to lazy to cut it in neat per-chapter pieces, I will do so for reviewing everything after chapter 5! Which was the last one I managed today]

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Review #5, by HermyLuna2 

28th January 2016:
Haha, I love how Remus doesn´t know how to deal with his new roommates, amazed and bewildered as he is about them. I really like the idea of ShyAtFirst!Lily. That makes her so beautifully layered. I also like how you highlighted Severus´s sadness, Lily noticing it being the sensitive person she is and how envious Severus is already, just like I always imagined him being. I could DEFINITELY picture Walburga losing her temper like this and Lucius being all smug about it, it´s just perfect. She would totally blame Sirius´s sorting on the Sorting Hat, that seems very in character to me. Poor Sirius. Nice that you added Phineas. Slughorn asking James about the business was also very in character.Great that you made Lily the one good at Potions, not Severus, at first; that´s my headcanon because Slughorn talked about Lily only at his party. It´s good that you keep us in suspense about Adhara, I wonder what´s wrong with her. I like how Remus needed a little time to become friends with James and Sirius, just like I imagined. I like the subtle hint of Peter being excluded. Very good chapter

Author's Response: Hello hermyLuna :)

I'm glad you love my characterizations. The headcanons I've painted here are really dear to me, and It makes me feel much better knowing that so many out there agree with me, or are able to see my point of view.

Haha Walburga is a handful, isn't she? And Sassy!Phineas needs to be there. I feel he would have had an earful to tell the sorting hat when they both are alone in Dumbledore's study!

Yes, I also feel that Snape was kind of a silent bloomer. That he was amazing at Potions, but Slughorn didn't think he could come to anything because of his reclusive personality.

I'm really glad you like the way things are folding out and I hope you stick with the gang till the end :)

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Review #6, by Unwritten Curse 

27th January 2016:

Okay, I rarely do this, but I just have to for this story. I'm going to review as I read because there are so many wonderful moments that I need to keep track of.

1. REMUS WAKING THE MARAUDERS UP. I'm in love. I laughed out loud when he was like, "At the risk of being called 'Dad' again…"

2. That Sirius woke up for the chocolate pudding. AHAHA.

3. I hate her. Sirius's mum. I'd never thought of her actually going to Hogwarts to complain, but I totally believe she would do that. Poor Sirius. He's made out to be such a disappointment just for being sorted into Gryffindor. And as a fellow Gryffindor, I'm sure you're just as offended as I am. We're the house of the brave for crying out loud!

4. You wrote Slughorn beautifully. Always shmoozing.

5. I like that you've mentioned the Marauders being the only four Gryffindor boys in their year. I've often thought about that--if there were others in their dorm. I like that it's only them, because it makes their bond even more believable. If it was always the four of them, I can see that friendship perpetuated into adulthood.

I forget what number I'm on, but this is more of an overall comment anyway: I like the short scenes. It allows you to reveal more about the characters, which is useful at the beginning of the story. I am selfishly hoping that the scenes get longer and longer as we go, just because it's easier for me to fall into a story when the scenes are longer. But you are the author of this beautiful story so I bow to your will. Haha.


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Review #7, by Meleessuhh 

16th January 2016:
Hello again! I'm back :)

Oh Lily is the cutest. She's so kind to everyone and is humble at the same time, like when she's praised by Slughorn. She might be one of my favorites.

I haven't read much Slughorn, but I think you captured him well. To me he seems like a relatively nice guy but is easily distracted by status. The pause he had when he read Remus' name made me sad, but I'm glad he didn't say anything to embarrassing poor Lupin.

Mrs. Black is so rude! Haha that was a great scene. I loved how Phineas' portrait was in the background as well, adding to the fact that all of the House of Black were Slytherins. And Sirius' shining moment that made Dumbledore smile when he told his mother no, that was great! He's young but is already developing into his personality.

The last two scenes I think were my favorite. It makes sense that Remus' father had began teaching him magic years ago because they truly thought that he wouldn't be able to attend Hogwarts. You also write Peter very well, it's apparent that he's already starstruck by James and Sirius and is desperate to fit in. Although Remus is being nice to him by trying to be inclusive, it's already obvious that James and Sirius only want to be friends with Remus so I'm curious what their "moment" of friendship begins.

Another great chapter! I can't wait for the next :)

Author's Response: Nice to see you back here. and so soon too!

Yes, young Lily is a dear, isn't she?

Ah Ol' Sluggy isn't a bad sort, just likes a little bit of attention and connections. I'm sure we have all met aat least one person like him in our lives!

Ooh I kinda wanted Sassy Phineas to make an appearance. It's just more fun if he's around isn't it?

OMG you have made me so happy again! That I write Peter well is so comforting to know. It is my headcanon that Peter kinda slips right in.. very slowly that there isn't a strong moment that binds him to them. I really don't think Peter would be the kind to impress James and Sirius with any display of cheekiness or bravado, but his quiet presence starts being, well, comfortable to be around. If that makes any sense, LOL :P

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Review #8, by fwoopersong8 

11th January 2016:
There was a bit of confusion at the beginning when you mentioned "sheer draping" (is that another way to say "sheer drapes"?).

But let's talk about Sirius's mom.I was afraid something like that might happen, although I didn't think she'd come in person. I'm surprised she got upset enough to lose her cool to that extent. House loyalty must be much longer lasting than I had thought. He's brave, though...no wonder Dumbledore thinks he belongs in Gryffindor. :) And then there's Lucius. Whom I only tolerate because he is a Malfoy. And yes, I've read what JKR has to say about unhealthy obsessions with the Malfoys...I'm sorry. I didn't ask for these feelings, you know...

Yay, Slughorn! And yay, Lily! I love watching these characters in their younger years. It's really interesting to think how these years will shape them (as you alluded to in your fabulous intro).

I still feel bad for Peter. At least you could say hello, James!!


Author's Response: Oops, I didn't realize I typed draping. it was supposed to be drapes. Thanks for catching that.

Walburga is so much fun to write. We see her as this totally cantankerous loudmouth in the books, but I loved exploring her when she was younger. She would have considered it a personal insult that her first born decided to play rebel. And I did enjoy writing Sirius sticking up for her ever so hesitantly.

Haha, it's perfectly normal to have an unhealthy obsession with the Malfoys :P I think I have one with Abraxas Malfoy myself (A plunny forms with Abraxas Malfoy and Walburga Black :D )

Well, James has to be a little desne otherwise he wouldn't be James, you know. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter songs, and how you stick around :)


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Review #9, by TearsIMustConceal 

20th December 2015:
Hello Ysh! I am so sorry this has taken me so long. I completely forgot so forgive me! But here I am! Now I wasn’t sure what your concerns were for the chapter so this is a pretty general review!

So, I absolutely adored this chapter! Everything about it was amazing and it really gave us more insight to the characters, especially Remus and Sirius! The first paragraph with Remus was so spot on – you really captured his personality and traits and his sweet nature! I loved how he showed his sensible, caring side waking the boys up and his complete awe at actually believing he was at Hogwarts! You’ve portrayed him so well and he’s definitely my favourite out of all the boys. And then I loved how he showed his cheeky side by telling Sirius and James what prank to do – he said it so innocently, you can see why no one would particularly believe that he’s a trouble maker and blame Sirius and James straight away.

I also loved Sirius in this – his personality is starting to show and shine here and you’re really developing him well. His confident, cocky side is starting to emerge here but you’ve managed to balance that with the meeting with his mother, where that side of him hides and he becomes the boy with the weight of his family name on his shoulders! I loved that he stood up to his mum, even if it was slightly hesitant, it shows his maturity and development and the start of him becoming his own person.

The Slughorn scene was done really well! He was perfect and I love how you portrayed his blatant interest in the students with famous relatives and how he practically ignored the rest, until Lily showed her intelligence, that is. That’s the Slughorn we all know and love! I’m also really curious about Adhara and what she was telling Sirius – it must be something to do with their families and them being placed in Gryffindor. It’s obvious she isn’t taking to Gryffindor like Sirius is, you can sense her uncomfortableness and unwillingness to fit in – I really want to know more about her now!

The only thing I would say is that I think the Lily, Severus and Marlene scene was unneeded? In a whole chapter that seemed to be about Remus and the boys, it seemed out of place – I liked the scene, it just didn’t seem to flow with the rest of the chapter so it made that part slightly jumpy, if that makes sense? But apart from that, everything is perfect and I just adored the chapter!

I can’t wait to read the next one so feel free to re-request! And again, sorry for the wait, I’ll be quicker next time, I promise!


Author's Response: Hello Vicki! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm sorry to be so late with this response.

Remus is adorable to write. I always see him as the silent prankster, and the planning mastermind behind the boys' tricks! I liked the headcanon of him being the sassy marauder, you know.

Ahh yes, Walburga is so much fun to write, and through Sirius' eyes nonetheless. He's still 11, and is still probably very scared of his mother, but the distance (living at hogwarts) has probably given him the strength to express what he wants.

Oh I'm so glad you liked the Slughorn scene. That was a challenge to write, honestly. Capturing Slughorn was so difficult almost as bad as capturing Dumbledore (but not as hard, lol).

Adhara remains a little bit of a mystery for a while. She and Sirius have a small history as well :) You'll see as the chapters move on.

Oh, yes. On rereading the chapter, I can see that it does feel quite choppy. I guess I just wanted to show Severus' resentment at being away from Lily - but now that I see, the rapid shifts in PoV does seem odd to me. I've made note of that and I'll try to change it around somehow during the reedit.

Thank you so much for your lovely words Vicki! Your review put a big smile onmy face and I'll be glad to re-request because I can't wait to hear more from you!


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Review #10, by DobbyLover 

13th December 2015:
This is so cute. I wish so badly they made movies out of Marauder fanatics like yours. Perfect. Only thing is I don't recall an Owen Weasley, but the rest is on point with all the canons.

Author's Response: Aww! That's a wonderful complement! Thank you so much!

Owen Weasley is a character that I have made up. I know I'm adhering to canon strictly, It just seemed plausible that the Weasleys would have more of their clan in Hogwarts :D

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Review #11, by Dirigible_Plums 

20th November 2015:

It's Plums here - I decided it was high time for me to drop by again and leave you your requested review :) Wow, this was your biggest chapter yet! I expect more of them will be around this length considering the amount of the time you plan to cover.

Aguidhgj, you don't understand how much I love reading Remus! He's just such a sweetheart and his disbelieving hope both touches my heart and crushes it. The very first paragraph is so quintessentially him: the fact that his first instinct is to make sure that it's not a dream and his natural concern for his roommates. I'm not sure why, but I adore your Remus out of the entire cast here. He's portrayed very well and you always manage to balance all the aspects of his personality: the shy boy hidden away from people for his own safety, the cheeky Marauder, a compassionate person that feels sorry for Peter and tries to include him and befriend him. Perfect.

Sirius is also becoming a rather well-developed character I like. You can see the arrogance and meaner side of him (“How difficult can it be?” Sirius remarked carelessly) in some situations, but then the other side of him makes an appearance: the boy that doesn't want to be everything that's expected of him, the one that's still afraid of his mother. This line shows his blossoming courage perfectly: “I said NO,” his voice stronger, “Mum,” he added tentatively.

As a sidenote, I think you also portray Walburga tremendously. I remember the dignity you bestowed her with in her last cameo and how it fitted her as a lady from the House of Black. I still feel that way, but really liked seeing her lose it. :P Having her forget that dignity because Sirius is a Gryffindor was a wonderful way of showing her descent into both hatred of her son and madness. I don't know whether it's comical or scary that she switches personalities within seconds.

You mentioned that you were worried about pacing and the POV shifts and I sorta see what you mean. It's fine from the middle onwards, but I feel as if the shifts at the beginning are a little awkward. I understand that with a whole host of main characters you'll want to explore their perspectives of everything - which, fair enough, you are more than welcome to do - but I feel as if that it needs to be focused more tightly. The chapter focused heavily on Remus and Sirius - maybe it should've been restricted to their POVs instead of the little switch to Severus, Marlene and Lily? If you still wanted to include the scene that includes them, you could've continued the first scene and had it bleed into the next one with Remus as an observer to the conversation, sort of like what you did with the exchange between Sirius and Adhara. That's just a suggestion, though.

Hope this all helps :)

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hi Plums!

I'm super late with my response, but I've been so caught up with RL. Remus is so easy to write. He is a perfect mix of various facets, and it intrests me how I can balance all of them.

Sirius is again, a complex character to write about. I don't want to make him all moody and broody like some fics, or put him in a comic role as other fics do. I want to develop him as gradually as JKR developed Harry through the years. I never did think he woke up one day and thought 'hey, so let me rebel and piss my parents off for no reason at all'.

That scene with Sirius and Walburga is actually one of my personal favorites. I wanted to bring out her temper that we see of in the books, but her sudden realization that she is the LAdy of House of Black and tries to control herself. That part where she switches personalities in seconds was an indication of the Slytherin in her, wherein she feels Dumbledore might not relent to her threats and she wants to try a different approach.

I did realize that shift of PoV was awkward here. I will get back to it and try to fix it somehow. In the later chapters however, I have tried to make the PoV shifts a little less choppy.

Your reviews always help me :hug:

Loads of Love

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Review #12, by The Basilisk 

11th November 2015:
Hello, It is I, The Basilisk, come here to petrify you with a review.

As I was slithering across the HPFF grounds, I couldn't help but notice your sweet personality shine everywhere, and so I figured, I should pay your abode a visit. Must say, it was worth it. I read the first chapter and couldn't stop reading, so here I am to read and review the final one posted.

So far, I'm really enjoying the story. You capture the personalities of the marauders very well. I like your portrayal of James and Remus, especially. The way you write Peter is also quite interesting and believable. Your depiction of their gradual bonding is nicely done and what I like even more is how you keep the magic of Hogwarts alive with the little details.

Your descriptions are very good and overall, I think this chapter as well as the story is quite well-written. It has made for a good read. I am curious to know how the plot progresses further. The shifting POVs coupled with the fast pace are working quite well to suit the theme.

Great job! Keep writing!

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Ohh Basilisk! I'm so honored! It was such a surprise review and I was so happy to wake up and see a review from you :)

Thank you for your kind words :D I'm so glad that you were not able to stop with just one chapter. I Sincerely hope many of HPFF reads feel the same way as well.

I did want to focus a lot on the little details as well, I always felt they add a little extra zing to the fanfiction.

Peter is always the toughest to write, because I hate him, and don't want to pen him. But on the other hand, i don't want to make him a 1970s Neville like some of them do.

Thank you so much for the review, and I hope you visit again to petrify me with a review :D


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Review #13, by Gabriella Hunter 

9th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and I am so sorry that it took so long. I was really busy for some reason with a lot of swaps and then real life got in the way.

I really like that you're able to go through each of the kid's lives so effortlessly. The shifting POVs and pacing doesn't bother me at all if that was what you were worried about. It all felt very cohesive and it was well-done. I got such a stronger feel for all of the kids in this chapter, there were a few moments when they were forced to either stand up for themselves or reveal who they were. Sirius's entire bit with his mother was so uncomfortable, I felt so sorry for him! His mother is insane and ugh, I just wanted to punch Lucius in the face. What an ego on that one. What I liked the most in that scene is just how darn calm Dumbledore was during the entire thing and although he didn't make Sirius say anything, it was clear that he was there if things went out of hand and was proud of him for speaking his mind. I thought that was a great moment for him, Sirius was so worried about what his mother would say but in the end, he gets to stay where he wants.

On the other hand, Snape and Lily are showing signs that their friendship will be strained a bit in the future. He's still not happy and very jealous that she's with James (I won't say Gryffindor because it's clear that he hates James more than the actual House) and I'm curious to see more of him. Lily is a delight though and I love how bubbly she is and eager to learn, I can't say the same about poor Peter though and while I think we'll learn more about him later on, I like that you keep saying he's just so "eager" to be heard. It's kind of sad.

Oh, my favorite part of this was the entire scene with Slughorn. I've never liked him much but your interpretation of him was spot on and I liked just how slick he was, pulling those kids into his webs with his obvious favoritism. I do wonder what's going on with Adhara Selwyn though, I'm really eager to find out what her little conversation with Sirius was like and why she's so antagonistic.

Remus is so used to slipping into the background that when he finally has an opportunity to speak his mind or even, just reveal more about himself, you can really see him shine. It makes me wonder how things will end up with Peter though, this was a moment for Remus, Sirius and James so how does he fit in? Hm.

I hope you get another chapter up, this was very good!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie!!

I'm just glad you found the time to read and review. And you weren't late at all :hug:

I was worried about the PoV shift because I felt too many characters would cause confusion for the readers and/or I wouldn't be able to do justice to it.
Ooh I was nervous about writing Dumbledore in this scene. Somehow I could picture him in the Remus Hogwarts Letter scene but this one, I didn't want to run the risk of making him too OOC. I'm so glad you felt this Dumbledore was good.

Yes Snape will come in the later chapters. I'm reserving the more dark characters for later because they hold certain keys that need to be revealed a bit later. Also, keeps the mystery around them. Though we all know what's going to happen, I want the way it happens to be believable as well.

And I thought the Slughorn scene would be an opportunity to introduce to the readers what I had envisioned the rest of their class to be like.

Yes, Remus is slowly coming out of his shell. He has to live up to his name as the Marauder, and him suggesting them to up their act would have been perfect for them to befriend him, unlike him being a total goody goody!

I will update soon. Thank you for such a wonderful review


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