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Review #1, by CandyK 

17th December 2012:
I love this story! cannot wait for you to to give us the next chapter.

I've fallen in love with the characters all over again and hope Davis gets punched by Ginny or Harry!

Author's Response: So glad your enjoying it! Readers enjoying the story you work very hard on really is the greatest reward I can recieve!

It seems as if everyone wants to see Harry do that (and rightfully so). I almost feel compelled to oblige to the requests in fear of a severe reader backlash! You'll have to stick around to see how the situation evolves..

Thanks again for the review - I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #2, by jrlai 

6th December 2012:
Wow. You are a terrific writer. I am always on the hunt for a good Post DH story, and you really deliver. So many of the other stories are about Harry's emotional pain fest and follow up smooch fest with Ginny. It's so refreshing to find a story with an actual PLOT. So THANK YOU for writing this. You bring real depth to these characters, in a way that encaptures the people JKR wrote about.

I hope you continue to find joy in writing this, because I assure you, we find much joy in reading it.

One more thing; yes, I would like to see Harry punch Davis in the face, whatever the fall out may be.

Oh and one other thing; what happened to Kingsley? Did he go back to being an Auror? Or is he just doing Order business?

Author's Response: Wow, what an amazing review! I sincerely thank you for taking a couple minutes and leaving me such a detailed review. Hearing what readers have to say about something you put so much time in to is the greatest reward anyone can give you, so thanks again! Happy to hear you're enjoying it!

I do apologize for the lack of updates. It is not because of a lack of joy - if I could, I'd love to devote all my time to writing it. But being as busy as I am, finding spare time on top of work and school is nearly impossible. However, I'm nearly finished Chapter 18 - you will surely see it up on the site in a few days.

Alot of people have mentioned the whole Harry/ Davis punch. All I can say is stay tuned!

Kingsley is no longer a member of the Aurors after being voted out as Minister. Instead, he is currently doing undercover work for the Order which is why he has been absent from the Order meetings lately. This is actually touched upon in the upcoming Chapter 18, I believe.

Thanks again for the detailed review. Let me know your likes/dislikes, positives/negatives, or thoughts about the story. Thanks again!

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