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Review #1, by princesslily_36Liar: Gryffindors

12th February 2018:
I am back!! :-D

Loving the snippet like format. It tells more of the story, and the pacing is so wonderful. It feels like so much has happened but in so few words! I love it!

Ahhh the Yaxley connection becomes more relevant now! I absolutely LOVE the way you described Peter's reactions - his initial feeling of discomfort at meeting Yaxley. Kind of makes me feel like he wasn't always 'bad'.

Hahaa, Remus' instincts about James and Sirius so spot on. Of course they are trouble!

Peter's sorting in my favorite bit. The snarkiness of the Sorting Hat, the Slytherin expectations of Yaxley weighing him down, his eagerness to be with Remus... very much like Harry, being in Gryffindor becomes his choice. I'm loving every single bit of this! Peter's characterization becomes more solid - from a small child who was teased by everyone, you've shaped him to be such a believable character - silent, observant, yearning for attention, craving popularity - so typical of an adolescent boy!

While most stories (mine included) make Remus the one who befriends the Marauders first, I love that you've made Peter be that first contact. It makes so much sense in your story too - with Remus' consistent disappearance, Peter might have felt the urge to reach out - just like you have him do here. Have I told you how brilliant you are? I'm pretty sure I have, but I can't say it enough! Honestly!

Lots of Love and Snowball hugs!!!


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Review #2, by princesslily_36Liar: Children

12th February 2018:

I can't believe I have beta-ed part of the novel but never stopped by with a review! Well, that's about to change now! I'm going to review every chapter of this amazing story (and then some!) Your AP has become more amazing since the last time I stopped by.

Anyway, I digress.. Coming to the chapter

You know how much I adore your depiction of Peter, but I honestly can't say it enough. This chapter has painted such an amazing picture of Remus and Peter's childhood. I love that they knew each other before Hogwarts, makes it all the more special. And, Yaxley? Loving that link to a Death Eater last name!

It is heartbreaking, seeing Remus' reaction to transformations at a younger age. Honestly, I LOVE your insights into their childhood. I struggle so much with relating to characters so much younger to myself, and I admire you so much for being able to do it so perfectly!!! Remus' fear, apprehension, anger and needing reassurance is all so natural

I also LOVE Remus' relationship with his parents! His mother, especially. I agree, your headcannon of John and Silvia is amazing!

I love the way this is written, in snippets and with a lot of dialogue - it takes the story forward in such a great pace! We get a bigger picture in shorter bursts. And it's all so natural - their reactions, the sequence of events - I LOVE it!

Peter and Remus as children seem so... so natural! And Peter... I know this was a Remus heavy chapter, and most people paint Peter as someone mousy from the beginning, but I love how innocuous he is - as all children are! You know how much I love your characterizations! And I can't gush enough about it!!

I could go on all day about how I'm super excited about what I know is going to happen, so I'm going to spare some of those excitement for the next chapters, that I'm going to review!!

Loads of love


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Review #3, by princesslily_36The Harder They Fall: Immortal

1st June 2017:
Hello B!

Thank you for the review swap! But in all fairness I should have reviewed this last week when I read it. There's so much to say!

I love how Finn and Brindey's relationship is progressing!!! And it's heartbreaking, the way Finn feels so helpless. I guess Brindley is too proud to accept his money, and I can't imagine how it is for him to know how it's going to end and still be with her. *Sob* you're breaking my heart B!

Finn is such a Slytherin, with his moral dilemma and rationalizing it with his urge to protect the one he loves, Your characterization is so amazing omejahvfwbwwe! (That was a squee btw :P)

Ooohhh the mountain scene! I remember us discussing about it in your planning stages. That grand gesture *sigh*! The image of Brindley teaching him swing kinda cracked me up. I'm just imaging Finn all awkward holding his hands ridiculously stiff and stumbling over her feet!! Haha!

I just got caught up in all the romance once again *heart-eyes* I love how he was afraid to harm her, how he was gentle, and how he didn't leave in the morning... it shows how far he had come, and how she had changed him!!

OMGWEIANRBAHAOLN! Finn found out how the resurrection stone works! I did NOT expect that! Oh Hello, Hero! Nice of you to drop by, haha! But the plot thickens now... and I see little Bash. What's he working on?

I can't believe Finn was that cool about the ring though. I mean he admitted to Tom, and Tom didn't flinch?? Did Tom know it was a hallow and didn't care? Did he really give the ring away? Wasn't it a horcrux? Wait had he made the ring a horcrux already? OMG, Tom is as creepy as ever! And you write him so well.

One of the best things about this story is that you have everything - mystery, plot, romance... I can't wait to find out what happens next.

This is one of the most enjoyable review swaps I've had!! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Loads of love, snowball hugs an penguin kisses!

Author's Response: No matter - you're here now!

Thank you, Ysh! Your reviews are always so amazing and I love hearing your thoughts ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #4, by princesslily_36Different Time, Different Malfoy: Different Time, Different Malfoy

29th April 2017:
Hello Claire!!! *waves*

Here for CTF Final round :-D

Ahh a Scorose, just what I need to start off the contest! A nice fluffy feel good Scorose that your wonderful amazing one-shot proved to be!

The person who would say everything was perfect would be perfectly wrong. - I love this sentence!! I love your description of the scene in general. I think it's the perfect setting for the conversation they had following this.

Rose here reminds me so much of Hermione, the way she talks to him, frames her sentences, and her worrysome quality and indignance.

And Scorpius. Damn he's a dear. Ooh A Hufflepuff Malfoy! That's precious, that really is! Look at him shutting her up by kissing her! This is definitely a Different time and a different Malfoy!

This whole thing is so adorable. I've read a lot of Scorose angst especially with Scorpius dealing with his family's Death Eater legacy and how his Malfoy-ness comes in the way of them having a relationship... and they bum me out. But you, your story! You've put me in my happy place. fluff always cheers me up

PS. Just a couple of typos I noticed..
1. I think you missed a word here: Rose, I donít what I did...!
2. busted out - I think this should be burst out :)

Thanks for the lovely read!!


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Review #5, by princesslily_36When The War Hits Home.: Chapter 1.

28th April 2017:
Here for the CTF ATTACK!

Marauders! Now if this were the flag story I would be over the moon because a) I would have found it, and b) it's the MARAUDERS!

The opening scene is just so lovely! It just has the feels of the London rains and Kings Cross Station bustle, the muggles and the wizards all at one place and how the scene is woven around the two... And the whole scent of the Marauders being somewhere around (or oh well that's just me I guess!).

Though nothing much really happened here, you have set the scene very well! We get to see Kings Cross, and then Lily (YAY Lily!) and her friends too! Oohhh Christina the rebel (are you a fan of Grey's anatomy by any chance? haha! I think I remember you said you were). We also see other OCs, who I'm guessing would be the ones Sirius or Remus or Peter might be paired with, haha! Lily's already complaining about Vernon to her friends!

Lily's prefect now so I'm guessing this is set after 5th year. I can't wait to see the boys now. James and Sirius and Remus... oh my!

Thanks for the lovely read and hope to come back for more!


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Review #6, by princesslily_36Pride and Joy: Pride and Joy

28th April 2017:
Hello Olivia! Here for the CTF ATTACK!

Nice image of the Granger family household. We never saw much of Hermione's parents in the book and it's lovely to see them the way you've written it. A quiet happy morning, I can almost feel the sunshine through the windows!

The word 'Marks' is so British! Because we say it that way in India too, and it's 'Grades' in the US (which takes a little getting used to obviously). I'm not sure if you're British, but if you're not that's bloody brilliant attention to detail!

Aww, look at Mr. Granger, a typical dad wanting to boast about his daughter to relatives. It's so sweet of Hermione to patiently explain all the lessons to her dad! And Mr. Granger, struggling to understand and yet knowing how proud he was! And the song in the background was so apt.

This is such a cute and adorable one-shot, and a sweet image of the Granger family. I love fluffy one-shots. I'm in fact wondering if you could add a sequel for when she brings Ron home to her parents. I'd love to see Mr. Granger's take on his pride and joy.

Thanks for a wonderful read (and I secretly hope you're the flag author so that this game ends quickly!)


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Review #7, by princesslily_36Red Silk: A girl with red hair soft as velvet, glossy as silk

28th April 2017:
Hey Kapa! Here for the CTF marathon that's been going on!

'The Weasley Veelas' - I really like the sound of that one! The first two paragraphs painted such a picture of Dominique that I somehow associated with the Black family women. I don't know why, lol! Maybe it was how you described her as being oblivious to the attention of all the boys.

I do like the point you made about people thinking htey'll find love only in Hogwarts, kinda similar to high school where people were rushing to tell people how they felt because they were convinced this was their fairytale romance.

Haha, I like Imogen. She has that Slytherin smirk, which I'm guessing is super attractive, and the cockiness that goes with it! Her red hair, and Dominique's thoughts on that was lovely! Really really Lovely. Especially the part where you call it a luxurious robe. The whole thing was very Slytherin.

One of the things that jumped out at me was how quickly the story ended but still how much you managed to convey in just 500 words. And the ending was too perfect for words!

This was an amazing fic, and I am so glad to have had the chance to read it. Thank you!


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Review #8, by princesslily_36Just Breathe: Dominique's Third Diary Entry

28th April 2017:
Hey! Breaking Kenny out for CTF!

Next Gen Next Gen! *does a little dance*

Already loving the idea of Dominique keeping a diary. Quintessential sibling rivalry in chapter 1. Don't you just hate it when people say "especially -". I think that's super mean because everyone is beautiful in their own way. But Dominque's feelings about her sister are so well written, so realistic!! Her own doubts about her self worth seem to be charactersitic of her, poor thing, worrying so much about if she'll be good at work, worrying about everything!

But Victoire the rebel - so totally unique! This is the first I've read of her portayed this way. Her characterization is just AMAZING. And Dominique, the quiet one who feels she's constantly in the shadow. Sheer brilliance!

I also love the creative way you described her anxiety attacks. It's a sensitive topic but you've done a great job working that detail in. We can just feel Dominique in the words you write.

I want to mention the writing style - the words just seem to flow into each other, and everything seems to realiztic and wonderful!

Mme Cloche seems to be an interesting person!

Thanks for the amazing read!


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Review #9, by princesslily_36Dormitory 2.6A: NINE: Honeymoon Express

27th April 2017:

IT FEELS LIKE AGES SINCE I VISITED THIS STORY! Yes, your biggest fan is BACK! I do feel bad though because I did finish reading this chapter ages ago.

YES The gang is back! I am so excited to be reviewing this for CTF. Dahlia - Ohh! How I have missed her! And Cass - as a fellow vegetarian I'm all for Cass. You go girl! (Yes, meat isn't the only source of protien...). But its still lovely that the girls go along with her despite Dahlia not being able to order Chicken!

And there's Albus. Oh you write Albus so teasingly well. He's just there, through Nova's eyes, he's wonderfully deliciously there... just being himself. You write everyone so damn well. You're the only one I know that has successfully managed to balance so many characters and still maintain their uniqueness.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS STORY IS OVER :-( I mean, I remember feeling all low about it when I knew it was, but this chapter has so much happiness that I just can't think about that right now!

Ok now that's out of my system. (Maybe not, but I need to move on!)


I did NOT expect Nova to turn him down, but omg it is totally the kind of thing she would do. And Albus, he's just so perfect.

Everything about this story is perfect.

I just realized this whole review is about me gushing over your fic, but you know you've got a fan in me. I simple adore your writing style, and it helps that I'm a fan of the genre too (teen drama ftw!)

Loads of love!

(PS: Never stop writing. EVER.)

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Review #10, by princesslily_36Transylvanian Measles.: Transylvanian Measles.

27th April 2017:
Hey! Here for CTF

Transylvanian Measles! Haha! Sounds like a super dreadful disease. Look at Hermione so organized with her lists and directions. It can be both relieving and daunting for a babysitter (been there, lol). Of course Rose is mature for her age. Not very surprising with Hermione for a mother.

This is such a sweet, fluffy pic about the Weasley household next gen. I love how you have written Hermione - an organized mother as well as someone who isn't so overly protective that she freaks out the babysitters who come by. Victoire's nervousness is so typical, especially since it's her own cousins - and she seemed really good with the kids - figuring out that something was wrong with Rose, and making scrambled eggs for Hugo (lol!), giving them the potions, and playing with Hugo. She's so patient, and lovely.

The characterizations of Hugo and Rose were so wonderfully done too! Poor Rose, of course she's cranky and doesn't want to be fussed over. I love how you had them both reacting differently to being ill. And Rose being in denial was kinda cute too!

I really really enjoyed this read, and enjoyed this version of Victoire. And I am beginning to be convinced that this is how she would be, because Teddy Lupin wouldn't have fallen in love with just anyone. He is a Lupin after all.

It would be lovely if you could maybe have another chapter with Teddy in the picture. I would love to see the dynamics between the two!

Thanks for the lovely read

Author's Response: Apologies for the delay in replying. The last term of the year can be busy and I don't have much to say about this story anyway because it doesn't really have a plot or anything.

I really do appreciate the review though. Thank you very much.

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Review #11, by princesslily_36We're Adults Now: We're Adults Now

27th April 2017:

Here for CTF.

Scorbus.. downright adorable they are. And this story, such happy happy feels!

Apartment hunt. Gosh, that's always a rough one. Love the dynamics between the two of them. Poor things, the frustration taking over what is supposed to be exciting for them. Definitely not fun! But it's all better when they find the perfect place to live, and all that excitement comes right back.

Haha look at Harry being all dad-types on Albus! Scorpius seems to have this wry humor going on which I'm loving every bit of. Especially the part where he has to double check he's not kissing Harry, that is so hilarious!

Aww, people staring at them has got to suck, but I guess some people still have to get used to it. But discretion could be advised. I can totally imagine Draco not being on board with this. Out of curiosity, is the the gay thing or the Potter thing that Draco was so pissed off about?

Scorpius having a place at the Potter's seems so similar to Sirius having a place at James' when he was kicked out. Damn we love the Potters.

Aww, Astoria sounds like a dear. And I guess she answered my question up there! (I'm reviewing as I read!).


There's the happily ever after *heart*

This was an amazing read! Thank you so much!


Author's Response: Oh hello, I'm so sorry that it has been an eternity but I am finally getting to your awesome review. Am I forgiven?

Okay but I love writing dad!Harry, so much. You have literally no idea.

It's funny actually, because I couldn't remember if I had gotten other questions of that type (gay or Potter or both?) and so I had to go hunting for my other reviews on this story to be consistent with what I answered back then.

It turns out that no one directly asked the question, but there was a lot of speculation on it. So here is your answer: it has a little bit to do with Albus being a Potter, but it is much more to do with the fact that Scorpius is gay. Scorpius being gay is like Draco's whole world falling and crashing around him after an earthquake, and Albus being a Potter is just the house falling on the debris that comes after it, which I suppose is the best way I can explain it.

I do agree, I heart the Potters forever!

Astoria loves her son is all that I can say, even if he's going out with that git, Potter.

I loved being secretive about what was going on sans description during the proposal. It was much fun! And of course it's the grand finale everyone's waiting for.

Thank you so much for reading, and for the review! Hope to see you back on my AP soon!

Xx x x Lily

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Review #12, by princesslily_36Sunshine: Test Run 2.0

27th April 2017:
Hey! Here for CTF!

Honestly, I'm reading the most amazing set of Next Gen during this game.

James Potter II *eps*. I know people are fond of Albus, but James is my guy (either I or II, haha!). That dream was so funny! Looks like he's having second thoughts? Or is it just nervousness?

He is so cranky throughout! Wondering what's going on with him and Henrietta.

I considered just calling Henrietta ugly so that sheíd retort with something ridiculous that I could mock. - Haha! James just feels so real here. I love how you have written him so far. He's not exactly the guy you would love, but you can't really hate him because he just seems to be in a bad mood. And a self-destructive bad mood at that. Though it seems to be clear that she's stifling him.

Amelie and sheíll be jealous. - Ahhh now it becomes clear why James is doing this! *makes mental note to read rest of the story*


Ok. I had to get that out of my chest.
But seriously? seriously???

I love the next gen gang here. I did feel a little bad for Henrietta, but I'm a James girl so I'm going to go ahead and say that sometimes people do stupid things for people they like. Sometimes boys do really really stupid things for girls they like. I guess Henrietta isn't someone we would hate, but through James' eyes she's annoying and that's why we see her that way.

This was such an interesting read. I have to be back!

Cheers for now!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #13, by princesslily_36Pending Further Investigation: xi. epiphanies [or] the ace of hearts

27th April 2017:
Aaah an LGBTQ+ story!! *squeals*

This community is amazing as it has taught me so much about the diversity in sexuality out there and how love is of so many kinds (ok, I went a little off track, but that never ceases to amaze me.)

I am SO loving the idea of Queer Hogwarts and having a few people on staff to talk to is bloody brilliant. All kids need some support to understand themselves and each other!

Aww Holly's experience with Cerise gave me a lovely insight into the many things that ace people struggle with during their early years, especially if the person they love isn't ace. And Rose, through Holly's eyes, Rose seems just so sweetly protective (then again, I love Rose so I maybe biased). Hollys feelings about her relationship with Cerise is wo well written - so natural, so real.

This line: I meant whether youíve understood it, absorbed it, let it seep into the deepest darkest corners of your soul. - how did you come up with it? So beautifully worded and feels so apt for the conversation they are having.

And this. THIS. but I didnít even know asexuality was a thing until I was twenty-two, I just thought people exaggerated a lot about how much they liked sex - Why is this story so wonderful on so many levels! Brodie's experience was enlightening insight into a man's perspective on ace too! And his narrative was less emotional than Holly's, more laced with wry humor. Just so perfect!

I am so happy they both found each other. I wish everyone in this world finds someone who understands them the way these two do.

Thank you for leaving me with a happy fluffy feeling!!


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Review #14, by princesslily_36With or Without Magic: Burned Sausages

27th April 2017:

This story has been on my reading list for ages and I've been hoping you would update! I remember thinking this was a bloody brilliant idea in the first place.

And now it's Wolfstar in muggle AU.

EEEPS. These are things dreams are made of!

Maybe that's because he knew that you had an enormous crush on his only son. - Haha! Lyall Lupin seems like a hell of a man!

The whole scene was super adorable! Them cooking together, teasing each other. Of course Sirius is the one who can't cook, haha! And that part where he hugs Remus from behind - *squeals in super super joy*. It doesn't get cuter than this, does it? Does it? DOES IT?


A RING. SIRIUS GOT LUPIN A RING. This is precious on so many levels I can't even begin to describe. Such a short chapter and yet it feels like so much happened and we know them for ages. Your writing style is amazing (of course, I've always been a fan, and maybe it's about time I start leaving reviews). You have managed to bring out their characterizations so well in so little words.

These small snippets - first Harry/Ginny, now Wolfstar - they're small snippets of joy! Could you maybe please update one with James/Lily in high school perhaps? I'm so curious to know how that would have turned out!


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Review #15, by princesslily_36Actions Speak Louder than Words: Blitz and Building: Rose and Scorpius POV

26th April 2017:
Hey Beth! Back to break out Kayla for CTF!

Another chapter from both their PoVs! And we dive right in the middle of all the action. How do you write this stuff? Seriously? Just how? You write action so well, I swear. Writing action in first person is so hard, and you've managed to transport me into your scene as you write it.

Awww, Scorpius can only think about protecting Rose. How more awesome can he get? "SNAKE exams"? That part cracked me up a bit. I'm going to have to go back a couple chapters and see what that means, but it sounds like a very slippery exam to pass (haha).

Oh no! I hope she and the baby are fine. You write adult Harry really well too. I hadn't really thought about him (and tried not to after the Cursed Child fiasco), but now that I read your fic this is exactly how I would imagine him to be. And Ron, him being all stern about them studying seems to be Hermione's influence for sure. I don't remember him being all eager to study for his exams!

There was something so comforting about this chapter! Rose's thoughts about the baby's heartbeat being a sound she'll never get tired of? Precious detail! But then we move into the seriousness of it all - Stannous, protection for Rose. And how very like Harry to want to have her under his eye to protect her! And how very like Rose to ensure he doesn't see her as a child.

This chapter is just full of hope, right from the Hospital scene to the very end. I feel that though Scorpius' PoV features, it is Rose's thoughts that are driving the meotions of this story. She's happy, and hence the chapter ends happy, and I feel happy.

Another wonderful chapter!


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Review #16, by princesslily_36Actions Speak Louder than Words: Baffled: Scorpius and Rose POV

26th April 2017:
Hey Beth! Back to attack for CTF!

Oohhh I'm shipping Scorose pretty hard right now. In love with this from the first sentence. Scorpius and his innuendos, Rose giggling about her haircut, that pillofight... it's all so warm and nice! They just have so much chemistry!

I could just see the change in pace in the Pov as it switched from Scorpius to Rose. There was just so much narrative and so many thoughts in Rose's head compared to Scorpius, and it is so intune with what you have portrayed of them so far.

I'm loving your writing style. The characters are all so loveable, and the conversation flows so well. I especially love this line Everyone in America knows that Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix Lestrange . Actually the whole exchange is just so wonderful: Them talking about the war and the characters that we all know and love! And Scorpius' embarassment, so in character!

That prophesy! I can't believe you wrote it on your own. It is bloody brilliant, if I may say so! Just when things were going pretty normally, everything turned so grave. It's amazing how you change the tone of the room with just your words. Harry talking to Rose about the prophesy seems to be the best fit here, seeing as he can draw from his own experiences - and his sincere reassurances as just so very Harry!

Oh no! Ruth has been murdered? The mix of dark and light parts was just so perfect and well thought out that the true gravity of the prophesy and the news of the murder was not lost in an overly heavy chapter. I love how you are balancing it out.

I really enjoyed reading this chapter!
Over to another one now!


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Review #17, by princesslily_36Actions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

26th April 2017:
Hey Beth! Back to break Mel out of jail for CTF!

I love how you have written Rose's version of the party! I'm loving Al and Selenia already (but then I have a little thing for Al, I guess). The part where Rose gets a weird feeling - is that a precurser to one of her panic attacks? I'm guessing large gatherings are not really going to help calm her down - especially loud noise and big crowds. Poor Rose!

Scorpius enters the scene! Yay! This exchange, one of my favorites! It just flowed so easily and theres just something so comforting about their friendship and the hint of something more (or is it just in my head, haha). This chapter is definitely a lot lighter than the last one, I loved the little pieces of comedy you have in there. It was lovely to see Rose and Scorpius sharing a laugh and a drink together. And she just feels a lot calmer when he's around (or so it seems.)

Ok, looks like I spoke too soon about the light chapter. That man was creepy. Though I'm cringing a little bit, I'm also admiring how amazingly you've written this now! The way a woman feels when an unwanted man comes groping after her is perfectly captured in your words, and I can't imagine writing something so creepy so well!

YES. That Scorose was not all in my head! The moment they shared, his protectiveness, their ease, the way she thought and felt about him. It's all very amazing! You've got me hooked!


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Review #18, by princesslily_36Actions Speak Louder than Words: Broken: Rose POV

26th April 2017:
Hey Beth! Ysh here to break Mel out of jail for CTF!

I can't believe this is your first fanfic. And it won a Dobby!! It's bloody brilliant! Rose is one of my favorite next gen character (maybe not the way she's portrayed in cursed child, so let's just pretend that didn't happen) and I love reading her PoV!

Rose as a healer? Perfect! I love the way you described the panic attack. The fact that some of it was in second person (or seemed like it was directed at the reader) was a touch of genius. I think it was truly so much more potent because of that. I truly understand how complex and what a whirlwind of emotions it can be for someone to go through them, and as a Healer, Rose must obviously be familiar with techniques to deal with it - you wrote it so well - it was like I knew she had been through this drill more than once even before you mentioned it in the fic.

There was just so much intensity and information. This one chapter shows us an insight into Rose's life, from what she looked like to her friends and the hint of something that turned her life upside down. I am loving the next gen gang already, but since Rose isn't a happy chirpy person in this chapter, it kind of cast a whole gloom - but I'm guessing that's what you are going for?

You successfully transported me into Rose's head and your narrative is just amazing! This goes into my long list of 'Reading" and I hope I get to it soon!


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Review #19, by princesslily_36Haversham Westley's School for Boys: prologue.

26th April 2017:
Hey there! Here to jailbreak Mel for the CTF!

So, the summary was super interesting, and I'm in love with longer stories (there's just much more awesomeness there don't you think?)

Oohh a whole new wizarding school in UK! This sounds interesting! A Nott building a school? You have me hooked already! This is just so unique I'm squealing in my head. Your narrative simply FLOWS. FLOWS so easily you're painting a picture in my head as I read. I usually review as I read, but you just had me so hooked that I got halfway down tot he chapter and forgot what I wanted to say about the first half. But one thing jumped out at me was the totally wizard-like narration of this whole chapter. The comment on physics, that did it for me! Not being a fan of physics myself I am inclined to take the wizarding world's side in this. I'm more of a potions gal (chemistry ftw!)

Love the description of Leopold Johnes. I can totally picture him working under Percy. Also, is it just me or does Percy suddenly remind me of Arthur?

Ooh so many unanswered questions. Why is it weird? Who is in sixth year? What is in store for everyone? What has Leopold gotten himself into?

This has been a fantabulous read!! I have to come back for more (adds story to reading list!)


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Review #20, by princesslily_36Zephira helps decorate: Tree!

23rd April 2017:
Hey pookha! Here to bail out Mel for CTF!

Oohhh fluffy fluff fluff! There's Luna, and Rolf and a fantastic beast, what more do you need for a happy read! And you did the whole thing from the Kneazle's PoV? Brilliant, sheer brilliance!

I am so loving the Luna and Rolf dynamics - decorating the tree together and talking about nargles. It's just so them, and makes me ship them even harder! Ooh, I can just imagine the little twins joining the scene a few years down the line!

What I absolutely love about the kneazle's point of view (apart from a very Luna-like name for the kneazle - did I mention I love it?) is that you managed to make me believe it was being narrated by an animal. I guess animal's PoV kind of resembles a kid's Pov - the innocence and stuff - and it's brilliant how you have actually stepped into those goggles! To add to it, very cat like descriptions of pawing, and then eyeing the box! Precious!

Christmas stories can be so warming. Throw in a bit of Luna, Rolf and their pet Kneazle and you've just created the perfect recipie for a feel good story!

I really really enjoyed it (if you can't tell anyway by all my gushing so far!) Love the story!


PS: Will there be a sequel - maybe one chapter with a pregnant Luna, and another with the twins? I can just imagine that through Zephira's eyes... (and maybe zephira finds a special some-kneazle around Chrismas time as well!!)

Author's Response: Yay! I do like to write fluff every once in a while as a break from my normally dark stories. Yeah, Luna and Rolf together are great and I can totally picture their relationship! Originally, I shipped Harry/Luna but I've started drifting away from that now.

Thanks so much for the kind words about POV. I really edited and re-edited this story to make it more simple and easily believable as coming from a kneazle's POV and voice, so I'm glad that it comes through.

No sequels to this story, but I do have a story called 'Reverie' with Luna pregnant, that is a another Christmas story with Zephira present (pun intended). You might enjoy it. It was written as an exercise in description for me.

So glad you reviewed this story as I really like it and I'm glad others do, too. It makes me feel good to watch my cats and then write about cats/kneazles here.

Thanks again for the kind review.

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Review #21, by princesslily_36Holyhead: one.

23rd April 2017:
Hiii! This is Ysh here for CTF (bailing Mel out!)

I LOVE events like this because it gives me a chance to get introduced to fantabulous stories like this one. I love those little details you have included about witchcraft and religion in the 1950s! Is this going to be the beginning of Holyhead Harpies??? I don't know much about religion and witchcraft, but I do know that it was stigmatized pretty badly.

The whole chapter was so crisp and fresh in the sense it had so much going on in such few words and I admire that about it. Right from the description of the home and why Jeny was there, to the little conversation the whole picture of that era just unfolded in front of my eyes. I can't wait to see how you're going to bring about the founding of the Holyhead Harpies - it just feel so promising. AND I noticed its LGBTQA! Is Jenny going to meet a woman in the Harpies and fall in love? Are they going to be battling the witch-stigma as well as the LGBTQA-stigma of that time? Ooh, is it going to be forbidden love?

I just went through a whole bundle of emotions in 600 words!


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Review #22, by princesslily_36We Will Rebuild.: We Will Rebuild.

23rd April 2017:
Hey, here to bail out Mel for CTF!

Ooh a post-war fic! And from Kingsley's point of view! That's a first for me. A change from the usual post-war stuff which features next-gen, I love your take on how they're picking up the pieces after the war. Look at Kingsley already planning in his head about different people for different Ministry posts!

It's nice to see that moment between Arthur and Kingsley in the beginning - Arthur Weasley displaying that rare insight into Kingsley's thoughts shows exactly how awesome he is - the serious side of him we never got to see in the books but we all know exists. His insecurity at taking up a higher position, I could just see Ron reflected in him. Wonderful characterization.

Gosh! I didn't quite think about it before because the book jumpe to the epilogue and tied things up, but Kingsley must have had a mountanous task ahead of him rounding up all those Death Eaters, especially the slimy ones who try to escape. I love how you have portrayed his thoughts. There's so much rationale, sense of purpose mingled with doubts daunting him. And missing Dumbledore at this crucial time? Who wouldn't? Dumbledore's mere presence ought to be a calming influence.

I think this chapter is brilliant! And a lovely beginning to the fic. I'm definitely going to be back for more!

Cheers for now!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review.

I think this was written for one of the House Cup things or something like that. And of course, living in a country that has only been independent for 95 years and being a big de Valera fan, the idea of state building particularly interests me.

The jump to the epilogue sort of annoyed me, not because it was a jump but because so many of the important things were left unanswered. I really didn't care what Harry or Ron and Hermione called their kids or who married who (plus the latter was pretty obvious anyway). I wanted to know who was chosen as Minister for Magic, how they dealt with the Death Eaters, what changes were made to Azkaban, who became Headmistress or Headmaster of Hogwarts, what careers the Trio followed, if they returned to school and if not, how that impacted on their future. And none of those things were answered. The only thing we really learnt was that Neville became Professor of Herbology.

I always maintain Dumbledore is de Valera with magic. They both have the same sort of way of not being fazed by anything. The last chapter of Order of the Phoenix is even called "The Parting of the Ways," which is a term used for when de Valera walks out on the government in 1921.

Really glad you enjoyed the fic. Sorry I took so long to reply. The last term was a pretty busy one.

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Review #23, by princesslily_36The Harder They Fall: Poison

19th October 2016:
Because I just caught up with this. Because this is so amazing I read it all n one go. Because Finn. Because Brindley. Because B, you are AMAZING!!! And most of all, because I miss you!

I love the details, the collapsed tunnel, the little revelation about Sebastian and the way you're stringing it all together!

Love you loads!

Author's Response: Ysh! Best surprise ever! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU! ♥

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Review #24, by princesslily_36Through The Darkest: The Unexpected Guest

17th July 2016:
Hey Ashwini,

I'm just dropping in to tell you that I haven't forgotten about our review swap, but I'm really caught up with all the packing and moving!

Just wanted to drop a line that this has by far been my most favorite chapter in the series. I will be back with a lengthier review from my laptop but I'm not able to type with my phone properly.

Loads of Love

Author's Response: Hi Ysh! I hope moving is not too hectic and wish you good luck for everything! :D

I just edited this chapter and caught a lot of grammar mistakes, typos and other stuff like that. I think that's why you said this was your favourite chapter so far. :) It's a compliment actually, because it means my writing has improved. Thank you so much!


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Review #25, by princesslily_36The Harder They Fall: A New Day

27th June 2016:
Chapter 2!!! Now why didn't I stop by before, why???

Loved the quote at the beginning... and love the picture of the boys dorm in the morning!!

I know I'm supposed to hate Finn for being insensitive with Brindley, and rude, but I'm just a little bit in love with him, and find it so cute that he is scared of butterflies!

I'm loving her sass, and their banter already! She's just such a perfect Puff in all ways! Sensitive one second, sassy the next, and smug soon after. Damn I'm loving her!

OOhhh the illegetimate Potter. Can I tell you how much I'm loving this storyline?? And that conversation between Finn and Jameson said so much without saying, you know. I cant wait for Finn to win that day at the ministry. Or rather, the process of it,because it means more Finndley :D

Seb is so cute here! (Chi, I feel yoU!) It was lovely to see Finn do the right thing, and him claiming them to be family, it just seemed so... Hero-like!

It looks almost like you KNOW that hate-hate love stories wit bad-boy heroes are my guilty pleasure!

There's just something so intriguing about this chapter. You NEED to update. And SOON!

Loads of Love

Author's Response: Ysh ♥

You're here now, that's all that matters! Ha ha he's strangely hard to hate, isn't he? :P I'm glad, otherwise I probably wouldn't have any readers!

I'm glad you love the storyline already, there's plenty more to come! :D
Thank you thank you thank you for all your support ♥

Lots of love,
♥ B

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