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Review #1, by loveinkwellThe Making of The Map : Lily

3rd November 2017:
Hey there! I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of Severus and Lily's friendship - I've rarely seen such a thoughtful and multi-dimensional portrayal of what was obviously a complicated and fraught relationship. I'll be reading onward soon!

Author's Response: Hi!! Omg I never expect to get a review for TMOM so I was so excited to see this!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel like I just never got enough of an explanation or deeper understanding of their friendship even in the beginning so I want to explore what it meant for Sev to introduce Lily to the wizarding world and magic and how it made them the closest friends but also strangely separated in a way.

But yay!! Let me know your thoughts on the other characters POV!

Thank you so much for dropping a review!!! Love always, P xxx

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Review #2, by loveinkwellThe Song of Glory: the chorus

3rd November 2017:
Hey there - my time reviewing a story!

I love myself a good, dark Marauders tale, so I had to come take a look. Even though there is no magic, you write so beautifully that it doesn't matter - I suspended my disbelief and enjoyed reading. Your imagery is spot on: "faces waxen and the skin on their hands paper-thin" & "Dawn crept forward in faint sweeps of pink, like watercolour on canvas"…probably my favorite phrases, but this short piece is littered with gems. Loved it!

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