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Review #1, by insertcreativeusernameWitching Hour: Interlude I

22nd February 2018:

As I've said before in my previous reviews, I love this story so much! But it hasn't been updated in a while, and you haven't been very active as well (which is saddening, but there are things in life that are more important than extracurricular/hobby writing- so I understand) but I have to know. Have you abandoned it? I really hope not. You mentioned before you have some of chapter eleven down, and I was just wondering even if you haven't finished it, when you think you'll have time to update next?


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Review #2, by insertcreativeusernameRush: leap

15th February 2018:
Wowowowowow. That was amazing!

I love your writing style so much, and Josie's narration. She has this sort of philosophical and classy outlook on the world, but their's a part of her that's very down to earth as well, and you do such a mindblowing job of balancing them out. Josie just has this natural charm to her which is why, I suspect, she has a total of three guys who've had infatuations with her.

Okay, but Albus is such a sweetheart and I love his character, especially the way people on HPFF portray him. Your portrayal of him was, to say the least, spectacular! I'm looking forward to see him a lot more soon and explore his character.

The way you began the story itself, by focusing on Josie's friends, and the small hint of her TBD relationship with- Jude was it? - instead of an inner monologue or with the main love interest like most cliche authors. The little character interactions may not seem like much when you're writing them, but when the chapter is viewed from a panoramic angle, it was a brilliant move because it just makes it more realistic. Character's talk to more people than their set group of friends and love interest, people often forget to include those interactions, centering their stories entirely out of just the scenes that are for the main couple.

Ugh, you stopped the kiss. I was so disappointed, the sexual tension and electricity between Josie and Albus is so strong, it's the first chapter and I already ship them. Unfortunately, I suspect they'll have to jump through a bunch of hurdles before they finally get together, right? But if I guess if the rest of the story is as interesting and entertaining as this first chapter, I can sit through it. You did such an exceptional job, please continue. Can't wait to keep reading.

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Review #3, by insertcreativeusernameAfter Hours: Banishing The Pity-pot

7th February 2018:

The banner and summary of this story caught my eye, I just love stories where the next generation Weasley girls don't all hate each other, haha.

This was such an enticing beginning! I loved all their personalities, though my favorite might be Molly. Gorgeous seems to be a cool bloke as well, I love where you seem to be going with this. Super excited to continue reading :D

Much Love,

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Review #4, by insertcreativeusernameEvolution: The End of the Line

21st January 2018:

It looks like I'm going to have to force myself to not write a review for every. single. chapter. Which is so hard considering their bloody amazing!

In the first chapter, you proved that you could write James' POV like a dream, and in this, you've proven your skills at writing Lily's POV. I particularly loved this chapter because, most obviously it was written spectacularly and every word had my rapt attention, but also because I've never been the biggest Snape fan.

Actually, that's the under statement of the year, I am a huge Snape Hater. This chapter, and Lily's letter summed up everything I hated about her friendship with him. Their friendship was toxic, and Lily only ever got hurt in return for her kindness displayed to him, and the fact that people can believe they could be more than friends? It's preposterous.

I've always stressed this point, that Lily didn't end her friendship over Snape just because he called her a racial slur, she ended it because she was doing what was best for the both of them. It was best for her to stay away from him, or the dark person he had become, and it was best for him to let her go, because that was a lost cause that would only bring him more pain.

To me, the way you crafted Lily's feelings on this matter and her letter was beautifully done, and as far as I'm concerned, canon, lol.

I'm really enjoying this story, super lovely job!


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Review #5, by insertcreativeusernameEvolution: Ain't No Sunshine

21st January 2018:
Wotcher, mate!!

It's been ages since I've read any J/L stories, I've mostly been sticking with one-shots, but when I saw this, I knew I had to read it.

I am thrilled to say, I don't regret reading this for a second! The way you captured James' thoughts and personality in general is really spectacular, you have immense talent my friend.

Based on the hints you dropped in this chapter, James isn't "automatically" in love with Lily, and that's GREAT because really that idea is overdone, and frankly, dull. Your author's note says their romance will be a slowburn, which is so perfect because I honestly always believed it would be! In "Snape's Worst Memory" Lily seemed to really, genuinely hate him, and James was definitely a douche, people tend to forget things like that don't change over night.

I am Jily trash, and I think your going to capture the essence of their love splendidly and provide justice to the pairing! I am so pumped for this! Huge congratulations on becoming a Dobby Finalist, btw :)

Much love, Zhenya.

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Review #6, by insertcreativeusername730 Whispers: one for each night

8th January 2018:

When I saw the description I knew this was going to be awesome. Then I saw what character you had chosen to write about, and that increased my interest tenfold.

I don't know how you do it! Your writing is so evocative, inspirational, and poetic. You, my friend, are an artist and all your writings are your masterpieces. The way you took a popularly disliked character such as Lavender Brown, and not only transformed her into someone I'd sympathize with, but into a character I now love and admire!

I felt like this story was squeezing my heart, and THE FEELS were just OOZING out. You can bet, I'll favorite this. You're a remarkable author and words seem to be your best friend, haha. I really enjoyed this, thank you for posting it, and congratulations on it's originality, success, and beauty :D

P.S. I'm a huge fan of yours, if you can't tell already, ha.


Author's Response: Thank you! ♥ That means SO much to me; I remember this was so different from everything else I wrote at the time. When I read the series growing up, I never liked Lavender, but I'm glad I gave her a second chance when I was older. At first, I didn't have a character in mind while writing it, then Lavender popped in, and her personality and yearning wrote the rest. She's really such an interesting character.

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Review #7, by insertcreativeusernameetc. etc. (and life goes on): Chess for Three

4th January 2018:
Wow, I am pumped to read this!! I love the MC, it's truly remarkable how you made her a pushy, nosy, brutish reporter and yet...I'M ROOTING FOR HER! Your style of writing itself feels like a reporter, it's really too good.

I love the part with Albus and Hugo, cousins amirite? The dynamic between Albus and Clemence is really interesting and I love their exchanges. Can't wait for when they get romantically inclined, or atleast until they stop disliking each other, haha. You did amazing with this story if the amount of reviews and Dobby's are anything to go by, so congratulations and thanks for sharing it with us

Author's Response: Oh hey! New reader! I love Albus' cousin interactions (there's not enough of it); I like to think his family actively works to embarrass him. I hope you enjoy the rest! I had a lot of fun writing it and I was so so lucky to have had such a great response to it c:

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Review #8, by insertcreativeusernameBathing in Roses: Bathing in Roses

2nd January 2018:
This was my third time reading BIR, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! I can't believe I haven't written a review for this before because honestly, this is one of my absolute favorites on this site. I have it in my reading list, so when I'm bored, I always have this amazing story of Albus and June to entertain me!

Your writing in itself is a work of art. The style, the dialogue, the word flow, vocabulary, do I even need to go on? All PHENOMENAL.

Now the biggest thing to me about a story is the characters. If I don't like the character, than I don't like the story, but this story changed that! I despised June at the beginning, she was an airhead, naive, irritating, and dimwitted, but I didn't leave bc I had a feeling you wrote her like that on purpose and your Albus Potter is so intriguing! I've never seen anyone else write him the way you did, and for some reason it just worked! The character development in EVERYONE! Not just June and Albus (though it's most prominent there) but all the hufflepuffs!Priscilla allows herself to love someone, Trista faces that life is the way it is with quidditch, her family and Duncan, and even Henry gets over his crush on June. It it, to say THE LEAST, mindblowing.

The plot itself makes me want to get your autograph. You made it flow so perfectly, avoiding all cliches, keeping it realistic, keeping us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation, and making us smile, laugh, and cry as we experienced June's transformation and road to happiness in a way little author's can claim. Never once did my attention slip. The dynamic you've created between June and Albus is SO cute, and I ship Junebus with everything that I have! I adore all your works tbh, but this and Hunter's Moon have got to be my tops! Ilysm, never stop writing you, freakishly talented woman, you :)

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Review #9, by insertcreativeusernameIn the Distance of Bravery : 10

5th November 2017:
I am in LOVE with the sheer wonder of this story! The idea is so original and your writing is very professional, as if you're a real author! I actually came across this story awhile back and have been searching for it ever since, and I'VE FOUND IT AT LAST!

Ted and Lucy's relationship is so beautiful, poetic, and deep! The back and forth between timelines is amazingly executed and OMG THAT PLOT TWIST! BOTH TIMELINES HAVE ME READING WITH RAPT ATTENTION!

Please, I beg of you, DO NOT ABANDON THIS! It's unbelievable, and I'll check everyday to see if you update. You left us at a cliffhanger and it's not fair :(

Pretty please with a million cherries on top, I'll get in my knees if I have to, FINISH THE STORY!

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Review #10, by insertcreativeusernameBlood and Chocolate: Blood and Chocolate

26th October 2017:
"Tonks gained enough control to suddenly straighten up and turned to take her hands and put them on Remus’s face like the character from the preview 'Remus-” she whispered. “‘You can control it.’

But Remus couldn’t. He burst into laughter again- this time much more loudly."

Good grief, I am dying because this is so original, hilarious, and cute! Lovely one-shot!

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Review #11, by insertcreativeusernameHunter's Moon: Hunter's Moon

26th October 2017:
Oh - my - GOD! This is incredible! I'm so into this and I feel like I've been reading this forever, and it's only the first chapter!

I really love the easy conversation you have between the marauders and James and Lily. It just flows and it's so...realistic? It doesn't sound like a thought-out, pre-planned conversation, more like a spontaneous, back-and-forth kind, like the ones in real life.

The relationship you created between Lily and James is one I am delighted to say, I haven't seen before! It's just so fresh and raw, I ADORE IT :)

The drunken Sirius made me laugh so hard, and so did James' line "Even if I have to wear a bleeding wig and marry you myself". SO PRECIOUS!

Your characterization is, to put in mild words, brilliant, and your writing style is mindblowing. Can't wait to see where you go with this fantastic story, pls update soon, and great job!

Author's Response: Hi there and thank you for such a sweet review! I'm so glad you liked the story! It's actually a one-shot, so it's a complete piece. :(

I do have other stories written in the Marauders era featuring some of these characters if you're interested:

Amaranthine, a James/Lily one-shot

The Passing, a Remus one shot

Nocturne, a Snape/Lily one shot

Full Bloom, a Narcissa/Lucius short story that spans multiple eras

The Enemy of my Enemy, a one shot about original characters set in the Marauders era

Crown, a one-shot about Alice Longbottom

Again, so sorry for the misunderstanding! And thank you again for your kind words!


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Review #12, by insertcreativeusernameSocial Disposition: Let’s All Cry Over Spilt Milk

25th October 2017:
Lovely update, your chapters always bring a smile to my face.

I've said it before, but for the sake of stressing my point I'll say it again, I am in love with your characters! My favorite part would have to be where the first year swore at Maisie and Ray went off at him, lol.

Though the scene with Albus comes a close second. Their banter is so cute, and I can't wait till the part where they begin to have romantic inclinations towards each other, or atleast till Albus starts to play a more prominent role in the story.

Can't wait for the next chapter, hopefully you'll post it soon!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry that I never replied to this, I honestly thought I had!
I'm so happy that you love the characters, I really am. To me personally whether it be a film, a book or a TV show, I can never truly love it unless I adore the characters. I can really enjoy them and appreciate the storylines and the writing but I never love them as much as the ones where perhaps the writing isn't quite as good but I absolutely adore the characters because I get so emotionally invested. That was a rather long-winded and rambled way of saying, it's important to me that you say you love the characters so thank youuu!
That was a fun scene to write, actually this entire fic is just so much fun to write. I'm glad you like Albus and their scenes, I'm quite enjoying their dynamic at the moment, I do love a good love/hate type fic. And yes he shall start appearing more soon, I'm just trying to set up her friend group and all their personalities at the minute because it can be a bit of a handful having that many characters to work with. In hindsight I probably should have made it smaller but I love them so you know.

Again, I apologise for taking so long not only with this reply but with this fic in general. I have a feeling you left another review in which you mentioned reading my other fic hopeless manifestations (sorry if it wasn't you I probably should check ahah) but I'm so so close to finishing a chapter of that one and it's about 8k words so its not a short chapter either so hopefully that will keep you going for a bit :)

I've got a third of the next chapter of this down but don't worry I definitely haven't given up!
Thanks for leaving a review and I hope you enjoy the future chapters!

~ Charlie ~

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Review #13, by insertcreativeusernameSocial Disposition: Blurred Colours

25th October 2017:
Wow, I love all the characters you've created! They're hilarious and their friendship is so humorous and I dunno..real? I suppose I really loved this because the girls are literally my friends (Is it weird if I'm the Ray of the group?).

I loved your OC's thoughts/personality. Great duel between her and Albus, btw. Really captivating, and merlin, her cheeky comment at the end? Comedy GOLD!

I'm a fan of your other story Hopeless Manifestations, and that's how I came across this one, and man I'm glad I did! Love it, I hope you'll complete it soon!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much, this review means a lot and they really make me smile, sorry it's taken a few days to reply! I'm so glad you love the characters, I kinda wanted to shove a load of completely different characters together and like play with that dynamic as I thought it would be a lot more fun than a bunch of people who get on perfectly and are really similar. I knew from the start I wanted to have a main character (which in this case is clary) but I didn't want all the others to be there purely to support her storyline, I wanted them to have storylines and loud personalities too.
Ahahah I'm glad you like the humour and that comment at the end, she's not a one for sitting back and letting people humiliate her, if they do that she'll do it back ten times worse.
It really makes me happy know that you liked HM enough to come over and read another of my stories and love that too so thank you! HM was always a more serious darker fic so I wanted to let out all my humour and lighthearted ideas in another fic and hence this was born.
Also I don't know if you noticed that I had another fic out about rose and scorpius, prewarning: I really wouldn't bother with that one. It's abandoned for a start, its badly written the characters are bland and it just wasn't great so I'm dissecting it a little and using it to create some of the scenes for this because I didn't like the fic as a wholebut I kinda liked some scenes/lines.
Don't worry I haven't given up on them, I'm about halfway through the next chapter of both this and HM and I'm also working on the prologue for a new fic which I think is going to be my big main story that I write, I've spent about six months character profiling, world building and just writing the prologue and I never normally plan all that much before I write so that's something. Although I love writing hopeless manifestations and social disposition and don't want to give up on them, I feel like they're kind of practise for this new story so I hope when I finally get it out it doesn't disappoint ahah.
Anyways this review has given me quite a bit of motivation and since I'm on a two hour train journey right now I think I'll get some writing done now :)

~ Charlie ~

PS. I saw that you've left another review (thank you so much ahah) and I'll get a little more writing done then I'll reply to that too :)

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Review #14, by insertcreativeusernameShadowveil: Chapter 1 - Freak

23rd October 2017:
Wow, what an original idea for a story! This is so gripping, please update soon, I'm so excited! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! This is one I have to get back into the zone for. It's been a while since I've thought about it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by insertcreativeusernameWitching Hour: Any Questions?

22nd October 2017:
This is probably the BEST canon-hogwarts era fic I have ever read. Seriously, I feel as if Rowling herself wrote this! Your portrayal of all the characters from Ginny, Fred&George, Molly, Arthur, Tonks, and Remus to Bellatrix, Neville, Luna, Snape and the Carrows is ASTOUNDING AND SPOT ON! Its just...undescribable, truly.

The story just flows! Very few authors are able to do that with their stories, but the interweaving between flashbacks and chronological phases is absolutely FREAKING PERFECT! This story has had me hooked since the first chapter, I really, really, really, really hope you didn't abandon this and update soon, I BEG OF YOU!

I really love the relationship you built between Ginny and Harry based on canon stuff. It's adorable and always manages to bring a smile on my face (I'm the biggest Hinny shipper in existance). You're probably my favorite author on here now, SO TALENTED!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for your kind review! I have not abandoned and am actively working on Chapter 11, and have an outline for the entirety of the story... There will be more to come :)

So glad you enjoy the contextual quotes weaved in. My copy of Deathly Hallows is a little worse for wear from all the tabbing and page turning :)

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Review #16, by insertcreativeusernameStill Delicate: New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

18th October 2017:
I swear to god Rose Weasley, you better use PROTECTION this time!

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Review #17, by insertcreativeusernameNo Love Like the First Love: Chapter 1

16th October 2017:
Wow, this is perfect! I've been searching for a good canon marauder fic and I think this is the one!

Your writing style is exceptional, love the seamless interweaving between past and present. Can't wait to read more, complete it soon, please!!

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Review #18, by insertcreativeusernameDifferent You: This Is Home

16th October 2017:
Ooh la la, this is such a captivating story!
I love your OC and can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I hope it keeps captivating you as we get further into the story x

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Review #19, by insertcreativeusernameDelicate: Red Rose

15th October 2017:
"Well, it's a mix of revenge and firewhisky. As most pregnancies are." Jeez Louis, this girl makes me cry tears of laughter.

James: Hey Red!
Rose with her pregnancy moodswings: Why do you hate me so much!
Oml, i laughed so hard my grandmother looked over and was like "I'm not even going to ask. Come talk to me when your sane again".


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Review #20, by insertcreativeusernameDelicate: Prologue: The Test

15th October 2017:
My goodness gracious, this is GOLD! Your Rose is exactly how i imagined her to be: With Scorpius, overdramatic, intelligent, and witty.

This first chapter was hilarious! Her panic attack made me have a laugh attack-GREAT STORYLINE SO FAR, I TIP MY HAT TO YOU!

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Review #21, by insertcreativeusernameBeing Summer: The Next One

15th October 2017:
Conner seems almost Remus-like ya know? The cute, quiter, just-as-strange-but-not friend, who's sweet, smart, the prefect, observant, mature, and still goofy (laid back)ish.

Ya see what I'm getting at? No? Okay, I'll just shut up now.

Anyway, great chapter! Love the banter between James and Summer, Conner's involvement, Dom's vulnerability, FRED, and the SCOROSE OML YES!

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Review #22, by insertcreativeusernameBeing Summer: The One After That

15th October 2017:
Fred is so hilarious in this story, oml! I love him! And I really hope he and Penny are are thing by the end of this!
"Well, haters gon' hate" XD merlin, i can't!

Also James and Summer have such chemistry! When are they going to start having real feelings?
"You worked here when my dad was in school, how are you not dead yet?" I'M DEAD, LOL

Really great plot, dialogue, humor, characters, and gosh i love everything about this!

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Review #23, by insertcreativeusernameBedposts and Broomsticks: Taking Action

9th October 2017:
Ooh I hope Scorpius and Rose become a thing by the end of the story! And I've said it once, I'll say it again, YOUR ALBUS POTTER IS BAE AND HE MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD, FREAKING CUTIE!

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Review #24, by insertcreativeusernameBedposts and Broomsticks: Trust

9th October 2017:

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Review #25, by insertcreativeusernameWhen Dahlias Bloom: ONE: A Seed In the Vegetable Patch

28th September 2017:
On a more *ahem* normal note, cool introduction! Dahlia seems like a cool OC and i can't wait till James' is introduced. I just reread my review and realized i said cool twice. I need new adjectives...yo dictionary, come here!

Author's Response: Jesus Christ, that is actually freaky!!!

Maybe I was channeling bits of your life when I was writing/planning this?? I'm Bengali, but our cultures are pretty similar anyway so I was just chucking things in from my life (I, too, have a Didi, ya see) which actually feels great.

(Also dal is great??? Why is it so good??)


Say cool as many times as you want m'dear, it's all good.

Thanks for the wonderful review! (No, really, it was great. Made my morning, it did.) I'm glad you like the fic so far!

Plums xo

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