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Review #1, by BBHPLimitless - An Yves Fleury Chronicle : Sirius Black

21st November 2017:
Hi. I'm rereading everything because I'm hopelessly and slightly pathetically addicted to this story and too impatient to wait for a new chapter. Yves and Sirius make my heart skip a beat.

Author's Response: Hi!

You've actually made my day! Thank you. I'm actually addicted to the story too so don't worry ;)

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Review #2, by BBHPLimitless - An Yves Fleury Chronicle : An Unexpected Day

21st November 2017:
Oh I am just dying to read more! Sirius and Yves are just too much to handle. I love it all. But their future makes me so anxious!

Author's Response: Big things are coming their way (and our way) quite soon, things that have been a long time coming I think.
I think they're actually the most ridiculous couple (I mean this in the best way possible), they're both so alive, so similar but in such a beautiful way.

I'm uploading as quickly as I can, I know it's actually super frustrating to wait and I am so thankful that you have. I'm quite a few chapters ahead so it's only really validation that we're waiting for.


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Review #3, by BBHPLimitless - An Yves Fleury Chronicle : The Order of The Phoenix

21st November 2017:
I really like that Sirius doesn't seem angry or bitter about Yves playing dead. I mean it would be somewhat understandable if he was, but it's a nice change to not have the stereotypical "I can't trust you anymore" sort of attitude. And I'm still loving the story. Even though if all goes the way it does in the books (and it seems like it will) there is going to be tremendous heartbreak and loss, and I don't know if I can handle losing so many of my favourite characters!

Author's Response: I was trying to stay away from the stereotypical thing with Sirius because I think he's anything but a cliche, and he's way too passionate about Yves for the trust issue ;)

I feel the absolute same as you about the heartbreak and loss. It actually makes me so anxious. But we will see where it goes. I haven't finished the book yet, but I have a general idea.

Thank you for rereading. It is so heartwarming and you're so lovely.

All my love- A

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Review #4, by BBHPHead to Head: Greenhouse Three

21st November 2017:
Sounds like James has got his wand shoved so far up his you-know-what and I wonder why he just seems so different from the other "Wotters". I really like Ella's thoughts and commentary though.

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Review #5, by BBHPThe Shadow and the Soul: The Seed of Darkness

20th November 2017:
Oh no! I can't believe I've already caught up to the latest chapter. I'm dying to know more. Everything is so intense. And the tension between Hermione and Draco is so thick it's almost suffocating. Excellent story so far.

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Review #6, by BBHPPrey: Epilogue

20th November 2017:
Oh this was so excellent! I could not stop reading. It was so good. Honestly one of the best, most well-written story I have read on here. Excited to start reading the sequel.

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Review #7, by BBHPDeveloping Endearment : Chapter Nine: Regrettable Endings

14th November 2017:
Another excellent chapter! And I loved your mention in your Author's Note. :) It made me smile!

I sort of figured something like that would happen with Nathan, but I was still shocked when it did. And it was made 100x worse by his disdainful comments about Lily's birth. Terrible. Awful. Malfoy-esque. How could someone belittle another person like that just because of their family background? And I'm still at a loss as to how did he even get sorted into Gryffindor! And how did Frank not realise his friend was such a deplorable human being? I guess the impending war/current events/random attacks are bringing out the worst in people...like Alice, who seems to have withdrawn from everyone. I hope she lets herself come back to the comfort of her friends. And I feel like Lily will come out of that experience with Nate being even stronger and more determined to fight for her side, for the rights of Muggleborns (which is probably what puts her on Voldemort's radar in the first place?).

James is so sweet!! He is exactly as I had hoped he would be in this. Playful and funny and silly, but sweet and fiercely loyal to the people he cares about, slightly inclined to revenge/get even with those who've wronged him or his friends, and always up for pulling a good, harmless prank to lift the spirits. He's wonderful. (And Dumbledore was perfect in this, too.)

I love Lily's unrecognized jealousy over James and Emmaline. And since her other friends are bothered by their display too, she can just blame it on being a loyal friend instead of jealousy. I can't wait for her to figure out she's in love with him. It's going to be sooo good (and worth the wait, because I'm guessing it won't happen too soon).

Anyway, it's all wonderful. There's so much more I'd like to say but in an attempt to not seem obsessive or redundant I'll stop here. Can't wait for the next chapter, though.

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! It's always a joy to hear from you! And you're so welcome! I always appreciate your reviews!
I always love playing with the idea that not all students are going to fit into the typical House "characteristics". I really like challenging those sort of ideals within the houses and I really feel like Nate did a good job of that. People are complex and I think that he could be brave and bold, yet also have a bad side.
I really like the way James' character is shaping up as well. I've always had a clear vision for how I thought his personality would be and I'm glad that is shining through.
Dumbledore was one of the more challenging ones for me to write, but I think his character came out better that I thought it would.
And yes! I don't think that she would have realized right away that she liked him as more than just a friend. She had issues with him in the past when she was friends with Severus and I just don't think she would have completely fallen for James right off the bat, let alone that she would realize that she was.
And seriously, thank you, thank you!!! For always taking the time to read and review for my story! It always means so much to me! :)

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Review #8, by BBHPLimitless - An Yves Fleury Chronicle : Yves Fleury

13th November 2017:
I am just swooning over Sirius's feelings. So sweet. So human. I loved this chapter. I wish I could write a longer comment for you, but I'm just full of appreciation for all the love. Between Sirius and Yves, Sirius and the marauders, Lily and Alice and Yves, everything. It's so good.

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it! I felt like he really needed to come alive the way I know him in my head, so, if your comments are anything to go by, it seems I have done that :D
Thank you for taking the time! I really appreciate it!


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Review #9, by BBHPLimitless - An Yves Fleury Chronicle : Necromancy

8th November 2017:

I sped through your first story about Yves and I am just loving this so far. I'm dying to read more. Every character is so perfect. My heart about imploded when Sirius warned them not to take her from him. I love it

Author's Response: I was having a good day before I read this, now I'm absolutely beside myself! Thank you so much for your kindness.
I am totally in love with Sirius, like in a totally nonfictional kind of way :D
I am so glad you're enjoying it, I'm uploading as quickly as I can!
Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a message. I really appreciate it!


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Review #10, by BBHPThe After Before: Chapter Two

5th November 2017:
I'm okay with another James Potter romance, especially since yours is set up so nicely. I like your descriptions of your characters, and how you showed the little differences between James and Albus. It had me thinking back to how the Weasley boys were described and comparing them. Cornelia seems funny and witty, especially with her frequent Shakespeare quotes, and I like her friendship with Albus and Scorpius and that whole dynamic.

I love the little details like Slughorn asking James if his mother ever told him how she got into the club. Things like that that directly link back to the original characters make me so happy! I'm so looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like the hidden details, there will be a lot more of them coming! Thank you so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #11, by BBHPAnd Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Five

1st November 2017:
She's perfect. I can't stop laughing.

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Review #12, by BBHPAnd Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Three

1st November 2017:
I absolutely love your depiction of Rose. Making her more like Ron than Hermione, without having to exactly spell it out. She's hilarious. Probably my favourite Rose.

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Review #13, by BBHPDeveloping Endearment : Chapter Seven: An Evan's Family Christmas

31st October 2017:
Such a good chapter. All of the interactions were perfect. I love how Lily's father stood up for her. And Petunia was totally believable. Jealous and insecure and bitter, and exactly how she seemed in the books. Excellent job on this.

Author's Response: As always, thank you so much for taking the time to review! I always love to hear from you!
And thank you! I really wanted to be able to portray the family dynamic the way that JKR seems to explain it. So I am definitely glad it came across that way! :)

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Review #14, by BBHPListening to...: May Maybe

31st October 2017:
The suspense is killing me but it's also so good! I'm so anxious about everything.

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Review #15, by BBHPFalling For You?: Before You Change Your Mind

27th October 2017:
It's really rolling now! I'm so excited to know what happens next.

I loved seeing how Scorpius felt about Rose while they were at Hogwarts. Like, he didn't know if he LIKED her, but he was interested in her. I think it's the perfect set-up for their current situation.

Scorpius running a shop so close to Rose is going to be an issue for her, obviously. So excited to see how she reacts to that. (And I'm hoping for more letters between them!)

Author's Response: That was so fun to explore so I’m glad you enjoyed it! There will definitely be more letters :)

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Review #16, by BBHPThe Reason Is You: Chapter 3

27th October 2017:
Poor Hermione! I could see how it would be difficult in that situation to bring the abuse factor into the divorce, but from here it's like "no! Just do it! Get out of there!" I'm glad Dean took photo evidence so that if Hermione does decide to go that way, Ron wouldn't be able to dispute it. I'm so anxious about what will happen next.

Author's Response: Thank you for your support. The rest is done, just taking awhile to get the chapters up and validated. Thanks again!

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Review #17, by BBHPDeveloping Endearment : Chapter Six: Another Semester Ends

25th October 2017:
I loved how this chapter went. Lily's confrontation with Nate was totally believable. Gosh that guy is a jerk. A possessive, manipulative creep that I don't think we've seen the last of. The marauders retaliation was funny. It was enough to hopefully get Nate off Lily's back for a while, but relatively harmless. I'm looking forward to seeing how Nate's new feud with James will affect their quidditch team.

Poor Alice. I hope we get to see more of her soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! :)
And yeah, I think Nate is a good example of how you can't just expect everyone to be a house stereotype. He's in Gryffindor, but he's not necessarily the best person in the world.
And don't worry, Alice will be back before too long! :)
Thank you again for reviewing!! :)

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Review #18, by BBHPDeveloping Endearment : Chapter Three: Dates and Drama

21st October 2017:
James's awkwardness over being around a crying girl made me laugh out loud. I love little things like that and Lily's mention that treacle tart is her favorite dessert. Like I'm seeing little things that make Harry. It's funny and sweet. I'm really enjoying the story and Lily's date.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You're review just made my day! :) And thank you so much, I'm so glad that is coming through the way I intended. I am so glad you are liking the story!

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Review #19, by BBHPAccidentally On Purpose : Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

20th October 2017:
First off, can I say how much I LOVE how long your chapters are? I have no idea how you do it! And there is SO MUCH happening in every chapter -- everything is important to the story. You have no "filler" chapters, which I think is really amazing.


I have so many thoughts I can't even make sense of it all. Why is James pushing Jenny to forget everything? Like she could if she wanted to! He seems like he has so many issues to work on by himself before he should even think about getting back together with Jenny. I'm glad Jenny is being hesitant there, although it's obvious (from the very first chapter) that she's completely in love with James. I think if they never get back together she'll never be able to truly move on with someone else. Even though she might desperately want to. But I applaud her for wanting to. Girl power! She doesn't need James! (Although, deep down, she might.) (Also, her response of 'I'm not entirely repulsive, I swear.' was just too perfect. I want to BE Jen.)

How does Dom even think she can come back from what she did? Dom has issues she needs to work out, too. Maybe it's the curse of being a "Wotter" -- never being completely secure in one's self. Freddy seems to be less like this, but he has his own insecurities and self-doubts that he is dealing with.

The drama with the Slytherins on the pitch was intense. It happened so quickly I had to reread it a few times to make sure I got it right. Insanity. But I like that she and her brother are friends. I think it's so sweet.

Anyway, I'm still trying to make sense of everything swirling around in my brain but I am so excited to read the next chapter! But I'm trying to be patient. Trying. Failing.

Author's Response:
YAY! I honestly don’t know how I do it either - but I actually feel like I have to force myself to stop writing 10,000 word chapters it’s crazy hahaha. There’s just so much to tell and I think because I genuinely have major plot points mapped out it’s harder to write less to get everyone to where they need to be. I’m bad at self editing lmao.

I know!!! She could totally pretend like nothing ever happened and move on! It’s not the point! The point is that she genuinely can’t and HELLO JAMES. RED FLAG you dolt. And yeah - pretty much lol. If they’re not with each other, I don’t think they’ll be good to anyone else. They’ll only compare. Especially since they’re each other’s first proper love. No! She doesn’t need James!! But I think that’s what she’s trying to figure out - in a very insane way, asking Moss out lol - and it’ll be interesting to see if she chooses him even though she’s trying to see if she doesn’t need him.

Oh god yeah no Dom has some serious issues with herself. I think she has a horrible mix of middle child inferiority syndrome with a dash of selfishness and self centred egoism. She think she’s the best and everyone wants to either BE her or be her friend or sleep with her. Not a great way to be lol.

HAHAHA the pitch scene was one of my favourites to write honestly. They’re all insane. Especially Jen. But yeah I wanted to definitely show some sibling tension (which we’ll see with her sister) but she is actually best friends with both her brothers (more so blaze cause he’s actually in school).

LOL I want to read your thoughts when you make sense of them!! I feel like you always have such interesting points!! And I’ll try to have the next chapter up soon!!

Loved this review! Thank you so much! Xxxx P

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Review #20, by BBHPSecrets That Remain Untold: 27

18th October 2017:
Way more than mildly interesting! I'm so curious how this will play out and where Kaelix will be sorted.

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Review #21, by BBHPShards: I don't understand!

18th October 2017:
I've been anxiously awaiting an update for this story! And it was excellent. The relationship between James and Alice is so good. I'm dying to know what happened between them.

Scorpius might be one of my top favorites though. Can't wait for more Scorpius/Rose stuff (and obviously Alice/James!).

Author's Response: It's actually kind of pathetic how proud of myself I was to finally post another chapter after WEEKS, lol.

Anyway, thank you so much! I'm glad your enjoying the story. I adore Scorpius, too! Be sure to keep both eyes open for a little Scorose action ;)

Your review made my day, no lie. I'm working on a long chapter that will hopefully be up soon, plenty full of Alice/James, but you'll have to hang in there a little longer to know what happened between them (sorry!).

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Review #22, by BBHPPenitence: A Pureblood in a Muggle World

12th October 2017:
I love how everything is portrayed in this. Hermione's PTSD and Draco's discomfort, the awkwardness and forced civility, the Grangers, everything. It's so believable. The little details of Draco sensing magic and Hermione's family living in an upper middle-class neighborhood are some of the things that make this story just brilliant.

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Review #23, by BBHPShards: Genderbent James Bond?

1st October 2017:
More, more! I like your Alice. Can't wait to see more of James, and to learn what exactly he did.

Author's Response: Aw, thank so much for reviewing! I have big plans for our adorable Jamsie, and i'll try my best to have the next chapter up in time.

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Review #24, by BBHPCaught a Ghost: Chapter Six

28th September 2017:
"Remus Lupin had a terrible poker face." I can believe that! I really like his character.

Sirius seems the type of person who would be observant like that. Like on the outside he seems a bit shallow, flirting with girls and joking around, but I like seeing more of his personality in the way you're portraying him.

Poor Gwen. I'm not sure she has an actual crush on Remus or if she's feeling disappointed that, as a ghost, she'll never have the opportunity to be in that position, or if it's just sadness that another person is taking up his time, pulling away her only living friend.

I was so excited to see this update! This is such a clever and interesting story, and I've found myself addicted.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!! I'm glad you're liking the way that I'm portraying the characters. It's a bit different from the way I have them in my other story, but since this one is more serious in a way I wanted to make the characters more serious as well. :) I'm definitely going to be answering the question of Gwen and Remus soon! Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by BBHPAccidentally On Purpose : Dear ASBO Five

26th September 2017:
Wow. Wow. Wow.

I feel so bad for Flora! She thought she was supposed to stick to the plan, and even though it's really Freddie and Jenny's faults that they're all in trouble, Flora is taking the fall. I hope she catches a break soon. And for James to just be all whatever about Flora is just...bad form, James.

And stupid James, thinking that one night of something ALMOST happening means that they're suddenly fine and getting back together. Is he serious? Jenny is right, their relationship isn't just messed up, it's RUINED. Like, almost beyond repair it seems. (I still have a bit of hope for them, though. But for Jenny's sake I hope James really works on his attitude and everything before anything really happens.)

And Dom. Oh, Dom. I knew it had to be something along those lines. What kind of messed up friend is she?! Who does that!? Realistically though, I had friends in high school who were petty and jealous about their friends, and pulled the same sorts of thing (without the whole magically confusing them thing, obviously. haha), so it's actually very believable. I still am shocked though. Actually getting that worked up and jealous, and telling James such a lie, and then actually Confunding your best friend. I think Jenny's reaction was completely right. How do you even come back from that? How do you forgive someone -- your best friend -- for that? For messing up -- more like DESTROYING the relationship with the love of your life? Like Flora said, I think Jenny is "it" for James. And now it seems like it's just ruined. And even if they can repair their relationship, what about the fact that Dom is James's cousin? Even if Jenny and Dom get past this and can be civil to each other (I don't know if I'd believe they can really be best friends again), they'll still have the awkwardness of being semi-related (eventually).

Thank you for getting the last few chapters out so quickly! I don't think I could take the suspense for any longer haha. You're awesome! And good luck with your Masters program! That's so amazing!

Author's Response: HI!

Oh god I know - seriously poor Flora (I've been saying that a LOT) but I have a few things up my sleeve for her. For some reason I seriously love her? And it may just be because her FC is Taylor Hill ...

I KNOW. He is so single minded and has blinders on - for him, the fact that they've somewhat established they've both been lied to by Dom (though, in the beginning Jen still doesn't/can't believe it) means that the last few weeks might as well not have happened. It was just an inconvenient blip and their feelings have stayed the same. I think it's safe to say he's an idiot.

Jen certainly feels like it's ruined. I don't want to say too much because we'll get all of what she's feeling soon and why she's feeling that way but i don't know! I feel like they could somehow find a way back to each other but we'll have to see how lol (and sorry that was so vague hahaha but I feel like I'm gonna spoil something!!)

i KNOW. Thank god I've never had a friend like her but man the stories I've heard ... insane. There are some people in the world that you look back in hindsight at and wonder why the f**k was I friends with them. And I know girls like Dom who don't even need magic to ruin peoples lives so, she's dedicated to them haha. And the thing with Dom is that it wasn't even a one day blow out - it was this insidious, slow burn that just developed over time out of irritation and jealousy. Dom was being a plain b***h - no way around it.

Also you raise some very interesting questions. Like what would it mean for Jen and Dom if she and James somehow repaired their relationship? And i love the certainty of them being semi-related "eventually" hahaha. But you know what strikes me is that you really feel the destruction that Jenny feels - like it's obvious and palpable that she and James are not okay and it's going to take serious work to get anywhere good and stable and normal again.

And no worries! I love the feeling of posting a new chapter hahaha and god I would've felt awful leaving the suspense hanging forever. THANK YOU! It's really kicking me in the a** haha.

Thank you for this review!!! xxx P

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