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Review #1, by AsteriaHow not to be a Woodley: The Edge of Reason

22nd November 2016:
I tend not to leave reviews that often but this is my second one on here which I think says a lot about how much I truly love this story :)

I think the first thing that really makes this story one of my favourites is the way it's able to completely hold it's own without there being any James/Seth for an entire chapter. It's surprisingly refreshing to read a fic that does in fact point out that, yes the protagonist does actually have a life aside from James and doesn't spend every waking moment thinking about him. If you'd told me this chapter had no James in it, I would still expect love it, but be one of my favourites? Probably not. However, this chapter has made it into my top three - alongside 'The Stumbling Stag' and 'A Teenage Frenzy'(I totally just had to search the names of those chapters ahah) - which really shows how great your other story lines are wow. (Ngl, I'm so desperate to find out what happened to Al)

I mentioned this in my last review but I just want to reiterate how pleased I am that you have drawn the relationship out because not only does it add to the realism but it seems to mean so much more when something actually does happen. I have read far too many fics in which they don't even know each other in the first chapter, they kiss in the third and are madly in love by the fifth which just seems so unrealistic and doesn't give you a chance to really feel for the characters. Even with some of the more drawn out ones I've read they so often have James being an idiot for the first part of the story and then he seems to have a rapid personality transplant in the space of like two chapters and is all sweet and lovely for the rest which, I mean, just doesn't ever happen. Again, you've avoided this by including some pretty brilliant character development because he was an idiot (although I really do love him) and hell he still can be, but Seth's perspective on life has just slowly started to bring out a different side to him.
Also, the same goes for timing in this story. All your scenes seem so complete and full, you don't just skim over things at a lighting pace which so many others seem to do. Time just seems to pass naturally in this fic without it feeling like five months have flown by in one chapter. I don't know if you understand what I mean by that, I'm quite bad at explaining things ahah.

I couldn't go without mentioning your beautifully deep and well rounded characters, ah your character development is amazing. But anyway, apologies for how long this review is (I've just rambled for like ten minutes ahah) but it always makes me happy to get a long review so I thought if I'm going to review this I should do it properly :)
You're amazing, as is this story so I'll be eagerly waiting for more updates.

~ Charlie ~

Author's Response: I know what you mean about leaving reviews :)
and I'm really glad you wrote this one! I love long and detailed reviews so this one made me really happy :)

I'm so glad you feel that way about James not being there every second of the story... I do enjoy love stories but I agree with you that it can be annoying to have two characters fight for two chapters and then suddenly become the perfect couple. It rarely feels genuine... Also, I really wanted Seth to be defined as something more than a boy's love interest and I can't tell you how happy I am that you feel that way as well :)

I also agree about the sudden Deus-ex-Machina-personality changes... like you said, that just doesn't happen. Characters should have and own their flaws, they may learn to deal with them but ultimately, going from super arrogant bad boy to loving, cuddling, romantic-gesture-throwing boyfriend doesn't really happen.

Timing is always hard, I think, so I'm glad the flow appears natural in the story. To be honest, in the beginning I got some critique that the story was moving too slowly and that Seth and James should get together already, but now I'm glad I stuck with my timeline :) It wouldn't have seemed right to force two opposites like Seth and James together on the premise that they might be kinda attracted to each other... after all, Rome wasn't built in a day ;)
Anyway, I'm rambling :D Thank you so so so much for this amazing review and NEVER apologise for the length... reading it made my day! I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming chapters and thank you so much for taking the time to write this!

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Review #2, by AsteriaHow not to be a Woodley: Going Down

25th August 2016:
Oh how I've missed this story and Seth and James, I'm so glad that you're back.
I have so much love for this chapter and the writing is just as excellent as always. What I also love about this fic is that it's not just focused on their relationship but it has other really good story lines along with it (the Al one I'm loving) which just makes it even more interesting.
James is a bit of an idiot at the best of times, a lovable idiot, but an idiot nonetheless but the love/hate James/OC fics are always my favourite. Plus I'm so glad you've dragged it out and they're not together yet but we've still had many great James/Seth scenes like the phone box and the one at the Potter's. If they get into a relationship too early on I find it gets a bit soppy and a little more boring because I miss all the angst.
I love James a lot, despite some of his slightly bad moves. Part of me thinks (and hopes if I'm honest) that he rejected her at his house not because he wanted to but because he knew she'd had no experience and he wanted it to be a lot more for her than some alcohol and regret fueled night after what her family said about the phone box incident. If that's the case I will love him even more than I already do.
And onto this Lucas guy, at first I thought he seemed pretty decent actually but now after what James said I'm not so sure. A small part of me hopes he does turn out to be nice because poor Seth deserves at least one good thing in her life. However, the rest of me hopes he does turn out to be a player because:
A) I do love me some angst.
B) James can swoop in and teach him a lesson.
C) James and Seth
Anyways, I love this fic and I hope the next update isn't too far away.

Author's Response: I'm glad I'm back too :). I'm really sorry I made everybody wait for so long but I was stuck somehow and it took a few lovely, encouraging, urging reviews to get over that haha.
Can I just say, that I'm so glad you enjoy the plots besides the romance? I never set out to write a solely romance-focused fic and it means a lot to hear that its appreciated.
James IS an idiot... I mean, I guess we all are at 16/17? At least a bit...haha. I'm also a really big fan of the love/hate thing and James II is my main man in the HP-verse but, like you said, it always bothers me when they get together too fast... instant love seems quite unrealistic between two characters that are so fundamentally different as, for instance, Seth and James and the love/hate thing always seems unrealistic if the issues are resolved too quickly into the story.
I like James too, despite his flaws. I guess he's just fighting with himself (concerning various issues which I don't want to give away yet :) ) But he definitely rejected Seth for a reason, or rather several reasons (may they be good or not so good) and not because he is not attracted to her (because he obviously is).
About Lucas, I'd say he's not a knight in shiny armour, but then again, who is? We all have flaws and I make sure that my characters have too... no one is strictly bad or good. But I agree, Seth deserves something nice to happen to her...the next chapter will show ;)
Thank you so so so much for this lovely, long and kind review. I can't say it enough; it just means the world to me to get such feedback!
You are a wonderful person.

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Review #3, by AsteriaGet in Line: Greenhouse Groping

21st August 2016:
Firstly, I literally forgot how much love I have for this fic, wow.
The dynamic between James and Jordan is perfect. Normally I read ones where they hate each other because if they get on well from the start I find it a little boring and soppy, but in this they're 'friends' (I use that term loosely ahah) but the way they are around each other is brilliant and this isn't boring in the slightest. I love your writing style and it's just really well written in general (like damn that kiss though).

Secondly, I couldn't post a review without mentioning Neville, oh how I love him. You've managed to strike a perfect yet hilarious balance between authority figure / sarcastic family friend / Freddie's personal therapist ahah. I particularly loved the scene when Neville walked in on the both of them, his reaction and dialogue was pretty brilliant. I feel like he's probably as big of a kid and gossiper as the rest of the school so I'm really hoping he's going to pop up a few more times with his sarcastic yet caring ways.

Thirdly, Cyrus. In the nicest way possible, can somebody (preferably James or Jordan) go Avada Kedavra the idiot? Please. Actually no I take that back, he isn't worth a one way trip to Azkaban over. In all seriousness though, I hope something not very nice happens to him in front of a lot of people to cause maximum humiliation. I'm really excited to see where you take it.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I really love this a lot and its now a genuine fear of mine that you'll give up on this at some point because if that happens, I won't know what to do with my life.

P.S. Apologies for the fangirling
P.P.S. Apologies for the length of this review
P.P.P.S. I don't think I'm actually sorry because I kinda love this fic (not that I've already mentioned that multiple times).
Anyways, sorry I'll stop rambling.

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Review #4, by AsteriaIris: Trust

18th July 2016:
Three chapters in and I'm already completely hooked. I love how uniquely different this story is and how deep the characters and story lines are. There's so many intricate backstories woven in and you haven't given everything away but enough has been said to keep me completely intrigued.
I normally read the cliche James/OC where James is a complete idiot at the start because if everyone's all lovely I find it a little boring ahah. But in this James seems so lovely yet he and this story are both so far from boring. I love the idea, I love the characterisation and I really hope you haven't given up on it because it's been a few months since you updated last.

Author's Response: This review really made me smile! Thank you so much for such kind words!
You're right about the intricate backstories, I have so many different ones planned but slowly they all intwine together.
I haven't given up on this story, one had writers block for the last few months but the next chapter is currently underway and shall hopefully be posted soon!

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Review #5, by AsteriaRunaway: I Need My Girl

14th September 2015:
I panicked when I realised that there wasn't a next chapter, I love this story so much (I even prefer it to delicate). I know it's been a while but please carry on!

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