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Review #1, by Tecla SunriseListening to...: Letters

24th February 2018:
SECRET ADMIRER ALERT! SPOILER: it's probably James tbh and I can't wait for the big reveal! gosh he's so darn cute and side along apparition is THE NEW FOREPLAY

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Review #2, by Tecla SunriseListening to...: Awkwardness

23rd February 2018:
I'll just say: UPPER JOCK. LOL
So Ryan is a rapist urghhh fuù+ck him. James is flirting so shamelessly I get second hand embarras*sment.
seriously? high five?
Baby, you need to UP YO GAME!
Sly is such a nerd I like her!! xx

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Review #3, by Tecla SunriseListening to...: Memories

23rd February 2018:
Oh-oh! So James was a bit of a popular boy - which obvs mean THICK AS WOOD C'MON MAN AT LEAST THE NAME!
But! seems like he's grown up so maybe, who knows?!
AND! This ryan figure seems like a right jerk - he probably cheats like all of 'em.
Love, love love how you write James! he feels so realistic and i like how sly seems to pick up on people reactions particularly well :))

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Review #4, by Tecla SunriseListening to...: Problems

23rd February 2018:
Man I always check out my reviewers' story and this is GOOD! One chapter and I'm already hooked. also, I really like the dynamics between Savannah, Deliah and Sly. I'mma go to the next chapter straight away! great job!

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Review #5, by Tecla SunriseTainted: Michael Kane

18th February 2018:
Great chapter! and great plot twist with the arrival of Micheal - arranged marriage is what every girl needs, eh?
Nice job! xxx

Author's Response: Micheal is my favourite character to write about. Hehe.
Stay tuned I've just put chapter eleven in the queue. xx

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Review #6, by Tecla SunriseThe Bro Code: Article Ninety

18th January 2018:
A really nice start and I liked the way you wrote the interview - it sounded so genuine and how I would expect the son of Harry-I-hate-the-press-Potter to react :)
I also liked the way you took time to describe the girls' relationship, even if in pas-sing, and the realistic description of James and Skye's sloppy first kiss.
and, oh, a cliffhanger!
Really nicely done, can't wait to read more!
Elena xxx

Author's Response: Honestly writing the interview was my favorite! The Cat and Mouse relationship between Nina and James makes me chuckle like all the time. She thinks she's so clever and he's like constantly eyeing the clock lol.
Female relationships are honestly my favorite and they are so important. I feel like a lot of writers tend to brush over it in fanfic which makes me so sad. So I'm making up for it every chance i get lmaoo.
First kisses are always so sloppy and weird so I'm happy it came across as realistic!
Thank you so much Elena for the kind review! It really means a lot xoxo

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Review #7, by Tecla SunriseLight a Lantern In My Heart : { 1 }

15th January 2018:
Yellow! I'm here for the review tag on the forum and i am, like, so glad?
I giggled like an idiot reading this, particularly when scorpius says that albus has no f*ing right to look that good. lol, I FEEL YOU, SCORPIUS.
The premise is really good and a fun twist to the usual Al/Scorpius, and Halley seems like a real piece of work.
Good job, i love it!
Elena xx

Author's Response: lol really ??? I giggled like an idiot writing this! I am glad you like it!! Just to be clear, Halley, Scorpius, and Al are all in a polyamory!! Tbh when I said that al had no f***ing right to look that good, I was projecting my own thoughts on him :^)

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Review #8, by Tecla SunriseCrucio: Every Beginning Starts With An End

14th January 2018:
Wha what?!?! wasn't expecting that! arg I love the beginning, i'm already hooked! update soon xxx

Author's Response: oh wow !!! thank you so much for the review! the next chapter will be up within the next week :)

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Review #9, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: seventeen.

11th July 2017:
THE 200TH REVIEW I CAN'T LOSE THE CHANCE I'LL COMMENT ON THE CHAPTER ON THE NEXT ONE BUT HELLOOO AGAIN - i read about half but i'm sooo sad that Cass feels like she's drifting away from her friends. :(
And Pia is a bit too perfect to be liked atm, we'll see in the future

Author's Response: AH! Thank you so much for the 200th review! Excuse me while I do a super embarrassing happy dance :D!! And yes - this chapter was a bit of a downer and do keep your eye on Pia. She's been a joy to write because she throws an even bigger wrench into what's happening and I do love throwing wrenches into things :D.

Ah thank you, thank you so much! Please update soon!! I really want to see Elizabeth and James get together!!!

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Review #10, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: sixteen.

11th July 2017:
You need to put that thing away.”

He let out a deep, raspy laugh from the back of his throat that made my toes tingle and my cheeks burn. “Isn’t this the pot calling the cauldron black?” he muttered.


Author's Response: hahahah - i'm sorry but I was just like this is a lovely, lovely opportunity for fluff and I'm just gonna run with it! hehe. And now I'm going to go listen to the BackStreet Boys because how can I not after you so pleasantly reminded me of "Quit Playing Game with my Heart"??? hehe- thanks so much for your reviews!!

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Review #11, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: fifteen.

11th July 2017:
This was so intense and heartbreaking, but in a quiet way - i really like how you described her feelings, it felt real and now I'm a bit uneasy myself. I particularly loved the moment in which Dom meets her and asks if she wants to get a pie and god you can FEEL Cass' helplessness because she doesn't want to do that, or anything else, and she doesn't know how to feel good again - and then, Dom is Dom and something gets a little bit better.
It was honest and real and raw and i'm in awe of your writing!

Author's Response: Aw yay! I'm so glad you like the description of her feelings. I turned over in my head how I wanted to describe her feelings here for a while. I didn't want this story to be a complete drag but it did feel like I needed to write how she was coping. And oh my, I'm just so thrilled with your review :). It really made me happy/smile on a particularly rough day at work!

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Review #12, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: fourteen.

11th July 2017:
What a rollercoaster! Man, McLaggen is one annoying son of a gun, isn't he? I hope he chokes on that smoke!
And Cass made the team, yay!!! where's Grayson, THOO?

Author's Response: :) I will not say anything about whether Theodore Nott is innocent or not EXCEPT to say that I think you're the only one to put forth this theory!

And yesss, Cassie is finally, FINALLY on the team hahah. It only took us 14 chapters *rolls eyes at James - even though I wrote James* hehe.

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Review #13, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: thirteen.

10th July 2017:
GHA! Greyson is the cutest and if it wasn't for James I would ship them so hard! and poor, poor sol baby Cass got disowned - I'm so said, and yet the Sirius Black's vibes is STRONG in this one!

Author's Response: Ah, Cassie getting disowned was difficult to write cause it's so serious! I felt like I was kind of heightening things with it. It was a bit of a - "Get ready kids, this is going to get roughhh!"

Thanks for all of your reviews today! They seriously had me grinning wide :D.

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Review #14, by Tecla SunriseSocial Disposition: Blurred Colours

10th July 2017:
Ah! loved it, particularly the mic-drop at the end! keep going :)

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving a review, I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed this chapter. As for the end, Clary had to get the last word, plus she wanted to take his ego down a notch or two ahah. I'm working on chapter two and hope to have it up soon :)

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Review #15, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: twelve.

10th July 2017:
i swear i Cried of laughter and reading that Fred was too kind of consoled me. but girl, you're crazy good! this chapter was AMAZING i can't even pick a favourite part, i'm a mess and i can't stop giggling.
who even giggles in rl? NOT ME USUALLY
gawd, see you next chapter

Author's Response: YAY! I'm so happy I made you laugh! This feels like a real, wonderful honor because your story had me laughing from word 1! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks so much for the review :D!

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Review #16, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: eleven.

10th July 2017:
Aww James, you can brood all you want but that doesn't change the fact that CASS WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG, AH! I'm so darn happy Fred followed her lead and what the hell is up with the school? she saved that stupid bi n t! bah, i can't.
Anyway may we always treasure Levi Jordan, for he deserves love!

Author's Response: hahahah - i love this review :D. And yes, go Cassie, right??? and Freddie for just being a smart person! amirite, amirite? hah - i feel like writing an entire multi-chapter on Levi Jordan because you called him a treasure and that really made me smile!

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Review #17, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: ten.

10th July 2017:
I'm so freaking happy i found your story, i swear. this chapter was just...pure drama, action, tension, suspense, everything was deliciously TEENAGER i can't.
"Not a freakin’ moment of peace at this Merlin forsaken school." I DIED. seriously, Cass is hilarious i can't stop grinning. and Maniac Adie is the hero we want and don't deserve - LET THE BIATCCCH DROWN!

Author's Response: hahaha I love your descriptions of this chapter! Yasss it was so teenager, right? I had so much fun writing this chapter hehe. hahaha, I especially like writing Addie so thank you so much for letting me laugh at that line. I love this - "the hero we want and don't deserve" Ha.

Thank you so, so much :D!

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Review #18, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: nine.

10th July 2017:
Damn, this story just gets better and better - I love how Cass is slowly starting to be a friendly acquaintance and I'm sure she'll be best friends with everyone soon.
well, everyone except for JAMSIES BECAUSE HE'S HOOKING UP WITH THE ENEMY, GODDAMNIT JAMES, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS AND FOCUS! Cass is your soulmate and you're meant to be :(
And sweet Freddie deserves the world, bless him.

Author's Response: Ahhh Cassie's relationships with other people outside of her "bubble" was so important for me so I'm very happy that you noticed and commented on it.

And heheh yes, James is terrible in this chapter - I have to admit though this was kinda fun to write. Freddie is always a pleasure - he has a good sense of what's wrong and what's right while also just trying to have a good time and enjoy life.

Thank you again!!

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Review #19, by Tecla SunriseAccidentally On Purpose : Spinning Empty Bottles

10th July 2017:
Gosh, soo much drama I love it! i've been meaning to leave a review for a while but I've been a bit busy with exams and not so nice real life things - but let's not think about that, shall we?
anyway!! i noticed you posted two more chapters and I'm really pumped so I hope to read and review both today - who can resist a funny, drama fuelled j/oc?
not me, that's for sure.
anyway, i just love how you write - funny, with good characterisation and a nice mix of original ideas that you develop in a really cool way - I mean, the biggest fears part was GENIUS. about this chapter, I just want to say that Freddie is adorable and Dominique deserves a big, big hug. and poor Jen! blamed for everything when all she does is being innocent and nice and JAMES HAS NO RIGHT TO BE JEALOUS!
no right! but alas, we still love him.
good work!

Author's Response: Eek!! So I read your entire story and I'm in love!! Just had to put it out there lol.

Okay, onto the review. No, let's not think about exams! And thank you so much for taking the time to review at all! Life can be stressful so that just warms my heart honestly!

Yes! I'm quite an update fiend lol. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next two chapters!! It's even MORE drama filled haha.

AH, so blown over. Thank you so so much for your kind words! Freddie IS adorable and omg, I think Dom needs a hug too? She definitely needs more of them. AND NO JAMES DOESN'T. But he still is, alas, haha and we do love him.

Thank you again for the lovely review!! xx

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Review #20, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: eight.

10th July 2017:
“Is matching bowties the new surefire way to tell if someone’s gay?”
“Is that a serious question?”

I agree with Josh wholeheartedly - Are you even TRYING, Cass?

ehm. now, i couldn't help but notice, though, that one JSP is way more conflicted than one would expect - secret crush!! for shiz

Author's Response: hahaha, right? Cassie - get. it. together.

And yesss. They are acting like jerks, no? Hopefully our boy, James can redeem himself later. I actually love seeing people's reactions to old chapters because it reminds me of writing them!! And gets me excited for writing new chapters :).

Thank you so much for reviewing! Seriously, it's a pleasure reading your reviews!

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Review #21, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: seven.

10th July 2017:
AH! i knew grayson smelled like possible love interest :))) and can i kidnap hugo? he sounds so adorably teenage-y, all brooding and chatting on his phone

Author's Response: Ah, I so need to write more Hugo! I have so many deleted scenes with him that just don't seem to exactly fit, ya know? And yes, hahaha, you called it. I really like he contrasts with James on the surface. Ones cocky mixed with confidence while I see Grayson as having more self-doubt, being a little nervous in his own skin.

Thank you, thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #22, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: six.

10th July 2017:
OH MAH GAWD. damn, this chapter was HILARIOUS. i'm telling you, the whole shenanigan with Al and James made me DIE - and the comeback wasn't THAT bad, c'mon!
but oh, I love Joshua. I should take notes and randomly shout feminists slogan too - lord knows people NEED to hear them.
but anyway, THE PLOT THICKENS! GGoyle looks like a contender if i have ever seen one, James better stay alert

Author's Response: hahah, nice! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was basically like... how can I make this as awkward as possible for Cass? *evil laugh*

And yes! Please more feminists slogans, righttt?

Anyways, love your reviews as always! Thanks for showing me love!!

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Review #23, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: five.

10th July 2017:
"This may seem shocking but walking in a cold, ancient, and magical castle at night by myself was scary as *."
I may or may not be aroused right now. Seriously, FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. can you imagine? with Ghosts and paintings that TALK and creaky armours and wind?
not my cup of tea, i'll tell you.
love it!

Author's Response: hahah, if I went to Hogwarts I'd be scared of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Like can you imagine the Potter kids hearing stories from their dad. I would totally be the one to raise my hand and say "Did you just say you fought a troll... in your... school? I don't want to go anymore!"

lolol, anyway, thanks for showing me love :)! Your reviews really make me laugh! Glad you loved it!!

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Review #24, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: four.

9th July 2017:
"I think Notorious B.I.G. had a better flow than Tupac. They were both great rappers of course but that is what I think.”
and that's the moment Cass lost all my respect.
kidding, kidding - but poor girl, give her a rest! the library scene was just painful ahah i feel embarrassed for her

Author's Response: hahaha, I'm guessing you're a Tupac fan! I wish I had Freddie respond with a "This is the moment you lost all my respect!" because it actually made me laugh out loud.

hahaha - I know, I'm a little cruel to Cassie sometimes but I think she's growing out of her awkwardness slowly, painfully so but still ha!

Thanks for the review, you actually made me laugh out loud here :)!!

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Review #25, by Tecla Sunriseuncharted.: three.

9th July 2017:
I'm so excited - we have an enemy!!! yayaa
and James all blushing and pretending to forget Cats' name doesn't convince me in the slightest - something's BREWING

Author's Response: hahah, yes we do have an enemy and she's sufficiently awful :). I hope you enjoy what I brewed for this story!

Thanks for another funny review! These are really making me smile!

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