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Review #1, by Spirit Of FireLet Perpetual Light: Of Blood and Intent

21st October 2014:
This is amazing stuff, pure and simple. I read the entire thing in one day a little while ago, but I've just now got the chance to tell you what I think. Frankly, I think its one of the best I've seen on HPFF ever. This is a grounded, serious story, the kind which is sadly lacking from the archives lately. Dumbledore is such a mysterious character in his final years, but I think for a reader, he's even more mysterious in his youth. The Dumbledore we hear about in DH is so totally opposite from the Dumbledore we thought we knew, a lot of fans scrambled to make sense of it. Your version is one of the most thoughtful, believable explanations I can think of. Knowing what we know, we can see Gellert leading Albus along, but at the same time appreciate the subtlety with which he does it and how even Dumbledore could fall for it.

Easily a 10/10 for me, and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, and hopefully, more letters from Grindlewald, I think those are fascinating.

Author's Response: Hello! ♥

I'm so sorry it's taken me quite a few days to respond to this absolutely amazing review! I've been so very busy.

And thank you so much for reading the whole thing (and in one day, too!) and for taking the time to leave me such lovely, wonderfully encouraging comments!! I'm blown away by all y our compliments. And I definitely agree with what you've said about Dumbledore. In the books, he's so perfect that it's hard to believe he's even human. His precision does lend him a certain mysteriousness. And the new version we hear about in DH only widens the gap of the character we've encountered and who he really is/was. This fic tries to expllore that.

Thank you once again! I'm so flattered and pleased with this review! ♥ And there'll definitely be more letters from Grindelwald. I love writing those, and I'm so, so glad that you enjoy reading them!


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Review #2, by Spirit Of FireDirty Blood: Getting Your Bearings

21st July 2014:
I started your story earlier this evening and had every intention of reading through everything you had posted tonight, but it's now three in the morning and I just don't think I have it in me, so rather than one review at the end, I wanted to leave you one here and then another when I'm up to date.

First off, I just have to point out how confused I am by your lack of reviews. It's a great story and everyone loves a Marauders tale, I can't believe you're not getting more recognition for it. Just how things go sometimes, I suppose?

Even though there hasn't been a TON of it so far, I really love your Lily/Snape interactions. Obviously their relationship has been broken beyond repair at this point, but you snuck in some of Severus' lingering feelings with his warning in the Three Broomsticks, while keeping true to his brooding jerk persona. Obviously this is James and Lily's story, but I hope we get to see some more interaction between the two of them throughout.

As for the Marauders themselves, I think you nailed the fun, "cool guy" part of the group that lives on and that Sirius and Remus tell Harry al about eventually. My only real suggestion when it comes to those four mainly centers around James and Sirius, who I feel should be just a little more...combative, I guess? towards the Dark Arts. Sirius pretty much already threw all his families beliefs back at them at this point and I don't really see James taking Lily getting cursed every day lying down, I have to think those two at least would've taken some action against Slytherin at some point. But other than that, I think Remus is coming off perfectly as his somewhat reluctantly teenage boy self and I have to say, I'm really, really glad your Pettigrew isn't just a walking sight gag. It gets old seeing three Marauders and then Peter, who they all secretly hate and who just blunders around like an idiot every chapter. He was legitimately part of their gang, and I'm glad you show that side of him.

Anyway, I guess that's about all I have for right now, but I really look forward to getting up to chapter 13 tomorrow. It's a great read and I hope to see some more chapters soon,

9/10 for me,

Spirit of Fire

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! There will be more Lily/Snape action coming up. It's just such a fascinating relationship, how he kept loving her his whole life. It's hard to keep in, because at this point in Lily's life, she is very wrapped up in her new love with James and dealing with the darkness of the wizarding world, so I don't think at this point they would have much occassion to interact, being on complete opposite sides of the line. But there definitely will be more.

And I understand your feelings on James and Sirius being more combative against the Dark Arts. The main reason that isn't included in this story so far is because it's a story about Lily, in her point of view, and I don't think she knew too much of what was going on with him vs. the Slytherins/Death Eaters. She gets a glimpse now and then. He is not the type to take things lying down. I want to focus on Lily's experiences, how she reacts to things, even if she is missing some of the finer points in the Marauder's revenge schemes. Plus they're a little older now, out of school and not really able to pull the kind of pranks they used to. Don't worry though, I promise not to avoid them altogether haha :)

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