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Review #1, by chasmEmpty Chairs At Empty Tables: There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

7th February 2014:
I can't read this without sobbing.

Just so you know, once, a while back, I did read this one-shot -- before I had even read Les Miserables, even. I think I was much too intimidated by the sheer beauty of it to properly review but here I am now to compensate! >D (Guess who? 8D Though it's probably fairly obvious by now, ha.)

Anyway, this one-shot is seriously, ridiculously good. You've captured the raw emotions that Remus must have been feeling perfectly, and even though I'm not even ashamed to admit that I am definitely biased because the Marauders are my favorite people ever, their friendship just shown through here; the drawing on the table is so very Marauder-esque that I shall now go bash my head on a table because it's not fair that you're so good at everything, gosh! D:

All of the flashbacks and the appropriate lyrics and gah, I can't even word now. I really love how at the end there's a flash of hope, of defiance, as they help him find the light again after being disillusioned. This piece was seriously perfect.

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #2, by chasmHeartbeat: Stupid

2nd February 2014:
"His heartbeat is rapidly increasing."

Somewhere off behind a computer screen, there is a teenage girl swooning at the Remus/Sirius you have snuck into this.


AHEM. I love this and it seems sooo, interesting! I really love playing with the concept of multiple points of view, especially to shed insight on a particular scene, so I will definitely be popping around and stalking the other chapters! (Linking me to chapter two, smh, such a tease! ;D Just kidding. Kind of.)

Also I swear I probably think it a million times and not say it nearly enough but your writing is just fantabulous, okay? It's so awesome that it needs a ridiculous not-quite-word to define it. :'3

--Chasm ^___^

Author's Response: YOU. :"DD

There's barely /any/, you silly thing, most people skip right over it. Then again, I guess I can't really call you silly because this was such a sweet review ajkhkjsdf you didn't have to, you. Don't even start with the multiple points of view -- I went mad trying to make sure nothing sounded too repetetive D;

You can't say I'm a tease because one, you wanted to, and two, ~technically~ it's the same story from a different view so there ;D Seriously though, you're a sweetie-pie and I adore you and just ahh. This made my day even more brilliant than it already is. And just so you know, fantabulous is a /smashing/ word and you're just smashing in general :33


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Review #3, by chasmBlue Monday: All the World's a Stage

2nd February 2014:
How does it feel to treat me like you (and your completely fab writing) do? (Ay, see what I did there? ;D Couldn't pass up a perfectly good opportunity, nope.)

But seriously, this fic blew (blue, even? Alright, I'll stop.) me away: your writing and the /banter/ and the very idea of it! I loved how unique this story was -- you totally flip-flopped the typical James/OC mold. I also loved how there seems to be a full house in the cast of characters and yet all of their dynamics are different and interesting!

And and the mystery. The suspense. There's obviously still some feelings left over (or at least, the avid fan hopes) so I'm curious to learn more about the events both before, during, and after that breakup. O: You have me hooked.

--Chasm ^___^

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!

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Review #4, by chasmFluorescent Adolescent : more than nice

2nd February 2014:
Oh gosh, how do you even /begin/ reviews? It is socially acceptable to just start off by rambling about how awesome the story is? I've been off of hpff so long I've totally forgotten. Um, so yeah. >___> Let's glide over that! AHEM. I really love, love, love this story so far, especially how Effy is not just not hung up on James, but also not hung up on not being hung up over James. You know what I'm saying? (Man, I should have reviewed this late at night, because then I could have that excuse for not being coherent, but I'm always like this. So.) Like, basically, the fact that they don't get along doesn't define her life, and she's a solid, awesome, sassy character, and I love her! So props for that. :'3

I'm also simultaneously rooting for both James and Al. I'm not sure how that works, but yeah. Also Oscar is a boss! >D

tl;dr -- Keep righting because this is a++!

--Chasm ^___^

Author's Response: omg wow thank you so much for this! i'm just so flattered by your description of effy- it totally understood haha, don't worry, and that's exactly how i want her to be portrayed! because this isn't a james/oc sexual tension story as much as it is a coming of age finding-yourself-aged-sixteen-and-what-you-want-to-do kind of thing. i suppose it's more of a journal, a kind of memoir that i'm writing along as i experience what she's experiencing, you know? so i suppose a lot of my characteristics can be reflected in effy wilderson. so yeah, thanks for that!
i love oscar, he again intimidates life- he's modelled after my own best mate, ethan. thanks again for such a lovely review! bea xx

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