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Review #1, by messenger of loveUnder the Radar: The Runaway

29th November 2017:
Three days had passed before I saw you'd posted the next chapter. Three whole days. I feel ashamed and disappointed in myself. I have failed in all manners of the word.

But forget that, this chapter though!! That moment Teddy and Victoire had up on stage was to die for, really. Alas, unrequited love - the kryptonite to Teddy's apathy. He really does seem to have it rough there, though probably not quite as rough as Sawyer. Although it was very satisfying to see Teddy dish out some cold hard truths to Victorie, even though she kinda still has the moral high-ground what with the whole ruining-her-future thing. Very noble way for Teddy to resolve that though, with the letters to the scouts thing. It almost reminded me of BTQC when James writes to the scouts about Avery? Great moments, both.

Regardless of whether or not the next update is in a week, or a thrice-cursed alignment of the planets, I'll be here to lap it right up!

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Review #2, by messenger of loveUnder the Radar: The Burrow

1st May 2017:
The struggle of checking my Favorite Stories list every couple of minutes has been an arduous one - it's been a lot of minutes - but the wait is always worth it with your stories. I haven't read a single one I haven't liked! This one especially, as T/V is my favorite HP pairing, and you write it so well, with an original, non-generic take on it. Regardless of how long the wait is for the next update, I'll be there!

P.S. I don't suppose once you finish your book you'll make the title known? Your writing is actually the kind I would want to go to a book store and pay to read, and I would really love to know what exactly I'll be asking the cashier for. Keep up the good work!

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Review #3, by messenger of loveUnder the Radar: The True Gryffindor

14th March 2016:
I just can't get over how everything you put on this website is pure gold. Keep it up!

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Review #4, by messenger of loveUnder the Radar: The Playing Field

19th December 2015:
I love this story! Actually, I love all your stories (came here from btqc and dttt), and T/V was always my favourite pairing, which resulted in a near-heart attack when I found out you're writing one! I love the whole 'squad' thing you have going with Finn, Sawyer, Beckett, Freya, Victoire, and Teddy, it's really cool. Keep up the good work!

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Review #5, by messenger of loveCompletely Normal: Chapter Five

13th December 2015:
I love this story! James and Charlotte are just the best ever! And I love all the fluff too, stories with too much fluff can be nauseating, but this has just the right amount. Update soon!

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