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Review #1, by Scabior_girl_for_lifeInto Dust: Into Dust

20th May 2011:
I hate it and i love it. and that is the best kind of story. one that leads you through so many emotions. i was happy when he said i love you. but sad when she kills him. and angry that it is over.

Author's Response: :)

I actually wanted it to be full of contradicting emotions, so I'm glad that it turned out that way... :)

But I'm much, much more glad about the fact that you liked it... :)

Thank you so much for the amazing review


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Review #2, by Scabior_girl_for_lifeLove Is Worth It: Love Is Worth It

20th May 2011:
i love the Ginny part and it seems oh so true

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by Scabior_girl_for_lifeNothing To Her: Nothing To Her

20th May 2011:
i like it. kinda want to know if rose ever talks to draco about it i think that would be funny too

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I had a companion piece written for this but it went nowhere, so I thought that I would just leave it as a stand-alone moment.

Maybe one day the muse will return ;)

Thanks again!!


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Review #4, by Scabior_girl_for_lifeThe Un-Murder : The Un-Murder

19th May 2011:
Oh my god i actually cried for Lucius Malfoy it was a great story

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! :)x

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Review #5, by Scabior_girl_for_lifeLucky: Midnight Stroll

5th May 2011:
i found this to be very sweet. i wish there could be more or for that matter that there was a prequel maybe

Author's Response: thank you! i have thought about writing a prequel before but i dunno if i ever will. there will definitely be more Dramione though!

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Review #6, by Scabior_girl_for_lifePansy Isn't Stupid: Not stupid

5th May 2011:
I really liked this. it was witty and smart. and had a fun ending keep up the good work.

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Review #7, by Scabior_girl_for_lifePretty Girls, With So Much Spirit: Pretty Girls, With So Much Spirit

29th April 2011:
I wish there was more to this story. it is just calling for there to be so much more

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