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Review #1, by Rosie_PosieAll Too Well: Chapter 14

5th February 2018:
Oh my I just read all these chapters in a row and to be left on such a cliffhanger! I hope you update again soon (and I hope in that update we just get rid of Anders he is so in the way ;) ).

RP x

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Review #2, by Rosie_PosieRush: alight

15th January 2018:
Bless thanks for updating! I’m so glad you’ve returned to Josie and Al (and everyone else’s!) story. Poor Al and Josie’s awkwardness it must be so uncomfortable!

SO. MUCH. MYSTERY. The scar + the love potion + that guy on the train with the luggage + the guy (Charlie?) who caused (?) the scar? What will this add up to??

Hopefully your muse/inspiration continues and we don’t have to wait too long to get chapter 9 (but life so totally understand a wait).

RP x

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Review #3, by Rosie_PosieIn This Darkness: Chapter Nineteen: An Unexpected Visitor

4th August 2017:
I love how you have incorporated Xander’s change in attitude! We haven’t seen into Lily’s POV post kiss but seeing how Xander has now allowed himself to admit how much he does care about Lily and is attracted to her. It is also not a massive change but subtle and you are bringing out his feelings for Lily.

I also liked how you have stated to integrate how Lily is worried about Harry. Of course she is concerned she could lose another parent after losing Ginny. Her SASS at “I would never skip class to avoid a boy. I’m not that kind of girl. There are other things in my life far more important than the pair of you.” YOU TELL HIM LILS! Her development from being a little too vapid to letting her real feelings come out has been so nice to see and so well done.

Oh my also her hiding her nose so he couldn’t see she was lying about not caring he ended things with Katherine was too perfect! Not impressed at how right when Xander was finally going to come clean and confess something truly personal to Lily stupid Caroline gets in the way. However it was good to see a bit more jealously from Lily.

Interesting little cliffhanger at the end developing the Ballard/Election/Clarifiers storyline!

As always desperate for more and I do hope we get Lily’s POV next chapter and also some more Xily conversations!

RP x

Author's Response: Rosie!

I'm so glad you are seeing a change in Xander, and that you find it subtle. I think Lily and Xander are both so stubborn in their ways, so I didn't think it'd be believable if they changed drastically but, yes, things are definitely changing. Lily's maturing and some of it is because she has bigger things to worry about, and some of it is just her getting older, but I'm happy that you see the development.

We will be seeing more of the whole ballard/election/clarifier storyline very soon! It's hard to include much on that because they're a) at Hogwarts and b) so self-involved but it'll play up soon. :)

Thank you for reviewing. You are so wonderful :)

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Review #4, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : Many Happy Returns, Judas!

2nd August 2017:
WHAT THE F*** DOM? How is this real (fan fic) life? Did she seriously tell James that Jenny Liked/Kissed Luke (ignoring the party kiss I will get to later I mean the pre-break up alleged situation)? Why does Jenny not remember him asking? Did Dom do something even more sneaky to make her confess? How is any benefit to her to have James think Jenny likes Luke? Luke is way too good for her at this point OH MY.

Ok so back to the top; Flora and Jenny hanging out you continue to humanise Flora to me and I hate it. I wish she could be a sneaky home wrecker but instead she is a nice girl who has her first boyfriend and a beautiful moody heartbroken James Potter? Flora went through so much this chapter and to then just be abruptly told (while likely hungover) that James cheated on her? Cruel! And I even feel a bit bad for Jenny - I mean yeah she thought James had cheated on her with Flora so didn't think so I feel bad. BUT ALSO Jenny should definitely use her head to think a bit more.

The Luke Incident: wow. Not exactly a romantic "first kiss" but still that is going to cause a shi*storm when Dom and James find out.

Also has James always been this moody? I genuinely second Flora's question. Was he more lighthearted before? More flashbacks to how J&J were pre-breakup and even pre-relationship would give good insight!

You did NOT disappoint with your promises of drama in the party and following it is exciting to see the development continue. I just love that I was right DOM HAS BEEN BEING SO SHADY. I definitley believe James, he has no incentive to lie at this point? Also oh my so cruel to have Jenny drunkenly "confess" to something she doesn't know only to find out it is something she for sure does not want to confess to and (as far as we know) was not true at the time!

At a guess to Dom's motive; Luke had a crush on Jenny or Dom suspected he did. Dom in a jealous move decided that she wanted Luke but if she couldn't have him she wanted to end all happy couples so plotted to have Jen and James break up by lying to James. She then somehow used polyjuice potion to turn into Jenny and "confess" to James. Not sure how Dom's evil plan leads to her getting Luke though...

Can't wait for more!
RP x

Author's Response: All of these questions that . I just can't answer here hahaha. But honestly, every one of them will be answered in due course!!! This chapter ends in such mayhem and the next chapter is going to cause even MORE mayhem it honestly ... does not get better (SORRY!).

I KNOW. Flora could've been so easy to hate and to Jenny she WAS, like she was a cheater!!! Until, of course, she wasn't ... But yeah, god, this chapter goes from 0 to 60 for both Flora and Jenelle. And part of that is because Jenny's anger with James, something she rarely experienced (like real, true anger that results in proper shouting) snaps all rational thinking and she acts on pure impulse, no explanations necessary. She definitely NEEDS to use her head but I can confirm this most likely won't happen LMAO.

NOPE! Again, pure impulse and not knowing how to handle liquor and just thinking with her proverbial d**k lol. Not great for our girl though.

Oh he was DEFINITELY not like this otherwise Jenny and James would've never gotten together I think. We'll definitely get a taste of what he used to be like as things progress from the fall out!

HAHAHAHAH, yup, you were right! Dom was acting shady because she IS shady. And no you're right, he has no incentive to lie. He's never wanted to address it out of pure stubbornness and the perception that Jenny was okay with everything and so he would be to, but now that they're finally yelling about it, there is absolutely no reason to lie. I KNOW ... Dream Jasper was an idiot lol.

Interesting theory, VERY interesting . LOL. And that's all I'll say on that ;)

Always SUCH a pleasure reading your reviews!!! Can't wait for you to read the next chapter, it only speeds ahead at full throttle without any chance of a breather LOL. I'm such a cruel author.

Love always, P xx

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Review #5, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : Kiss And Don't Tell

2nd August 2017:
Ok so I am so sorry and have a confession to make, I read this chapter a few days ago but was too busy to give you a review and thought I would come back and review before the next chapter but alas I forgot and I was reminded by the new chapter coming out!! So please forgive me I promise I am still reading and loving.

Firstly I LOVE that you liked my Harry Styles reference his new album is so good and honestly half the songs could be an anthem for this fic. Another relevant song could be Selena's new song Fetish because honestly J&J cannot avoid each other!

It was nice to hear Jenny admitting at the start a bit more that wasn't perfect with her and James to show she is realising that just because you are blindly happy doesn't mean you aren't being blind.

THE PARTY OH MY! Kissing Gamble? The whole flirty Luke situation continuing and Flora & Gamble liking each other? SO MUCH and also so little like the whole thing was such a whirlwind I really felt like I was Jenny.

Freddie continues to be my favourite and such a gem! Jenny should confide in him more often - his advice and real talk is much better than Dom's!

Ok 1000 apologies again for the delay and I am now onto chapter 8 which I promise to review immediately.

RP x

Author's Response: OMG please don't worry about forgetting to review!!! There's nothing to forgive; you're the best and knowing you're still reading and loving is just as good as a review!

Oh TRUST me you made my whole month for even suggesting that it reminded you of Two Ghosts haha. I even added it to my playlist for this fic thinking what the hell HOW could I forget! And OMG Fetish is on there too because THAT IS SO TRUE! They cannot keep their hands off each other! One of my fav songs watch by Billie Eilish is also such a cornerstone to Jen and James, and Supercut by Lorde and omg ofc Dua Lipa (New Rules particularly).

"just because you are blindly happy doesn't mean you aren't being blind" . I need have Jenny think this EXACT thought because um, YES? This was entirely her in her relationship and I think her dream triggered this acknowledgement and now she's struggling to come to terms with it.

HAHAHAHA biggest compliment I can receive!!! Jenny's is as bombarded with all these things as you are, seriously. Like too much has happened in the span of so little time it's like WAIT WHAT WHAT WHAT? I remember the parties back in high school used to be so insane and like everyone was getting drunk for the first time and did NOT know how to handle their liquor so it's so fun to finally write the madness out in a story, like this situation (kissing Ollie and then Luke) is horribly reminiscent of something that's happened to me I'm like okay ... time for Jen to suffer what I did lmao.


Love you! Love this review!!! Always always thankful for them! P xxx

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Review #6, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : Don't Tear Down My Walls, I Just Decorated Them

16th July 2017:
James and Jenny have to be the most frustrating characters (but I love them!). I am fascinated by James' dream it has got to be about Jenny some how right? Also the break up: seriously what did she do?? He must be under some misconception she did something terrible because otherwise she would have to know deep down what he was getting at right?

And oh my goodness the kiss! These two... they're just so attracted to each other and clearly love each other and they had a good friendship first! So then they go and get themselves in this mess.

I'm liking the Luke development at the moment as it adds a nice new possibly of god drama ;) clearly they both feel something.. and after his confession earlier..! James is an idiot to let Jenny go when she is such high demand (ish) hahaha

Thank goodness they made so progress on the house (and the debate over the paint swatches is so real picking a paint colour is hard enough when you get on with someone!).

On another note I've been listening to Harry Styles new album (cringe but I love it) and Two Ghosts is just so J&J at the moment.

As always loved it and update again soon, looking forward to some party drama!
RP xx

Author's Response: HAHAHAHA ... no they really are. Love them too, but they are the world's most annoying, stubborn, prideful creatures. Jenny's as curious about what she may have done to trigger their break up as she is terrified of finding out. What if it was just that she was boring? Not that that would warrant James' rudeness, but still ... a girl has insecurities lol.

Right in one. James' dream WAS about Jenny, which I don't think is just giving away info, because he's managed (somewhat) to keep his distance, but kissing her?! I think it's safe to say the dream triggered that.

Right in two! James, of course, knows Jenny well enough to know if she's lying (she's also a very bad liar in general) so her ignorance is driving him even further up the wall than usual. Jenny truly has no idea what he's talking about, other than IT, that she has to admit to apparently? And is James confused by something that makes him believe she's lying or evading? It's all very bewildering.

Hahahahahaha. I think definitely attraction is not a problem they can relate with having.

Yes, Luke drama, live for it, love it. He's definitely a charmer, a flirter of extraordinary powers, and boy does he know it. Hhahahaha! High demand lmao.

I know, Jesus, I was getting annoyed with them myself. LOL I know!! The paint swatches is a genuine conversation I've had with my sister (kind of).

NO CRINGE! I'm sorry but I'm a proud lover of Harry?? (He's kind of a face claim for one of the characters in the story and it's only slightly cringey).

Also, okay, story time. I read this review a day ago and was like I need to gather my thoughts to respond lol and I had a dream last night where NO JOKE Harry was in my dream?! And I told him that I'd written a story and someone had said his song Two Ghosts reminded someone of my characters?! My dream was VERY weird. But on a serious note, YES IT SO THEM!

I seriously seriously genuinely love it when people bring up music and specific songs in their reviews and compare them to J+J! Music is ESSENTIAL to my writing. Like already someone's mentioned Lorde (LORDE!) and Taylor Swift and I'm dead inside with joy.

Ohhh you don't even know what you're asking for girl, the party drama is EXPONENTIAL!!! The next two chapters are going to be quite revelatory hehe.

Thank you again for your lovely review! Can't wait to see what you think of the next two chaps!!! xx

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Review #7, by Rosie_Posieuncharted.: seventeen.

11th July 2017:
Great chapter! I loved seeing how with all Cassie's life upheaval her friends lives have continued - cause at the end of the day that's how life goes. It is weird though that Dixon exists and we (Cassie) didn't even KNOW that Ama and him had a thing.

Also kinda loved Pia? She sounds so kick-a** (hehe 12+ review) definitely keen to learn more about her. So far super nice to Cassie (although is she now wanting james now he might like someone else - reading from Ollie and Freddie's look at the end - which is not so cool). Grayson and her fall in the same camp I guess with them being nice and lovely and fine for our main characters but we still really want James/Cassie to happen.

Looking forward to seeing more at the camp and then her later new bar job! And will Cassie "think" on her relationship status with Grayson and date him? So far in her thoughts he is more a distraction than that she likes him that much.

Bill/Fleur seem cool and it's nice that Cassie has a supportive (ish) extended family to help out!

Can't wait for more as always you're spoiling me with the quick updates hehe,
RP xx

Author's Response: This is such a long, lovely review! Thank you, thank you so much :).

I'm so glad you enjoyed that! I felt like the story should reflect a little bit of the emotion I went through when I lost someone which really felt like "wow... life really is going on for everyone else" and "wow, my friends are just... living life."

Aw, yay! I kinda love Pia too! And I keep flirting with the idea of writing a separate fic about her because she's just so cool in my mind and I want her to be a complicated character. i think Cass may wear how she feels out in the open a bit in some respects and I imagine Pia being slightly more guarded about her feelings and motives.

Yay! I'm very excited to see how you like her bar job - I've already started writing that cause I'm so pumped for it.

And yes, I always imagined Bill and Fleur being cool/supportive! They did let the Golden Trio crash at their home for a bit hehe.

Your reviews always make me happy/excited to keep writing! Thank you so, so much for the reviews and the kind words!!

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Review #8, by Rosie_PosieWrong number: Fourth call

11th July 2017:
Oh me oh my they are just too cute! I love how you're building their relationship through calls and silly banter. It'd be interesting to learn more why Elizabeth is holding back and more about her past relationship with Louis. How long did they date? When did they break up? Was it a bad break up or kind of amicable/mutual?

Can't wait for the next instalment xx

Author's Response: Hiii!! thank you so much!! In the next one we'll see why she is holding back but I'm not going to include too much Louis - he's in the past, but I can say it was not a nice break up!
I'll update as soon as i can!!
thank you again for your lovely review! xxx

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Review #9, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : The Midnight Special - Part II

10th July 2017:
Ok #2!! First up "As if I'd been carrying a boulder on my back and finally decided, hey, why don't I just put this big old thing down?" Too real x 1000 feels about break ups.

Loved meeting Jem (v similar names haha) he seems like the best sort of older brother to have. Trying to the keep the "timelines straight" was also pretty funny! Also liked hearing how maybe James wasn't the "ideal" boyfriend and everything wasn't as peachy as Jen's first person POV has made it seem so far.

Jen not really "believing" James cheated as well was a good touch in the dream, like I don't even believe it even if moving on was totally terrible.

Does Jen being the first to wake up mean she is mentally stronger? Or is it just like a "let's wake Jen up for the story" haha. Newton is also totally crazy with the full on version of the charm!

James and Jen's first kiss as well so cute and very 'James Potter' and confident as I always imagine him.

Freddie's dream sounded totally wild, as did Dom's - Jen is lucky she stayed in Britain!

Interesting (and from Jen's POV annoying) to see Flora as more 3D with the painting rather than just the annoying new girlfriend. And Nathaniel sucks.

I'm also pretty sure the voucher they didn't use is gone? And they have to use one or the other each week?

Looking forward to another update!
RP x

Author's Response: Thank you Lorde for giving me the right words for that lol.

I know hahaha--I thought for a second, wait is this too confusing, they all sound the same--but I love the name Jasper and the nickname Jem way too much. I forced it in there even though it didn't particularly want it. Honestly Jem right now is my fav person. Mild mannered Hufflepuff to the T.

And yes!! Jenny just needed to reflect in her own subconscious with no escape that it WASN'T the perfect and lovely relationship she imagined it was in her heartbreak.

Right? If it's hard to believe James cheated on her, because maybe it was HER, does that mean James is actually a good person? Is he still capable of being d**k and not that great a guy to other girls?

LOL. Let's say a little bit of both (can't have my main character asleep while things buzz with activity around her), but at the same time, once we get a better understanding of the trials, it'll be SUPER important that she was the first to wake up. And yes Newton IS! There are so many risks honestly!!!

LOL "Jen's POV annoying" so true. But yeah, maybe Flora's not all bad...? Nathaniel though, he's all bad. No question.

Yep, Jenny, the harebrained dolt, has lost their Hardware voucher they got the first week (when they used the Groceries one instead) and now has to find a way to either borrow tools or find an unused Hardware slip (the Claws used their hardware slip, buying for the Puffs and Claws, and the Puffs used their grocery slip, buying for the two houses).

Thank you again for the review!!! xx

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Review #10, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : The Midnight Special - Part I

10th July 2017:
Oh my goodness two new chapters since I last checked! I'll have to review separately since I doubt I'll be able to get all my thoughts out in one.

It was nice to see a little crack in James' carefree façade at the start "as if he'd been caught staring. He fought to keep his face emotionless—but he wasn't as good at wearing a mask as he thought."

I also like that the cheating suspicions started to come out - it seems v suspect how early he "moved on" even if I don't like to believe James cheated it would be the first thing you'd think if an ex did that!

"The Time When We Had No Plan and Almost Died" SO RON.

I'm also pretty convinced that Figg and Newton are totally insane and cruel haha I mean the trials and fascinating but Jen having to go through her "future" (imagined future) seeing James still with Flora (ish) I mean ew :(

Jenny finally getting to let some anger out was so satisfying ripping into James like that. Even though I wish we had got to hear what "future james" would say. Even though I know you want to keep the reason they broke up a mystery for a it longer!

Anyway onto the next chapter!!!
RP xx

Author's Response: LOL can't wait to read the next review!

Yeah, James is not as slick as we thought haha. He still has his weaknesses.

Right! It was definitely Jenny's first thought--he cheated on me with Flora. He doesn't want me anymore. And I had no idea--angst and pain ensues.

Fig and Newton CLEARLY had no idea what they were doing, making these kinds suffer through these insane trials! Maybe that was their intention...? Still crazy though hahaha.

I KNOW. It felt so good to finally write it too. I just wanted yell at him. But yeah, Future James was basically what Jenny would want him to be if she screamed at him--silent, listening with rapt attention, non-argumentative.

Thank you for lovely review!! I always look forward to reading them!! xx

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Review #11, by Rosie_PosieIn This Darkness: Chapter Eighteen: Hannah

5th July 2017:
I could honestly keep reading this story forever! When I got to the end of the chapter I was so disappointed I couldn't just read on like you can with a novel!

Loved that there was Hugo / Hannah development and it seems that Hannah cares for him and despite his massive crush he is totally oblivious to it. It was also nice to see more of Hannah's personality, she is always around but also we haven't talked to her much. She also HAS to tell Lily about these dodgy "remedial" lessons. I don't care what Hugo thinks I am desperate for that confrontation after Lily learns of them.

Even though the Lily / Xander was scarce there was a little of it and I do love how Xander now realises that Lily is changing and maturing as well as his general infatuation. Hugo's 'he will sleep with you but he won't see you. He only sees Lily' (paraphrasing cause I didn't want to go find the quote haha and also 'they are always listening to each other but also misinterpreting' was so accurate to Lily/Xander interactions!

Anyway over all superb as always,
RP xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! The Hugo/Hannah development was way overdue, and I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!

Once again, thank you! You're always so sweet & I really appreciate your constant support!

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Review #12, by Rosie_Posieuncharted.: sixteen.

4th July 2017:
How is there more chemistry between Cassie and James in one conversation than when she sings Grayson? Honestly I just LOVE James and Cassie they're too cute and James especially is just perfect the 'it's like a curse to a girls heart when you smile' then 'pot calling the cauldron black' (paraphrasing since I couldn't find direct quote while typing this on my phone). James and her are just ERUGH TOO MUCH I ship it so much + the smelling + the jumper all too much for me.

I still love Grayson and wish him a vey happy ending but I honestly couldn't ship Jass more! Also love Freddie and Qddie continues to be the girl I want to be and/or have as a sister.

Hope the update does come soon,
RP xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I've been nervous lately about posting chapters because work/illness hasn't given me the time I'd like to write so I always wonder - "are people going to get it? Am I missing a step somewhere?" But then you seem to comment on/highlight exactly what I'm going for! So thank you for that :). It really means the world to me!

I'm glad you picked up on the chemistry point ;). And I'm glad you like their convo! It was so much fluff but I like fluff so... yea :D. So glad you're still a Freddie and Addie fan! I really do like writing them!

I really hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks for the kind review!!

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Review #13, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : Spinning Empty Bottles

28th June 2017:
Yay another update! Loving how quick they are coming out. When will people learn that truth or dare always ends in drama? Especially with an extra element of magical punishment so you can't just lie!

I honestly wish I could just get inside Dom and James' minds to see what they are hiding to be honest! Dom's "'No. I'm crying because I'm the one who f'd up. Not him. It's all my fault.'" [edit so my review remains 12+ hehe] SHE IS SO SUSPICIOUS. Also I am sure Luke could have thought of something less scandalous to bring up - but if he had we would have less drama so actually good he is a bit daft!

Loved the introduction of more characters (Oliver and Holly) - typical the Ravenclaw's have the smart idea of halving supplies with another team! I hope that Oliver and Jen flirt up a storm to annoy James (cruel but he deserves it for already having a new girlfriend). Speaking of would love to see more of Flora to see what James sees in her.

Finally; Freddie being gay (I feel confident in saying this post hints in this chapter) is such a good little addition fanfics can be a bit heteronormative and it totally makes sense that of the 10 Wotters at least one would be not straight!

Hope you update again soon!
RP x

p.s. love your rambling authors responses so don't worry about them being too long! If I can ramble in telling you my thoughts you can ramble in reply :D

Author's Response: Hi!! Yes!! I'm like so impatient to get them out haha. I KNOW...any terrible game with the addition of magic is bound to so so wrong lol.

I know!! Sometimes when I'm writing I wish I could be like OKAY AND THIS IS WHAT DOM'S THINKING. I made a whole separate doc that has Dom and James and even Luke's entire story/thought process. I'm way too neurotic. Her hair is so big because it's filled with secrets!!!

Oh poor Luke ... I don't actually think he could've come up with anything OTHER than that to fill Jenny's criteria. He even asked Freddie how binding the wording was, i.e. I have to SPECIFICALLY tell her something I don't want HER to know, and with the qualifier "with respect to girls you fancy. Or fancied" is rather important to ...

And yay! I'm quite excited about the new characters, some of them will have quite important roles to play. And oo, we'll see about Oliver and Jen ;) though James WOULD deserve it. Flora will definitely make an appearance! Just when is subject to how friendly Jen's feeling haha.

I know!! There are so many of them and they're all straight??? Not in my universe.

Thank you for writing this review!! As always, I loved it and enjoyed reading it so much -- it just motivates me write more, like I'm going to write now because they're in my head all over again :)

Thank you!! P xx

p.s. good because this has been another LOOONG ramble hahaha

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Review #14, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : Unlock Your Fears

24th June 2017:

I am glad this update came so quickly! This chapter was really good and I loved the story arc within the chapter (I love when fanfic chapters feel like they have some direction because you have to wait for each instalment!). I definitely think you nailed the long but fast paced chapter so no need to worry there. Since the paragraphs aren't overly lengthy and each bit had a purpose it doesn't feel dragged out.

The fears; is Dom's being along/losing her friends? So when she was stuck in the room by herself Jen reassuring her was what "unlocked" it? And Freddie is it something like if his friends see the real him they won't like him? I really liked Jen and James' fears although not sure I have heard anyone being claustrophobic just inside a house but guess it can happen! James' fear makes perfect sense and seems quite sweet but also unsure why he would ever believe that she isn't really hurt over the whole thing.

Luke & Dom are great, got a little confused though.. they aren't together now, correct? But they have been together before? So they are a 2nd pair of exes in the house (but handling it a lot better than J&J)?

Anyway enough of my ramblings basically yay good chapter haha!

Hope we get another update soon,
RP x

Author's Response: Hi!!

Ahh, thank you! That's good to hear. And honestly same, I love a good chapter that feels like there's a purpose to it or like a mini story within -- and it's easier writing that way too otherwise I get so lost haha so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yes! I feel like that pretty much sums up Dom AND Freddie's fears, like for Dom it's the fear of losing her best friend, but honestly surprised that you nailed the head on Freddie's fear! I feel like there was so little to go on but you got it exactly right??? And yeah with Jen it's more of a discomfort than full fledged fear but it genuinely freaks her out when she the option to leave a room is taken from her. James IS sweet ... which makes it even more confusing why he chooses to believe her ...

Oh yes, sorry if that got a bit muddled but no they're not together right now (though Dom wants to be) but yes, they dated in fourth year for like three months. Barley. And their emotions then weren't as deep and rooted for each other as they are for J&J so they've gotten past it and are just friends (though Dom still harbours something for him).

Now enough of MY ramblings (LOVE your ramblings, mine are annoying). One of these days I WILL write a short response hahaha.

Thank you for this lovely review!! The next chapter should be up really soon actually! Can't wait to see what you think of it! P xx

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Review #15, by Rosie_Posieuncharted.: fifteen.

23rd June 2017:

Brilliant chapter, as always! Poor Cassie can't seem to catch a break? Just when things go right with getting her camp and bar jobs and reconnecting with Dom she goes and gets injured! Speaking of jobs I am excited for the camp and some good bonding with the boys. I am a little nervous for the bar job (it sounds a tiny bit dodgy lol) but hopefully we can see some chivalrous James if it gets tricky at the bar?

Obviously what a cliffhanger? Here is me hoping we get some good James heroics... younger McClaggen actually seems like a nice kid so I am glad he was developed some more this chapter.

I also really like Grayson! He is so sweet and seems very kind and just very Hufflepuff. Even though James is brooding and Cassie and him have GREAT tension but still Grayson is sweet.

Also not sure Addie gets enough love because she is incredible! Best big sister ever am i right?

Sorry for all these random ramblings it is very stream of consciousness!

Hope you update again soon,
RP x

Author's Response: I know! Cassie can't seem to catch a breath huh? So I have written a camp scene that I hope you enjoy!! And I promise not to leaving you hanging off that cliff too long - I'm already writing ;).

And I'm so happy you're seeing the Hufflepuff in Grayson!! I really wanted to write him that way! And gosh, you're just noticing everything I'm trying to communicate which makes me so so happy!!

Yes! Addie is who I wish I was as a big sister.

And omg please don't apologize for your random ramblings!! It gave me so much energy to read a bunch of chapters and write a big portion of the next chapter so thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #16, by Rosie_PosieAccidentally On Purpose : Pity The Houses Are White

22nd June 2017:

So this whole first chapter is incredible! It sets the scene so nicely and the palpable heartache from Jen is so real I feel like everyone can kind of relate to it. Also the mystery of why they broke up and what Dom is hiding is so juicy I just have to know more.

I read some reviews and saw you have posted this before which makes me fiendish that there is more out there of this story that is written and I just want to read more about J&J (do they have a ship name?). Haha well i hope you update soon!

RP x

Author's Response: Hi! Ahh, thank you so much!! Everything is so fresh and recent for her but they've also been friends since they were eleven and the people she's with are her established friend group ... so it's a constant battle between Jen's genuine pain and heartbreak and also, how would any person be in this kind of situation? But in an odd way I'm glad it's palpable? Haha. And god, the mystery is going to stay that way until Jenny can see past that heartbreak!!

Oo, I hope the reviews didn't spoil anything (I don't think there was anything too spoilery in them). But yes! There's a lot written and I want to catch up to where this story was before so a second update is coming very soon!

And J&J do not have a ship name ... I don't know what it could even be? I've never thought of it before! Both their names start with J but maybe something with their last names? Clotter? Parke? Plarke? They all sounds pretty terrible haha.

Thank you for your lovely lovely review! Can't wait for you to read the next chapter! Plum xx

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Review #17, by Rosie_PosieIn This Darkness: Chapter Seventeen: Heated Arguments with Slytherin Boys

20th June 2017:
So many feelings I feel like I have to read this like 4 more times before I can fully comprehend it! Also long chapters are always good and I couldn't imagine having this as two!

Ok so firstly: I'm glad that Hannah and Hugo are concerned about Xander's "private tutoring" definitely fishy and Lily needs to get in on that and stop the potential evilness.

Secondly: Edward and Lily finally having a talk about how asymmetrical their feelings for each other was brilliant. Also the insight into Lily's frailty regarding lost friendship.

Thirdly: THE KISS!! Finally, maybe not the after kiss we dreamed of but what is a fan fic without tortured tension? We love it and hate it! Hard to comprehend how stupid they both are about each other's feelings. Especially Xander who can "read Lily so well" but can't see the jealously and pain she feels with him "hating her". The fact that he is kind of blind makes it more endearing though, maybe? This totally made up for the lack of Xander and Lils last chapter! I hope next chapter we get some insight into how Xander feels post kiss.

Please update again so not sure I can bear waiting too long!
RP x

Author's Response: Aw I'm glad you approved of the length! I was worried!

Hannah and Hugo are definitely the kind of friends you need. I don't want to give away too much on that though, hehe, but yes, I agree that she does/should.

I'm glad you caught on on Lily's frailty regarding lost friendship! I think it's an important part of who she is, and I'm really happy you got to see that!

They both are incredibly stupid (and possibly selfish too). It'll definitely be interesting to see Xander's side of things somewhat!

Rosie, you're reviews are always motivation to keep writing, so I promise to get right on it :) Thank you for all the support, my love!

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Review #18, by Rosie_PosieSunshine.: Of Dumbledore and Sunshine.

19th June 2017:

So I just binge read this whole story in one day (when I really should be studying but oh well!) so sorry for not having reviewed before! I loved this chapter and that last line was so perfect "But if Anabelle was sunshine, then Regulus was the moon." because it is so true.

Stories like this always make me a little sad because we all know how it ends for Reg but we can pretend that it has a happy ever after anyway right?

Absolutely frothing for Claire and Reg to have their first kiss because of all the build up - they are clearly very enamoured with each other but pride and general moral Death Eaters leading them to not being together!

Hope you update again soon,
RP xx

Author's Response: I love stories like this for the same reason! It's so intriguing to watch them grow/get there, but it's always marred by this sadness of their ultimate fate. It's a great inspiration for this for sure! I felt Reg deserved a bit of happiness for his heroic deeds in the end.

Thank you dearly for your review! I'm writing out the next chapter as we speak and hope to have it up soon!

xx Marie

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Review #19, by Rosie_PosieWrong number: Third call

16th June 2017:
Too cute! Cant wait for the next instalment. Also I totally agree with James - Jamie does not suit him!

RP x

Author's Response: I don't like Jamie either, but he will get his revenge, don't worry! i've been tied up with an upcoming exam but i'll post the next one as soon as possible!
thank youuu ;)))

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Review #20, by Rosie_PosieFluorescent Adolescent : crisp white shirt

13th June 2017:
So many feels! I am so glad you updated and didn't split this up just giving a nice long chapter. I loved the letters with James and Effy, are you planning on speeding through her 7th year so they can finally be united?

You described her missing him, through not getting to see him at all rather than drama missing him, so well! I hope she does send him another letter and doesn't leave him hanging (but perhaps making out with Mikey can be an in person thing she tells him). Also boo that she made out with Mikey again he needs to move on so we can have James and Effy time!!

Her confessing her love at the end in the letter she didn't send was so good and well done so congrats!

Update again soon please!

Author's Response: ahhh thanks! i'm still a bit iffy about the length, but i'm so desperate to conclude FA soon- its been four years!- that i think chapters will be of this length from now on. and as for james & effy? you'll just have to see!

and thanks so much! i am over the MOON at your compliments, they mean the world and i could not be more appreciative! thanks again, thanks infinitely xoxoxo

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Review #21, by Rosie_PosieCause and Effect: Race

12th June 2017:

Wonderful first chapter! You really set the scene well and the personalities of the characters. I love Next-gen stories where they are massive rule breakers and partiers because after all without Voldemort Hogwarts is just a magic boarding school to get up to mischief in!

My fave quote was "No dress for poor Carla Shackleton, the crazy girl who drugged kids." too good! I love that Carla is both girly and wants a nice dress but also can battle it out with the best racers on the broom.

Also despite only having really got to see James for 2 lines he is exactly how I love my JP cocky and prattish and smirky.

Hope you update soon,
RP x

Author's Response: Hi again! I love that you took the time to review both of my newborn stories - it means a lot!
and you noticed how i'm trying to defy the usual view that if a girl is girly she can't be nothing else.
we'll see more of him in the next chapter!!
is it obvious that i kind of love him?
;)) xx

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Review #22, by Rosie_PosieWrong number: Second call

12th June 2017:
Naw too cute! They have had 2 phone calls and I already ship it - how is that even possible?

I hope they get to meet soon - also that we learn her name so I can think of an appropriate ship name! Will the whole story be in James' POV or will we get both?

Also small mistake "left the kitchen tab open with a pot under it" tab should be tap I think!

RP x

Author's Response: Thanks!! english is my secondo language so i want all the help i can get! anyway it'll be 3 more calls all in James' pov and who knows when they'll meet ;P
her name in the next chapter!

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Review #23, by Rosie_PosieBlindsided: In Which People Try to Have a Peaceful Breakfast

11th June 2017:
Nice start! Hope you update again soon 😊

RP x

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I hope you to finished up the next chapter soon! :) Thank you again!


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Review #24, by Rosie_PosieIn This Darkness: Chapter: A Letter from Scorpius

2nd June 2017:
Yay an update! Honestly I don't think I will ever get over Xander's protectiveness when she was sick and he manipulated Edward to ensure she would be safe it was just classic Xander but very cute. Also how does he not even realise he loves her? All his actions show it but even in his mind he is in massive denial.

Maya & Xander was really cute, when she is describing Lily and xander agreess Lily is the most beautiful girl.. so cute! Maya is a really nice plot development to show another side of the characters. Also is her #1 couple going to turn out to be Xily? 😂

My only complaint is we didn't get any Xily banter but that's ok not every chapter has to have it but I'm just a fiend for it so miss it when it ain't there!

Hope you update again soon,
RP x

Author's Response: Rosie!

I enjoyed writing Maya & Xander this chapter, so I'm really happy you enjoyed that bit! There wasn't any Xily interaction in this chapter, but we'll see them together again soon :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read & reviewing!

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Review #25, by Rosie_Posieuncharted.: fourteen.

29th May 2017:

Sorry to hear you've been unwell 😞 Thanks for the update - tbh in HPFF world 2 months isn't even too bad for an update. It's nice to see more of Cassie & James together although this practice seems like the worst idea possible.

I'm also interested about the attack on their mother - seems suspicious that her dad did it (I might just be secretly hoping he is a Sirius Black type and just tragically misunderstood!).

RP x

Author's Response: Rosie_Posie,

Thanks so much for the well wishes! It means so much to me!! Ha, I'm glad 2 months isn't too bad :D. James, isn't that great of a captain, huh? But his flaws make for an interesting plot I think :).

Ah, we shall definitely hear more about the attack ;).

Thank you for the too kind review!!

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