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Review #26, by Spyci Fourth call

25th December 2017:
Please please please update ASAP.

Author's Response: Helloo! it's in line for validation! thanks for your review :)

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Review #27, by Potterhead3106 Fourth call

12th December 2017:
This is such an amazing story! Please don't adandon it! My friend recommended it to me and i finally got round to reading it and I'm completely hooked. Pretty please will you update soon!
There is only one chapter left and I need to know that they meet and have the happy end the both of them deserve!

Author's Response: Hey!! Good news, the chapter is in line for Validation!! I'm so so so happy there was even a word of mouth for this little story, thanks! and enjoy

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Review #28, by acciopottersx Fourth call

31st August 2017:
omg this is so good and funny i love it

Author's Response: Thank you so so much!! Chapter is waiting for validation ;)

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Review #29, by alexaemd123 Fourth call

24th August 2017:
I am in love with this story! It is seriously brilliant and such a unique idea! :) looking forward like a lot to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much and the final chapter is now up for validation!! hope you like that too ;)

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Review #30, by Scose Fourth call

21st August 2017:
Omg so cute. This must be the most adorable story ever. Aaah wish this would be a true story... I think reading her perspective would also be really interesting. In love with both characters. I couldn't stop smiling when reading the story. I really want to read the next chapter. Why is there only one more to go? :(

Author's Response: Hellooo and thank you!! who knows if there will ever be a story from Elizabeth perspective? mmm we'll see- maybe once i finish my exams! Only one to go because it was born like a small silly story as i never finish my long projects, but who knows, maybe a sequel... anyway, new chapter is up for validation! Hope you'll like the end :)

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Review #31, by Violet Potter 434 Fourth call

12th July 2017:
you what

only one to go!?!?!?


you can not do this to me

you must write a full novel on it

for i love it

and it is amazing


pretty please

with a cherry on top and extra ice cream???

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Hi!!! Thank you so much for the review and for the love!!
Unfortunately I had imagined the story to be structured like that - 5 phone calls - but I'm planning to write a story about Al and the wrong message and Lily and an unfortunate costumer care worker. And I don't exclude the possibility to write a sequel about James and Elizabeth!!
I'll update soon, Thanks again and much love back xxx

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Review #32, by Rosie_Posie Fourth call

11th July 2017:
Oh me oh my they are just too cute! I love how you're building their relationship through calls and silly banter. It'd be interesting to learn more why Elizabeth is holding back and more about her past relationship with Louis. How long did they date? When did they break up? Was it a bad break up or kind of amicable/mutual?

Can't wait for the next instalment xx

Author's Response: Hiii!! thank you so much!! In the next one we'll see why she is holding back but I'm not going to include too much Louis - he's in the past, but I can say it was not a nice break up!
I'll update as soon as i can!!
thank you again for your lovely review! xxx

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Review #33, by PLUM Fourth call

10th July 2017:
Oh Elizabeth!!! What's holding you back?!

Loved this chapter! Can't wait to see how it ends!

Best part:

He smiled, keeping his eyes shut and settling down better “Old or new?”

“Well, it’s an old habit but every ice cream is new.” She answered, puzzled.

“I meant the couch.”

Author's Response: Don't worry, all will end well but every story needs a bit of DRAMA yay ahah i'll post the next one by the end of the week, i've almost finished it. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for the reviews!! it means the world ;))
and thank god she buys new ice cream everytime

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Review #34, by PLUM Third call

10th July 2017:
Another fantastically sweet chapter! I honestly can't believe English is your second language—the humour is just so light and witty and charming. I did notice a few grammar errors, such as putting a period after dialogue, like "Hi." She said, should be "Hi," she said. But honestly, I don't even notice it? I'm too engrossed and obsessed.

My fav bits:

“Are you still breathing?” He asked, tentatively.

Another few seconds of silence “No, I’m just tying a rope on the ceiling.” The voice answered, almost scared of itself.


She cried out in delight “Wait. How do you accidentally drink an aphrodisiac potion?”

“When your girlfriend wants to try to spice up the relationship but she’s messy.”

Author's Response: Yep, I'm italian so I'm doing my best, but thanks a LOT for the feedback, I'll be sure to check the last chapter for that kind of errors and when you read the last, let me know if you find other errors! After all, I'm mostly writing for myself but putting it on the internet to get better ;)
I've got to admit, I love the aphrodisiac part too! lol

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Review #35, by PLUM Second call

10th July 2017:
Again! I can't!! Arghhh!! They're way too cute and I just had a big FAT smile on my face the whole time?! I'm sorry I'm reviewing every chapter after I read them (reading it ALL now) but I can't help it! I'm totally in love with this story and I WANT JAMES AND HER TO MEET! WHAT IS HER NAME?!

There were FAR too many funny quips in this, but this definitely had me grinning:

“Hello to you too, darling. What got your knickers in a twist?”

“You did, dolt! Guess what I found when I got back home?”

“A devilishly good looking man naked in your bed?”

“If only! YOU FLOODED THE FLAT, IDIOT!” she roared, making him jump.

“I only cried a little while watching Fast and Furious, darling. Can’t blame a bloke.”

How do you come up with this stuff??? Please tell me. I need you to come and inject humour in my writing.

On to the next!

Author's Response: Ahaha i love the genuine reaction! When think about James, one can only cry out inarticulately and hope for the best!
The fast and furious bit comes from my ex boyfriend, who cried like a baby when we watched the 7th - apparently, he and all of his big, manly friends.
And trust me, your story has way too humorous as it is - I don't want to hurt my face from too much laughing AGAIN

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Review #36, by PLUM First call

10th July 2017:
Okay, so I noticed you left a review on my story and I do this thing where I just impulse click on the reviewer's page to see if they've written anything and boy am I SO, SO, SO glad I did?!

This story is not only funny and charming, but I am completely in love with both James and the mysterious caller on the phone? That you've managed to accomplish that feat in just a few thousand words blows my mind. Here I am writing chapters to fill an encyclopaedia and you've done what I can't in such a short but sweet chapter!

This is just a brilliant and funny idea—to have James pick up a random call and have it be this wonderful, scatterbrained, hilarious young woman that knows his family! I just can't get over how good this is!

Gonna plow through the rest now!

My favourite part:

“I profusely apologize.”

“Who even use profusely? Are you ok?”

“Sorry, I was skimming through the dictionary to keep myself awake.”


Author's Response: Wow Plum, how nice of you! unfortunately I had a lot of stuff to do today but I'm going to review yours tomorrow or the day after at the latest - I'm actually so proud of myself for postponing reading your story or I would have never gotten out of the house today!
But back to your review: I'm so so so happy you liked it and kind of relieved that the story doesn't appear TOO short - I had been worrying about that, but it seems to be working!
I've been writing for a while a novel story which resembles your length of chapter, so I know how much work and dedication it requires - which is why I won't post it until I've finished it. so, by the next ice age, probably.
The idea comes from something that actually happened to my cousin - she thought she was talking to me but instead had called a random girl that let her believe it was me, and it was hilarious when she told me. Then, i thought - let's put some JSP, shall we? and the rest is this!
Anyway, I'm really glad you liked it!!

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Review #37, by putitonpaper Fourth call

9th July 2017:
No! Elizabeth! You need to meet James! He is clearly your soulmate! What is she so afraid of? GAH! I love this. I need the next chapter! I'll be looking out for this story every time I log on! Brava!!

Author's Response: C'mon, we can relate, though. Think about accidentally calling Liam Hemsworth or someone equally beautiful and famous - I'd be a little cautious. But not to worry! JAMES IS TENACIOUSS AND LOVE SHALL PREVAIL

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Review #38, by putitonpaper Third call

9th July 2017:
“I once asked a friend of a friend if she was pregnant. She wasn’t.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm crying of laughter. This is so terrible and just the worst thing you can do! How did you think of this??

“I accidentally drank an aphrodisiac potion at a dinner party with the family of my ex-girlfriend then proceeded to make lascivious advances to every person in the room. Her grandma threw the pudding on my face.” AND THIS. HA. I love this so much! This is wonderful. They are so meant to be together!

I'm shipping them so hard right now! They need to meet. Now.

Author's Response: How did I think of that? well, because of course I DID THAT. i don't like to recall the details but it's safe to say it involved at least and healthy amount of gin and bad observation skills.
They'll meet in the next one! ahh can't wait too

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Review #39, by putitonpaper Second call

9th July 2017:
THIS IS SO ADORABLE I CAN'T HANDLE IT! LIKE OMG! SAY YES TO JAMES! I love your James! He's so fantastic, and cute, and charming all over phone calls. I'm like immediately and completely in love with him! I want to marry your James! They need to meet and fall in love immediately! Immediately! This is sooo cute and wonderful!

Author's Response: ahah now i'm think about red t-shirt with gold, bold letters: SAY YES TO JAMES. Albus was forced to buy three while Dominique proudly uses them every time she has a shift at St. Mungo and expects projectile vomiting.
aww, i'm in love with him too - is it bad?

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Review #40, by putitonpaper First call

9th July 2017:
OMG. You posted your reviews at THE perfect time! I really didn't want to start working on my work assignment but I wasn't in the middle of a story and your reviews made me laugh so naturally I was hoping you had a story that wasn't too long so I clicked on your name and BOOM. Here I am!

This is hilarious. I love all of the dialogue. All of it. I wish I could pick just one favorite but it was all funny I was laughing the whole time. My vision of James Sirius Potter totally fits as a guy that would have a conversation with a girl he didn't know just for fun hahaha. I love the idea of this whole story.

Author's Response: Milady! i had decided to go to bed and be a productive member of society - at least once, y'know? - and bam! there you come! shame i wasn't here live eheh, anywayy i'll be back on you story as soon as i answer here ;)
I âm so so happy people actually laugh at my dorky wannabe banter - my friends usually don't ahaha

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Review #41, by AbraxanUnicorn Third call

9th July 2017:
OMG, this is the cutest story!! I love the banter between James and Elizabeth, and the dynamic you've created between them :) I can't wait to read more - it's brilliant and you have me hooked!

Brax X

Author's Response: Hi! thank you so much!! the next chapter is waiting for validation right now and we're getting somewhere! ;))

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Review #42, by Rosie_Posie Third call

16th June 2017:
Too cute! Cant wait for the next instalment. Also I totally agree with James - Jamie does not suit him!

RP x

Author's Response: I don't like Jamie either, but he will get his revenge, don't worry! i've been tied up with an upcoming exam but i'll post the next one as soon as possible!
thank youuu ;)))

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Review #43, by blackzero Third call

14th June 2017:
A quicke update is always nighr.And now please let them meet in real.

Author's Response: Thank you! they'll meet in the last chapter ;)

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Review #44, by blackzero Second call

13th June 2017:
Please update soon.It was sort of a cliffhanger

Author's Response: chapter is up to validation! there will be a total of five call but maybe i'll do a sequel ;)

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Review #45, by blackzero First call

13th June 2017:
Oh wow...that was extremely funny.goood start

Author's Response: so happy you like it! next chapter will be up by tomorrow! ;))

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Review #46, by Rosie_Posie Second call

12th June 2017:
Naw too cute! They have had 2 phone calls and I already ship it - how is that even possible?

I hope they get to meet soon - also that we learn her name so I can think of an appropriate ship name! Will the whole story be in James' POV or will we get both?

Also small mistake "left the kitchen tab open with a pot under it" tab should be tap I think!

RP x

Author's Response: Thanks!! english is my secondo language so i want all the help i can get! anyway it'll be 3 more calls all in James' pov and who knows when they'll meet ;P
her name in the next chapter!

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Review #47, by Lea First call

11th June 2017:
This was great! I already got totally hooked after one chapter! Please update soon, I want more cute convo's!

Author's Response: I'm super happy! the chapter should be up by tomorrow ;)

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Review #48, by MellBell First call

9th June 2017:
hi hello im hooked. please update soon!

Author's Response: ahah good to know! update before next week ;)

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Review #49, by Rachel First call

9th June 2017:
Such an amusing conversation. I can't wait to read what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks! I live to please ;) next one will be soon

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Review #50, by Nameless First call

9th June 2017:
That was hilarious! Can't wait to read the rest :)

Author's Response: Thank you!! since every convo is fairly short it won't be long ;)

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