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Review #26, by HarryGinnyLove88 Careers

14th September 2017:
Albus should ask Em out really soon.
Thanks for writing ☺

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Review #27, by Ngayonatkailanman Careers

13th September 2017:
I want to cry. wile I am glad for each of the characters, my heart goes out to James and Matt. Life can be so cruel. Excellent work.

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Review #28, by Chris The Protest

8th September 2017:
i notice you use mum when referring to Ginny however as its not written in the first person (eg:from Albus' point of view) it should really be Ginny. mum/dad/aunt etc should only be used when it's in the first person - in other words from a certain characters pov or if particular character is talking to/about and certain character for example Albus might say to James "Mum will kill you if she see you wondering alone" it might be a bit confusing for people and lessen their enjoyment

Author's Response: It's written in third person limited, from Albus's point of view, just like the Harry Potter books were written third person limited from Harry's point of view. In Harry Potter, all characters were referred to as Harry thought of them. (for example, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, professors were referred to as Professor so and so). Third person omniscient they'd be referred to as Vernon, Petunia, Molly, Arthur, Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, etc. Same in this. All adults are referred to as Albus would refer them as. Since he doesn't call his mum 'Ginny,' she's not referred to as Ginny.

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Review #29, by ngayonatkailanman Felix Felicis

6th September 2017:
Love your hint ending on Malloy. Cannot wait to see how this potion will round up the storyline. Excellent chapter.

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Review #30, by MargaretLane Felix Felicis

6th September 2017:
I'd be inclined to capitalise the subjects.

I probably mentioned this before but as a child, I read a lot of British and American books and as a result thought I'd have free classes in secondary school. *laughs*

That's pretty good - Longbottom meeting students about careers plans once a month. We were MEANT to have a meeting with the career guidance teacher to discuss our college/career choices, but the teacher was out sick or something so it never happened. And it would have been once in the year anyway. I guess Hogwarts is small enough that they can afford the time. Harder when there are over 100 in each year. We did have a career guidance class each week.

And I am intrigued as to what this potion that requires aconite is. I doubt you'd have placed so much emphasis on it if it wasn't important in some way.

I LOVE how you portray the issues related to the International Confederation of Wizards. My big historical hero, de Valera, went on a bit of a rant in the League of Nations back in the 30s (well, a de Valera rant - in other ways, phrased very politely and delivered in a monotone so that it's only afterwards you realise just how scathing he was really being - he was quite like Dumbledore) and criticised just what Matt is complaining about - Italy getting away with invading Ethiopia because it had trade deals with various countries and nobody really cared about Ethiopia. The way powerful countries can exert their will is naturally something that bothers those of us in small, insignificant countries.

And I like the way you show a world beyond Britain.

Hmm, Felix Felicis... And it takes six months to make. I figure that is going to play a significant part in this story, given both its inclusion in the title and the fact that it will take most of the year to make. I can't really see how it CAN be significant though. The title makes it sound like somebody is going to be under its influence and maybe get something they wouldn't otherwise. Matt? I suspect it might be for him that Rose wants to make it.

I've forgotten what Rose wants to do.

I like your inclusion of the application requirements. I don't think I've seen anybody describe the requirements. I guess I always assumed it would be pretty much a job application. I would never have thought of an essay. I know universities in some countries have them as part of their application process though. The Auror application process makes a lot of sense. Mental and physical good health would be kind of important for them.

That's interesting that they have a bit of freedom in seventh year. It's the exact opposite here. There is far more freedom in earlier years with the final year being focused very much on the exam and the questions likely to come up on it.

Hmm, Callahan's comment about all having different morals is interesting.

And I could completely see Malfoy using it before a job interview. Now that I think of it, that potion could be dodgy in the wrong hands. I know it has limited effect. Using it in Half Blood Prince didn't prevent Dumbledore from being killed or make the Death Eaters just walk away. But still. If Washburn or one of your villains had used it or if Lubar or one of the Willinsons had used it when trying to bring Voldemort back, it might not have ended well.

I really like the idea of discussing the ethics of various potions. I can see it both ways with Felix Felicis. Nothing wrong with making yourself lucky but there are so many situations when luck for one person means lack of luck for another. And not just in situations as simple as elections or sports contests. Like luck for a criminal is getting away with your crime or getting a good opportunity to attack somebody or luck for a bully again would be not getting caught. And even when nobody is really in the wrong, luck for one person bidding say for a house or land or a contract means bad luck for those bidding against them.

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Review #31, by HarryGinnyLove88 Felix Felicis

6th September 2017:
Im glad that you wrote again and i hope next one gones quickly 🙂

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Review #32, by Guest. Aconite

3rd September 2017:
Ooh, I wonder if they will brew Wolfsbane. Still wondering about the title. I think Al will go to Hogsmede with Emily.

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Review #33, by Eliza (elizaanne) Aconite

31st August 2017:
I used to always review because your fanfiction is the only one I read! I have of course been following this one consistently and am very happy to be back with Albus at Hogwarts, or so it feels. So thank you very much for continuing writing this! I also loved the story about Longbottom's children so I hope you'll once continue that one too!

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Review #34, by Nayonatkatlanman Aconite

30th August 2017:
Whoa. Aconite. BringsMatttothe forefront. what gives with the professor. Cannot wait formoreupdvates

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Review #35, by Nayonatkatlanman Aconite

30th August 2017:
Whoa. Aconite. BringsMatttothe forefront. what gives with the professor. Cannot wait formoreupdvates

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Review #36, by MargaretLane Aconite

30th August 2017:
So all the Weasley cousins start Hogwarts before Al and Rose leave and we get to see at least part of all of their Hogwarts careers.

I wonder if Eddie is gping to play a significant part in this story, given that he's already standing out. Or if you just wanted to show that not everybody follows their family's path.

I'd love to read stories about some of your Weasley coysin characters actually.

And oooh, the Scamander twins will be interesting. It's now...what? About 25 years since Harry left Hogwarts. So Luna would be in her early 40s. So she'd have been in her early 30s when they were born.

I wonder if the fact that this new professor makes Matt uneasy is an ominous sign. Especially as this story seems to focus on lycanthropy and I get the impression there might be some anti-werewolf activists.

I hope this story DOES focus on lycanthropy. It's one of my favourite things in your stories. You've obviously put a lot of thought into how it works in your 'verse. And the emotional effects on Matt are really well-written and convincing.

Wouldn't exactly be a bad thing if Trelawney was replaced!

LOVE the idea of International Magic Relations. I hope we'll learn something about how other wizarding nations are run. The wizarding world is quite British in places so would be interesting to see how the rest of the world works.

And The Australian School of Sorcery. Given their attitude to werewolves, THAT doesn't bode very well. But I guess Kendrick wouldn't have employed him if he was too horrible.

So tbey might have classes with other age groups. I guess there will be some age boundaries as you'd go deeper with 17 year olds tgan 11 year olds but still, taking classes with other year groups would be quite a change for them.

Of course, not many 11 year olds would probably be interested but bound to be a few Rose-types. I probably would have, but then I was following politics by the age of 9. As a child, I danced around the room in delight when Thatcher stepped down as Prime Minister of the UK. And I remember hoping Yeltsin would win in Russia.

And monksbane! Lycanthropy is definitely playing a central part in this story.

I'm looking forward to seeing what potion they'll be brewing.

I'm rereading your 3rd year, by the way. It's really good. I got through about 30 chapters in two days. Often fanfictions aren't as good the second time as you aren't waiting to find out what happened so the writing itself has to be good to keep you interested. But yours definitely is. Might read on with the series, depending on how much time I have over the next few weeks.

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Review #37, by HarryGinnyLove88 Aconite

30th August 2017:
Thanks for another chapter 🖒🙂
Please more Albus adventures 😄😄😄

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Review #38, by Sophie Head Girl

29th August 2017:
Glad to have you back! I have missed the Albus Potter series. A lot has definitely changed since the last book came out, that's for sure!

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Review #39, by MargaretLane Head Girl

28th August 2017:
The last year at school is such a mixture of feelings. Everything depends on the exams so you don't know what is ahead of you. Here, like I said yesterday, college offers only went out last Monday, so people end the school year still not knowing what is ahead of them. Not sure when the N.E.W.T. results come out but they can't have much time either. And while it is great to be finished with school, it also means leaving friends and everything you've gotten used to. Leaving a boarding school must be even more difficult, more like finishing college, as it would have become your home.

I am kind of seeing similarities between the situation here and American politics at the moment.

Love the explanation of all the confusion in wizarding law. I'm looking forward to seeing how things get figured out, if they do.

SO in character for Harry to express his understanding of James wanting to avoid people staring.

*grins at Albus wishing he could apply anonymously* That is one thing I love about our system. We DO apply to college anonymously and it's all done through a central applications office so whether you are the president's kid or the kid from a notorious estate, nobody knows. There are other problems, for example judging people solely by their performance in one set of exams and including subjects that have no bearing on a person's ability to actually do the job, but anonymity is definitely good, especially in a small country. And the wizarding world is even smaller. The odds of somebody knowing each applicant there must be huge.

Yikes, Albus is going to be busy! Preparing for final exams take up enough time without two extra-curriculars, prefect duties and tutoring. We used have about 3-4 hours homework and study each night after about 7 hours of school. Add on an hour or two of sports or other activities and you'd be going around the clock.

Rose seem to be running the prefects well, which is unsurprising given what we know of her personality.

*laughs at Ashtyn not having to do any chores and getting a new broom*

I think Amanda and Kaden would find it hard to get into a Muggle university with no G.C.S.E.s or A-levels or even any record of attending secondary school at all. I know their system isn't as "A-level only" as ours but I still think you'd need them and G.C.S.E.s to stand much chance. It looks as if their application form requires you to fill in your school. And your G.C.S.E. or equivalent results.

Not that either of them seems too enthusiastic about the idea anyway, but I wonder how feasible it would be even if they wanted to. Suppose they could study for the exams as adults. It's a big decision required of 11 year olds. Especially when they have no idea what careers they can even get as wizards.

I like the idea of 17 year olds being allowed into Hogwarts any weekend. It makes sense as they are now adults.

Yikes, Albus does have the most difficult task but it makes sense both that somebody would have to ensure the first years get where they are supposed to and that it would be 7th year prefects doing it. Being the most involved task, it should be those who are most experienced.

*grins* I started some revision before returning to school for my final year. Only had a vague schedule though.

Looks like things are really about to begin now. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #40, by MargaretLane The Test

27th August 2017:
Aw, poor Albus. I don't know if it would make it easier or harder to have a cousin you feel sure will pass taking the test the same day as you. On the one hand, like he says, it means the attention isn't entirely on you but it also means there's an inevitable comparison if she passes and he fails. And the person who passed might feel uncomfortable about celebrating.

But I think Albus will pass anyway. I wouldn't even be surprised if Rose failed. Completely reverse Albus's expectations.

LOVE the part about having to do it without being seen by the fake Muggles.

Oooh, I can see a romance developing between Albus and Emily.

I'll be back for the last chapter. Tomorrow probably. It's late now.

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Review #41, by MargaretLane The Protest

27th August 2017:
Hmmm, the title of this chapter sounds interesting.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Matt's last year goes.

Oh, I'd forgotten how much I look forward to seeing new teachers. I haven't read any next gens in a while. I do wonder who they will have for Potions.

This seems a bit like the Fudge situation, with people calling for the minister to be sacked. It never really explained WHO chooses or sacks the minister or how he or she is replaced. I know you had an election in...was it year four? Here, the party can vote out their leader and the parliament can vote out a Taoiseach. Generally, the party in power can decide on the Taoiseach, assuming whoever they are in coalition with (as overall majorities are rare) agrees. We had great craic recently with the governing party wanting their leader to go and him continually saying, "oh, I'll go after St. Patrick's day. We have to have somebody to visit the White House," "I'll go when things are more sorted about Brexit" and so on. He did eventually step down; you may have heard of our new Taoiseach. As he is gay, about 37, has an Indian father and comes from a privileged background, he isn't a typical Irish Taoiseach.

Sounds like getting rid of Laurentis is more complicated though.

*grins* The second story in my series has a discussion on making something into a spectacle for werewolf rights, basically. Though it's more unavoidable there as the villains are determined to create a spectacle against werewolf rights. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out here. I love your werewolf lore.

OK, this review is sort of a ramble of vaguely related stuff.

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Review #42, by MargaretLane Owls

27th August 2017:
Wow, I just decided to check and see if by any chance you might have started this and you have! I think this is the first time I've read a series that went the whole way - well, I read one that stopped either after the sixth year or midway through the seventh, which was close enough.

Anyway, the title here is intriguing. The sway of felicis. I immediately assumed somebody under the control of the potion but then I thought it might not be that literal. Hmm.

Of course, Albus's first day at Hogwarts is only days away, which has me thinking I really should get back to my series, but the third year just isn't working for me.

Poor James. I really like the way you don't give any easy solution to his problems.

That's a string of inquiries worthy of Ireland, though generally what happens here is they run on for so long that the people involved are dead or retired by the time they are finished. We had a really corrupt Taoiseach (Prime Minister) in the '80s and he promoted a load of other corrupt people who went on the lead the party afterwards, so... (Let's put it this way, he used a friend's cancer treatment as a way to line his own pockets.)

I ought to read back over some of your series. I thought I remembered what was going on, but I keep coming across things I'd forgotten. It's "oh YEAH," when I do read them but I'm going to run into something that I've completely forgotten.

*grins* The Leaving Cert. results came out a week and a half ago and the college offers came out last Monday, so the papers have been FULL of "people who succeeded without the Leaving Cert." One actually included ABRAHAM LINCOLN, which had me thinking, "um, if you have to include somebody from a different country that doesn't even HAVE the Leaving Cert. and who lived in an era when qualifications were less important, you might just be contradicting your own point." Not that I believe college IS necessary in order to be successful. I just think that was an incredibly bad argument.

Poor James. But I do like the fact that you made him actually get bad grades. It's realistic.

Anyway, great to see Albus back. You know I've loved the series so far.

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Review #43, by Aquadart The Protest

27th August 2017:
I'm so glad you're updating again! I've been following your works here on HPFF since 2010 and I have to say, I love your style. In my mind, your Albus Potter is much more 'canon' than The Cursed Child...

Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #44, by HarryGinnyLove88 Head Girl

23rd August 2017:
Yes Albus you should ask Emily to the first Hogsmeade weedend 😄

Write soon ☺

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Review #45, by Ngayonatkailanman Head Girl

22nd August 2017:
Love is in the air. How sweet.

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Review #46, by AlbusPotter The Test

21st August 2017:
One question: why Al and Emily? One of the things that had been best about these books is their lack of romance. Also, why someone we hardly know anything about? The only thing we know about Emily is to she's a ravenclaw. Also, why not another Gryffindor? I hope this does not come across rudely. I'm just curious.

Author's Response: Why not Al and Emily? Romance will never be a focus in this novel, but there are bits of it here and there. But, Al and Emily haven't even gone out yet. Hard to say what will happen.

As for the Gryffindor girls. One is Rose. One is Amanda. Al's not going to date Amanda. Janie Creevey went out with John briefly, so Al won't go out with her. Al briefly went out with Marina Jordan-Bell in the previous book, so he's not going to date her twin sister.

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Review #47, by HarryGinnyLove88 The Test

18th August 2017:
I realy hope the next one comes sooner :)

Its great Al pased test and rose driving james mad :)
And Emily. I hope Al ask her out ;) ;) ;)

Author's Response: It'll come on Tuesday! And there will be more to come with Al and Emily. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #48, by ngayonatkailanman The Test

18th August 2017:
Marvellous,as usual. enjoyed myself big time.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #49, by mngayonatkailanman The Protest

15th August 2017:
Wow. This is a mixed bag. Excellent charactisation and storytelling. My heart goes to Matt,

Author's Response: He's always got it rough, and probably always will. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #50, by Gryffin_Du is awesome The Protest

13th August 2017:
I noticed how you mentioned that Albus would have done fine in Slytherin, and I had a question, if you don't mind answering it: Did you mean that Albus would have done fine in Slytherin academically? I was curious because if he was in Slytherin he might have learned everything he was supposed to, but then he might feel like an outcast in his family of all Gryffindors, and he probably would not have befriended Matt, John, and Amanda, which likely means he would have not gone on as many adventures, which means he might have even chosen a different career path. (Yikes, that was a run-on sentence!) Your books are excellent! Great job! I'm amazed my how much better your writing gets as the books progress!

Author's Response: I meant he would've done fine in Slytherin overall- academically, socially, etc, because he's a fairly easygoing and adaptable person. He would've had a bit of a tough time with his family if he was in Slytherin, but they would've gotten over it. But it is fascinating to think about how one thing can change the course of your life. You're right that he probably wouldn't have befriended Matt, John, and Amanda, and thus he could very likely have not decided to become an Auror. And at the same time, Matt, John, and Amanda's lives would've gone very different, too. Al's the leader of their group and he was the one who pushed to find out what was going on with Matt and their discovery of his lycanthropy is a lot of what tied them all together. I'm so glad you've enjoyed all my stories!

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