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Review #26, by MargaretLane The Unbeatable Seeker

26th September 2012:
Wow, I really didn't expect that. I thought James would manage to beat her. But I think this is better. It makes sense that he wouldn't be able to go up against a vampire.

And yikes, I was saying it not only depends on speed, but also on who sees the Snitch first, but she has advantages in both parts. She can't really lose, can she? Well, I suppose anybody CAN lose. The other Seeker could just happen to glimpse the Snitch within the first 30 seconds of the match. But still, the odds of it are pretty low.

Telling Kendrick is rather a dilemma. Not because of the matches. Those are only games, after all and just school games at that, but for safety reasons, he should probably know. On the other hand, it really isn't their business to tell and passing on a secret like that isn't on. I do think telling Kendrick is different than telling Rose or other students, since he has a responsibility for his students' safety, but still, she has presumably spent the previous 2 years at the Australian school, so they must have a pretty fair idea that she is safe to be around, in which case, it's not fair to betray her secret.

*laughs* I really don't think quitting a Quidditch team would be the biggest mistake of his life. I guess if he's planning a career in Quidditch, this could help him get spotted by a scout, but otherwise, it's just a bit of fun he'll miss out on.

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Review #27, by MargaretLane Advanced Lessons

25th September 2012:
It makes sense that hearing it from a teacher would mean more than hearing it from family members who are obviously biased.

And I really like the fact that Malfoy is talented in your stories despite not being very nice.

Love the phrase "at flobberworm pace"

Yikes, if Balladanis knows Albus knows Occlumency, that probably means he's tried to read his mind. Interesting.

And as well as what Albus said, there's also the point that he performed those spells to control the Anamatek which some people argue are Dark Magic. Of course, some people argue that Parseltongue is a Dark Art too and we know that's just an innate ability some people have, but still he said he wouldn't teach them it because of that, among other things, so he obviously doesn't think it's a ridiculous suggestion. And yet it didn't stop him performing the spells despite his hatred of the Dark Arts. He's a mystery. I can see now why the summary described him as it did.

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Review #28, by MargaretLane The Anamatek

25th September 2012:
*cheers for Amanda* She hasn't seemed particularly important in the first two stories, but she's really emerging as the voice of reason in the group now.

And this is DEFINITELY my favourite of your stories so far. I'm loving it. I really liked year one too, but this is even better. Not that there was anything wrong with year two, but it would be my least favourite of the three.

*laughs at Rose saying she'd have figured it out* She is rather arrogant sometimes. I like her though, apart from the way she's behaved in this story.

I do think the boys should try and spend some time with the girls in the common room. They don't have to be in their den ALL the time after all. Saying they won't have her in the room, but they can all hang out together in the common room sometimes and go to Hogsmeade as a group sounds like a fair compromise to me.

Just noticed Killigan has "kill" in his name. I wonder if that's some kind of a hint that he's a bad guy. I mean, obviously he's not a very nice person, but I mean a bad guy as in he's going to try and kill somebody or steal the Stone or something. Actually his name is close to "kill again".

Balladanis is asking a lot if he expects 13 year olds to read the book in their own time! Just getting 13 year olds to read a chapter of the novel for homework in English class is hard enough and likely to be skipped if they aren't given a written assignment based on it to do as well. Which I guess is why he's assigning the essays. *laughs*

I'm guessing you completely invented the Anamatek, because I googled just to see if it was canon (from Fantastic Beasts or somehing) and the first thing to come up was this chapter.

It sounds really dangerous, if the person controlling it can turn it into anything advantageous to them. If they are hard to control, I guess that makes it a bit better.

Hmm, I wonder why you are mentioning that they are more common in Australia. Does Lubar or somebody else from Australia control one, I wonder.

I'm also wondering if Linda really is a teenager or if she is older and if she is older, why is she still at school? Maybe she wasn't allowed attend until now or maybe she has some reason for wanting to be there. In which case, I wonder if it's subversive.

Isn't controlling an Anamatek kind of cruel? Is it even legal, I wonder? It shouldn't be. It's cruel to the Anamatek and a danger to anybody the witch or wizard could use it against.

Hmm, he says that controlling an Anamatek may be Dark Magic, yet he has done so and I thought he hated Dark Magic. I know he claims to be doing it as a learning experience and not to use them for evil, but it's still odd.

I kind of suspect somebody (possibly Balladanis himself) may be using one as a human or else why would you bring it up? Or may later use one as a human. Maybe as that man you only mentioned once. We don't know whether he acts like a human or not. I presume Linda couldn't be one?

Yeah, the Anamatek does seem rather a scary thing to have around. If Balladanis is Lubar or just a Dark Wizard in his own right, things could get interesting later on. Or if Lubar or Willinson or Washburn managed to gain control of this one, if Balladanis isn't Lubar.

I think using an Anamatek as a Dementor is different from using a real Dementor though, because Balladanis could surely turn it into something else if there was any danger of it sucking out somebody's soul.

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Review #29, by MargaretLane The First Match

25th September 2012:
If she was decades older than them, she wouldn't still be at school, surely. She'd have learnt the information already and she'd hardly spend years repeating the same classes over and over again. What would be the point in that? OK, so maybe that's why she's so smart, because she's an adult doing 3rd year work.

You said in this chapter she was in 2nd year, but elsewhere I thought you said she was the same age as Rose and Albus.

If the other Heads don't know she's a vampire, it's rather problematic. Kendrick should know, since she's at his school.

It's not just speed, after all. It's also who sees it first and just luck, but she definitely does have a HUGE advantage.

It's probably Linda in the forest, if she needs to hunt animals to drink blood.

I'm kind of hoping Washburn gets the Resurrection Stone. It'd be interesting to see what would happen if he communicated with Voldemort.

You wrote that newspaper article really well. Sounds very like a real one.

I suspect Matt's father would see Matt after the werewolf attack.

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Review #30, by MargaretLane Answers

25th September 2012:
*laughs at Albus not being able to tell if Kendrick is dressed as Merlin or Dumbledore*

Hmm, I wonder if Rose knows that Linda is a vampire and that's why she wants Linda and Matt to be friends. Her reaction to them saying no still seems over-the-top, but it would start to make a bit more sense.

I think Matt was right not to tell. After all, HE wouldn't want Linda telling about him, if SHE knows, as it sounds like she would.

Matt said exactly what I was wondering. It seems rather odd that they would accept vampires and not werewolves, although it sounds as if vampires can choose not to suck the blood of humans whereas werewolves have no control over what they do in wolf form, unless they take wolfsbane, so maybe that explains it.

I think they are wrong to try and tell Rose. I know Linda didn't confide in them, so it's different from Matt, but it still isn't really their secret to tell.

And I'm guessing she avoids people for fear she might be tempted to suck somebody's blood?

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Review #31, by MargaretLane Hogsmeade

25th September 2012:
Hmm, if Linda is a werewolf, it might explain Rose's behaviour too. Being ridiculously pushy about them being friends might make sense if she KNEW they were both werewolves and felt they both needed a friend who truly understood what they were going through. And was angry at Matt because he was the one person who could really help Linda and wouldn't.

Particularly if Linda was only bitten recently and hadn't really come to terms with it.

Oh yeah, that was stupid of me. I should have realised that that school didn't take werewolves. Unless she was bitten very recently, like the previous holidays and they'd managed to keep it secret. But Australian terms would be different, so she probably wouldn't have come to Hogwarts straight after a holiday anyway. Bang goes that theory. And it seemed to fit so well.

Maybe Rose was hoping to make up with them. She might have been remembering the same conversations as Albus.

The costumes sound interesting and I could DEFINITELY imagine Slughorn dressing up.

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Review #32, by MargaretLane Silence

25th September 2012:
I really think Rose is being unreasonable here. I can understand why Matt is still angry, because she was kind of dismissing how big a deal being a werewolf is by saying "well, get to know her and then you can tell her." But she has no reason to be angry. They were under no obligation to let Linda into the room.

She's really being a brat, isn't she? And a manipulative one at that. "Do what I want you to or else I'm going to punish you." That's not having a temper or even being stubborn; that's being a bully.

I'm not at all surprised Amanda still wanted to be friends with them. Reasonable people don't expect that just because they are friends with somebody, other people who barely know that person should tell them their secrets.

Yeah, I would imagine the school would owl his parents. Skipping class is pretty serious.

Hmm, I wonder where Linda is. And I would have thought she'd have to go to the hospital wing. Surely she'd have to have Madame Pomfrey's permission to miss class. Unless of course, SHE'S a werewolf like Matt. It would explain why she was absent the same day. I should really check if her other absences were the same days as his, but it would take a while to find them, so I don't know if I'll bother. I might just keep an eye when he's absent next. Then she wouldn't need Madame Pomfrey to get the teachers to excuse her.

Yes, it was only her fault. She was completely dismissive of his condition and how he feels. He had every right to explain to her. And he didn't insult her or say anything that could upset her in any way. Well, except I'd expect it to upset her that she hadn't realised what she was asking of him. But that would be guilt over her OWN behaviour, not because he pointed it out to her.

*laughs* Albus is thinking exactly what I was.

And I don't think the part about Matt not wanting her to find out is any kind of argument against it, since he probably wouldn't know, any more than she knows about him.

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Review #33, by MargaretLane Dueling and Fighting

25th September 2012:
I do suspect Balladanis is foreign. Well, you know what I suspect. But yeah, you would expect him to have an accent. It's different with Matt who left as a child.

I think the boys are being reasonable here. It makes sense that they wouldn't want to let Linda into the room before they even get to know her. I do think they should make the effort to spend a bit more time with her, Rose and Amanda in the common room sometimes though.

I assumed Matt's reason was that he wanted to rest after transformations without anybody coming in and asking about what is wrong with him. Particularly after Kaden the year before and Malfoy all the time. But after Rose's question about why he doesn't like Linda, I'm wondering if there's more to it. He doesn't seem too anxious to befriend her. Maybe it's just because she's Australian and may know that he's a werewolf. If his father was in the Ministry and was fined for breaking the law and all, it could well be well-known info in Australia. Or maybe there's something more going on.

*grins* I was right about him worrying abut people from Australia knowing. So that might have been his problem with the guy in the last chapter too.

And honestly, Rose's suggestion is a bit optimistic. She has no reason to believe that Matt and Linda will become close friends. There are very few people in life you get that close to. Some survey said people have an average of two friends (using a definition of friends as people that you could tell your deepest secrets to). Just making the effort to get to know somebody doesn't mean you'll get that close in the vast majority of cases. I guess Rose thinks that because she really likes Linda, everybody will, but it's quite unlikely.

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Review #34, by MargaretLane Halloween Costumes

25th September 2012:
Yeah, I really don't think that dressing up as Remus would give away that Matt was a werewolf. It'd just seem like he was dressing up as a wizarding world hero. But I can also see why Matt would worry about that, because when you are trying to hide something, it's easy to get paranoid about anything giving it away.

*laughs at Kaden not wanting to dress up as Pettigrew* Dressing up as evil stuff for Halloween is practically the point, but then, probably not in the wizarding world, since the supernatural wouldn't be scary for them. And I guess Kaden feels he's getting the poor end of the stick when the other three are dressing up as heroes.

Love the idea of them dressing up in Muggle typed costumes. It's really amusing since they are dressing up as real things, but as Muggles imagine them, like white sheets and stuff.

*wonder why Matt hates vampires* It might be just a throw-away comment on your part or it might be foreshadowing.

*laughs at Madam Pomfrey's fussing*

Maybe she wants Kendrick to call off either the House Cup or the International one. Personally, I think he should call off the House Cup. I can't imagine how the 7th years on both teams are going to get the best grades they can in their N.E.W.T.s if they are playing for two cups and many of them are also team captains, so they would be planning practice times as well. Plus taking classes, doing homework, studying for exams and trying to get in some rest and recreation. But that's Hogwarts for you. They don't seem to care about students being overworked. Mind you, they don't seem to care if they are injured, so I suppose caring about overwork is unlikely.

*is amused by Albus counting the cracks in the ceiling* Reminds me of one time when I'd this really boring lecture and started counting how many lights in the ceiling the bulbs were gone in. I'd forgotten that until now.

Hmm, if Balladanis is Lubar, who is this guy? Maybe I'm wrong. The fact that Matt looked away makes me think he's not being entirely honest about knowing him. But they all saw Matt's boggart, so I think they'd recognise Lubar, unless he was using Polyjuice. Of course, he could be Polyjuiced as this guy, just as easily as Balladanis. Maybe we're MEANT to think he's this guy and he's really Balladanis.

You've really intrigued me now.

And Kendrick did what I just said he should. *cracks up*

*laughs* I very much doubt the captains are chosen based on whether it's the turn of a boy or a girl.

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Review #35, by MargaretLane Threats

24th September 2012:
I am getting more and more convinced that Balladanis is Lubar. Not sure what is bothering him about Linda, but she's Australian, so he's more likely to know something about her than if he was really Balladanis. Maybe her mother is a werewolf or something and the woman Balladanis fears.

The idea of Hogwarts students wearing costumes sort of amuses me. After all, they already ARE witches and wizards, and in Matt's case, a werewolf. They should probably dress up as Muggles. *laughs* It'll be interesting to see how they do dress up, as most of the typical costumes are real to them and a lot of them don't even seem to be that scary. After all, a vampire was invited to one of Slughorn's parties.

OK, this is getting really weird about Linda. I wasn't surprised she didn't talk before this. Considering she's surrounded by strangers that it's hardly worth getting to know, since she'll have to leave at the end of the year and older students that a 13 year old is likely to be shy around, it's hardly surprising. But when somebody joins her, not even saying hi is odd.

Yikes, the Quidditch Cup is taking place as well. That's a lot of work for people on the Hogwarts team. Plus it must be hard to be on a team with somebody one day and play against them the next.

Malfoy probably won't have Limbert to help him in his exam anyway. Could actually disadvantage him if he is used to letting Limbert do most of the work in class. *laughs* But I guess he doesn't care if he gets to do less work and still impress the teacher in everyday class. I can't actually remember whether the ordinary end of the year exams had practicals. I know the O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S did.

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Review #36, by MargaretLane The Hogwarts Quidditch Team

24th September 2012:
Linda is starting to interest me more than Balladanis. She seems rather more of a mystery.

And I agree with Oliver. After all, when they leave Hogwarts, they'll be working with people from different houses and all the professional Quidditch teams no doubt include people from different Hogwarts houses.

Rose is definitely overreacting. But actually, the fact Linda's from Australia makes it weirder, because she would have studied completely different history and stuff, so she SHOULD be behind. Of course, we haven't had any mention of how she did in History of Magic, but the courses for lots of things would probably be at least somewhat different.

So far, this is my favourite of the three of your stories I've read.

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Review #37, by MargaretLane The Incident With the Giant Squid

24th September 2012:
Before I even start reading this chapter, an idea has just occurred to me. When Ludbar (or however you spell his name) talked about coming to Britain, I assumed it was for the competition, though I did wonder if he'd come under a false name or something so you could maintain the mystery. But now another idea has occurred to me. What if he's Balladanis? They are both obsessed with opposing Dark creatures and you made some mention of 24 hour Polyjuice. I must double-check that. You could well be doing like JK Rowling and introducing us to that, then having it significant later on.

Hmm, Balladanis's conversation with Matt could fit with my theory. On the other hand, he didn't say it in a mean way, which your man probably would. *ponders*

The fact that two of the new Marauders are always in trouble fits with the old Marauders too, although it should be the new Padfoot and Prongs, rather than the new Padfoot and Wormtail.

*rolls eyes at Rose* Longer doesn't mean better. Managing to be succinct is a skill in itself and needing to take 2 rolls to say what you are supposed to say in half a roll indicates a lack of that, though of course 13 year olds aren't likely to realise that. I remember at that age thinking writing more than you were asked would DEFINITELY impress a teacher, when in reality, they'd likely think "Great! More to correct!"

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Review #38, by MargaretLane Nightmare

24th September 2012:
OK, this chapter has answered most of my questions about Matt's boggart.

It sounds like Australia treats werewolves pretty badly, though I can understand it being legal to ensure that people follow the law. After all, people who break the law in our world can be taken by force, even if they only break a minor law. It's just that in this case, the law is fairly horrific in the first place.

Yeah, I don't think Albus would find it such a waste of time if he was actually doing Divination and probably likely to get detention unless he did come up with something.

I wonder if it's significant that you compared the woman Balladanis is scared of to Linda. Maybe it's her mother or something.

And it's surprising that they took a moment before they assumed her to be a particular woman. I would have expected that to be the automatic assumption.

I don't think it's in the least strange that he'd be scared of a woman. Human beings, particularly with magic, can probably do a lot more harm than most dark creatures.

And there are all kinds of fear also. I mean, maybe she could be somebody he'd failed to save a child from (if he actually fought Dark wizards in some capacity in the past) or she could be somebody in the Ministry or something who has the power to enact very harmful laws.

I don't see what else is mysterious about him, either.

Doesn't look like he was too successful with his own boggart. Petrifying isn't very funny. That's about the only mysterious thing, I think-that he didn't manage to make it humorous, which I guess could just be because he didn't want his students know who she is, if she's somebody from his personal life. I'm guessing it's something more than that though, or why bring it into the story.

And just letting the smarter students do all the work WOULDN'T work at Hogwarts, because the other students won't be there when they do their OWLs and NEWTs or even their end of year tests, which seem to actually count for something at Hogwarts. I don't know how he thinks that just not having to answer a question in class benefits them, even at school. *stares at him*

He seems a bit like Moody, convinced they are all going to walk into Dark wizards and Dark creatures at all times and at least Moody had reason to believe a war was starting. I mean, he wasn't the real Moody, but presumably he was acting the way he had reason to believe the real Moody would.

And Albus said exactly what I did. *laughs*

And that's a weird comment too, about Dark wizards loving to find people with poor defence skills. I guess some might, but most criminals aren't just looking for somebody to attack for the fun of it. Most have some kind of aim or want to attack a particularly individual they've reason to hate. Though I guess there are circumstances in which any weak witch or wizard could be useful. Maybe that's what he's thinking of. But he does seem to be thinking of Dark Witches and Wizards as just random "bad people", the way a child thinks of criminals. And he surely has more experience than to believe that.

Yeah, I guess he still didn't really make it funny and it took him quite a while.

I'm beginning to see what is different about Balladanis. He doesn't seem to be worried about the exams at all; just about them being attacked in later life and while that is obviously more likely to be a matter of life and death, it's probably rather less likely to happen than failing your exams and not getting the career you want and it's also far less immediate.

I really like year 3 so far.

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Review #39, by MargaretLane Flobberworms and Boggarts

24th September 2012:
Hmm, so far this teacher seems fairly typical. The only thing that stands out about him at all is that he feels the need to tell them things like that he expects them to do their homework for every class and to call him "Sir", "Professor" or his name. That could indicate he is very strict and will punish them very severely for failing to do these things, when another teacher might just give a warning or it could mean he's very lenient and feels the need to actually tell students to do things that other teachers would take for granted. His demeanor seems to indicate the former, but I guess we'll see. Anyway, he seems ordinary enough overall.

Typical Gryffindors, pushing to be at the front of the line. I think most people would be pretty anxious to delay seeing the thing that scares them most, but not Gryffindors.

Don't think Rose did that spell too well. She changed it into something good rather than something funny and that wouldn't cause the laughter that would repel it.

The mouse isn't particularly funny either.

200 people on a Quidditch team is rather amusing.

It's interesting that Rose and Albus's boggarts were quite similar.

I thought Matt's boggart would cause problems since it could give the game away, but this man definitely won't. I wonder why Matt is so afraid of him though and whether it's the principal of the Australian school or the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I can see why he'd dislike them and feel uncomfortable around them, but the thing he fears most in the world-more than transformations or his family dying or being seriously injured or killed. Hmm.

I'm guessing this is the significance of the lesson. I was wondering why you were going in to it in so much detail and whether it was just to get us to know the new teacher and see an interesting class or if there was greater significance. I thought it might be that Linda would do the spell properly and turn the boggart into something hysterically funny, thereby doing better than Rose.

I'm wondering what the significance of Linda is. I'm guessing since you've spent so much time on her, she'll be important in some way.

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Review #40, by MargaretLane Linda Morales

21st September 2012:
This is a really good idea.

Bet the kids from the other schools won't much like being sorted though. It'll mean they'll be separated from the few of their own schoolmates that are actually with them and it'll probably be hard for them to make friends with the Hogwarts students, who'll already have plenty of their own friends.

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Review #41, by MargaretLane Tipping the Boats

21st September 2012:
She woke them 10 MINUTES before they'd to leave. That really wasn't a good idea, particularly after what happened the year before. No wonder they were late the previous year if that's the amount of time she gives them to get organised.

Um, lots of things could be exciting.

*laughs at John planning to get the teacher fired if he isn't nice*

Hmm, if Lily scares easily, then maybe she won't be in Gryffindor. 'Twould be interesting if she wasn't.

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Review #42, by MargaretLane Football

21st September 2012:
*glares at James and Albus for being so sexist* What does "normal for a girl" even mean? Apart from "we're so cool because we're boys and are going to call anything we think silly girlish"? Think Ginny should tell them off for speaking like that.

Ha, ha. Hogwarts will probably knock the whininess out of Lily. People won't give in to her so much there and her classmates will probably laugh at her babyishness.

Albus could tell her about the sorting though. From the epilogue, it sounds as if HE knew when he started, so why shouldn't she?

Kaden had more reason to be irritating, to be fair. He was entering a whole new world. Whereas all Lily is doing is going away to boarding school.

I would imagine most people would put anti-Apparition wards on their houses. Otherwise, criminals would be Apparating into houses constantly, stealing or worse. Not putting up anti-Apparition wards would be like leaving your door wide open in our world.

They got 300 goals?! That would make their score 3,000. Or 3,150 if they caught the Snitch.

Cots? I think that means something like a camp bed in America, right? But here it means a baby's crib.

I wonder if Bethany will turn out to be a witch or not. It'll be interesting to see.

I don't think it's that funny that Matt's dad works in Werewolf Support Services. Surely...well, I guess the best person to support werewolves would be somebody who was one themselves, but if that wasn't possible then the next best would be a relative of one.

*laughs* Albus' description of soccer reminds me of how I think it was first described to me, back when I was 8 or 10. "It's like football (Gaelic football), except you can't use your hands."

*laughs at the "lot more goals"* 2 goals seems to be a lot for one team to get in soccer!

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Review #43, by MargaretLane Prologue

20th September 2012:
That is rather confusing about what his brother in law did to the other guy's brother. *laughs* I guess because of what you said about it being intertwined with In Moonlight's Shadow.

Hmm, it sounds like Australia is less enlightened than Britain when it comes to werewolves' rights. I wonder if that's because Australia presumably wasn't attacked by a wizard with Voldemort's ideas, so there would be less understanding of how extremist those ideas can get.

*stares at him not having thought to use it to talk to Voldemort* From the dreams, I assumed that was part of his plan from the first.

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Review #44, by Theraven42 The Anamatek

5th September 2012:
Hi, I really love all of your Albus series, I've read pretty much all of them recently. And I'm writing my own fan fic at the moment. And I was wondering if could use the name but just make it's shapeshifting capabilities be reduced as I want it to be a pet. If I can I'd cite the Anamatek as yours. The story I'd want to use it for is my Ashley one- Ashley and the Past.

Author's Response: I'm glad you love my series so much! That's awesome that you're working on your own fic. But I can't give you permission to use the anamatek. I used to let people use small details like that, but I ran into a few issues with plagiarism and had to stop. However, there are a ton of magical creatures on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I'm sure you could adapt something from there! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #45, by Sophie <3 The Investigation

3rd June 2012:
Hey, I have been reading all of your Albus series over the course of the past few days, and they're really good! I wasn't actually going to review until I'd read them all, but I have to ask- is the australian headmaster a vampire? It would explain why he lets Linda be in the school, but not Matt, seeing as Vampires hate Werewolves.

Author's Response: Oh, wow! I'm glad you've enjoyed them all. I'll look forward to the review when you've finished! The Australian headmaster is not a vampire, but there is another reason why he let Linda attend. It'll get revealed at the end. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #46, by orderofthephoenix Silver Lining

29th April 2012:
I'm glad to see Kaden is still a great part of their group. I think he's a better person now that he's less excitable, even if he still can't keep his mouth shut. He and John make a very entertaining team and I really like the way they interact so well. And also how they make up the pranking side of the group.

I thought Amanda started to develop as a character a bit more in this novel, especially during the argument between Rose and the boys when she brought them back together. I was very glad to see that although I was firmly on Albus' side that Linda shouldn't be told about their private common room, especially as Harry and Teddy didn't yet know.

Linda Morales was an interesting character for sure. I never usually like reading about vampires and werewolves, to be honest, but you describe them and tell their story very differently to how other authors do. When Matt revealed to the boys how much he knew about Linda, that explained a great deal about the way she behaved.
I can't believe Killigan went as low as to accept her as a student just so his school could win! But it all makes sense in the end because you're just an amazing storyteller where all the storylines fit together perfectly.

I could say so much about Professor Balladanis! I thought he was an enigmatic character with an interesting past and you didn't disappoint at all! I had a feeling that this 'hidden past' might be to do with vampires or werewolves (you know, due to his strange behaviour) but I really liked the way you told his backstory. I want to know more! And although his teaching methods were a little unconventional, they were effective. In an odd way, he's the kind of teacher I wish I'd had in school. Someone who knew their subject inside out and was willing to take time out of lessons to help the more abled students improve further as well as the less abled. Without the anamatek, of course!

The anamatek was your own idea, right? I was really impressed with the idea and imagination of it. I have to agree with Balladanis about its uses though; it's the perfect creature to demonstrate on during the lessons (as long as it's properly managed) and I'm sure if nothing else, Albus and his class certainly learnt a lot.
A Presuler is another of your great creations, I think. It's an interesting sounding career and I love that he selected both Albus and Scorpius as having the extra potential to become one. If you ever write anything more about Balladanis' job please let me know! I'd definitely read it.

The last few chapters were great to read. The action in Australia was well written and funny to read, especially with Lubar, the Willinsons and Washburn arguing amongst themselves. I thought Kaden was brilliant with his incessant questions and almost-but-not-quite getting them into trouble. And Albus sort of managed to produce a patronus! I thought the part where the resurrection brought back Lubar's mother instead of Voldemort was hilarious. Nice touch!

I loved the ending to the story and I'm looking forward to reading about Albus' fourth year. :D


Author's Response: Kaden is a permanent part of the group now. He'll continue to calm down as the story progresses. He and John have developed quite a friendship, which is quite a stark contrast from the previous novel when John couldn't stand him. Amanda's personality definitely comes out a bit more in this novel, but even more will be revealed in the fourth one. Albus was definitely in the right about the fight.

Linda was really fun to develop, although a little difficult. I didn't want her to scream "Twilight" but at the same time I did want her to be exceptionally beautiful. I adore writing about werewolves (haha, you can probably tell), so vampires were an interesting twist. I'm glad you like the way I write about them! I try to develop the emotional issues that I think would be involved with being a werewolf or vampire, rather than the physical characteristics. I hope that made sense! Killigan is a very sleazy guy. He'll do pretty much anything to win or get his way.

Balladanis was a lot of fun to create, even more enjoyable than creating Linda. I actually have a whole bunch of other information on his past that I could develop into a whole other novel, but I don't have time to write it. Maybe I'll do a one-shot sometime or something. He's definitely a good teacher who clearly cares about his subject and his students, but his love for his subject blinds him in terms of protecting his students. The anamatek was going a little too far.

The anamatek was my idea! I based it off the idea of the Boggart, of course, but it was completely mine. It is the perfect creature for teaching lessons, but it's possibility for killing is a bit too dangerous. Albus and the others definitely learned more in that class than any other classes. Presulers are my creation, too, and I have a few more ideas of how I can work them into future stories. Albus and Scorpius now have a weird connection through their potential of becoming presulers, although neither of them choose to recognize this connection in the fourth story (at least not yet). I'll let you know if I write anything else about Balladanis!

The Australia chapters were the most fun to write. I really liked tying this together with In Moonlight's Shadow. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Kaden's dialogue was very funny and possibly the best part to write in those chapters. Albus did sort of produce a patronus! He's got his dad's skills for that. I planned pretty early on that the resurrection stone wouldn't bring back Voldemort, so I needed someone else for it to bring back. Glad you liked it!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!! I hope you enjoy the fourth one! :)

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Review #47, by Sofia Avrutsky Silence

8th April 2012:
Great cliffhanger! But I don't think Matt will like it

Author's Response: Nope, probably not. Glad you liked the cliffhanger!

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Review #48, by Sofia Avrutsky Dueling and Fighting

8th April 2012:
This is so hilarious!!!

Author's Response: Glad you think so!

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Review #49, by Lo Tipping the Boats

29th January 2012:
Hey, this is a really fun chapter:-) Just wondering why Ginny says "Lets see, I have FOUR Hogwarts booklist"? There James, Albus, Lily ... ?
Thks and I rlu hpe u update soon!feels like 4ever!

Author's Response: If I'm remembering right, Kaden was with them. That would make four. If not, then it was a mistake on my part. I'm glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #50, by merlin-potter-twilight lover The First Match

19th November 2011:
omg i love it i have loved the whole series so far you truly have a gift that the the whole world should know about
two thumbs out standing

Author's Response: Aww!! I'm glad you like the series so much. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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