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Review:putitonpaper says:
Newton is that teacher that has absolutely NO CHILL. She’s like INTER-HOUSE BONDING! You mean with the one Hufflepuff we tolerate? Hehehe.

Gosh I love your writing - “her straw blonder hair a river of sunlight behind her” - such good imagery.

Hmm - not sure if I’ve ever commented on this before - but very interesting to see Jenny criticizing her relationship like this. It’s definitely something to note as I judge certain someone for their actions.

Also interesting to compare the dreams of Jenny and her friends to others! Like how TAME in comparison!!

Oh man, Dom’s situation feels so tragic - “I decided not to tell her that Marisa had already commented on the whole Luke and Dom situation—when she'd popped into the loo—implying heavily that Luke had absolutely no interest in Dom whatsoever.” But I feel like every time there’s a Jenny and Luke scene I freak out at their cuteness lol.

Ahhh - in my vision of the Next Generation, the Puffs are total potheads too. Love - lol.

I really like how you weaved her opinions of her family into this. It’s just very interesting to see how she thinks she compares to the rest of her family. This journal entry is also interesting because it’s clearly a window of how she sees herself.

You know how to play with a girl’s emotions - I have ALL of the feels over the best friendship of Jenny and Dom!

This is great and also tragic - “She taught him a few beauty spells for straightening and styling and he'd been a sport about it. It'd actually been fun. I didn't even realise I was grinning, watching him carefully curl Dom's hair around his wand, lips pursed and eyes narrowed in concentration.”

Someone please tell the poor girl he’s not interested. Yikes.

“‘I got her a coupon for advice from me,' Freddie said, knocking back the rest of his glass. 'She isn't speaking to me anymore.’”

Freddie is my best friend, spirit animal, and lover for this.

“Luke just shook his head, saying, we're like a Shakespearean tragedy waiting to happen.” - This is so key lol.

“‘Oh my god,' Freddie said, sounding utterly scandalised. 'The paint is covered in your pheromones! Those auras were so sexually frustrated—I thought it was just me but …’” - Freddie and I are running away together and getting married. I love him. I LOVE him.

“'I think Newton is a lot smarter than she looks,' I said significantly. Everyone turned to me expectantly. 'No … that's literally all I had to say.’” - I laughed so hard at this. So, so aggressively hard at this. Amazing.

“How about boys learned to not expect a girl to reciprocate their advances just because they were being nice and respectful. As if either of those things meant a girl owed them anything.”


True friendship: “In fact, we were the only ones dancing. It was more of a chilled out, drunken evening to chat and smoke, but by god Dom would black out anyway and dance till her heart was satisfied and I would be with her every second.”

“White hot, blistering rage rose up like a tempest inside me, Fiendfyre swirling, lashing out in electric gold flames, blackening my bones.” You, my friend, know how to paint a picture.

“love rhombus with James, Flora and Ollie!’” - this is so high school and so drama and so great!!

I'm so pumped to read the next chapters!! This is getting good!! (It was always good but I'm now diving back in and remembering how good this is!)

Author's Response: LOL Newton is completely clueless.

But yes! I think that's where we see this version depart from the old one, like I needed Jenny to not just suddenly say "oh and yeah he was annoyingly jealous". I wanted it to be there, but she needed to not be oblivious to it until some external trigger or something. Like i wanted to her to know it and admit it over time and yeah.

I love the running commentary on Dom's feelings for Luke and the irony of her friendship with Jen. So funny lol. I can't resist putting in all the irony - Dom and Jenny just makes it so easy!!

HAHAHAHA please give me monthly updates on whether Freddie is still alive when you guys run away together.

I'm going to respond to your other reviews now but I can't wait for your thoughts on the next few chapters!! I'm so happy you're back and I loved your new chapter! So good!!

Lots of love, P xxx

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