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Review:Mags says:
Finally caught up, before you posted the next chapter! Iím always itching to read ahead, but Iíve decided to review every fanfic chapter I read because Iím just so in awe over everyoneís talent (and this is my favorite story at the moment so I just have to gush over every chapter!!).

Anyway, Iím glad Freddie and Ella are reaching out to Jenny, even if Ella might be doing if it for the gossip, Iím giving her the benefit of the doubt and hope she wants to be there for Jen. Itís got to be pretty obvious that things have deteriorated with Dom, so Iíd like Jenny to have another female friend to support her.

Yay for Jenny calling out James on his behavior with Flora, sheís really hammering it in that itís not okay and it is so perfect! But their conversation in the great hall brings me back to some thoughts I had in the earlier chapters, with Jamesí
ďApart from flirting with you in front of my face...Ē
like, we know Luke and Jenny are just friends and donít consider themselves to be anything more, but even if James is OTT jealous and insecure, I am going to defend him a bit here, lol. Jenny and Luke do have a flirtatious jargon, I noticed one of the other girls side eyeing them at the party, when they were talking about their kiss. I know Iíve said this before, but Jenny is not as innocent as she thinks, even if sheís not doing it on purpose... The mature thing for James would have been, as Jenny points out, to talk to her and say that ďIím not comfortable with how you and Luke behave around each other etc etcĒ buuut mature and teenage boys doesnít exactly go hand in hand, lol.

And even though I like James and Jennyís talk, I am a bit mad that Jenny doesnít say that Dom confunded her. Itís like she wants James to feel even worse for believing Dom, when heís been telling the truth the whole time about asking Jenny about it. He didnít just dump her out of the blue, and I canít help but think itís going to blow back on Jenny hard when James do find out what really happened, especially if it comes from someone else. They have tons of complicated shít to work out and her keeping this from him is not a good start.

Heee, Jennyís inner monologue during the Quidditch fight is fantastic! Canít say Iím happy that the Slytherins won that round since Iím incredible biased, but at the same time I kind of want this to have repercussions for Jenny? I sound sadistic, that I want her to have more problems, but maybe this would shift her thinking from her personal life and focus on something else for a short time. Maybe itíll instigate a fight thatíd bring up Jennyís frustration about not being the captain. If James and her are going to be able to start over, I feel like they have to air everything outó him being insecure and jealous, Jenny being angry and disappointed about not being captain, how they feel about the Potters being revered and the Riots. Just let it all out and then they can see where to go. And hopefully that would take up many chapters so that this story can go in for longer ;)

Jennyís spontaneity is going to get her in real trouble soon, isnít it? What would sheíd do if Moss did accept her offer of going to Hogsmeade? Iím torn on this because it would complicate things even further, but maybe spending time with another boy would make Jenny realize that James is the one for her, lol. And even if sheís not really serious about it, her indignation of being rejected is so on point! No one likes being rejected, but Iíve got a feeling Jenny made Moss at least a little bit more interested with those last words.

This was a heavy chapter, but still one of the funniest youíve written! Canít wait for the next, hopefully with the fallout of the fight, and why Jenny didnít say anything about Blaze booking the pitch. Did she really forget or did she subconsciously look forward to a fight?

Author's Response: Hahaha yay!! But omg that's awesome! I love that - I always try to do that too because if you genuinely enjoy someone's writing I feel like you just have to let them know and I always feel so guilty if I don't review every story I read lol.

But I know! Ella's been a surprise character - the first time around she barely existed, but this time I was like, come on, she's in Gryffindor, known Jen for almost 6 years, of course they would be friends.

Oo yes, love this observation. Because yes - Jenny isn't as perfect and innocent as she constantly thinks she is, "even if she's not doing it on purpose." Is it so cringe for me love it when people mention parts of the title in their review lol I always sit here and go "AHHH how wise, accidentally on PURPOSE ..." LOL. Anyways, yes. I don't think James was that out of the realm to be jealous - people are human - but like you said, his response was not the most mature.

LOL, they do have way too much to figure it out but yep, it's SUPER IRRITATING that she deliberately leaves out being confunded!! She just wants him to admit fault and fully without the defence of being confunded - but why?

Hahahahahaha, I had to have the Slytherins win this one - adds more drama. LOOOL no you don't sound sadistic hahahaha. I honestly love that you want to see all of this!! Like all the intimate details and problems that would plague and Jenny and James relationship if they were together or even if they aren't. It makes me so excited to put out the chapters I have written! :D Oh and TRUST me ... this story, at this rate, is going to be a bloody trilogy lmao.

Oh dear, I think so. IMAGINE!! Oh that would've been fun to write ... but seriously I can't wait for you to read the next chapter - it has one of my favourite moments ever in this whole story. And you are absolutely right that Moss' interest is piqued ... but good interest?

Ahh yay!! I definitely feel like sometimes this story is all DOOM, GLOOM, PAIN, but I'm glad this had moments of lightness. Now that they're away from this tight bubble where Jen's constantly trapped with her thoughts and James, there's more breathing room to relax so it reflects. Also ... she was like, consciously looking for a fight, LOL.

Can't wait for you to read the next chapter! Thank you so so much for this review - I love the long ones!! I re read them constantly LOL

Lots of love, P xxx

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