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Review:Mags says:
First of all, ASBO Five and prof Newton in a Cat pyjamas?! GOLDEN

I like how you betray James moods and how he tries to feel towards Jenny; Clarke means were good, were friends, trying my best to get a little flirting going while Jenelle is Im angry/disappointed, trying to distant myself from you. And Jenny knows this, which is nice way to show that theres a lot of non-romantic history between Jenny and James too. And the way Jenny constantly gravitates towards him; she didnt need to sit right next to James at the Pit, she didnt need to sit in the same compartment even after shes made it known shes still mad at him and she most certainly didnt need to sit right next to James in the Great Hall.

I can see why James is the Quidditch captain over Jenny, maybe shes the better player but hes far more mellow about it than her, lol. But I get it, its Jens dream to become a professional player while James has other ambitions (now I want a discussion between the two about that, does Jenny feel like James not taking Quidditch as serious as she does somehow hinders her, because hes the captain? Maybe the current conflicts between them are enough though ;)

More mentions about the Riots now I do want a discussion about them, what does Jenny really think about James being this glorified person in school? Weve gotten a little bit of her feelings about it, but now I want more! What does James, Freddie and Luke think about it?

But J F C DOMINIQUE how can she be so blas about everything, just because she doesnt think Jenny is on to her? Either shes completely unable to feel the tension or she just shakes it off, thinking Jenny cant know anything. And then just... urrgh, I know this was coming but its still hard to read about. No one does this to their best friend. But at the same time Im fascinated as to how little Dom really knows James, someone shes known her entire life. And how does she come back from this? Dom has lost her best friend, two of her cousins that shes cant really avoid, the person she fancy probably doesnt want anything to do with her now.

And omg, I always go in reviewing trying to keep it as short as possible so its not his enormous wall of text, but thats what it ends up being anyway, lol. But thats only because I think this story is so great and it gives me so much to think about that and things I want to say. Its an amazing story :D

Author's Response:
HAHAHAHHA isnt ASBO just so perfect for them.

Ah yes im so glad you picked up on that. Ive been subtly dropping it in in almost every chapter and at first it started off subconciously - probably the way it started with james - until i realised certain moods and tones would affect the way he addressed Jen. Which Jens noticed too - and sometimes James is aware, but mostly when he calls her Clarke, because she loved is. I dont think he’d realise that he was calling her Jenelle when hes not in the mood. Like he wouldnt be aware of it if that makes sense. But youve definitely hit the criteria nail on its head.

LOL right?? I think Longbottom had a pretty good idea about their different temperments. But also i think Longbottom thinks that James cares about Quidditch more than he does. Like he automatically assumed that James would aspire to be captain even though he didn’t. Oh and yeah, it probably is a lot more trouble for them but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming . it’s been a huge issue between them. Not sure if you can remember this but in Jenny’s drunken conversation with Flora, she mentions it in passing so dismissively but the fact it even comes up at all when she’s trying to dismiss her feelings for James. I mean. Come on. Lol.

OH GIRL ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! There is a lot more to this story then just love and I promise you it’s coming ;).

And yeah Dom is a piece of work seriously. She’s genuinely trying to shake it off and fake it till she makes it. And to be fair Jenny genuinely didn’t know anything until just now basically so it’s been two or three days and while Dom can kind of tell somethings off, she’s hidden her tracks so well it doesn’t occur to her it could actually be that Jenny knows. And depending on whether Dom’s lie has effectively meant they can’t be together in a healthy relationship well just have to see how that dynamic would work.

Listen, i want your reviews to stay this long forever because you have no idea how much it makes my day to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and just read these brilliant and long reviews. It’s like reading a mini essay - which I can’t believe I’m using as analogy for something I actually like doing lol - but I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE DONT STOP!

Thank you so much for reviewing! Love ya, P xxx

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