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Review:Mags says:
Oh, this went right according to plan, didnt it? Bit shame both Jenny and Fred forgot that they made up a new one, bless them.

I love Jennys silent passive aggressiveness toward Dom at the start, her irritation about the clothes just growin and growing... an explosion is brewing but Dom has no clue! And just the continuation of Jenny dismissing Dom, forgetting shes there, trying to distract her from noticing somethings off.

Your dialogue is amazing, Jennys and Lukes conversation was hilarious Youcounted? kinda says everything we need to know about Jennys true feelings for Luke you dont count the time if you really enjoy it. And Jenny and Ella and just the drunken speculation that is so typical drunken behavior (and teenagers) that turns out to be spot on! James does treat Flora bad, hes not over Jenny and he is so messed up over her.

But did I long to see the real James weve all heard of and here he shows up, in a small dose, but still! I love how you describe the spark between them
what about the flat sun pressed between us, catching fire to our edges?
The fire inside me roared its dissatisfaction, wantingneeding more
good looord, theres no counting seconds there lol. Jenny may not trust teenage relationships but theirs feel pretty grown up to me. But I am happy they didnt go through with it, they should both be sober and in a good place before having sex, otherwise I feel its just going to mess things up since theyre not in a good place (and not on birth control!)

(Interesting points about fanaticism surrounding Harry Potter and the Weasleys (Im sorry but I absolutely loathe Wotters, can barely write it lmao). Like, people being Harry-fans I totally get and he deserves it tbfh that poor boy, and Ron and Hermione too, but the rest of the family? Sure they were influential but not so much more than any other member of the Order. And Id always figured that the Potters had money of course, and that George and his family would be considered rich but that the rest of them would be around upper middleclass... I guess Ron and Hermione too would make a lot of money. Anyway, big sidetrack but its a really interesting thing to be brought up since its not addressed so often, that fanaticism I mean. I totally believe itd happen too, even to the extent of there being anti-Wotters.)

I love Jennys constant snark about Holly Winters, how you keep telling us how talented James and Fred are (those stars, learning to think for themselves over time is both amazing and a bit scary), that Luke and Jenny have a stable friendship that werent destroyed over a kiss and that there was no drunken confrontation with Dom. Better keep that for when Jenny is sober...

Author's Response:
HI! Fair warning I’m writing this response on my phone so it’s going to be crap - but I’m going to write a better one on your other review when I’m in front of my laptop again.

I know! I’m so glad you noticed that gradual build up! Because that’s exactly what I wanted to push across. Jenny’s anger and hurt is a slow burn and it’s important to note that she’s actually trying not to be mad without the whole truth from Dom. It means she still has hope it isn’t true and there’s some other explanation.

Ahh! Thank you so much :D Jenny and Luke’s conversation is genuinely one of my favs LMAO. And YES! We finally see the teensiest sliver of the James Jenny was mad for, although in the most insignificant increment lol. I think we’ll get more of this James going forward.

YES THERES NO COUNTING SECONDS WITH HIM. The ultimate sign that Jenny’s just fooling herself ... and you’re exactly right about their relationship being adult and real and tbf Jenny’s probably super right about not trusting teenage relationships but whatever’s between James and Jen ... that’s not the same.

HAHAHAHA I love that you hate Wotters - they hate it too and use it ironically. But yeah no you’re right, in my world James’s family and Freddie’s family are definitely a lot richer than the rest of the Weasleys. But Ron and Hermione are lowkey rich too. Hermione, as well find out, is the Minister of Magic and has quite a good life. But theyre not and can’t be as ostentatious with their wealth. Doms not rich - she’s very middle class and I think you can kind of get her critical vibe from her comments on Freddie’s clothes. Regarding “Wotter fanaticism” - she’s not a fan and definitely sides with those who have views against it. I kind of liken it to the whole monarchy in England - some people love the queen and others demand she pay taxes you know?

Hahahahaha yes love the snark with winters as well. Jenny’s definitely observing. And I SO didn’t want Jen and Luke to be awkward after the kiss - they have so much on their plate already Jesus lol. I would be suffocating everyone if it became a problem

THANKS FOR THIS REVIEW!!! Can’t wait to read the next one :)

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