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Review:astoryending says:
Gasp. Dom confounded her. Dom CONFUNDED HER! I have so many thoughts and feelings about this that I donít even know where to start. Iím partially glad to see Jenny getting some sort of closure on the whole thing, but at the same time I think it was so much worse than she couldíve ever imagined. Her best friend actually hexed her to try and justify a lie she told. Like who the heck does thatÖ Somewhere, I had an inkling that Dom must have done something like this because it was the only thing that made sense, but I still didnít want to believe it! A bit shell-shocked about the lengths in which Dom went to cover her own a*se, it really showcases that at her core is a selfish and impulsive person. Ugh, Iím so mad on behalf of Jenny. And James. And Luke. She really f*cked them ALL over, huh :( But I have to say that I do get the panic which Dom mustíve felt in realizing that her little lie was spiraling the F out of control (teenage impulsiveness and recklessness to the extreme), but her actions are still mindboggling.

This whole thing just makes my heart ache for Jenny and James. I want them to find their way back to each other so bad, but how do you come back from something like this? This not only destroyed their relationship but seriously RUINED Jenelle. I just feel like she is so utterly crushed that she canít even begin to sort out her feelings for James under this mess of hatred for Dom and the massiveness that is her betrayal. And on top of that her and Dom sleep in the same blooming room (and sheís related to James) so itís not really like she can escape her, is it :(

I feel like after every chapter itís always: oh poor Flora. But seriously, poor Flora! Talk about not catching a break! Sheís really just an innocent bystander getting caught up in this shtstorm and I just wanna give her a hug.

I think itís really good timing to have them back at Hogwarts now, cause it will ultimately change the feel and bring new elements and dimensions. Itís genius to have Jen ask Dom about everything when they got back, because it is almost as if this sets of a part two of the story, you know? A before and after sort of thing so it feels fitting that it is in a Ďnewí location.

Rose Weasley? Sheís the best thing ever!! Such a breath of fresh air so I vote for more of her please :D


Ps. Tumblr: yaaas! d.s

Author's Response: I know! I KNOW! Dom bloody CONFUNDED her. But honestly me too. I needed - we all needed, Jenny needed - to get that final closure that yes, Dom told these lies and she confunded Jen to fix it? to hide it? But yes! I think I remember saying this in an earlier response to a review that Jenny would eventually get the truth but it wouldn't make anything better and actually make things worse lol. But yeah - Dom's behaviour is incomprehensible to most of us (a good thing because it shows we don't know how to think so maliciously and calculated) but there are a few girls in the world who are genuinely like this - the only difference being she has magic. But Dom did only use it as a last resort out of sheer panic and fear that James and Jenny would realise that she'd told this lie and stop being her friend - and that's where you're right about her selfish and impulsive qualities.

Now we just have to see if Dom can ever recover lol.

I know :( Your analysis is so spot on. That's exactly Jenny's thinking - how do I sort out my feelings for James, whose done so so so much bad (out of pain), but on top of it detangle how Dom factors into and her total betrayal. And god yeah URGH Dom in the same room will NOT be pleasant ...

Hahahaha I know! I'm saying poor Flora all the time too! But don't worry, I have a few things in store for her and they're not all crap haha.

Yeah I love that they're back at Hogwarts! It feels like they're on more solid ground and I can't wait to write the Hogwarts characters in! Rose was SO much fun to write - I want to make her different from most Roses, just a complete departure from both her parents and everyone's just like how is she their daughter lol. But there are so many others I'm so excited about :D Albus Potter for one. But thank you!! That's exactly what I was going for - instead of a physical sign saying "Part II" the change in location, the feel, does actually make it feel like I'm writing the sequel or something haha. Like Part one was all about Jenny finding the truth, and now it's all about how she deals with it. I have an inkling this story might have four parts to it.

Also I'm so happy you like Rose!!! There will DEF be more of her!


And I'll definitely put the link to the Tumblr up although I feel like there are some spoilers on there so I'll have to double check before I do haha. But I'm glad you're interested!!

Thank you for this review!! My response is as massive as ever so I apologise for that!! Lots of love, P x

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