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Review:astoryending says:
Um, you need to warn a sister before unleashing all of that hotness and sexual tension and Merlin above. I think my heart stopped for a beat there. But may I just say f i n a l l y. Now, one could probably give a whole speech about making decisions when p*ss drunk, but I am not going to because most of us (I hope, please God I hope so haha) have been there in some shape or form. Which ties in again with it being so well anchored in reality and real teenage issues and dramas. Like, sometimes I miss those proper, teenage parties where the night was forever young and you had zero regards for consequences and literally anything could happen. Because, man do things happen at the parties thrown by these guys!!

Okay now Iím going to sound like a broken record, but when you describe emotions and moments itís just so darn beautiful.

One thing I keep thinking about is if Dom is actually this oblivious to Jenny (and others) finding out what actually happened, or bits of it at least, or is she aware that the truth has been seeping out and sheís just acting like nothing is wrong? I really struggle to think of why on earth she would do it, what would be in it for her. I mean, had she and James not been cousins it could've easily been a 'I'm gonna steal yo man' thing, but I DON'T KNOW and it's frustrating the heck out of me, haha!!

And James. There he is! I love that more of who he actually is came through, because now I get why she fell for him in the first place. Itís great that she finally acknowledged that she is in fact in love with him, and I do get the way she feels about teenage love not being ďthe real thingĒ (but then I went and found my soulmate at 18, so Iím one to talk.) Then James (finally) saying out loud that sheís it, tugged at my heart strings. I still want to give him a swift kick though for not GETTING how bloody important THE WORDS are!1!!1

And yes. Sht did go down. Like everyone knew it would, but that still didnít stop me from catching my breath haha :)

Itís just so lovely to have you reply to these (slightly unfiltered; soz about that) comments, thank you endlessly for taking time to do that! With the risk of maybe sounding creepy and sad (great combo) itís just like talking a bit of rubbish with a friend while adding another dimension to the story :)


Author's Response: LOL sorry, I love no-warning, full throttle, totally insane hotness and sexual tension - but joking aside, your heart stopped for a beat?! Yay! Hahaha. And yes, one definitely could a give a whole speech about how many terrible decisions and mistakes are made when drunk - and I feel like people might be getting the sense that Jen's quite a reckless drunk? Fifth year Jenny was no joke - she wasn't just racoon eyes and ripped tights. There's a reason why she was once known as the life of the party ... but anyways, I'm so so happy it still managed to stay realistic and teeanger-y in the midst of the insanity. Because as wild as this story gets and as much as accidents purposely happen, I want the characters to be real people and not 2D representations of 'types' - as in, Jenny the Stubborn Heartbroken Girl in Love, James the Arrogant but Brave and Heroic and Hot and Also Sometimes a D**k, Dom the Evil and Malicious, Luke the Laid Back Guy and Freddie the Funny Guy ... because they're all those things but so much more.

Thank you! You don't sound like a broken record at all. I'm dead chuffed you think so, it just makes me love writing even more haha.

Very interesting questions. VERY interesting thoughts. Very interesting ;)

Welcome back James!!! After TEN whole chapters of Jenny vaguely suggesting that the James in front of her was not the James she knew, that the James she thought she knew would've never treated her like this, he's FINALLY shown up. And yeah, Jenny finally, begrudgingly admitting to herself that she may be in love with him comes from a place of terror and fear (not great, I know) and one source is the fact that she thinks he could hurt her even more now that she's somewhat certain about her feelings and the other source ... well, you'll find out. But it has to do with her parents. And to her "the real thing" at the age of 16 (also very cool and amazing that you found your soulmate at 18!!! Love that so much - Jenny could learn a thing or two from you haha) is just not good. But for James, clearly, when it comes to Jenny, he has no problem admitting it ... or at least it looks like it. HAHAHAHA he just can't say it! Loser.

Oh my god, replying to your reviews - to everyone's reviews - is one of my favourite things to do in the entire world. My whole body lights up I swear and I have a big fat grin on my face when a review pops up because - after ten chapters - I have received some of the most amazing, in-depth and insightful reviews that have absolutely blown me away in their analysis and thoughts. I really do feel like I'm talking to a friend!! All of your thoughts are so important to me - I'm just blown away constantly that YOU guys care enough to write me such thoughtful reviews and take the time to do that! So thank you so so so much for your lovely review. I genuinely look forward to each and every one - everyone brings such new and different perspectives, it really helps me take a second look at my story as I edit chapters and write.

P x

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