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Review:emma28 says:
Haaha "I'm practically the saviour of the wizarding world". In a way her kinda is. I mean if it wasn't for james (and lily) Harry wouldnt exist.

This is an amazing, fantastic, addicting, well-written story! You wrote every single character extremely well. You understand James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily. Other stories I have read wrote the character kinda one dimensional. They pretty much give them one personality trait.
But you managed to get every character spot on and wrote them the way they should have be written, and you made them grow along the way and mature. And I love how you included Peter distancing himself from the group, hinting that he is possibly joining Voldemort.

I can tell that you've done quite a bit of research for this story as everything you wrote is canon. Not only the characters but also most of the plots. Like the Whomping Willow incident. That is my favourite scene. Because while it is sad, you wrote it perfectly. I've read other stories about that scene and I've never really agreed with them. Because James is very loyal to his friends, so of course he would be mad with Sirius and wouldn't make up with him anytime soon. And I love that you got Dumbledore involved in it. You wrote the scene very seriously as it should have been written.
I can tell you put a lot of thought into every chapter. Like you put yourself in each characters shoes and thought how they would think. Because this is the most canon marauder era fic I have read so far (and probably will ever read).

A lot of people think Sirius would have dated many girls and slept around a bit. But I never really thought he would be like that. James may have before he even started to like Lily, but Sirius is too damaged for that in my opinion. So it was nice to finally read a story where Sirius isn't the 'player' of the school just because he's handsome.

I like how you wrote Remus also. It was painful to read some of his chapters because it was so sad. I always knew that Remus has/had a lot of trouble with his Lycanthropy but I never really gave it much more thought than that. But after reading this, I fully realise how insecure he is and how tormented and conflicted he is. This is the only story that really made me sympathise and understand Remus.

And I enjoyed reading about James because not only is he entertaining, but I could see him maturing and growing over time. A lot of other stories write James as immature, cheeky and childish and then suddenly he does a 180 and his mature and grown up. It kinda gives you whiplash. But you slowly developed his character so we could see his progress. I really enjoyed reading James.

I never really gave Regulus much thought before this story, to be honest. But I went back to the books to read what little info we know of him, and I noticed that you stuck to the books and expanded it to make it your own. While in the books it appears that Sirius doesn't care for his brother and doesn't love him anymore, he is still his brother. Chapter 64: Torn, was so well written. And it made me sympathise with Regulus. This is most likely what Regulus' and Sirius' upbringing was actually like. I can understand now why Regulus became a death eater. He was put in a difficult situation, especially after Sirius left. You made me see Regulus in a whole new light. I understand fully now why Sirius was so bitter about Regulus joining the death eaters in OOTP.
It was also nice to see how Regulus and Ali's relationship developed. It's nice that she's genuinely concerned for him and trying to help him. It's just sad because we all know how that will end.

And lastly, I very much enjoyed reading about Ali and her family. And I loved seeing Ali grow and develop over time. It was nice to see Sirius help her grow and vice versa. I also like how you wrote about the similarities between Christian and Sirius. It was fun to see Christian go from not liking Sirius to becoming best buds with him.
Ali and Sirius are a very good match. I love seeing their relationship grow. They both had their insecurities (Ali about physical contact/PDA, and Sirius about his family/self-worth), and I love that you addressed them. Especially Sirius, as that's something he definitely had as it was even evident in the books. So it was nice to see that included and in the end it helped them grow.

I hope this story isn't abandoned! I would love to read more and see how it ends. I really enjoyed this story and you are a very talented writer. Please update as soon a you can. Thank you so much for writing this story and I look forward to reading more! :)

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