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Review:dumbledore_wannabe says:
I am really enjoying this story, and am glad to know that you have so many more chapters coming! I always liked Luna, but felt that she was never as well-developed as I would have wanted. I'm pleased we are learning more about her. As Ron once said, "She's great, isn't she? Always good value."

I have to say that, so far, I find Michael annoying. I have the feeling that we are supposed to like him, but I just canít, at least not yet. Heís arrogant and has too much anger going on, despite his apparently good heart. And Iím finding it a little hard to believe that he would be in his current position at his age (but maybe one has to be very young to have the degree of... recklessness?... that would be needed for his job.) But, all that said, he is at least an interesting character, and I have a feeling that we will eventually be learning why heís so angry, which may make me more kindly disposed toward him. Maybe Luna will soften him up. And the fact that I have such a definite opinion about him must mean that he is well-written. :)

Iím off to read the next chapter. Thank you for this story!!

Author's Response: First off, thanks so much for the review! Its been...a while...since I got one. I'm really glad you like my slightly different take on Luna. Obviously, I love her character and think she's wonderful in canon, but I realized early on in this that canon Luna simply can't be half the main pairing of a full length novel. She needed to be more than "a vague expression" and weird ideas and one liners, with occasional sage advice. Evolving her as she grows closer to her friends and boyfriend and thus becomes a little more socially capable without altering who Luna is has been a big deal to me, although it helps to have Hermione (the logical one) and Sarah (the crazy one) as foils for her character.

And you know what, you SHOULD find Michael annoying, at least a little. It seems like you're bordering on dislike of him, but since you pulled a great quote from canon, I'll butcher my own when Remus tells Harry something about his father like "Of course he was an idiot! A lot of people are idiots at his age!" Michael's seventeen right now and in addition to the (often undeserved) confidence that comes with that age, he frankly does deserve a good bit of his ego. The thing is, he's only lost a few times in his life (in magical duels, I mean) and most often to Voldemort. Losing to Voldemort wouldn't humble him - it would be like being a pretty good Quidditch player at Hogwarts and then getting beat by the team that won the World Cup last year. Losing to Voldemort is almost expected, so it wouldn't kill his confidence - it might make him a little angry, however ;) And you will indeed find out what is always eating at Michael and causing him to flare up here and there in the next few chapters, or at least one of the reasons. You mention hoping Luna will help him grow, and - in my TOTALLY unbiased opinion - she does just that. Remember, you're only on chapter 14 of a roughly 125 chapter story, and Michael's still a kid at seventeen. With time skips, Moonlight War ends up spanning ten years, so I hope you'll see that over that decade age, responsibility, family, and frankly getting his butt kicked all work to turn him from a hotshot teenager alternating between threatening anyone who looks at him or Luna and declaring his undying love for her into a mature, responsible adult who learns to trust other people to be as competent - or more competent - than he is.

There's a chapter coming up shortly called "Life Starts Now" which subject matter aside, I feel is an excellent title for the chapter that really dives in to what this novel is about. You could almost say everything up to that point is a prologue, a setup for the heart of the story. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that from there on it becomes less about the entire group and more focused on Michael and Luna as a couple.

I'm really, really glad you're enjoying it so far and I hope I'll hear from you again sometime soon :)

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