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Ro, Ro, Row Your Boat by Kindlemesilly

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 20,333
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Humor
Characters: Dominique, Fred II, James (II), Rose, Roxanne, Teddy
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 06/20/2017
Last Chapter: 11/21/2017
Last Updated: 11/21/2017

Mum calls me Roxanne. Dad calls me Rocky, My twin Fred calls me Roxy which annoys the heck out of me.

Teddy Lupin can call me whatever he wants, but probably not Fiance, that's what he should be calling my cousin Victoire.

James says screw Victoire, but what does he know, he is trying to steal Al's girl. Dom thinks fate is fate and Red said she doesn't care what happends as long as it doesnt effect Quidditch.

Seventh Year sucks already.

Chapter 1: Introducing The Begining Of The Begining.
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‘Hey Roxy, do you have a minute’


I groaned. My brother rolled his eyes impatiently and smirked.


‘Sorry Ro, I forgot how much you hate Roxy’ he said


‘Roxy sounds like a name for a dog. Do I look like a dog fred?’ I snapped ‘Don’t answer it was rhetorical!’


He shrugged and laughed.


‘Anyways, can you take some notes in History today for me and I’ll catch up with you later’


‘What in Merlin’s name for? It’s literally the first day back from break! Are you cutting class already?!?’


‘Keep ya hairnet on, uhhh James reckons he found something interesting. Please Ro can you?


‘So I’m assuming these notes are also going to be passed onto Al, and probably Scorpius? Why can’t you ask someone else? I always take down notes for you guys’ I huffed.


‘Because Rose slams a book in my face every time I ask, Dom doesn’t write anything down for herself let alone us, Molly purposely writes the wrong things for us and all the other girls keep scribbling their numbers and love hearts on them’


I snorted.


‘Well what about the guys in our year level who are intending on graduating from seventh year and not skipping class because Jimmy found a frog?’


‘Ro please I would not skip class for a frog’ said Fred with an annoying smirk again.


He held up his hand and started counting down the reasons as to why he could not trust the rest of the boys in our history class to take notes. ‘…Sam tried to curse me for even asking, and Zabini has messy handwriting’.


‘Fine but you owe me. I mean it Fred II Arthur Weasley’


I didn’t get to hear his reply because he ran away happily shouting nonsense as he went.


I closed my eyes and tried to picture what Jimmy and Fred could have possibly found so interesting that it was worth skipping class for. Then I figured-


No No it’s better if I didn’t know.


I turned to walk down the corridor when a first year rudely pushed into me. I know it was a first year because I remember seeing her at the sorting hat ceremony.


She looked like a Veela. But like a baby Veela. What would you even call that? A Veel? A Slytherin Veela. God she reminded me of my cousin Victoire though. Eggh.


‘Excuse you’ I said.


‘Yeah ok’ she said as she rolled her eyes and flipped her hair backwards.


‘Was that guy your boyfriend?’ she asked flatly.


‘Who?’ I asked. I checked around me. There was nobody there except for few first year girls. Her posse I’m assuming. Oh no little Lucy was one of them. She’s our youngest cousin to enter Hogwarts.


‘The boy who asked you to take notes for him. He was hot. And if he is your boyfriend ..well let’s just say you don’t look like any competition’ she said smirking.


‘What boy? Fred? Fred!? What the? He is my twin brother’ I said laughing out loud. I heard Lucy giggle.


‘Funny…. let’s go girls’ she snapped as they walked off.


What the hell just happened there? I was so confused by the turn of events that I completely misjudged the time. I was totes sooo late to History.


I walked/ran/walked/jogged/walked to history of magic. It was on the other side of the castle. Professor Bins didn’t even notice when I slipped in.


I sat in between my cousins Rose and Dominque as they point blank refuse to sit near each other anymore.


But first let me introduce my cousins Red and Dom Weasley..


Rose had been called Red from the day she walked through Hogwarts in our first year. It kind of just stuck with her.


 She is the rebellious redhead in our big family. She’s a really good Quidditch beater, wears ripped jeans and drinks Butterbeers in the same league as Jimmy. She speaks her mind and is the definition of not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. She is the type of girl that loves to have fun and have a good laugh.


Dominique is the rebellious blonde in our family. She too does not care what anyone thinks and speaks her mind in her very Dominique way. She however is more um I’d say high maintenance than Red. Like if you ruined Red’s dress she would laugh, and like if you ruined Dom’s dress she would make you clean it while snapping at you and your fashion sense. Trust me I know, I’ve been there.  


So anyway, long story short, the reason as to why they currently loathe each other is because one weekend last term we (James and Fred) decided to have a common room party bash before the Christmas break.


Dom, Red and I were drinking down our firewhisky like nobody’s business. Actually everybody was pretty smashed that night. Even Hugo, Red’s little brother although he passed out really early I remember. So from what I gathered, because I actually don’t know the true story i just heard at least 6 different versions, was that Dom was talking to Teddy on the phone and invited him to the party.


Now Teddy is everybody’s crush. He was the man last year before he graduated, top of class, Headboy, captain of the Quidditch team, absolute heartthrob. We were best friends as kids, Teddy and I. And then when he was forced to move in with the Malfoys around 12 years, he changed. We’ve never spoken since. I’ve always thought of him as a snob now because he barely looks at me and either mumbles when I say hi or ignores me completely whenever we see each other at family events.


Anyway so from what I remember, Dom and Red were talking about who Teddy would think was a better kisser out of the both of them. So they were arguing between themselves if they should find out even though he is completely out of bounds for them.


You see he is currently going out with our cousin and Dom’s sister Victoire…


I seriously don’t know why he is though- yeah she has real Veela beauty, and yeah she is kind and funny I guess, but she is such a muggle hipster I can’t stand it. To be honest I think like he felt forced to be with her because it meant he could really be related to Jimmy, Al and Lils dad Harry, who is his godfather. Like if anyone idolised Harry it was Teddy. Victoire’s Mother Fleur always plans out their dates and outings etc. I doubt even Victoire really likes him either.


So Teddy rocked up to our party, word spread and we had to relocate to the room of requirement. The boys went off to get more alcohol. It turned out to big a bigger party then we expected. 


Teddy stayed behind and was greeted and swooned by literally everybody. He was humble though. I think that’s why everybody has a crush on him. Because he is sexy as hell but humble and good natured.


So Red was flirting up a storm with him which was actually very entertaining to watch because I rarely see Red flirt- she’s usually play punching boys. So the night went on and we all kept drinking even Teddy. He smiled at me a couple of times but I’m pretty sure that was just the alcohol. Red had wondered off somewhere and Dom had started flirting with Teddy. He was just as politely rejecting her as he was to Red, although neither of those two noticed the rejection. They were that drunk. So Red comes back and poor Teddy was sitting in between both of the girls who were practically drooling on him.


I heard Dom scream in a drunk slur ‘hEY tEDDYY Who DO yOu tHInKKK iS a BeTTER Kisser’ and reached up and pulled him for a kiss. Red was obviously infuriated but being a competitive sport she is pulled him back out of Dom’s grasp and kissed Teddy as well.


Not sure what happened next but I’m assuming Dom retaliated and both girls began fighting physically. Teddy and James tried to push them off each other but then the wands came out. Both guys got jinxed. Nearly everybody got jinxed so the party went from 100 to 0 real quick. Students began sprinting out the room like it was an attack. Woke up the teachers.


Well lets just say, I was on the floor with large buck teeth sprouting purple octopus arms. And can you believe it! I’m banned from Hogsmede for a month! I was punished for nothing literally! Not as much as Dom and Red. But still a lot.


The next day, Dominique and Rose apologized to everybody. Dom confessed that it was her idea and Red swore that it was not Teddy’s fault.


We all took a family oath though to not tell Vic anything.


 So things pretty much went back to normal over the Christmas break. It was awkward yes but it’s always a drama during holidays in the family. Dom and Red killed it though. They just made the whole break extremely painful to be around them.


My Brother and Jimmy would try and lighten up the mood by lighting sparks in my Uncle Percy’s hair so that his hair literally appeared flaming red. It was fireproof of course. My dad found it hilarious. Uncle Percy didn’t. That man never laughs.


And because there wasn’t enough drama within the family, James and my Uncle Harry had another row at each other.


...Sometimes the conversations that my family can have with each other can get too hectic. Even for me. Not sure who started it but it revved my Uncle Harry right up. Not going to lie though, if he had a time tuner why didn’t he just travel back in time to kill Voldemort…


Sounds like a typical James Sirius I Want to Shit Stir My Dad Potter question to me.


So whilst everybody was having a jolly ‘good’ time at the dinner table after dinner had finish, I got up and decided to get some fresh winter air outside.


I remember walking outside to touch the fresh layer of snow that had appeared while we ate dinner when I noticed Teddy oddly sitting on the fence across the field where the garden gnome burrows were.  He was alone.


Typical me, I was curious to go see what he was up too.


And that’s where my troubles began.


‘Hey Ro’ he said when I approached him, smiling though his smile didn’t reach up to his blue eyes as they usually did.


‘Are you okay out here? All alone? And so far from nana’s burrow? It’s freezing out here man’ I said shivering.


‘And you care about me being cold because?’ he chuckled ‘Roxanne, do us a favour and quit acting like you suddenly care about what I do. We haven’t spoken since we were 12 years old’


What a git.


‘Ok chill. It’s Ro actually. And I was just being friendly. I don’t know what’s got your knickers up in a twist but you’re right I don’t care enough to pretend. And you know what? Maybe if you made more of an effort to have conversation with me instead of snubbing me off all the time we would we still have at least been friends’


He suddenly burst out laughing. ‘Ro listen. I stopped talking to you because it made me nervous to talk to girls. I was scared I was going to say something stupid. I was a teenager. And as we grew up it just became too awkward and embarrassing to apologise’ he chuckled.


‘That’s a dumb excuse’ I frowned.


He smiled.                               


‘I know. Can you believe something. I’ve been nervous to talk to you ever since I turned into a teenager. And it wasn’t like I could just come up to you either, you were always surrounded by Red and Dom. Goddam Dom. Vics sister.

Do you know that Fleur and Ginny squeal like excited little girls every SINGLE time Victoire and I are in the same room together? They insist we were destined for each other and can I tell you a secret- I’ve never once felt that way about her. Funnily enough at the back of my mind I’d always think about you’


I was completely speechless. Gobsmacked. Not sure what I was expecting Teddy to say when I came outside 10 minutes ago but it definitely wasn’t this.


I just stayed quiet and had let him rant on. That’s when I saw the bottle of firewhisky. Man that stuff really messes people up.


‘So here I am, bending over backwards to make people happy’ he continued. ‘From the moment I became a teen to now, trying to make people happy so that I can feel like I belong into a family. And what was I supposed to say. Thanks Harry for letting me stay with your family sorry can you please tell Fleur and Ginny to back off, I don’t want to marry Vicky your neice. Oh by the way we need more toilet paper. 


You can’t be granted favours in this world without something in return. I will never be able to payback harry for all those years of generosity.


He sighed and looked up at me


‘But see I can’t keep doing this. I don’t want to lose the Potters and the Weasleys but I can’t pretend marrying Victoire isn’t going to kill me’


I cleared my throat ‘Who said you have to marry her?’


He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. It was a breathtaking ring. I don’t know anything about rings but let me tell you this was a nice finger cuff.


‘Wow’ was all that I managed to say.


‘Harry and Bill gave it to me this afternoon. It was my Grandmothers Adromeda’s before she past away. They said I was ready. I have no goddam clue about what it was in my face that looked like I was ready to propose marriage but its there apparently’ he said darkly.


‘Then don’t get married Ted, just explain to Harry –


‘You still don’t get it Ro’ he said angrily ‘I can’t just go and break up with his niece. Bill and Fleur would be furious. So would Ginny. And then what. Harry would have to choose between me and his family. And of course he’d choose his family. I know I would if I had any. But I don’t. This could be my very last Christmas with a warm loving family.


‘Well you can try talk to Uncle Harry I’m sure he’d-


‘Ro you still don’t get it’


He was pissing me off now.


‘Ok I was just trying to offer solutions relax. I’ll just shut up then’


‘Your solutions don’t help me’


‘Well that’s because you big mouth kept shutting them down before I even finished my sentences. You know what go screw yourself’


He frowned. I was annoyed now.


‘Yeah you heard me. You’ve whined the whole time about you you you. Does Vicky know you’re using her as a safeguard for this family you so desperately want to be apart of? My cousin is a lump of coal most times but she is still my cousin and it just makes you sound plain selfish and a bit of a prick to be honest that you would use her like that’


‘She knows. Did it ever occur to you that she is in the boat as me. She has her reasons and I have mine’ said Teddy still frowning. He looked angry now.


‘So let me get this straight. Neither of you want to be together yet you are staying together to make our family happy? Sounds like a stupid waste of time to me’ I spat.


‘Well let me dumb it down for you then. Fleur’s family are practically French royalty with a huge debt that their late father left them. Nobody but Vic, Harry, Bill and Fleur know about it. Bill has refused point blank to accept money from Harry and I. We’ve tried everything. Bill was contemplating on suicide at one point because he didn’t know what to do. I had no choice and neither did Vic. This was all an act so that once we were married he can have all my inheritance. I don’t care about money.


Well things changed. Once news reached that a Black Family Heir was betrothed to a Delacour the debt collectors lifted off the debt immideietly.


However we still had to pretend like we were in a loving relationship. The debt was issued by a bunch of wannabe deatheater followers. The crazy kind that still go around wearing masks and Dark Mark tattooes on their head. Well they threatened the Delacour family. To them it meant we were on the death eater side. So they left the Delacour family alone.’


I was speechless.


‘It’s safe now right though? I mean you can just pretend but not actually marry her?’


He sighed.


‘Vic and I are at the point of almost absolutely despising each other. She cheats on me with everybody every weekend. I really don’t care. But this good girl act that she has going on has to stop. It’s because of her that Bill actually thinks we’re inlove, you see he and Harry don’t know that the debt was lifted because I was a Black heir. They legitimately think we’re inlove and the debt was a paid for. I just don’t have the heart to tell them...’


‘Sound like you’re a real couple of heroes’ I said bitterly. I’m not sure where that came from.


‘What’s with the tone?’


‘I still think its stupid she’s not worth being in the good books with the inlaws for. I still think Harry will have your back’


‘Are you pretending to be naïve about the whole death eater situation?’ he chuckled.


I ignored him


‘You should at least be with someone you at least have feelings for’


Teddy rose up off the fence and walked towards me. He looked sad but happy sad. I’m not sure how to explain it. He then lifted my chin up to his face. I froze. It made my pulse race.

He stared into my eyes and stroked my cheek softly. It made butterflies explode in my stomach.


He kissed me hard and longing.


‘I know’ he said looking at me ‘But as much as I want to… and trust me I really want to it- It just seems impossible that I’ll ever be with her’


He walked back to the burrow cursing and shaking his head.


That moron left me with a million questions and a million butterflies outside in the cold.


So I followed him back to the burrow with every intention of demanding answers for my questions. When we arrived everybody was seated around the Christmas tree.


‘It’s presents time Roxanne. Hurry up!’ shouted Fred


‘I think I already got mine’ I said before I could stop myself.


Nobody noticed but Fred. He looked at me then Teddy and frowned.


I turned my head to Teddy. I hoped to Merlin he didn’t hear.


Teddy was smiling at his feet. How freaking mortifying.


Just then my uncle Bill stands up


‘Everyone I’d like to make a toast before we start opening our presents’ he said whilst magically conjuring champagne glasses for everybody.


We all held our glasses up.


‘I’d like to congratulate my soon to be son in law, and my daughter on their engagement! Welcome to the Family Teddy Harry Lupin!’


Everybody cheered. Ginny, Nana and Fleur and pretty much all the women burst into tears.


Teddy looked absolutely shocked and angry. So did Victoire. She whispered something into his ear and he shook his head. They both plastered on the biggest fake smiles I’ve ever seen.


Maybe it’s because I’ve never noticed before but they really do look like they were putting on a show. No one else seemed to notice.


‘Well now we’ll never know’ whispered Dom behind me. She too was wearing a fake smile. I noticed Red was gritting her teeth so hard she looked constipated. I wonder what my face looked like.


‘KISS-KISS-KISS-KISS’ the family chanted.


And they kissed.


I’ve never wanted to throw something at Victoire more than I did then.


 I didn’t even know why.


Teddy turned around to look at me. His eyes looked so apologetic. Or maybe that was just in my head. Can eyes look apologetic?


Victoire noticed him look at me. And well it doesn’t take much for someone to figure out what someone must be feeling when they stop kissing you mid kiss and stare at someone else with sorrow. She however glared at me and to my surprise as well at Teddy’s by the look of it she went in for another kiss.


‘Ugh stop it already’ muttered Dom under her breath. I forgot that she was standing behind me. Maybe Vicky found out about the party and was glaring at her and not me.


No that wasn’t a ‘Stupid sister here take this’ kind of kiss, it was more of a ‘No I have him and no matter what he will always be mine so back off Roxanne type of kiss’.



When I woke up that morning I did not think I’d have feelings for Teddy Lupin by the end of the night. Well not again anyway. Things change when you grow up.


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Chapter 2: Begining
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‘Can you tell Dominique to not sit with us at the Great Hall today’ muttered Red loudly.


‘Ro, Can you explain to Rose that I’m in Gryffindor too – You know just incase a bludger hit her too hard in the head and she forgot. I can sit wherever the hell I want on that table’ snapped Dom


And they bickered all the way into the Great Hall. This term is going to completely suck if they carry on like this.


They continued bickering on the table. With food in their mouth.


That’s it! I had enough.


‘Will you to stop already. I hope you know how stupid it makes you both sound that you’re fighting over a guy. A guy that is getting married to your sister and cousin. A guy that no matter how mixed your feelings are towards him he is off limits. A guy that you wished he hadn’t kissed you just before announcing his damn engagement’ I ranted.


Oh woops- went way way to far.


Red and Dom stared at me with their mouths open.


‘You did what?’ I turned as saw Fred frowning at me. Looked like he just finished his frog excursion with James. He shook his head at me and walked off. Dammit now my brother is disappointed in me.


‘Please tell me you didn’t?’ Dom said.


‘Ro, why didn’t you tell us?’ Red said


‘Because you’re both fighting over him. Didn’t want to make it all three of us fighting over him. Which I won’t by the way’


Red shook her head ‘No we weren’t fighting over him- oh god no’




Dom smiled ‘We were fighting over who was the better kisser. Teddy never told us. So we’ve been competing at everything since then. We ask him all the time but he either gives us a different answer or just says both’


‘That’s not good enough for us. So we went around kissing other boys in the sixth year. So far the tally keeps tying. We’re super competitive if you haven’t realised Ro. As if we’d ever fight over a guy’ said Red. They were both laughing now.


Of course it was over a competition. Why didn’t I see it before! I seriously don’t know why Teddy is so desperate to become part of this family they’re all nutcases.


‘But let’s roll back here. You kissed Teddy? Like with emotion?’ ask Red


‘Yes Red that’s what kissing is for. Not for competitions’ I rolled my eyes


‘Don’t change the subject’


I retold them the whole story. I left out the part of the death eaters.


‘Oh my god. OMG. OMG’ said Dom covering her mouth.


‘Has he spoken to you since?’ Red asked ignoring Dom.


‘No’ I lied.


They didn’t press on. Thank Merlin.


The truth was Teddy has spoken to me since our kiss. He sent me an owl the day before I started school, which was yesterday. Vintage right? I thought it was so sweet. Like old school sweet. And then I snapped out of it remembering Fleur.


It just said

‘I’m sorry’


Pathetic right. Like what the hell was I suppose to respond to that?!


So I didn’t...


He neither has rung nor texted via phone either. Which is a great Muggle invention by the way. Props to the Muggles!


But in all seriousness, I have no idea why thinking of Teddy these last couple of weeks has given me goose bumps. I had zero feelings for him before Christmas and now all of a sudden my heart is playing up.


I remember when we were kids I had a massive crush on Teddy, but so did all my cousins. He was the joker of our group always playing jokes on people. We were the best of friends him and I, we shared secrets, pulled pranks on Vicky and Lucy, always chosign each other in partner games. You know- Those type of kid things.

And then he was about 8 years old, his grandmother Adromeda died and he was forced to live with Adromeda’s sister Narcissa Malfoy and her family due to being underage. I remember my uncle Harry was furious and fought tooth and nail in the courts for custody but as Narcissa is the only blood family he has left,Ted had to live with the Malfoy’s until he turned 13.


Not sure what happened, or if it was the fact that his only guardian Adromeda died, but when Teddy came back to stay with us Teddy was not the same. He was quiet and kept to himself. We never really spoke since. Maybe hi’s and bye’s and how are you’s during family events but not an actual 1 on 1 conversation.


Argh Ted what the hell man. Why did you have to drink Firewhisky that night?! I wouldn’t be feeling like this if you drank Butterbeer like the rest of us. Nobody talks shit on Butterbeer. Maybe Molly but that’s because she can’t handle it.


‘Hey Ro, what’s with you today, you’ve zoned out like practically all day’


I shook my head. Red was staring at me wide eyed and confused.


‘Sorry it’s just been a weird day, how long were you trying to get my attention for?


‘For ages’ she huffed. ‘Quidditch tryouts are this evening. Are you applying for chaser again this year?’


‘What the hell Captain Rose?! Why do I have to try out you’ve seen me play for 6 years, I’m your cousin!’


‘No shortcuts mate’ she said ‘Tryouts for Chaser are at 7:00 after Beater tryouts’


‘But I’m your cousin…’ I mumbled angrily.


‘Ro please, this is Quidditch’ she said holding up her hand. ‘Oh did you know we are getting work experience professors? Like teachers’ aide or some crap I don’t know. They want to become future professors so they come and watch and ect.’


‘Meh when did they start this?’


‘This year obviously. I think there’s 3 coming. One for Qudditch, one for Charms and one for Muggle Studies’


‘Great so now I have someone with authority to complain about the mistreatment of fellow family team members’ I smirked. Red didn’t smile.


‘Look whoever it is just better stay out of my way.  They’re just studying to be a FUTURE professor. That means nothing to me, just some twit fresh out of N.E.W.T.S looking for a job’


‘A bit harsh Red’ I giggled. She shrugged her shoulders.


‘Where’s your brother? Fred said he was going to tryout for beater again during break’ she said.


‘Oh crap’ I completely forgot about Fred. I completely forgot to take down notes for Fred. I spent the majority of class reminiscing. He is going to kill me.


I texted him.






Beep Beep. He texted back.




He sounded cut.


‘Hey Red I’ll go find Fred and ask him, see you in Charms’ I said as I raced out the Great Hall.


I found Fred hanging out by seats in the courtyard. He was with my cousin James, Samuel Thomas, and Cruz Zabini. They were on their phones, laughing looking cool I guess. Well cooler than me anyway. My bestfriends are my cousins. Sad isn’t it?


‘Hey baby Ro’ said Cruz Zabini smiling. He was a friendly guy that Cruz, considering he came from Blaise Zabini’s genes as Uncle Harry would constantly say to his face. Cruz’s dad was a huge fan of the dark arts and the death eater era. He is currently in Azkaban for fraud.


‘Hey baby Cruz’ I said. It was our inside joke. We once pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend back when we were 14 to make his ex girlfriend jealous or whatever. Young and dumb times. Embarrassing really. Anyway now we just keep calling each other that whenever we see each other out of habit.


‘AW Cruz’s babe is here, why don’t you two hurry up and snog already’ laughed James. Samuel and Cruz laughed aswell. Fred punched him in the arm. They all laughed harder.


‘Does it make you cut Freddyboy. We could be brothers in law man think of the possibilities’ Cruz said as he stood up to pull me from the waist onto his lap. I laughed. This guy was a crack up.


Fred flipped him the bird. They all laughed again. I swear these guys spend their lunchtimes just laughing.


I stood up and walked to Fred, dragging him away from his group.


‘Whats up man you sound angry in your text’ I snapped.


‘Ro I sent like 5 words. Which part did I sound angry in?’ he said looking confused.


‘Aw I just thought you were cut, you walked away from our table with like a crazy look in your eye’ I said


‘Oh yeah that’ he said sounding serious. ‘None of my business but when did you start having a thing with Teddy? You’re playing with fire Ro’.


‘Ok 1. I’m not. And 2. You’re right it’s none of your business’


‘Brat’ he said rolling his eyes


‘Idiot’ rolling my eyes.


‘Whatever I don’t really care. Just remember when and yes it will be a when, when this goes down south I will probably ending up fighting with Ted’


‘Wow macho Fred fighting for nothing’ I snapped


‘Just saying Ro, as my twin I have no choice but to look out for you. In my honest opinion I don’t think Ted and you should have a thing together in general with or without Victoire in the picture. He is messed up man, bad past life. And anyway I thought you liked Cruz?’


‘What Cruz? No he is just a mate. I don’t see you judging Cruz for his past. But thanks for the warning bro, don’t need it because there is nothing between Ted and I. Never has and never will be’ I snapped.


Fred patted my hair like a puppy then kissed my forehead. ‘Ok chill Ro’


From the distance we hear ‘Aw come on bro save some forehead for me’ and then some more loud laughter. Fred laughed too. I honestly don’t get their humour.


‘Ugh she is so annoying’ ‘I know like seriously go away already’


Okay whoever was whispering was clearly intending for me to hear. I turned. And there on the exact opposite of where the boys sat, were the group of first years that bumped into me in the hall.


‘What the?’


‘Yeah I know they’ve been following us around the whole day’ laughed Fred.


‘Why don’t you tell them to piss off’


‘Because it’s funny and a little cute. We have a young fan club’ grinned Fred.


The leader of the group the one with blonde hair was glaring at me. Imogen I think her name was right? Stupid name for a stupid girl.


‘Anyways sorry for not taking the notes’


‘All goods Dom did, i got them off her, see ya later sis’ he said as he walked about to his crew.


‘Bye baby’ yelled Cruz.


‘Bye baby’ I yelled back laughing.


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Chapter 3: The Quidditch Chaser
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‘So did you find him? Is Fred trying out for Beater again?’ demanded Red as we entered in the Charms classroom.


‘Yes Red okay, he said he is’ I have no idea if Fred really is but I really didn’t feel like being yelled at for forgetting to ask.


‘Okay settle down class’ said tiny Professor Flitwick.’As you may or may not know, the ministry and the board of Hogwarts have created some new criteria for the degrees taken at Wizarding University. This is to help us and students learn and grow together with the knowledge of the real world apparently.


He didn’t sound too keen on this teacher aid thing either.


‘So for this year we have Miss Victoire Delacour as my Charms assistant’ he said as he gestured to the door.


Many, majority being male, gasped as she walked in. Victoire looked beautiful as always, but I’m so used to it that gasping would be over dramatic.


‘Good thing Dom dropped Charms’ muttered Red. She, like myself, wore a blank bored expression.


This was going to be a long long year.


‘Thank you Professor Flitwick, seems like only yesterday I was here right in this classroom as your student’ she said sweetly. Professor Flitwick blushed.


She sat in the Professor’s desk while he went about with his teachings. I was staring at her the whole time. She waved to Red and semi smiled at me. Well I’d like to think it was a smile.


When the class was dismissed, Red went straight up to her. I followed behind.


‘Hey Vicky, since when did you want to become a Charms teacher?’ 


‘Hey Girls’ she said. ‘Charms teacher no, hell no. But the course I’m taking at WU, requires me to do a year of work experience at Hogwarts for Charms. It’s obviously directed for international students because those of us who originally studied at Hogwarts if given the choice wouldn’t come back for another year of Charms. I’m studying to be a Wandkeeper, so this is a major requirement unfortunately. But at least I can see you guys again. Where’s Jimmy, Fred and Dom?’


‘They all dropped out of Charms’ I said.


‘Oh okay’ she said looking at Red. I frowned. I was never close with Victoire before but I’ve never been disliked by her either. What a cow.


‘Well see you around I guess’ I said pulling Red out the door with me.

‘Dominique is going to flip it’ said Red laughing once we were out of earshot.


‘Yeah probably. Anyways I’m going up to the dorms to get some study in before tryouts’ I said darkly.


Red beamed. ‘That’s the spirit Ro!’


I ignored her. We waved goodbye and went our separate ways.



The dormitory was warm. A little too warm. The type of warm that would put me easily to sleep if I sat on those couches. Dammit. I needed to catch up on History.


I was about to try study upstairs on my bed when my cousin Albus came storming through the portrait hole.


‘Whoa there buddy, spill it or I’ll get the others help’ I said putting out my hand to stop him from moving.


Albus, Rose, Dominique, Fred and Molly and I are all the same age. James was held back a year. So we are all seventh years. Lily and Hugo are in sixth year, Luis is in fourth. So Hogwarts pretty much have the whole Weasley crew attending this year as Lucy just started her first year. Albus knows I could/would bring our whole family up to the dormitory to talk about his obvious problem.


‘Nothing Ro, please just stay out of it. I don’t want anyone to know anything’ he said pushing my arm out the way.


‘Al look at me, what’s wrong’ I said pulling his head back to my face. He didn’t look me in the eyes. He spoke to my feet like a little kid.


‘Nothing, I’m just tired. Tired of everything. Please Ro let me just go upstairs in peace’ he said looking up at me. His green eyes looked sad, like puppy dog sad. I let him go.


Tomorrow morning, I will ask him again. I’m not sure what’s bothering my cousin but it’s something that’s hurting him and I need to find out.


Just then Dominique storms in.




So I assume she’s past Vicky in the hallway.




I didn’t know what to say to Dom, so I just sat with her and patted her back, letting her rant on.


 This literally continued for 15 minutes.


‘Dom what’s the time?’ I asked, stopping her mid rant.




Shit I was totally late to tryouts. Red is going to kill me!


I went upstairs to quickly change into my gear, grabbed my broom and then ran out of the castle door, and straight to the Quidditch pitch. By the time I got there I was totally puffed out.


‘You’re late!’ snapped Red


‘Sorry!! I-was-listening-to-Dom-sook-about-Vicky’ I huffed ‘I completely forgot about the time. Is it my Chaser tryouts yet?’ I was clutching my sides. I’m so unfit.


‘Nearly. We ran beater tryouts abit late because the teacher aide was late’ she said.


‘Aw anyone we know?’ I asked.


Red looked uncomfortable. She is not the type to contribute to drama. It makes her squirm when its something big.


‘Uh... yeah’ she said squirming.


I looked around searching for the teacher aide, when I saw him. It made my stomach flip. I’ve never felt so awkward at Quidditch before. There he was playing catch with the snitch with Lily and her friend whose name I don’t know. Teddy Lupin is back at Hogwarts.


I groaned.


Teddy stopped playing with the snitch and hi-fived lily and her friend. That’s when he saw me. He stopped, smiled and grinned.


‘Hey Ro!’ he said whilst giving me a friendly hug.


‘Hey Ted, didn’t know you wanted to be a Quidditch coach? I said smiling before I could stop myself. Dammit.


‘Uh not really’ he chuckled ‘But Quidditch training camp sends us to schools all over the world for the first year so that we learn to manage as well as play Quidditch. Then next year I can play for the Puddlemere United Reserves Team’


‘Yuck really Puddlemere United? PU?’ laughed Red. She was a hardcore Chudley Cannons fan.


‘Ok Chutley Can. Don’t be sour just because we beat you last week’ said Teddy laughing while patting Red’s head.


Red growled.


Just then the Beater tryouts ended and the group of Beaters all landed. Amongst them were my brother Fred, James, Michelle Johnson, and Reece Finnigan.


‘Ok good tryouts team. Well done. I will post the positions on our bulletin board. You guys can leave now or watch the Chaser tryouts. I really don’t care’ yelled Red.


James went to stand beside Teddy.


Fred gave me a quick goodluck hi-five and then stood besides Red.


Chandra Patil, Hugo Weasley Harry Ulysic, Harry Greggory, Deon Chang, Oscar Brown and some other fifth years and fourth years who I didn’t know and myself all mounted our brooms and flew into position. When Red blew the whistle Teddy threw out the quaffle then positioned himself infront of the goal hoops.


So he was goalkeeping was he? Perfect. Ted’s position is Chaser. He was a lousy Goalkeeper. Trust me I know. We’ve played together heaps.


Chandra passed the ball to me, who I passed to Hugo who passed to Harry Ulysic who dropped it. Harry Ulysic passed to Deon who passed to Chandra who passed to me who went in for the goal. The ball flew past Teddy’s hand. Red blew the whistle. I cheered. Teddy looked at me a laughed giving me a thumbs up and a wink.


That’s when I screwed up. Chandra passed to Harry Greggory who passed to me who fumbled and dropped the quaffle. In my defense. Harry Greggory threw a shit throw. Deon passed to some fifth year kid, who passed to Oscar who went in for the goal. Teddy blocked it. Red blew her whistle.


Chandra passed to Oscar who passed to me who again dropped the Quaffle. Both Chandra and Oscar looked at me angrily. I never drop the ball.


‘What are you playing at Ro concentrate!’ snapped Chandra. She was equally annoying as Red when it came to Quidditch.


I passed the Quaffle to a sixth year girl who completely missed. Red blew the whistle.

Deon passed the ball to Chandra who went in for the goal. Blocked again by Teddy. Chandra catches the Quaffle rebound passed it to some fifth year boy, who passed it to Hugo who passed it to me. Caught it. Went in for the goal. Blocked by Teddy. Teddy stuck his tongue out playfully. Red blew her whistle.


Harry Ulysic passed to Oscar who passed back to Chandra who passed to me. But I wasn’t looking. I was watching Teddy laughing. The Quaffle hit me in the head.


‘Ow’ I said whilst I rubbed my head. That fricken hurt. Bet she did it on purpose I was two feet away from her.


Red blew the whistle three times. Tryouts are over. Thank God.


‘Wow are you okay Ro?’ Teddy asked whilst feeling my head.


‘What the hell was that Ro?? What kind of chasing were you doing out there’ snapped Red


‘Oh come on Red, don’t be so hard on her’ chuckled Ted


Red ignored him.


Fred and James were howling with laughter. Chandra didn’t even apologize. She walked off the field. I knew she did it on purpose the bitch.


‘I don’t know it’s been an off day man’ I said.


‘Well for that you can pack up the equipment. I’ve never seen you play so lousy’ said Red.


The team all packed up their gear and left leaving Teddy and I to pack up the equipment. She did this deliberately to torture me.


Beep Beep






I sent her back an emotive of the middle finger. Pure torture.


Teddy and I packed up the equipment in awkward silence. That one drunken kiss really made everything so uncomfortable between us.


‘So’ said Teddy clearing his throat. ‘Is that how you’re going to play when season starts’


‘HA HA You made a funny’ I said sarcastically. He laughed. ‘You know I’ve never played like that. I’m usually a really good Chaser actually as you might recall the many times you’ve seen me play’.


‘Oh really?’ he teased ‘So what made this time different then ay?


I stopped trying to latch the Quaffle in the box. He was teasing me. He knows I feel weird about this whole business between us that he is actually toying with me. Well I’m not going to give in.


‘I caught abit of the flu on the train ride to school. I’ve been feeling feverish all day’ I said


‘Oh’ said Teddy.


‘Yeah its probably super contagious you should probably stay away’ I said.


‘Oh really?’ Said Teddy. He looked smug. Dammit I suck at lying.


‘You know mud can do wonders for the flu I hear’. The pitch was muddy today. Well extra muddy.

‘Well who told you that crap’ I said hesitantly.


‘A little girl did. When I was 7 and sick with the flue, a little girl tried to make me feel better by putting mud on my face. She said she saw her mum do it so she would try it on me’ he chuckled.


I paused. My mum always puts mud masks on to rejuvenate her skin. She used to tell me that it makes you feel better. I tried to heal Teddy’s flu with mud. I’m a little touched that he remembered that about me.


‘Get your muddy hands away Ted Harry Lupin’ I screamed while he came at me with mud covered hands. I’m not sure if given the chance he was going to actually dirty me with mud, but I couldn’t take that risk. So I tripped him. He fell flat faced onto the muddy pitch. I burst out laughing. He stood up and laughed too. We were both laughing until I felt I a sludge of cold seep down my head. Ted slimed me with mud. And so the mud fight began. We were laughing so hard that my ribs hurt from laughing. I threw mud into his face and he threw it at my hair.


We could have playing in the mud for hours for all I knew. By the time we finished we were both panting lying on the muddy pitch, completely covered in mud. I think I won to be honest. I had a semi clean yet dirty face. You could only just make out Teddy’s eyeballs from the amount he had on his face.


‘Aw God, we haven’t done that in years’ I said laughing


‘Yeah I know’ he said wiping the mud off his face. We were both still laying on our backs looking at the grey sky. Just as he cleaned the majority off, I scooped up at pile of mud and flung it at his face. It completely missed. Ted laughed so hard that I got annoyed. I bent over him to rub the mud directly on his face when he pulled me closer to stop me from rubbing the mud. He was laughing. It was cute. He had a really cute smile.


And I couldn’t help myself I went in for the kiss.


I screwed up. This time it was all me.

Teddy stopped laughing. He looked at me puzzled. I am mortified.


I quickly stood up and went to go get my gear when Teddy’s grabbed my hand.


‘No we really shouldn’t Ted, I’m sorry I know I screwed it.’ I said shaking my head.


Teddy looked like he wanted to say more but he didn’t he just nodded his head and let go of my hand sadly. Aw man this sucks. I’ve never wanted something so bad. I think? Wow do I want Teddy this bad? What is going on Ro.


I started walking back to the castle with my gear when Teddy said,


‘I’ve missed you Ro. You were my only friend when I was young that really got me. You were like my soul mate’


So when we were young we had crushes on each other the whole time. Who knew?


I dropped my gear. Screw Victoire.


I ran back to Teddy. He lifted me up and saddled me on his chest.


We kissed. We snogged. Our lips barely went for air. It was amazing.


Kissing Teddy made my heart explode. It felt like a satisfaction that I couldn’t explain. Like a long term childhood memory piecing itself together. It felt complete.


The way Teddy kissed felt like he was longing for a long time for this to happen. Like a hungry wolf. We kissed so fiercely that Teddy tripped over my gear making both of us fall.


We laughed again. Ted was now ontop of me smiling. He reached out to move a piece of hair out of my face. God he was beautiful. For a moment we just stayed like that staring at each other.


‘What the hell are you doing!’ yelled a voice I knew all too familiar.

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Chapter 4: Pricksville
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It was Fred. Goddamit Fred.


Teddy rolled off me as I tried to sit up, and let me tell you it was really hard considering everything was so muddy and slippery.


‘Sorry man’ Teddy said as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.


‘Don’t you have a future wife-to-be somewhere?’ spat Fred.


Teddy glared at him, sighed and then walked back off to the castle. ‘Cya Ro.’ He said waving his hand.


‘Why are you being a prick Fred? We didn’t do anything?’ I snapped


Fred turned to look at me. ‘Are you effen serious Ro. Are you that stupid. Victoire has been looking for him for the past hour. She’s our cousin our loyalty is to her- not to Him’.


‘I thought you liked Teddy?’


‘I did. But seeing him play my cousin with my sister isn’t exactly something I want to see’ he growled.


‘Oh go screw yourself! Mind your own business will you! I know what I’m doing and I don’t need a babysitter. You are my brother not my dad so sod off’ I said storming away.


What did he know? He doesn’t have girlfriends lasting longer than a week. He gets bored. Or just loses interest. What would he know about how I’m feeling? But what exactly am I feeling? Do I honestly really have feelings for Teddy or is this just lust because he is completely off limits. Great now I’m confused again. But am I? Oh Merlin I’ve never pissed myself so much before in my life. 


‘Hey Ro, why are you covered in mud?’ someone chuckled


I looked up, Cruz Zabini just came out of the Great Hall looking famished.


‘Oh hey Cruz, meh long story’ I said shrugging. ‘Have you seen Teddy?’


Cruz squinted thinking ‘Uh yeah he went somewhere with the veela’


I rolled my eyes.


‘You okay Ro? Need helping getting cleaned? I can help you wash if you want’ said Cruz winking. We both laughed. This guy is a crack up I swear.


‘Oh man why can’t guys be like you Cruz, always making funny’s. You’re such a good friend’ I said smiling. He smiled too.


He decided to walk me back to the Gryffindor common room, whilst talking non stop about his recent Quidditch tryout. He was a beater on the Slytherin team last year.


‘Ro why don’t you come play on our team’ chuckled Cruz. ‘Yeah Sam and I reckon you’d be a great asset to our team. Its hardly fair that all this years Quidditch Superstars are in Gryffindor again. Like come on mate play fair’


I laughed. ‘Gryffie till I die mate’


We parted ways once we reached the Fat Lady’s portrait. I went straight up stairs to take a shower.


Oh Merlin, Mud is so much harder to wash out of your hair than sand is.


I can honestly say it’s been one hell of a long day. I can’t remember learning anything today’s subjects or even the conversations I’ve had with people. It’s just been a long confusing long ass day. God I hope the week doesn’t follow like this.




The next morning I waited for my cousin Albus to come downstairs so that I could ask him about his dramatic problem last night. He however had different plans and did a whole 360 on me and acted as if I was over exaggerating. Said he was annoyed about a homework assignment he was given and that there was no need for me to be questioning so much about nothing. Sounded extremely suss to me. Pff as if I’m an over exaggerator!


‘Come on Ro, let’s just go downstairs to have breakfast’ he chuckled. I was glaring but I was so goddam hungry at the same time. ‘


‘FINE’ I said


At the Great Hall, our Gryffie table was packed with a lot of extra non Gryffindors I noticed.

Victoire had her hair pinned up in a straight pony tail, she was talk animatedly to the Hufflepuffs douchebag Qudditch Captain, Lucas Dierre. Arrogant twit, of course he would get along with Vic, they’re practically almost alike.


There were only seats available infront of them. Just my luck. I turned to tell Al but he disappeared. What the hell….


‘Roxy, Roxy, Roxy’ said Lucas in a mockful tone. Victoire turned to glare at me. Yep she definitely dislikes me. I pretended to not notice.


‘Hi’ I said whilst serving myself some plate of food.


‘Whoa easy there carb-arella you’re going to want to stay fit and thin for that Qudditch Cup this year’ said Lucas. Victoire smirked and then laughed.


‘Bite me Lucas’ I snapped.


‘Oh I wish honeycakes’ he winked. Victoire frowned.


‘Ugh why are you here mate? Go back to your table. I can’t eat my breakfast in peace knowing I’m sitting in front of you’I said through gritted teeth.


‘Calm down Roxanne, he was clearly joking I mean come on it’s YOU. You really just love making public scenes al about you don’t you?’ said Victoire. Lucas laughed. They then got up and walked out of the hall together. Stupid slag, she’s probably boning him out by the forest.


I was so angry that I couldn’t butter my toast without shoving the knife through the bread with every swipe.


‘Hey there Ro, what did the bread do?’


Teddy was laughing as he sat down next to me. I said nothing.


‘I was joking Ro. But I doubt you’re pissed off about my bread joke. What’s wrong?’


‘Nothing’ I said ‘Actually yeah something. I have no idea what you seen in that wannabee veela. I don’t know what I did to her. Well I do. But like she doesn’t know. Or does she?’


‘No’ said Teddy. ‘Well unless Fred told her’


I shook my head. Fred would never betray ME like that.


‘Don’t worry about it too much. Victoire has her mood swings. I think she is starting to feel the reality of the situation. That I don’t love her and she doesn’t love me. She is just used to winning all the time and getting her way’


‘Why are you with her again. Seriously fuck her family. Well except Dom’


‘Not doing it for them Ro. Well you know how your uncle harry is yeah? Harry feels the need to protect his family. If he found out that the deatheaters were after Bill and backed off because of me he’d go right after them. I could never forgive myself if I let my emotion get in the way of harry’s life’


‘And I’m the emotion right?’ I frowned.


‘That’s not what I said Ro’ said Teddy


‘Explain yourself because it sure sounds that way’ I spat. What is it with the Boys in Hogwarts today? Did they all decide to wake up and act like pricks.


‘No the emotion is my freedom’


‘Okay well if you think that I’ll be okay with being your side chick for the rest of your prison like life you have another thing coming buddy’


‘I’m working on it Ro. I’ve been in contact with the French Aurors. We can’t pin these guys yet.’


‘Oh okay then’ I said still angry.


Teddy sighed. ‘Look, I know how bad this looks. Believe me I know. And I completely understand if you want me to stop messing around with you. I honestly encourage you to run away and date someone who isn’t so messed up to be honest. But there’s something about you that drives me crazy and my better judgement goes flying out the window. Maybe I just should back off’


He looked defeated. I didn’t say anything. He really really needs to stop putting me in these awkward conversations with him.


‘I gotta get to class Ted’ I said.


He smiled. ‘Ok- But hey we can still be friends right? If you want, we can chill by the astronomy tower tonight?’


‘Ah Ted that’s out of bounds?’ I said


‘Take that as a yes then’ he winked ‘I’ll text you when I’m outside the portrait around 8:30?’


‘Uh okay’ I said. He looked satisfied with himself and waved goodbye.


I walked/ran to potions. Professor Slughorn arrived 10 seconds after I did.


Red and Scorpius Malfoy were waiting for me at our usual table. They barely glanced at me when I sat down. My brother Fred walked in with Cruz laughing hysterically. They were late as per usual and still have the nerve to cause a scene.


‘Mr Weasley and Mr Zabini amused are we?’ said Professor Slughorn frowning.


‘No sir, sorry’ said Fred apologetically and together he and Cruz joined our table.


‘Ok class, today we will be starting off the year with something simple and easy. Something to jog your holiday brain back into mode. You are to produce a full strength Girding Potion. As this is an easy peasy potion to brew I want you to pair up and experiment the effect on each other. Also I have minimised the ingredients as the successful endurance the potion gives one lasts 8 hours. The revised version I have recreated however should last the double lesson for today. And no Mr Zabini and Mr Weasley you cannot be partners for this exercise’


‘Aw No worries Professor S, I’ll just take Miss Weasley instead’ chuckled Cruz as we hi fived.

Red partnered with Scorpius as Al dropped out of potions this year, WHICH I didn’t realised had left the classroom with an uneven amount of students.


‘So uh Professor do I partner with you?’ said Fred


‘No my dear boy, don’t worry we have a student teacher coming in soon’


I groaned. No more student teachers please. They’re just bringing in the bad luck already for this year. Fred looked annoyed. He was probably thinking along those same lines. Twining.


‘So partner how we doing this?’ said Cruz


‘I’m glad you said WE, because I ain’t pulling your weight if you’re not contributing’ I laughed.


Once we started gathering the ingredients and measuring them into the caldron, the potion was indeed fairly easy. We finished it within 20 minutes to absolute perfection. We left it sitting there though and pretended to keep working because neither of us wanted to do extra work for the next hour.


Just then the student teacher comes down into the dungeons. She had long black curly hair and was fairly tanned. She was very pretty.


‘Goodmorning Miss Abrams. Class attention please’ We all stopped to turn our heads.


‘This is Miss Shay Abrams and she will be our potions student teacher this year. Please make her feel welcome’


She smiled warmly.


We all said our hellos and went back to our cauldrons. Or in our case back to conversating. I could overhear Professor Slughorn partnering Shay up with Fred. I wonder how old she is. She looked around Victoire’s age maybe a year older?I don’t know. Fred however seemed pleased to have a partner.


‘So young Miss Ro Weasley how was your Christmas break?’ said Cruz


‘Meh umm kind of confusing and annoying, what about yours?’ I mumbled.  


‘What made it so confusing? That I wasn’t around?’ chuckled Cruz. ‘My break was alright abit too warm for my liking to be honest’


‘Oh yeah you and Samuel went to Bali how was that?’

‘Fun but way way too stuffy. Anywho nah but for real what was so confusing about yours? I’m not that conceited you know. I do care about you even if I’m flirting half the time’ he said winking.


‘You flirt with me?’ I asked puzzled. He rolled his eyes smiling.


‘So what happened? And I promise to not say anything to Fredsky’ he said sincerely.


I figured I could trust him. So I told Cruz everything. From Christmas to now. He didn’t interrupt me like Rose and Dom did, and he didn’t judge me like Fred did. I think this guy could potentially be my new best friend this year. Wow this would make it an actual non related best friend. Woo.


When I finished telling him everything Cruz just pushed his hair back with his hands and said ‘Wow not sure what to really say about that’. He smiled ‘But do you like Lupin?’


‘Yeah I guess’ I admitted.


‘Well he doesn’t deserve you babygirl but if it’s what you really want then go for it. Lifes to short to hold back on anything’


‘Thanks Cruz, wow didn’t know you were so philosophical’ I laughed. ‘You’re right though’


‘Of course I am’ he smiled.  


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Chapter 5: Confessions
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That afternoon in the common room I was pretending to read my text book by the fire to avoid conversations from Dom and Red. I know they would have asked me a million questions that I’m just not ready to answer yet.


I’m hoping after tonight it will answer itself because I am 100% done with being confused and conflicted. It’s just plain exhausting. And to be frank I’m annoying the shit out of myself aswell.


Just then my phone vibrated.





I sneakily scuttled out of the fat lady’s portrait. Ted was standing there in casual clothes looking actually pretty handsome. I forgot how good looking this bloke was. He had a hand on a map. I recognised it at once. It was my Uncle Harry’s famous Hogwarts Marauders Map.


‘I borrowed it from Jimmy’ he said


‘Okay let’s go’ I whispered urgently. Not sure about Teddy, but I was shit scared of getting in trouble for sneaking out at night.


We hurried across corridors whilst checking the Map every so often. The Professors that were out patrolling the night were on the other side of the castle thank Merlin. I couldn’t help but search for Victoire’s name on the Map. Surprisingly yet not so surprisingly her name was in the Castle guest rooms, with non other than Lucas Dierre. I hmphed in triumph. Ted noticed my hpmhing and said ‘Yeah I know. She has a diff bloke in there every night. I’m offended that she thinks I don’t know. I’m literally sleeping right next door’ he chuckled.


When we finally reached the Astronomy tower it was empty and freezing, mind you it’s still in the middle of winter. Teddy noticed me shiver and conjured up a spell that I had no idea of, which instantly created a warm dome surrounding. It felt as cosy as the common room next to the fire.


We sat across from each other. I was smilling.


‘Why are you smiling?’ said Teddy grinning.


‘Because this is actually pretty cool. I’ve only been once after hours here during my OWL exams. I was to nervous about my exams of course so I didn’t take in the view. It’s amazing’


And it really was. From up here you could see everything, the lake, Hagrids cabin, the Forbidden Forest, abit of Hogsmede, the train tracks, mountains. It was all amazing.


‘Yeah it is’ said Ted ‘I use to come up here all the time when I was in Hogwarts. It’s a good place to come think’.


‘You think to much Ted, that’s your problem’ I joked.


He chuckled’ Yeah I know, I think that’s why I’m so screwed up I care about how others feel before I myself’


‘Nothing wrong with that, it’s just maybe you take it to another lever of unselfishness. Everybody needs a little TLC for themselves’ I said.


‘Not holding back today are we?’ smirked Ted. I blushed.


‘Not holding anything back at 9:00PM mate, you got me out here to talk so I’m talking’ I laughed. He chuckled.


‘Anyways I wanted to talk with you aswell to be frank. Since when did you start having this lustful obsession of me? And why did it take you this long to tell me?’ I said playfully.


‘Obsession you reckon?’ he arched his eyebrow and then laughed. ‘Since we were young I guess… before my Nanny died. And then everything changed. I was in court for most my life going back and forth between Harry and Narcissa. See I don’t mind the Malfoys, they’re good to me. But Harry was there for me like a father figure for most of my childhood. Just never on paper. So it was like being ripped from your father to your great aunty and her family that you rarely ever saw’


‘Yeah that would have sucked…’ I said


‘I was a kid’ he said shrugging his shoulders. ‘So i eventually blocked the memories of you because that part of my life I missed so much and it hurt remembering them. I just went about with my life in the Malfoy mannor. Once I started first year, I met Victoire. Yeah I had a lil crush on her and we had a little relationship going on in second year. Ginny and Fleur kind blew it out of proportion. They got it into Harry and everyone else’s head that we’ll grow up and get married etc etc and I’ll finally become one of the family legally.


Then you came to Hogwarts. And all those memories came flashing back. I thought I had dug myself to deep already with the whole Victoire relationship thing so I ate up my feelings and even though it killed me I just carried one with her. Victoire sensed the forced nature of our relationship in third year so she started cheating knowing damn well I knew. So we’ve faked it ever since then. And then it really got worse with the whole death eater bullshit…I couldn’t face you properly so I just kind of ignored you every time I saw you or was near you. Sorry’ he said apologetically.


‘All goods’ I said ‘But that doesn’t explain why now?’


‘Oh! During Christmas Bill said I was ready to propose to Vic. That plus Firewhisky and I was blurting out my dirty secrets like nobody’s business. You just happen to be there at the right time. Or the wrong time… I don’t know how you feel all about this…’ he looked at me with a puzzled look.


Probably because my face was equally puzzling.


‘Well…I don’t know… For starters the thought of being someone elses mistress makes me absolutely sick’ I said as he flinched. ‘But you and Vic situation is somewhat different. Which I think confuses everything. But to be honest Ted I had a big crush on you when I was young. You were my bestfriend growing up and I loved chatting to you, pranking with you and all that stuff we did as a kid.


Like you said though after you left to the Malfoys and came back it was like you were completely different. A snob. I remember thinking how much I disliked you from that point on. Ever since the Christmas kiss though I feel like a part of me I never even knew came back and it’s been like wow...’ I finished lamely.


‘You’re cute’ he chuckled.


I blushed. He noticed. How embarrassing. I’m such a dork.


‘You’re very beautiful Ro’ he said softly. I snorted loudly.


‘I’m ok. Vic is beautiful. Dom is beautiful. Red is beautiful. I’m average. And I’m okay with that’ I said laughing.  He rolled his eyes.


We stayed looking at each other for a good solid 5 minutes until my phone buzzed.









It was 1:45 AM. Shit.


‘I gotta go. Listen it was a really good talk’ I said standing up.


Ted nodded as he stood up.


We double checked the Maurauders Map and made our way back to the Fat Lady’s Portrait.


‘Hey Ro… If everything works out in the future with me, do you think we… as in me and you would have a chance at things? Or even date?’ he said hopefully as we stood outside the common room.




‘Why not now?’ I said in spite of myself. Goddamit Ro.


Ted grinned and walked over to hug me.

I noticed he smelt sooo good. And his heart was beating really fast. Next thing I know our lips touched and it was pretty much game over. We kissed again and it felt amazing.

He pushed back a strand of my hair behind my ears and kissed me on the forehead.


‘Goodnight beautiful’ And walked away.


I climbed through the portrait hole and was about to walk up to my dormitory when the portrait hole swung open again.


‘Ro... what are you doing...’ whispered someone


I turned around. It was Albus. I scoffed.


‘Excuse me? What are YOU doing? It’s 1 am I was coming back down to grab my homework I left it on the- ’


‘No Ro, what are you doing…?’ he said slowly


I stayed silent. I have no idea what he saw.  


He shook his head. ‘Does… Does he make you happy? He asked genuinely


I was taken aback. Was totally not expecting that.


I nodded. He nodded understandingly. ‘Goodnight Ro’ he said as he climbed up the boy’s staircase.

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Chapter 6: Dude Where's My Phone?
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‘James Potter will you please be quiet’ snapped Professor Longbottom


‘Yes Professor’ said James trying to stifle his laughs.


Professor Longbottom shook his head and went back to blackboard drawing up a diagram of some plant that I really should be paying attention too.


‘You’re going to get me in trouble you egg’ I whispered


‘Come on laugh a little Ro, the man doesn’t even notice’ he said laughing under his breath.


Jimmy had bewitched the blackboard to erase out all notes whenever Professor Longbottom turns around. He hasn’t noticed that it’s been bewitched and keeps blaming himself for forgetting to write it up. This is the ninth time he has re written the words without realising.


Now tenth. James cracked up laughing behind his fist.


There’s only 3 students taking Herbology in seventh year this year. James, myself and Albus.


Albus was barely paying attention to anything really. He was texting on his phone under the table.


Professor Longbottom sighed as James laughed out loud for the eleventh time and told all three of us to just start the practical while he tends to his personal greenhouse plants.


‘Ah that never gets old with him’ said James and his wiped away a tear from his eye.


‘Anyways so why do you take this class if you don’t want to learn, you’re distracting Al and I’ I said frowning. Every damn Herbology lesson I’ve had this year so far I’ve had to go over my notes during lunch because James has disrupted the class somehow.


‘It’s easy’ shrugged James


‘Don’t you want to do something successful with your life once you finish Hogwarts?’ I asked.


He immediately frowned ‘I wish people would stop asking me that’ he said with a complete change of tone.


I patted his hand. Al laughed.


‘What are you laughing about?’


‘Oh nah nothing’ he said whilst still laughing at his phone


‘Who do you keep texting so much anyway? Do you have a girlfriend we don’t know about?’ I asked.


‘Nah it’s just Scorp. He said Fred was trying to get that student teacher Shay’s number and failed’


James laughed together with Al. I rolled my eyes.


‘All this texting I swear I thought you had a secret girlfriend’ I said winking.


‘Oh I do but its not a secret’ he said flatly.


‘What? Who??’


‘Danika Ivans’


‘Who? ‘ I asked


‘Oh that sixth year with the big jugs’ said James hi fiving Al.


‘Seriously? That’s some offensive shit James’ I snapped.


Albus shrugged. James rolled his eyes.


‘Well what about you Miss Nosy. How’s your boyfriend?’ asked James


Albus stopped texting and looked at me. He hasn’t said a word about it to me since the night he caught me. And that was a month ago. I pretended to shake it off.


‘What my pillow? James please! I don’t have time for boyfriends’ I said laughing


James laughed and put his arm around my shoulder.


‘Are you forgetting my young and naïve cousin, that I James Sirius Potter am the current owner of the Maurauder’s Map’


I froze. I could feel Al tense up aswell next to me. Dammit how could I forget that James had the Map with him pretty much 24/7


‘Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody anything. It’s none of my business’ he said simply. ‘Does my sweet little brother here know as well?’


‘Yeah he does…’ I said. Al stayed quiet.


‘Well that saves the awkward tension then’ James laughed.


‘Please don’t say anything to Fred’ I pleaded


‘Yeah right as if I’d be the one to tell that guy first’ said James shaking his head.


‘Who else knows then?’ said Al


‘Well, you guys, Dom, Red and Cruz .. oh and Fred kinda’ I counted


‘Cruz? He knows? And he is okay with it? asked James confused.


‘Uh why wouldn’t he be okay with it? And why would I care if he isn’t?’ I asked taken aback. Cruz? What did that have to do with the price of fish?


‘Serious Ro?’ said James laughing will Al shook his head laughing aswell.


I pulled his ear.

‘OW OW OK- jeez’ said James while rubbing his ear


‘Cruz has been like inlove with you since forever’ said James


‘Even I knew that. Even Freddy knows’ said Al


‘So everyone knew but me? Some family’ I muttered


‘Oh come on how could you not know. The man calls you baby every time he see’s you’ said James


‘I thought that was to piss off Fred’ I said


‘Yeah… Probably.. but yeah anyway man you must of broke his little heart when you told him haha’ said James.


‘No actually he was very helpful. Gave me advice and seemed really genuinely happy for me’ I said.


James and Al shrugged.


‘Yeah okay’


‘That’s two guys that have apparently been inlove with me since the dawn of time. Am I that blind? Seriously is there anyone else that’s silently loving me?’ I said crossly.


‘No no you’re good. I think you got them all’ said James playfully.


I groaned.


We continued to chat and work until the bell rang. I noticed Al spent the entire time texting. Its so annoying when you try to talk to someone who is literally not paying you any attention. So James and I ditched Al after Herbology and joined up with Fred, Cruz, Dom, Red, Samuel, and Molly as well as others, who were all lining up outside of the Defence of The Dark Arts classroom.


‘Fredddy how’d the rejection go?’ cried James laughing


Fred winked. The boys all started laughing. I swear that’s all they do. A bunch of bloody hyenas if you ask me.


‘God do they ever shut up?’ muttered Dom as they all started laughing again. Cruz had the loudest laugh of the group. Oh god Cruz.


I AM SOOOO ANNOYED. I liked Cruz as a friend. He was like a second brother to me. Now freaking James has made the whole thing awkward. Well at least I feel awkward- Cruz seems to act the same as he always does.


‘Goodmorning Class, It’s me giving you lectures today’


Uncle Harry was beaming at us as he unlocked the classroom door.


James groaned under his breath. He absolutely hated it when his dad came into school to do lectures. To be honest we all felt a little bit like that. Not that Uncle Harry was a snitch to our parents, it just felt really weird to do anything else but to give him our absolute attention. Meaning no laughing, no mucking around, no gossiping.


It was going to be a long class.


Uncle Harry loved coming back to teach at Hogwarts. I guess he just loves being here. After he gave a long ass lecture on the Different Useful Effects of the Patronus Charm, we all took our notes and laughed at my uncle’s dad-jokes until the bell rang.


‘Finally!’ shouted Dom


‘Uncle Harry’s not that bad’ said Red


‘No Red – They’re serving fajitas as lunch today!’


‘YESSSS’ I yelled.


‘Last to the Great Hall owes everyone a knickle’ yelled Red.


‘Wait- what?!’ I shouted as Red, Dom, Fred, James, Cruz all pushed and shoved each other through the hallway screaming out insults. Dom was in the lead.


I went to grab my phone to check for any messages when I realised my phone was not in my bag. I searched around me. I searched on my body. In case of emergencies I always put my phone in my bra. My bra felt normal. That’s not okay.


I ran back to the classroom when I heard Teddy talking. I knew I shouldn’t have been listening but I didn’t want to enter the room so suddenly and break their conversation. So I just stayed outside behind the pillar awkwardly. I tried to hum quietly so I wouldn’t hear when I heard teddy say my name.


My heart dropped. I could feel my skin starting to itch. When I’m really really anxious I get itchy.


‘Roxanne? You’re Quidditch training with Rocky tonight? Okay maybe some other time’ said Harry


God he is the only one who calls me Rocky besides my Dad and Uncle Ron.  Nice cover though from Teddy. Quidditch train/ sneaking out at every night to ‘talk’ up in the Astronomy Tower… What’s the difference?


‘Thanks Harry. Hey listen you reckon we can talk sometime properly about stuff? said Teddy


‘Yeah sure Ted, just let me know when. Is everything okay? Are you and your wife having problems already?’ said Harry chuckling


I flinched at wife. I wonder what Teddy’s face looked like.


‘She’s not my wife yet’ laughed Ted. ‘But yeah everything’s fine. Just thought we should talk about things’


‘Sure kiddo. Hey listen do me a favour. Keep an eye on James for me please. Gin and I are really worried about him. We get so many owls a day from professors I just don’t know what to do anymore. He won’t listen to me but maybe he will listen to you?’


‘Sure Harry. I’ll talk to him’

I heard clapping of handshakes and just had enough time to hide behind the pillar when my Uncle Harry walked out of the classroom with his teacher briefcase. 


I snuck back into the DA room.


‘So not my wife yet hey?’ I said chuckling.


‘Not my wife yet. Not my wife ever. Not my wife’ said Ted smiling. ‘Are you stalking me Rocky?’


‘Shut it. My dad made it up. And no I wasn’t stalking I lost my phone while everybody else was running for fajitas ‘


‘Where did you leave it?’


‘I don’t know you doofus that’s why I’m looking for it’ I said chuckling. Teddy smiled and made his way over to me.


‘Maybe you left if here?’ he said as he held my wrist to kiss.


‘Or here?’ he kissed my collarbone making me shiver.


‘Or here?’ he said kissing my neck. I started giggling.


He lifted my up to his waist as I wrapped my legs around him. It was all going really romantic and sexy until someone half knocked half opened the door.


Like who does that it’s knock then enter not knock and enter at the same time. It defeats the purpose of the knock.


It was Cruz. He was wearing a look of sombre.


‘Sorry’ he said. Though he didn’t sound sorry at all. ‘Ro you left your phone behind and I picked it up. I was going to give it to you at lunch but then Molly said she saw you going back to look for it. Thought I’d spare you a search’ he said smiling.


‘OMG thanks Cruz!’ I cried jumping down from Teddy and running over to Cruz.


‘No problem’ he said laughing as I hugged him excitedly.


‘Well cya in Potions baby’ he said as he made to leave.


‘Cya babe’ I replied as I held my phone to my chest. God in the wrong hands this could have screwed everything up.


‘Baby hey?’ chuckled Teddy as Cruz left


I rolled my eyes. ‘Just a thing Cruz and I do. It’s our thaaang’


‘Ok ok’ he said


‘To be honest with you I thought it was going to be really awkward between me and him but it’s not really. I mean He still acts the same’


‘Why would it be awkward? I thought he knew about us?’ asked Ted


‘Yeah he does know about us. Oh yeah I totes forgot to tell you. He is exactly like you. Apparently has had a secret crush on me since forever. Like what the hell is with everybody this year?’ I said.


‘Well that explains a lot’ said Ted.


‘Explains what?’


‘Why he gives you this look every time he see’s you. I thought I was just imagining it’


‘Does it bother you?’ I asked puzzled.


‘Nah not really. I mean if you want to be with him I’d be happy for you...’ muttered Ted.


‘I’m fine where I am’ I said frowning.


‘Then nothing bothers me’ said Ted smiling.


‘Lupin did you just display a figment of jealousy?’ I said poking him


‘I have no idea to be honest’ said Ted laughing. ‘I don’t know what it feels like to be jealous over someone I really liked. Vic tried it all the time but most if not all of the time it made me laugh. I’ve never had this emotion before’


‘Welcome to the Emotion Club’ I said


‘Cool- Do they have food, because I’m starving!’


‘True, let’s get some lunch’ I said.


We walked to the Great Hall for lunch whilst chatting about the Pros and Cons of Puddlemere United Reserves Team.


‘But at the end of the day, I’d be so happy to play for them at the end of the year’ said Ted, helping himself to a third plate of fajitas.


‘Are you hibernating or something that you’re shoving a whole farmyard into your mouth?’ I said.


‘Bulking season bruh’ said Ted through a mouthful as James and Red laughed.


‘Hey everyone! Hey baby’


Victoire joined our table carrying a magazine. Dom looked over Victoire’s shoulder to look at the magazine and made a face. Red looked over and made the same face. Guilt. She signalled to me to look. I managed to peer through her arms .


Witches Wedding Weekly


‘Look babe, I found a Wedding Cake I really really like’ she said shoving his plate away from the table and laying down the magazine so that everybody could purposely see.


James coughed and Fred frowned.

Everybody went quiet.


‘Don’t you like it Ted? I think it’s pretty don’t you Roxanne?’ she said glaring at me with a smile.


‘Uh yeah sure…’ I said shrugging.


She smiled and then sat herself on Ted’s lap. Flicking page after page showing all the cute wedding articles and ideas of the magazine.


‘So Dom how’s the bridesmaid dress shopping going? Did you and Rose find anything online?’ said Victoire nonplussed.


‘Uh ….’ Said Dom nervously while looking at me.


‘You’re a bridesmaid Dom?’ I asked trying to sound as happy as I could.


‘Yeah she is. And so it Rose and my cousin from France Yzabel. Sorry I didn’t make you one Roxanne. I just didn’t have enough room’ she said flicking her hair.


‘I’m sure’ I said simply.


I am so mad at Dom and Red for not telling me about being bridesmaids. I can’t even deal right now. I couldn’t express my anger because Victoire was watching me like a hawk.


‘Teddy Bear, you still want to get married right?’ she said sweetly


Everybody stared at Teddy waiting for an answer.


He coughed uncomfortably.


‘Umm…yeah...’ he said looking at me sadly.


Victoire smirked at me in a triumph kind of way and gave him a long kiss on the lips. Ted winced.


‘Ok- Bye Family’ she said smirking still as she walked away.


‘Ro…’ began Ted, Red and Dom at the same time.


‘Nah… Screw you all’ I said as I got up to leave quickly.


I ran out of there as quick as I could.


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Chapter 7: This Shouldn't Even Come as a Surprise Anymore
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Now I feel stupid.


Stupid because it’s Dom sister - Of course Vicky would have made her bridesmaid. And given the glares and evil looks I get from her I’m not surprised she chose Red to be a bridesmaid as well to spite me.


But the big picture here is that Teddy is literally getting married. I’m sneaking around the castle at night to kiss and chat with someone who is already promised to my cousin.


At this point I don’t even know who I’m angrier at. Dom, Red, Teddy or myself.


‘Myself’ I said out loud whilst I kicked a stone into the Lake.


‘Don’t you hate it when I’m right. I knew I’d find you here. Must be a twin thing’


Great. Fred’s come to gloat.


‘Listen mate if you’re going to start something-‘


‘Nah oi calm down Rocky’ said Fred playfully as he sat down next to me. ‘I just wanted to come say sorry’


‘For what? What did you do?’


‘For being a dick and judging you’ he said.


‘Good’ I spat.


‘I honestly don’t see your motive, but I get you really like him. And I know he really likes you to. I’m willing to put a bet on that he actually loves you’ said Fred as he threw a rock into the lake.


‘And I know Victoire is playing up, and I really don’t like that she’s targeting you’ he said frowning.


‘Thanks…’ was all I could say


‘I saw her last night having screwing Lucas Dierre’


I rolled my eyes.


‘And that stunt today at lunch was just plain cold. None of my business but damn Ro when have you ever let someone talk you down like that’ said Fred


‘I feel stupid Fred. If he marries her I’ll die of shame and embarrassment’ I muttered


‘He won’t’ said Fred simply


‘And how do you know? Did you not listen to him at the table?’


‘I just know he won’t’ he said


‘I missed you’ I said hugging him


‘Missed you too. It’s quiet without your annoying voice in my ear 24/7’ said Fred making talking gestures with his hand.


‘Funny. But in all seriousness. Do you think I’m stupid?’


‘Yeah I do’ said Fred as I frowned. ‘But we all do stupid things when we’re in love’


‘You’ve never been in love Fred’ I said laughing. He said nothing but smiled slyly.


‘You’re in love?! WITH WHOOO? I said jumping


‘Nobody you spastic sit down’ laughed Fred.


What a liar. I’m so going to get to the bottom of this. This is serious big news. My brother never likes a girl long enough to fall in love with. I’ve got to investigate with the Dom and Red.


Dom and Red


‘Should I be cut at Dom and Red for being bridesmaids?’


‘No’ said Fred sympathetically. ‘It’s not their fault’


‘You’re right’ I said shrugging


‘See I’m always right don’t you just hate it lil sis’ winked Fred


‘I’m younger by 3 minutes you moron’


‘Still makes you younger’ shrugged Fred


Talking to Fred made me feel a lot better. We hadn’t spoken all month since our spat about Teddy at the beginning of term. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed talking to him. We chatted all the way back up to the castle where Dom and Red were waiting for me in the common room.


‘Man we’re sooo sorry we didn’t tell you’ started Red


‘Yeah we debated awhile about how we were going to approach you with it but like you were so happy and in your happy bubble that we didn’t want to pop it’ said Dom sincerely


‘it’s okay I’m over it’ I said smiling as they gave me a hug.


‘So did you end up finding a dress at least?’ I asked


‘Girl please. I haven’t even bothered to look. I’m not going to some fake ass wedding if the bride to be is still out snogging and sleeping with everyone’ said Dom


‘Isn’t it just Lucas Dierre?’ I said


‘And Sean Finnigan’ said Dom


‘Ew’ both Red and I said together


‘Yeah she likes them sleazy apparently’ said Dom


‘Teddy’s out looking for you by the way’ said Red


‘Meh’ I said shrugging my shoulders ‘I don’t know what to say to him’


They nodded understandably.


I turned off my phone as I walked upstairs to my bed. I didn’t want to read no sorry text messages at the moment that I knew were on my phone. Lucky I have no more classes today. I really should be studying, but I needed sleep. Or at least to lie on my bed and rethink my decisions in life.



I woke up around 2am to the sound of Dom laughing. Well actually giggling. Someone else was giggling too. A man someone else.


‘Dom?’ I whispered


‘Shhh Shh’ someone whispered. And then more giggles.


I used the torch light from my phone.


Dom was in her underwear laying next to-


‘Scorpius what the hell are you doing here- Oh god put some pants on?’ I whispered loudly covering my eyes.


‘Sorry Ro’ he whispered as he pulled his pants back on. He quickly kissed Dom on the lips and scurried out the door.


‘You’re sleeping with Scorpius? Since when?’ I whispered loudly


‘He knows how to push the right buttons’ giggled Dom


‘You’re crazy. Do you sneak him up here every night?’ I said


‘No just maybe once or twice a week. We started this before break’ whispered Dom


‘Are you going steady with him then? Is it official?’


‘God no’ said Dom quickly ‘Just friends with benefits’


‘You kill me’ I said giggling


‘Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin Ro?’


‘Maybe… So what if I am?’ I said


‘I thought teddy would have popped that cherry by now’


‘I want it to be special…’ I said


‘Has he even tried?’ she asked


‘No? Is that bad?’ I asked quickly


‘I don’t know? Is it? I know he isn’t a virgin though’ she said quietly


‘How do you know?’ I whispered although i know damn well that I wont like her answer.


‘Because he and Vic used to do it all the time during break at home. Their bedroom is right next to mine’ she said awkwardly.


‘Cool’ I said flatly


‘…sorry for waking you up .. goodnight Ro’ she said


Not that it should have been such a concern for me but now I can’t stop thinking about Teddy and Victoire having sex and its driving me crazy with jealousy.


But I shouldn’t be jealous because it was before me…


If I wasn’t annoyed with Teddy before I sure as hell am now.


I turned my phone on. Ignoring his messages will make me feel better. I know it will.


I had 3 unread messages

















I fell asleep happy that I ignored his message.




The next morning, I had a free period, so I got up late to have breakfast at the Great Hall alone. Dom was still snoring and Red had Muggle Studies.


Eating at this time in the Great Hall was so goood, like it’s legit almost empty and it’s just pure peaceful.


Well it was peaceful until someone slid into the chair next to me.


‘Can we talk now’


I nodded whilst still eating my croissant.


‘Look I’m sorry you had to see that, she does that all the time’


I swallowed so fast I almost choked,


‘What do you mean all the time? Jesus Christ Ted if I’m not kissing you she is? That just makes me sound almost idiotic’ I said after coughing out piece that got stuck.


‘Will you stop biting my head off for a sec!’ frowned Ted ‘No we don’t kiss Ro. Yesterday she made up her own rules apparently. I was just in shock as you were trust me. I was meant to say she likes to shit stir people if something doesn’t go her way. For example, yesterday Harry casually mentioned how busy I was lately because I was of my late night Quidditch practises with you. She didn’t like that obviously and did a whole 360 on me and is acting like we are the happiest couple on earth.




‘Because she see’s you as a threat’ said Ted flatly.

‘Okay’ I said


‘Look knowing her she is going to be pushing some major button over the next few weeks. Just please I want you to know it’s still you okay? Anyways I’ve got to go aide the next class, just don’t forget what I said okay. It will always be you’ he said kissing my forehead as he walked away.


I watched him walk out of the Great Hall then went back to my croissant.


Just then I felt a sludge of warm sticky thickness droop down my head. Porridge?


‘OMG oops sorry Roxanne’ said Victoire with a satisfying smirk. ‘I tripped and you just happen to be in the way. That’s so unlucky. I guess it will always be you’


‘VIC I’M ALLERGIC TO OATS!’ I yelled as I ran to the Hospital Wing before my face blew up like a balloon.


Madam Abbott was in the Hospital Wing thank god.


She took one look at my face and conjured up the anti allergy spell that I can’t say with my tongue swelled.


It deflated almost instantly. But my face was still left with red blotches.


‘Roxanne, stay away from the oats’ she said condescendingly


As if I’d purposely smashed my head on a bowl of porridge. That’s suicidal. Did Vic know I was allergic? Did she purposely try to almost kill me? Is my own cousin out to get me? Am I overreacting here?


I left the Hospital Wing with ice packs on my face to defuse the red.



‘Whoa hey there tomato head’ said James as I walked into Herbology late.


Professor Longbottom was in his own greenhouse again tending to his own plants, which means we were left to do our own work.


‘Not funny man. I think our cousin is out to kill me’ I said seriously


‘Which one?’ laughed Al


‘Victoire. She poured oats on me at breakfast and I don’t know if she knew I was severely allergic to oats or not?’


‘Nah she can’t be that psycho’ laughed James


‘Yeah that’s way to dark even for her’ said Al


‘Maybe you’re right’ I shrugged.       


`So how’s Danika going there Albi?’ asked James


‘Good I guess, I don’t know’ said Albus uninterested


‘Al, if you don’t like her then don’t go out with her, let some other guy have a chance’ I snapped. He ignored me.




‘What did scorp say now?’ I asked rolling my eyes. This kid’s phone is always going off.


Al ignored me and picked up his phone. He’s face dropped.




A text message appeared on my phone from my mom.








‘What is this weekend?’ I asked James and Al


James shrugged his shoulder and Al shook his head.


‘What’s wrong?’ I asked him


‘Nah nothing, you’ll see’ he said awkwardly


The lunch bell rang, James and I spent the majority of class discussing the possibilities of what could be happening this weekend that could be so exciting. Al stayed quiet the whole time.


I’m starvinggggg’ I moaned


Everybody else was already at our table eating sandwiches. We joined them


‘Hey did you all get a text from our parents as well about this weekend?’ I asked around the table


Some nodded. Some looked confused.


A screech of owls followed by a whoosh wind and letters were all dropped into our hands.


‘What the?’ said Red


Mr & Mrs Weasley and Mr & Mrs. Potter

Are inviting you to come celebrate the engagement of

Ted Harry Lupin


Victoire Gabrielle Weasley

Saturday at 6:00pm

Delacour Mansion, London









I think just lost my apatite.



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Chapter 8: Thing For Blue Eyes
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‘Fred said I’d find you here. So this is your hide out spot huh?’


I ditched everyone at the Great Hall again to come think by the lake. Too many looks of guilt just made me feel pathetic.


‘Yep’ I said


‘I told her off’


‘That’s great’ I said flatly


‘I’m telling everyone this weekend that I don’t want to marry her and it’s over between us. I don’t care anymore’ said Teddy kicking a rock into the Lake.


‘Mmm’ I said


‘You don’t really feel like talking to me anymore do you?’ said Teddy as he sat next to me


‘Nup’ I said childishly. I won’t lie. I’m childish.


‘But you’re listening, so that’s a start’ chuckled Ted


‘Not in mood’ I said as I pulled my hoodie over my face


‘Are you in the mood for honeydukes chocolate?’ said Teddy


‘Yes’ I said though it sounded muffled from under the hoodie. Teddy slipped in a couple of bars from the little hole I was using to breathe air.


‘It’s okay Ro, I’d be so angry too if the tables were turned. Just please be patient with me’


I gave him a thumbs up.


‘Ro stop turtling around’ chuckled Teddy


I pulled my hoodie back.


‘Mate I’m more upset at myself than you’ I snapped


‘Why?’ frowned Teddy


‘Because I look stupid’ I said


‘Nobody is forcing you to stay with me’ said Ted. He was getting angry now. Good. I hope I’m pushing all the wrong buttons and make him explode.


‘Well that’s not fair on the count I’ve been given broken promises. Just wait. Just wait. Just wait is all I get from you. Wait for what? To watch you snog my cousin or to watch you host your own engagement party? ‘ I said . I am so angry. 


‘When have I made a broken promise to you Ro?’ he said angrily ‘I said wait because I have a plan. Victoire isn’t part of my plan. The shit she does isn’t part of my plan either. How was I supposed to know she was going to do all this!’


‘Well you should know her by now she is your future wife after all!’ I spat.


Teddy chuckled looking up at the sky then shook his head.


‘Low blow. But fine. Fine’ he said standing up. ‘You don’t have to wait for me Ro. I’ve told you from the very beginning my life is kind of messed up at the moment and I was in the progress of fixing it. You chose to jump on board with me. I’m not forcing you. So do yourself a favour and find somebody who doesn’t make you feel stupid’


I didn’t bother yelling after him as he left to walk back up to the castle.



‘Aw that’s cute I guess? You guys had your first fight?’ said Red


‘Or break up. I don’t know. Can you break up with each other if you never really were together?’ I asked Red as we practised charms on each other.


‘Don’t ask me? You and Dom are in those weird secret non official relationship things’ she said.


‘Hmm’ I glared.


‘Anywho I heard Dom this morning telling Al that we all could bring dates to this bullshit engagement party. Who are you bringing?’ she said


‘God it’s not a Prom Red. I don’t even want to go to it. My mom is forcing me’ I muttered.


‘I just realised Dom’s cousin Yzabel will be there’ she said rubbing her temple


I groaned. Great. Of course she would be.


Yzabel Delacour is the most twisted, evil, manipulated person I’ve ever met. She lives for the drama, and likes to purposely stir the pot. She finds its fun and thrilling to flirt with Dom’s boyfriends. I’m telling ya she’s evil.


Seriously don’t know why Ted is even bothering to protect these morons.

‘I think Al said he was bringing Danika Ivans. Scorp and Dom are going together. James said no one. Fred said he was bringing Cruz. Molly said she was bringing Earl, and I think Lily said she was bringing one of the Scamander twins. I forgot which one?‘ she said.


A loud knock on the door and Victoire enters giggling


‘Sorry Professor I had another appointment with my Fiancé. Carry on’ she said to Professor Flitwick.


‘Forget it Ro, she’s doing it to make you angry’ whispered Red


‘Well it’s working’ I said through gritted teeth


Victoire spent the class bouncing from table to table helping students with their charms. She saved our table for last.


‘So did you girls need any help?’ she asked


‘What help could you give us? You were only here like last year’ chuckled Red


‘Bla bla bla, I’ll have you know I got all O’s in my final score for charms’ she said smiling


Red laughed. The traitor.


‘So who are you girls bringing to my engagement party this Saturday? She said smirking


‘Uh no one to be honest. All the guys here are little assholes’ said Red shrugging


‘What about James friend Samuel? He seems nice’ said Victoire


‘Hmmm never thought about it to be honest’ said Red


‘And you Roxanne? Who are you bringing?’


I PANICKED. The first and only name I could think of without saying Teddy’s out loud was


‘Cruz Zabini’ I said in a matter of fact.


Red stared at me but didn’t say anything infront of Vic.


‘Sexy guy I reckon that kid is. You must have a think for blue eyes then?’ she said smirking again.


‘Nah why do you say that?’ I said


‘I don’t know, just seems like your type. Don’t worry I’m just like you. Ted has blue eyes too’ she said.


She was testing me.


‘Good for him’ I said shrugging


She narrowed her eyes. ‘You’re so lucky you’re my cousin’


‘What do you mean by that’ I laughed nervously


‘Nothing. Others would die to be in your position. You get to come to my big engagement party. So lucky’ she said quickly smiling her veela like smile.


‘Well I guess I’ll see you and Cruz on Saturday then?’ she said


‘Are you leaving today? I said hopeful


‘Yeah Teddy and I are going tonight to get preparations ready. It’s going to be so much fun. I’m so excited’ she said winking.


I gave her a thumbs up. Damn these thumbs have a mind of their own when my brain shuts off. Fiesty little things they are. 


It was Tuesday today meaning Saturday was 4 days away. Ted is going to go back alone with Victoire for 4 days.


I feel sick


Dom said they had so much sex before break what if after yesterdays fight with Ted, he’ll go back to the sex with Victoire. I’m not ready for that.


‘I’ll be sure to tell Ted about all the plus ones we have. Good thing he likes Cruz Zabini hey Rox?’ said Victoire


Now she’s going to purposely rub Cruz in his face. He is soooo going to sleep with her now to get back at me. My eyes are starting to water.


Victoire seemed satisfied with that and said ‘Okay girls see you on Sat ‘ as she walked away.


I blew air from my mouth upwards trying to reach my eyes to dry them while I flapped my hands as fans


‘Will. You. Pull. Yourself. Together’ snapped Red as she handed me a tissue. 


I nodded.


‘Do you trust Ted or not?’ she said


I nodded again


‘Ok leave it at that. Don’t get yourself worked up for nothing. She’s being a cow’



‘Ro stop stabbing the chicken’ said James.


‘Why it’s just a stupid dead chicken’ I snapped.


‘We’re going home tonight. Aren’t you a little happy?’ asked Al


I glared at him


‘Ok ok I get the point’


Our parents have organised too floo out of Headmistress McGonagall’s fireplace at 9:08pm tonight. Everyone is meeting at Nana Molly’s burrow. Everyone.


My cousins are all excited to be going back home literally. I think it annoys me a lot more that they’re so happy. And I’m the complete opposite.


‘So have you decided on what you’re wearing tomorrow Ro?’


‘Dom! Seriously? ‘ I snapped


‘Hey don’t snap at me! I’m asking you because don’t you WANT to look drop dead gorgeous to rub it in you know who’s face?’ she said under her breath


‘No not really’ I muttered.


Dom rolled her eyes. ‘Don’t worry I got you. I have some dresses at mine that you can borrow’


I gave her a thumbs up.


‘Ro are you going to ask Cruz to be your date. Or are you going to ask Cruz to pretend to be your date? said Red carefully.


‘I…I don’t know…’ I said truthfully ‘ Usually I would ask him to pretend like we did once when we were younger but ever since James and Al told me he has a thing for me I feel like asking him to pretend to be together to get Teddy jealous, is well.. really mean’


Red and Dom nodded.


When dinner was finished we each went back to our dorms to pack our bags.


I packed a mini backpack while everybody else packed big sports bags.


‘Carrying light are we?’ chuckled Cruz as we all walked to Headmistress McGonagall’s office


‘I wanted to pack small but Dom yelled at me to pack extra clothes. I was just going to bring my toothbrush’ I shrugged.


‘Aw clean teeth and dirty clothes. Cute’ said Cruz playfully shoving me.


I laughed. ‘Hey Cruz… would you want to be my date to this stupid engagement party?


He smiled ‘Sure buttercup.  You sure Lupin won’t mind?’


‘Would he mind if I took at date to his own engagement party? Pffft’ I scoffed as Cruz laughed.


When we entered Headmistress’s office she made us all line up single file and gave us all a pinch of floo powder.


‘When you’re ready James’ she said as James was first in line. Potter Privilege as well call it.


‘The burrow’ he said firmly as he stepped into the fireplace and vanished. Next was Al, then Lily, Red, Hugo, Fred, Me, Lucy, Molly, Dom, Cruz, Lysan Scamander, Danika Ivans, Scorpius and Earl Finnigan.


‘ROXANNE’ my mama yelled as I stepped through nana’s fireplace. I stared crying. I really missed her.


‘What’s wrong baby?’ she said whilst hugging me and Fred.


‘Ow Mom let go’ said Fred as he was squashed in between us.


‘Nothing I’m just so happy to see you again’ I said hugging her. ‘Hey dad!’ I said as he gave me a kiss.


‘Rockyroad missed ya kid’ said my dad.


‘Guys it’s been a month’ said Fred.


‘Fred, son…’ said my dad seriously ‘Nobody said anything about missing you’


Then they both started laughing. My dad and Fred joke around all the time it drives my mum nuts.


‘Don’t say that to him George!’ she snapped while they continued to joke around.


I looked around. Everybody was here. Everybody except Victoire and Teddy. It made my stomach drop. Dom and her young brother Louis soon left with their parents, as well as Molly and Lucy and their parents, Red and Hugo left not long after with their parents.


‘Alright let’s go then to dad?’ I said as I realised I had neither of my girls left.


‘We’re staying here the weekend Rocky’ said my dad


I banged my head on the table.




‘Hey are you okay Roxanne?’


Danika Ivans took at seat next to me. I’ve never really spoken to her before. She seems really nice though, like one of those people that have a friendly charasmatic face.


‘Yeah I am Danika, you can call me Ro ‘ I said smiling


‘And you can call me Dani’ she said giving me a handshake.


‘So you and Al are together huh?’ I said trying to make conversation


‘Yeah I think so…’ she said


‘You think so?’


‘I feel like he is in a relationship with his phone more than me’ she giggled.


‘How annoying is it right!’ I agreed as she nodded.


‘So Dani, does our Nana’s burrow feel like home yet?’ said James as he took a seat next to her.


‘Haha I don’t know. Is it supposed to?’ she said


‘Aw come on you practically belong in this family with us’ he said winking. She smiled.


‘Better go find Albus, to find out where I’m sleeping’ she said as she got up to walk away.


‘Man’ said James with a dreamy look on his face. ‘She is so beautiful’


I kicked him under the table. ‘That’s Al’s girlfriend James!’


‘I know I know, keep your knickers on!’ said James as he scrunched his eyes and rubbed his shin. ‘The twat doesn’t deserve her. Always on his phone’


‘Anyways’ said James grinning again ‘What’s this I hear about you and Cruz? So that whole charade with Teddy is finished now is it?’


I rolled my eyes. ‘I’m going to bed’ I said.


‘Goodnight Ro’ said James chuckling.


I’m glad he finds this amusing.


Man tomorrow is going to be one long ass day filled with drama.


And that’s not even including if Teddy is still planning on telling everyone the truth.


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Chapter 9: The Makeover
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I groaned loudly


Dom was standing at the foot of my bed holding up at dress bag. She was grining from ear to ear.


‘You’re going to look so hot in this dress!’ she said excitedly.


‘DOMMMM CLOSE THE BLINDS AND GO AWAYYY!’ I yelled into my pillow.


‘AHHH’ I yelled as she lifted the covers off me.  She laughed. Bitch.


‘Come on get up, Nana has breakfast for you guys then I need you to shower and pre prep so I can prep you’


‘What the hell is pre prep Dom?’ I mumbled.


‘Ro your negativity is itching for a bitchin. Just wash yourself and then dry your hair so I can doll you up’ she snapped as she left our bedroom that we shared.


What in Merlin’s name is Itching for a bitchin? She is way too much sass for me in the mornings.


Admitting defeat I pulled myself off the bed and walked downstairs. To be honest I was pretty hungry.


‘Good morning my Roxanne’ said Nana Molly


‘Morning Nana, what’s for breakfast’ I said happily. Nana’s food always makes me happy.


‘Pancakes dear, everybody is seated outside’ she said as she continued to flip pancakes on the pan with her wand.


I walked out into the backyard. There was a massive long table full of pancakes, juice, bacon, eggs, muffins, and sausages, the whole works. Most of my family were already eating. I sat down immediately and stuffed my face with bacon.


Fred appeared at the table not long after looking sleepy. Dom must have woken him up as well.


He took as seat next to me and piled his plate full of food.


‘You okay Ro?’ he asked


‘Yeah why wouldn’t I be?’ I asked as I helped myself to more bacon before Fred ate it all.


‘Just asking’ he said nonplussed.  Though I suspect he feels my anxiety aura. It’s a twin thing.


I was so nervous about seeing Ted today. Especially since it’s his engagement party.


By the time I finished breakfast Dom had already dressed herself and ordered me to go have a shower.


Cursing at her bossiness I grabbed my towel and made my way into the bathroom.


I opened the shower door to find Cruz standing naked with a towel in his hand.


‘OMG IM –OMG SORRY CRUZ I-I SORRY!’ I spluttered as I closed the door.  I could hear him laughing behind the door. It made me blush soooo bad .


‘It’s okay Ro’ he said chuckled as he opened up the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. I never noticed how toned and tanned he was before.


‘I’m so –s-omg’ I said. I could feel my face blushing harder. Oh no I can feel my inner tomato seeping through my skin ...


Cruz laughed.


‘Jeez Ro, I would have thought it would take at least the 3rd/4th date to see me naked. Oh well’ he said grinning.


‘I’m going to have a shower…’ I mumbled looking at my feet.


He walked past me scruffing my hair.


I pretended to laugh as I closed the bathroom door.


Wow as embarrassing as that was... I never noticed how attractive Cruz was….well is….wait what….



‘God what took you so long in the shower?’ asked Dom as she dried my hair with a hairdryer.


‘Nothing’ I lied


‘OW OW OW’ I said as she yanked on my hair.


‘Stop being a baby, Red didn’t seem to mine when I combed her hair. And her hair is thicker with more ringlets!’ snapped Dom


‘Well Yippe-Ki-Yay for her!’ I groaned as Dom pulled on my roots.


‘Okay that should do it’ said Dom as she analysed my head. ‘Yep time to start your make-up, DO NOT MOVE ROXANNE! ’ she said leaving the bedroom.


I froze. Dom was scary when she wanted to be.


Dom came back with big box of god knows what and immediately began attacking my face with a mist spray and a powder brush.


‘Wow never noticed how fairly even your skin tone is Ro, hardly an blemishes’ said Dom


‘Aw thanks Dom’ I said proudly.


‘Dominique I feel stupid in these heels!’


Red came through the bedroom wobbling. She looked very pretty though.


She was wearing a long black maxi dress and her hair was twisted up in an elegant knot on top of her head


‘Wear chucks, you can hide them in that dress’ I said. Red beamed. Dom glared.


‘Fine wreck your outfit I don’t care’ said Dom. Red smiled in triumph as she kicked off her high heels.


‘Aaaaand that should about do it’ said Dom inspecting my face from every angle. ‘Wow you look great!’


‘Let me look in the mirror’ I said


‘Wait wait wait, I want you to try on the dress first. So you can completely look at yourself properly’ said Dom. She hurried away to get my dress.


‘Okay put this on’ she said passing me the red tight dress.


With a little help from Red and Dom, I managed to get in the dress without spoiling my make and hair.


‘WOW’ said Red while Dom flapped her eyelids with her hands to stop herself from crying.


‘Jeeez dramatic much? Why are you crying ?’ I said laughing.


‘It’s just -WOW, I’m .. I’m a freaking genius!’ she said


Red and I laughed .


I turned to the mirror and gasped. It was me, but like it didn’t look like me?? Does that make sense? The girl in the mirror was astoundingly beautiful. Her hair was sleek and wavy, her make up was sutle yet had enough shimmer to look elegant, and her dress was tightly fit making her boobs pop out. I didn’t even know I had boobs to be honest.


We watched Dom get ready and then we all walked together downstairs.


‘Wow girls, you all look really beautiful, good work Dom’ said my dad. Dom beamed at him.


Everybody was looking really good actually. James even looked decent. I’ve never seen him in a tux before. Al looked dashing as well. 


Danika came downstairs next. She was wearing a bright colourful dress that made her glow James gawked at her. I noticed Al was to busy joking around with Scorpius to care. Dani seemed to sense that too. She looked so disappointed.


I marched right up to Al, and slapped him behind the head.


‘OW WHAT- What was that for!’ sulked Al


I ignored him.


‘Doesn’t Dani look hot!’ I said


‘Oh yes she does!! Wow you’re stunning !’ said James cutting in before Al could. Dani blushed.


‘You look really nice’ said Al smiling genuinely.


James and I rolled out eyes. She seemed content with Al’s answer though.


‘Can we go now, we’re extremely late!’ snapped Aunty Hermione ‘Who are we waiting on?’


‘Fred, Cruz and Dad’ said Red. Hermione muttered something under her breath as she rushed back upstairs.


5 seconds late she returned with Uncle Ron, Fred and Cruz in tow.

‘They were taking selfies’ said Hermione shaking her head.


‘Aw come on Aunty Hermy if we look this good, the social network needs to know’ laughed Fred and Cruz. Uncle Ron hi-fived them.


‘Um excuse me partner, but we are scheduled to walk in style together. Not with my twin’ I laughed as I tapped Cruz on the shoulder


Cruz’s eyes popped wide when he turned to look at me


‘Wow you look wow…-uh- so look- wow- Ro ‘ he said stuttering, I burst out laughing. I’ve never seen him lose his cool like this, usually he is suave . Mr Ladies man.


‘Thanks’ I said smiling mischievously ‘Am I making your nervous or something there b-b-b-buddy’


He immediately snapped out of it.


‘Not as nervous as I made you when I caught you perving at my body- Yeah I saw your eyes travelling down. You totally wanted to see my –‘


‘Shut up shut up shut up shut up’ I said blushing furiously.


I totes forgot about that. He winked.


‘Check mate’ he said with a satisfied smile.


‘Alright ready gang, lets go . Everybody into the limo’s’ said Nana Molly.


‘Limo’s?’ said Fred


‘Yeah muggle transport. Vic and Ted are doing their engagement party not too far from here’ said Red.


We all divided into groups of three’s and four’s into each limo.


‘We are so late’ said Uncle Harry shaking his head once we left the burrow.


‘Stop looking so smug’ whispered Dom giggling. I rearranged my face at once.


We we finally arrived it was clear to see how late we were. Everybody was already dancing and drinking. Uncle Harry jumped out of the Limo first , followed by everyone else.


Cruz turned to look at me.


‘Ready Beautiful?’


‘Uh yeah I think..’ I said.


We stepped out of the limo holding hands.


The engagement party was in held in a massive marquee in the Uncle Bill’s massive backyard. My dad said Uncle Bill used to live in a small beach cottage until they had kids. That beach cottage is now to be given to Ted and Victoire as a future wedding present.


I was boiling with anger and jealousy.


‘Finally you guys came! Oh wow you all look so great!’ said Victoire smiling.


‘As do you my dear. Where’s the lucky man?’ asked Uncle Harry. Something in Victoire’s expression turned sour.


‘Here he is!’ said Harry beaming as Ted walked up to us.


Teddy Lupin looked so god damn handsome in a tux that it was just not fair. He grinned when he saw me, and then looked down at my hand holding Cruz’s hand. His face turned stone almost immediately. He was glaring at Cruz with such intensity that it even made me shudder. Cruz however gave him the smuggest face he could master.


‘What wrong there Ted?’ asked Harry looking worried. Ted straightened his face and forced a smile.


‘Nothing nothing. Welcome Harry, come join the party’ said Ted as he took Harry to the bar.


‘God could you two make this party any more awkward’ whispered Dom behind us. I’m not sure as whether she meant Cruz and I making it awkward or Ted and I…