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I absolutely positively love harry potter!

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1 : Eclipse of the Sky by firefawn     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 48   Reviews: 4066

The magical world contains many species: Vampires, Werewolves, Veelas, Metamorphmagi. As Voldemort begins to harness the unique powers of each for himself, Harry must learn to control the growing power within.  As the Muggle & Magical worlds collide, old magic is set loose, & it is affecting all. They say darkness lurks within us all, the only difference between those who lust for power & those who fail to succumb to it, is a choice. Harry/OC Remus/Tonks

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Dean, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Krum, Luna, Lupin, OC , Ron, Tonks  Pairings: Harry/OC, Hermione/Krum, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Advisory: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Published: 2004.11.15   Latest Chapter: 2018.04.20 Updated: 2018.04.20 Status: WIP (329806 words)

2 : Cursed by theclick5     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 37   Reviews: 644

Is voldemort really evil? What will Lucius do when Draco falls in love with Hermione? What will Mrs. Weasly think about Ginny having Harry's baby while she's still in school?

Thanks to Shae (TheOneAndOnly) for another beautiful banner.  FINALLY COMPLETE! (UPDATED OCTOBER 2016: Minor updates for gramatical and format issues. All chapters will be revamped soon) 

Image hosting by TinyPic

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Ginny , Harry, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Ron, Sirius, Voldemort  Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione
Advisory: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Published: 2005.12.27   Latest Chapter: 2016.10.06 Updated: 2016.10.06 Status: COMPLETED (39837 words)

3 : Malfoy and the Mudblood by emmieB     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 35   Reviews: 1116

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Emily Carlisle hated Draco Malfoy. That was a fact. So when she was told that Draco was coming to stay, she thought things couldn't possibly get worse. Oh, how wrong she was!

Genres: Humor, Mystery, Romance   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M), Draco, Fred, Harry, Lucius, Luna, Neville, OC , Ron, Snape  Pairings: Harry/Luna, Draco/OC
Advisory: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature
Published: 2005.03.24   Latest Chapter: 2016.04.04 Updated: 2016.04.24 Status: COMPLETED (182010 words)

4 : Three's a Crowd; Four's a Circus by Twinkleflower     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 70

What happens when four unlikely students end up locked in the Room of Requirement? Weird stuff happens! How long will they be trapped? Forever? After all the room itself can help them with their every need.  Wonderful banner by Lynx at TDA. MAJOR EDIT COMPLETED (March 2014)

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Cho, Draco , Harry, Hermione, Ron  Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Published: 2006.02.23   Latest Chapter: 2014.03.14 Updated: 2014.03.14 Status: COMPLETED (3679 words)

5 : Crossing into Chaos by Emeral_eyes     Novel
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 22   Reviews: 678

*Completely AU* In a world where Voldemort was never defeated, only a few things matter: pureblood, money and power. All that Ginny Weasley wanted was to survive her 7 years at Hogwarts, a school where the children of the richest and most powerful wizards dominate over others. Denying her natural instincts, she managed to make into her 6th year without offending any of the cruel and powerful Slytherins - especially that horrible Draco Malfoy. Until one day, she crosses a line, and her peaceful existence is shattered forever. A story filled with adolescent drama, clash of the classes, angst, jealousy, ridiculous pride and love triangles (and squares).

Genres: Romance, AU, Young Adult  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M), Crabbe Jr., Draco, Ginny, Goyle Jr., Hermione, Pansy  Pairings: Draco/Ginny
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence
Published: 2006.04.28   Latest Chapter: 2012.11.18 Updated: 2012.11.18 Status: WIP (193762 words)

6 : First Impressions by padfoot and prongs foreva     Short story
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 2   Reviews: 89

First Year of the Marauders 

Genres: Humor, Romance, AU   Era: Marauders   Characters: James, Lily, Lucius, Lupin, McGonagall, Narcissa, OC , Pettigrew, Sirius, Snape  Pairings: James/Lily
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2005.03.22   Latest Chapter: 2012.09.10 Updated: 2012.09.10 Status: Abandoned (2666 words)

7 : Mad World by fourthiv     One-shot
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 30

Without giving her a word in edgewise, he walked off, never looking back. Never noticing Hermione's shocked filled eyes. Never noticing her drop the little black box in her hand. Never knowing her plans for that night... [banner by me!]

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst  Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Harry, Hermione  Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
Published: 2006.01.05   Latest Chapter: 2012.08.06 Updated: 2012.08.06 Status: COMPLETED (1960 words)

8 : Just To Love by reaglephoenix     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 16   Reviews: 41

Three best friends go through a very interesting year of ups and downs, friendships and fallouts, romance and breakups. They learn to control there tempers, get through hard times and most importantly, just to love.

Genres: Crossover, Drama, Romance  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Charlie, Dean, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Neville, OC, Oliver, Ron, Seamus  Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2006.12.03   Latest Chapter: 2012.06.22 Updated: 2012.06.22 Status: WIP (27276 words)

9 : Tom Riddle: What Really Turned Him Bad by hogwartsheir     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 6   Reviews: 3

No one would argue that Tom Riddle was evil. It was always just a fact. No one bothered to wonder if there was a time when he wasn't evil, or even the smallest bit nice. When people hear about Jessica Levi, she is referred to as a myth, nothing more or less. No one realized that her myth may be worth hearing. If you're interested to know what really turned Tom Riddle, hear this "myth."

Genres: Romance, AU, Young Adult   Era: Other   Characters: Dumbledore, Hagrid, OC , Voldemort  Pairings: Other Pairing
Advisory: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Published: 2010.11.25   Latest Chapter: 2012.03.28 Updated: 2012.03.28 Status: WIP (5962 words)

10 : Final Chance by HermyBug12     Song fic
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 26   Reviews: 82

Hermione's whole life is shifted upside down when she finds out her parents have been lying to her for her entire life, shes on a roller coaster of emotions her seventh and final year at Hogwarts. with new loves, old loves, and everything in between

Hey guys, so new chapter 26 is up for validation. Writing the new one as soon as I can. I have been busy lately :)

Genres: Drama, Romance   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M), Dumbledore, Fred, George, Ginny, Harry, OC , Pansy, Ron, Snape  Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2008.03.01   Latest Chapter: 2012.03.23 Updated: 2012.03.23 Status: WIP (25258 words)

11 : Forced To Get Along by Megan     Short story
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 9   Reviews: 195

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Our story begins with two trios. One of Gryffindor, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley; and one of Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle Jr. , and Vincent Crabbe Jr. Anyone who knows anything about Hogwarts, or attends Hogwarts for that matter, knows that these two sets of three don't get a long.

Genres: Humor  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Crabbe Jr., Draco, Dumbledore, Ginny, Goyle Jr., Harry, Hermione, McGonagall, Ron, Snape
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2005.07.21   Latest Chapter: 2011.12.19 Updated: 2011.12.19 Status: COMPLETED (14810 words)

12 : The Good, the Bad and the Charmed by darkfire04     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 2   Reviews: 15

I'm in the progress of rewriting the whole thing, my writing skills should be a whole lot better than they were but bear with me as I rewrite everything, I've realised it's pointless trying to pick up from where I last left off. Really please do bear with me, I've just recently lost my Dad so it's taking me longer to start writing again then I might have hoped but the first editted chapter is up and the second is in progress. The banner was made by me.

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, AU   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, OC, OtherCanon , Ron, Sirius, Voldemort  Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2005.01.29   Latest Chapter: 2011.11.28 Updated: 2011.11.28 Status: WIP (10350 words)

13 : Keeping the Chase by _backporchpoet     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 53   Reviews: 93

When Sarah Jenkins started developing unexplainable feelings for Oliver Wood, she never knew getting into a relationship with one of the most popular Quidditch Captains at Hogwarts was going to be so complicated.
Banner by tableau @ TDA.
***Oh by the way, I am back. Kind of. :)***

Genres: Drama, Romance   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Cedric, OC , Oliver  Pairings: Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2008.02.07   Latest Chapter: 2011.10.30 Updated: 2014.04.21 Status: WIP (63353 words)

14 : A Revolutionized Life by Mrs Draco Ma1foy     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 9   Reviews: 128

It is the summer after Hermione's 6th year. She was dating one of her best friends, Ron, and everything was perfect. Too perfect.  Weeks before school starts a mysterious man shows up in her house revealing a truth, a truth that change's Hermione's life forever. She is then forced to move and just when she thought her life was the most screwed up it could get, she meets a past enemy with a secret of his own.

Editing chapters, finally! 3 down 6 more to go.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Hermione, OC , Ron  Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Ron/OC
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2006.05.29   Latest Chapter: 2011.09.02 Updated: 2011.09.02 Status: WIP (10515 words)

15 : Breaking Up The Marauders by Pretty Purple Pelican     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 17   Reviews: 761

brilliant banner by bellatrixx

It seemed like a brilliant plan to destroy the Marauders from the inside out. But when feelings get involved, Lily and her friends get more than they bargained for. Once the plan is set in motion, there is no stopping it.

**currently undergoing MAJOR revamping. Chapter Five is completed.**

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance   Era: Marauders   Characters: James, Lily, Lupin, OC , Pettigrew, Sirius  Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Advisory: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Published: 2006.03.06   Latest Chapter: 2011.05.16 Updated: 2011.05.20 Status: COMPLETED (29614 words)

16 : Wild Hearts by blondie_sarah14     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 37   Reviews: 811

108, 000 READS! Thanks Belle_moi, for the awsm banner! It’s their final year at Hogwarts. Draco finally realises his feelings towards Hermione, but does she feel the same? And if so, what will Harry & Ron do when he tries to steal their leading lady? What does Voldemort have in stall for the trio’s last year at Hogwarts? When opposites attract…hidden love, secrets, drama, and the passion of wild hearts.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M) , Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Lucius, McGonagall, Narcissa, Ron, Voldemort  Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Published: 2006.05.19   Latest Chapter: 2011.05.05 Updated: 2011.05.05 Status: WIP (54649 words)

17 : Who I Am by SwedishWitch     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 14   Reviews: 38

My name is Albus Potter and I am here to tell you about my life, who I was, who I became and who I am.

Banner by Mysia@TDA


Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult   Era: Next Generation   Characters: Albus, Scorpius   Pairings: Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Published: 2010.11.25   Latest Chapter: 2011.04.26 Updated: 2011.04.26 Status: WIP (26639 words)

18 : Never Look Away by Angel_Princess87     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 20   Reviews: 509

Hermione is overpowered by her problems and writes to someone, anyone who will listen to her. But what she doesn't know is that Draco Malfoy has received her letter and writes her back with one of his own..I've added some extra stuff in the early chapters so more of the story makes sense. I also need a banner please!!

Genres: Romance   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Dumbledore, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Narcissa, OC , Pansy, Ron, Snape  Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2004.06.16   Latest Chapter: 2011.04.02 Updated: 2011.04.02 Status: WIP (35014 words)

19 : Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines by Miss Haggan     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 72

Fantastic banner by dancingshoos from TDA.
A totaly cheesey one-shot that I done when I was bored so please R&R, even if it is a bad one.

Genres: Fluff, Humor   Era: Marauders   Characters: James , Lily, Lupin, Sirius  Pairings: James/Lily
Advisory: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2008.04.05   Latest Chapter: 2011.03.23 Updated: 2011.03.23 Status: COMPLETED (840 words)

20 : The Power of Love by Marty Mcfly     Short story
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 12   Reviews: 123

Thank you, Alyssa at the-dark-arts, for the bannar

Lord Voldemort tries to destroy Harry by using what he beleives to be Harry's weakness - love. He threatens the one family that Harry loves, The weasleys, thus getting Harry to willingly allow Voldemort to kill him. But, can Voldemort possibly succeed, abusing the power he knows not?

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Bellatrix, Cho, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Lupin, Neville, Ron, Snape, Voldemort  Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Advisory: Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2006.05.11   Latest Chapter: 2010.12.11 Updated: 2010.12.11 Status: COMPLETED (16457 words)

21 : A Tale of Cinderella by posers_sux     Novella
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 11   Reviews: 520

Hermione spends her summer writing to a mysterious boy from school and he's, to keep it simple, perfect. Their unspoken agreemnt to keep thier identities secret from each other lasts through the summer, but when the day of unmasking arrives at the Ball will Hermione be ready for the surprise that awaits her? Based loosely off of the movie A Cinderella Story. All reviews answered. EPILOGUE now posted.

Genres: Fluff, Romance, AU   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC , Ron  Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2005.08.04   Latest Chapter: 2010.11.27 Updated: 2010.11.27 Status: COMPLETED (28897 words)

22 : Unexpected Desire by Karma101     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 10   Reviews: 336

Hermione gets a little drunk on her way to a bar and the next day finds herself in a bedroom next to the Slytherin Prince himself. what happend to her and why is she feeling "nausiated?" Banner done by Nitwit_T Thanx you ttly rock!

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult  Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M), Draco, Harry, Hermione, Pansy, Ron  Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione
Advisory: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2006.05.20   Latest Chapter: 2010.06.26 Updated: 2010.06.26 Status: WIP (11955 words)

23 : Harry Potter The Next Generation by Lady of Lucius     Novel
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 43   Reviews: 480

HPTNG.jpg HPTNG picture by Lady_of_Lucius

Old rivalries arise once again between families, while new ones grow out of past deeds. Brothers battle against each other, father and son are separated and hundreds of new faces fill the halls of Hogwarts. Could this be a peaceful year? Life is just never that simple when you are a Potter.

Genres: Humor, Mystery, Action/Adventure   Era: Next Generation   Characters: Albus, Draco, Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Lily (II), OC , Ron, Scorpius, Snape
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence
Published: 2005.09.28   Latest Chapter: 2010.05.20 Updated: 2010.05.24 Status: COMPLETED (124652 words)

24 : Harry Potter and the Remnants of the Soul by Cubdom     Novel
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 16   Reviews: 108


WIP, Post-HBP, The final battle arrived more quickly than anyone expected. Voldemort’s miscalculation granted Harry a victory, but one deeply tainted by loss. Piecing together his shattered Soul, Harry must finish school and step into a society where he wields incredible power, wealth, and responsibility.

Genres: Drama, General, Romance  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Harry, McGonagall, OtherCanon
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence,
Published: 2006.05.04   Latest Chapter: 2010.03.24 Updated: 2010.03.24 Status: WIP (91383 words)

25 : Life Swap by Charlies_Gal     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 11   Reviews: 118

Special thanx to the tofuubeaver for this brilliant, beautiful banner.

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy find out exactly what it is like to walk in each others shoes. How will changing their lives affect how they feel about each other? 
Everything's going to change.

Genres: Romance, Angst, Young Adult   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC , Pansy, Ron  Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Ginny, Hermione/OC
Advisory: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2006.04.24   Latest Chapter: 2010.01.17 Updated: 2010.01.17 Status: WIP (16000 words)
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