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1 : Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla     Novel
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 10   Reviews: 217

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Posted:25Nov09 / Re-Post:28Mar10 / Re; Re-Post:07Jan13

Hermione Granger is an under-cover Auror and betrothed to Draco Malfoy. Her mission: “To look for small clues that could prove to be of importance.”  

The question “What” is Draco Malfoy up too?

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC , Pansy, Shacklebolt, Skeeter, Teddy  Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ron/OC, Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Published: 2009.11.25   Latest Chapter: 2013.04.19 Updated: 2013.04.19 Status: WIP (34113 words)

2 : The Covenant by lifyndra     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 33   Reviews: 507

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"Draco Malfoy" is dead and, living under an alias in America, he plans to stay that way.  When Hermione Granger suddenly appears on the scene, he'll do anything to keep her silent on the matter.  If that happens to mean kidnapping her and holding her hostage in his home... indefinitely... so be it.

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, AU   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC   Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Advisory: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Published: 2008.12.14   Latest Chapter: 2012.08.19 Updated: 2012.08.19 Status: COMPLETED (140794 words)

3 : Problem by dracos_hotter     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 30   Reviews: 392

I, Rose Weasley, have problems. Not in the totally-incapable-of-anything-useless way, but in the way that anyone does.

My biggest problems are as follows:
1. I can't refuse a dare...

... 10. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.
Thank Merlin this is the last year of school.

Simply amazing banner by the terminator over at The Dark Arts!

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance   Era: Next Generation   Characters: OC, OtherCanon , Rose, Scorpius  Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing
Advisory: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Published: 2009.09.27   Latest Chapter: 2012.04.16 Updated: 2012.04.16 Status: WIP (71296 words)

4 : Hunting The Hunters by FutureAggie09     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 33   Reviews: 1129

(NEW beautiful banner by Ande at TDA!)
Hermione Granger is an Auror. Problem: her overprotective friend Harry is also an Auror, and now her superior. He refuses to let her do any fieldwork, condemning her to paperwork instead. When Hermione's pleas become too much, he assigns her a case: The Hunters. The Hunters are a posse who attack criminals and bring them to the Ministry, which is wholly illegal. Harry thinks that Hermione has no chance at getting near the Hunters' leader. But does she?

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Ginny , Harry, Hermione  Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2009.02.23   Latest Chapter: 2011.07.28 Updated: 2011.07.28 Status: COMPLETED (113424 words)

5 : Crimes of Passion by mrdarcy     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 17   Reviews: 199


She had been married to Ron for almost five years. Rose was only two. Things were just as she had planned. Perhaps that was why she needed the affair. Perhaps the routine, the schedule, the carefully thought out life wasn't enough. Her crime of passion - her sin - was what kept her alive.
There was no point romanticising it. She was Draco's mistress. And now she was pregnant. Her punishment was her ignorance. Ignorance of the child's father.

Genres: Drama, Romance   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Hermione, Ron, Rose   Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Ron/Hermione
Advisory: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Published: 2009.04.15   Latest Chapter: 2010.07.12 Updated: 2010.07.12 Status: COMPLETED (58300 words)

6 : A Demon, a Muggle, and a Wizard Walk Into a Bar by Raye Black Winchester     Novel
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 10   Reviews: 61

During Harry's fifth year, it seemed that everything that could go wrong, ends up going wrong. But when word spreads that something potentially more dangerous than Lord Voldemort is gunning for the Boy-Who-Lived, the Order of the Phoenix makes the decision to bring in specialists; two Muggle American hunters named Sam and Dean Winchester. A Supernatural X Harry Potter Crossover
(Awesome banner created by the amazing Jeanie!!!)

Genres: Crossover, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Dumbledore, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OtherCanon , Ron, Sirius, Umbridge, Voldemort  Pairings: Other Pairing, Ginny/OC, Hermione/OC
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Contains Spoilers
Published: 2009.09.03   Latest Chapter: 2010.01.28 Updated: 2010.01.28 Status: WIP (35271 words)

7 : Defying Gravity by LilyMaria     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 16

Amazing banner by LilyEvansPotter15 @ TDA
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She wanted to defy gravity.
He wanted to defy expectations.
Together they would defy everything.

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Ginny , Harry, Hermione, Luna, Ron  Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Advisory: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2009.07.31   Latest Chapter: 2009.11.16 Updated: 2009.11.16 Status: WIP (1230 words)
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