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1 : How short the story of a life can be by LunaTheDeathEater     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 13

Luna Scarmander is having her first child, but instead of being one of the happiest days in her life, it is about to become a nightmare.

The story is based on reality where I am Luna. I just made a lamb human, and made myself it's mother. Even most of the conversation happened, only not by doctor/parents but by a farmer, myself and a boy.

(Has nothing to do with happenings in my books)

Genres: Drama   Era: Next Generation   Characters: James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Advisory: Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2009.04.14   Latest Chapter: 2010.05.20 Updated: 2010.05.20 Status: COMPLETED (1182 words)

2 : With the Wind in Her Hair by siriusly_cool48     Short story
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 3   Reviews: 6

In his last year of Hogwarts, Harry goes to Godric's Hollow for Christmas, and makes a shocking discovery about his past. What terrible secret did his parents keep from everyone for a year before they died? And how will Harry ever live it down?

Genres: Crossover, General, Mystery   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Harry, Hermione, James, Lily, Molly, OtherCanon , Ron, Sirius  Pairings: James/Lily, Ron/Hermione
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2009.07.18   Latest Chapter: 2009.09.19 Updated: 2009.09.19 Status: COMPLETED (3739 words)

3 : A Dream Come True by AshHa     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 4

Banner by Emerald_Princess92!! Thanx!
Lily and James are finally together in their seventh year.  James is nervous, but is ready for a new beginning.  R/R!!

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance  Era: Marauders   Characters: James, Lily  Pairings: James/Lily
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2007.03.05   Latest Chapter: 2009.06.18 Updated: 2009.06.18 Status: COMPLETED (926 words)

4 : Breathing Freedom by Indigo Seas     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 8

She stood in the white dress that day and didn't want any of it. The ribbons, the bows, the pearls, the lace: It all terrified, horrified her. But what scared her the most was the loveless marriage just moments away. What's a girl to do when the open window beside her is so tantalizing, she just can't resist?

Astoria/Draco, Slightly AU. Banner by MrsLovett at TDA!

Genres: Drama, Angst   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, OtherCanon   Pairings: Ginny/OC
Advisory: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Published: 2009.06.18   Latest Chapter: 2009.06.18 Updated: 2009.06.30 Status: COMPLETED (1439 words)

5 : I Miss You... by GinnyPotter25     Song fic
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 18


On her wedding day, Ginny is thinking about the Weasley who will not be able 
to witness the happiest day of her life. She goes into Fred's old room and cries a few tears wishing he was still there for her. And misses him...a songfic with the lyrics by Miley Cyrus (thought I'm not a fan!).

Genres: General   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: Fred, George, Ginny , Harry  Pairings: Harry/Ginny
Advisory: Contains Spoilers
Published: 2007.10.22   Latest Chapter: 2009.05.09 Updated: 2009.05.09 Status: COMPLETED (1334 words)

6 : A Wilting Rose by SlytherinPrincess55     Song fic
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 11

She had walked away. It had been nothing more than a deep and powerful friendship. Her confusion, his anger, they melted together in the worst of ways. They'd had a chance at love, but now it was gone.

In response to smartiepie99's challenge. :] Banner by obviously394 @ TDA :]

Genres: Drama, Romance   Era: Next Generation   Characters: OC , Rose, Scorpius  Pairings: Rose/Scorpius
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2009.03.23   Latest Chapter: 2009.04.08 Updated: 2009.04.08 Status: COMPLETED (1677 words)

7 : Forbidden by FanofCards25     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 6

In response to HP Chapter Challenge #8

Genres: General, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure   Era: Founders   Characters: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, OC , Ravenclaw, Slytherin
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2008.10.01   Latest Chapter: 2008.11.13 Updated: 2008.11.13 Status: COMPLETED (1622 words)

8 : Regret by PadfootStripQuidditch     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 5

My regrets were more deeply rooted . So deeply it went back to the first war. Maybe if I had kept closer tabs on her, maybe if I had simply told her to stay with me rather than shove her away for her own safety, none of this would have happened.
| banner by Flou @ TDA // Edited by Alana|

Genres: General, Angst   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Lupin, OC   Pairings: Remus/OC
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2008.09.19   Latest Chapter: 2008.09.19 Updated: 2010.04.29 Status: COMPLETED (762 words)

9 : The Chess Set by Meeeeera     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 71

beautiful banner by .highwayheartbeat at tda

The Chess Set

The chess set was what brought us together. It symbolised a connection that only we could share, at times only we could understand. It helped us escape things only we could imagine escaping, in circumstances only we managed to land ourselves in.

An insight into the friendship of Harry and Hermione, set in the tumultuous days of their sixth year.

Genres: General, Angst  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Harry, Hermione
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2008.08.17   Latest Chapter: 2008.09.15 Updated: 2008.09.15 Status: COMPLETED (1286 words)

10 : Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial by Staff     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 11

While actual student/teacher relationships are strictly prohibited, HPFF will accept a story that references a student having a crush on his or her teacher. This tutorial provides an example of how far it is appropriate for one of these crushes to proceed.

Genres: Fluff   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Ginny , Hermione
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2006.07.17   Latest Chapter: 2006.07.17 Updated: 2012.03.24 Status: WIP (1402 words)

11 : 12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial by Staff     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 26

This tutorial was written by staff to provide an example of what is acceptable regarding sexual content at a 12+ rating. Stories rated 12+ may only include scenes of a sexual nature that are mild in content.

Genres: General   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Hermione , Ron  Pairings: Ron/Hermione
Advisory: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2005.02.09   Latest Chapter: 2005.02.09 Updated: 2012.03.24 Status: COMPLETED (1299 words)
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