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Saving Severus Snape by Unicorn_Charm
Chapter 29 : xxix.
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5th January 1977

Tuesday afternoon, she was nearlyhalfway through her first week of the new term, and things had pretty much returned to normal. Hermione sat waiting for her Potions class to wrap up with her stomach in knots. Professor Slughorn appeared to be in even higher spirits than normal, so Hermione figured she ought to take advantage of his overtly good mood.

While the classroom filled with the noise of scraping chairs, and the excited babble of students who were finished with their classes for the day, Hermione turned to Severus.

“I have to speak with Slughorn,” she told him as she slung the strap of her bag over her shoulder. “Give me five minutes?” she asked.

The minute narrowing of Severus’ eyes did not go unnoticed. She knew he didn’t like it when she kept things from him, since — at least to the best of his knowledge, she rarely did so. Regardless, he nodded and agreed to meet her outside when she was finished.

After the noise died down, and she knew she and Slughorn were alone, she approached his desk. He had his back turned to her, gathering his things. Hermione cleared her throat to get his attention.

“Oh ho, Miss Devereux,” he said with a smile only reserved for his most prized students. “What can I do for you, my dear?”

It wasn’t as if she were asking him for information on Horcruxes, she reminded herself. He had told her that he would have attempted to help her when the time came. She had no reason to have been as nervous as she was.

“Sir, I was wondering if you would be able to help me acquire something for my antivenin?” she asked.

Slughorn’s eyebrows raised briefly, before he rearranged his expression back into polite interest.

“And what exactly might that be, Miss Devereux?” he asked slowly.

“Well, Sir,” she bit her lip. “I was wondering if it may be possible for you to perhaps find a vial of viper venom for me?” she asked, and crossed her fingers inside her robes.

It seemed whatever Slughorn was expecting her to ask had not been that. She watched his shoulders relax and a relieved chuckle left his lips. Hermione felt herself also relax as she watched him.

“Well of course, Miss Devereux!” he said happily. “How else would you be expected to test it, if you had nothing to test it on?”

Hermione breathed out a sigh of relief. The first request would be granted, but now she had to worry about the second request. Although, with how easily he had a greed to the venom, she wasn’t particularly worried about the following question.

“Thank you, sir,” she said with true gratitude in her voice. He waved off her thanks then continued collecting his belongings from his desk. “Was that all, Miss Devereux?” he asked as he stuffed some papers in his bag.

“Not exactly, sir, no.”

He froze. “Oh, and how else may I be of assistance?” he asked in a measured tone.

Hermione reached in her pocket for the piece of parchment with the book she required written on it. She walked up to the desk clenching it in her hands. This would be more important than the venom.

“I need a book from the Restricted Section, sir. It’s - it’s for my project.” She slowly placed the parchment down in front of him.

It wouldn’t have been good enough for Hermione to only secure the venom, she also needed a way to curse the venom, to make it more like Nagini’s. To make it so that it ensures the victim of the snake’s bite would be nearly unable to heal, just like when Arthur Weasley was bitten. She had found a book that included such a curse, however she couldn’t check it out without a teacher’s permission. She hoped that he would sign the form for her.

The book she needed was very dark, but nothing that the older students wouldn’t have covered in their Defense Against the Dark Arts course. Even though he appeared to be a little taken aback by her chosen text, she couldn’t imagine that he would deny her.

“This is an extremely dark book, Miss Devereux. It will help you with your project?” he asked slowly, his expression more stern that she was used to seeing.

However, Hermione kept her back straight and did not break eye contact. She didn’t want to appear as if she had anything to hide.

“It would, sir. Yes.”

Slughorn studied her for a moment. What he was searching for, she would never know, but he eventually seemed to realize he could trust her. He mumbled softly, “Not the same,” as reached for a quill and signed the parchment for her.
He handed it back to her with a fixed smile on his face. Hermione reached for it and tucked it into the pocket of her robes, already planning on immediately heading to the library.

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

“It was nothing at all, my dear. Nothing at all,” he said, then picked up his belongings from his desk. “If that is all…” he trailed off.

Hermione nodded. “It was, Professor. Have a good night.”

She left the Potions classroom eager to begin her research. Severus was waiting for her in the corridor, as he promised.

“Come on,” she said, without stopping. Severus jogged to catch up to her.

“Where are we going?” he asked, once he fell into step beside her.

“Library,” she responded.

Severus let out a low chuckle. “Of course,” he said.

As they walked the halls hand in hand, a voice called out behind them.

“Hey, Hermione!”

When she turned around, Otto was running towards her. Severus, she heard, swore quietly under his breath.

“Be nice,” she scolded. He snorted.

“Otto,” she said as he reached her.

Otto nodded quickly at Severus, who gave a jerk of his head as he eyed him angrily. Hermione minutely shook her head.

“Hermione, I was wondering, if you had a little time later, if you could help me with the homework for McGonagall?” he asked.

She felt Severus’ hand tighten around her own.

“I’m having a little trouble with part of the essay,” he went on, ignoring the daggers that Severus was shooting at him. “And you seem to pick everything up so easily in class.”

She glanced up at Severus, who was looking more unhappy with each moment Otto stood before them, and stifled a laugh at his expression.

“Yeah, I could look it over for you later, Otto,” she told him. A wide grin broke out on his face before he hugged her.

“Thanks, Hermione! You’re a star,” he said, then sprinted off in the direction he had come from.

“Sturgis! Wait up!” he called out as he ran away.

When she looked at Severus, he was watching Otto’s retreating figured with flaring nostrils.

“What?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t like him,” he responded immediately.

Hermione exhaled then tugged him along. “Why?” Her voice was low and tired sounding. Otto never had done or said anything to Severus that would have caused him to dislike him. He wasn’t a bully, like some of the other Quidditch players in the school.

“He fancies you,” Severus stated, as if it were obvious.

She rolled her eyes as she laughed. Severus quirked an eyebrow.

“First of all, you’re wrong.” Hermione was under the impression that Otto was currently involved with a Gryffindor fifth year. He certainly spent a lot of his free time with the girl. “And even if he did, so what?”

Severus’ brow furrowed as he brought her to a stop. “So what?” he repeated.

“Yes. So what if he did? Just because someone may be interested in me -- not saying that he is, that wouldn’t mean that I would just up and leave you, Severus.”

He put his hands on her waist, and ducked his head down to give her a chaste kiss.

“I don’t like when people want what is mine,” he said as he pulled away.

Hermione wasn’t a fan of his possessiveness that he showed at times. She wiggled out of his hold and put her hands on her hips.

“That’s silly, Severus. And you need to stop that,” she said. He went to speak, and Hermione raised her hand to stop him. “I’m sure there are going to be people who become interested in me at one point or another. Just like there will be people who become interested in you.”

“Right,” he scoffed. She chose to ignore that.

“But we can’t let jealousy overcome us. We have to trust one another. Otherwise… what’s the point?” She shrugged.

They remained silent for a few moments, Severus was looking into her eyes again with a look of wonderment. Hermione felt her cheeks heat up from the intensity of his gaze. Finally his shoulders dropped and a hint of a smile touched his lips.

“You’re right,” he whispered.

“I usually am,” she joked, as she bumped her hip into the side of his leg.

Severus let out a laugh. “And always so modest…”

Hermione giggled silently, and tucked her arm through his, as the continued their way through the corridors.

When they reached the library, Hermione gave her note from Slughorn to Madam Pince, who did her usual tests to see if the permission slip had been forged. When she decided that it was authentic, she put the parchment into her desk, and left to retrieve the book Hermione had requested.

It was a horrible book, she noted to herself, once they were sat in their usual spot in the back of the library. Some of the curses in there were absolutely vile, and twice she found herself quickly skipping a page, due to the illustrations causing her to become a bit nauseated. Severus sat quietly next to her, and although she could see the hundreds of questions in his expression, he did not ask a single one. Not until she had found what she was looking for. A page on an Ever Bleeding Curse.

“Erm… Hermione?” he asked as she began scribbling directions into her notebook.

“Hmm?” she hummed, not breaking her stride as she wrote.

When his hand rested on top of hers, however, she stopped writing and looked up at him.

“This is for the antivenin?” His eyes were narrowed.

“Of course,” she said, then went back to her work.

He placed his hand on hers once again.

“Severus, I’d really like to finish this be--”

“Is there a particular creature you’re making this for? This seems awfully… well, specific.”

She hated lying to him. Lying to Severus was one of the most difficult things about being in the past. She always tried to be as truthful with the people she loved as possible, and the fact that she continually had to hide things from him wore on her.

“Of course not,” she responded a bit sharply. Not because she was irritated with him, but more because she was irritated with herself for not being able to give him the whole truth. Especially since this project directly impacted him. His eyes widened in response to her tone. “You just never know what you might come across,” she added.

Avoiding looking at him, she went right back to adding the last few lines of what she needed into her notes.

“Right…” Was all he said.


6th January 1977

For the last two days, Hermione had been studying the Ever Bleeding Curse more than any of her studies. She was grateful that she had already been through her sixth year before. There wasn’t a risk of her falling behind on her courses, by focusing so much on the antivenin, since she had previously already taken them all.

After lunch, she and Amelia were leaving the Great Hall together, when Professor Slughorn stopped Hermione in the corridor.

“Miss Devereux, a word?”

Hermione gave an apologetic smile to Amelia. They hadn’t had a chance to spend too much time together since the start of the new term, and they had promised one another that they would forgo their boyfriends to walk to class together after lunch.

“Sorry, Amelia,” she whispered, and gave her arm a squeeze. “Can we catch up later?” she asked.

Amelia shuffled her feet. “Well… I’d promised Remus…”

Hermione nodded with a smile, even though she felt a little disappointed. “It’s alright, I understand.”

“Tomorrow?” Amelia asked. “After classes?”

As Hermione went to respond, Slughorn called her again. “Miss Devereux?”

“I better go,” she said quickly, and hurried over to her Professor.

Professor Slughorn ushered her into one of the vacant classrooms, and closed the door behind her. Once they were both inside, he reached into his robes, pulling out a small, teardrop-shaped, black vial.

“I have the venom you requested, Miss Devereux,” he said, holding it out in front of him.

Hermione was not expecting to receive it so quickly, and felt like her insides were jumping up and down in triumph. She couldn’t hold back the excited smile that spread across her lips.

“Thank you, sir!” she said, and took a step towards him to reach for the vial.

He pulled his hand back just a hair when she went to take it. A small frown formed on her face.


Slughorn took a deep breath. “Miss Devereux, this is a very, very dangerous substance. I need your word that you are intending to use this for academic purpose only. I had already spoken to the Headmaster regarding procuring this for you, and he was in agreement that you are trustworthy enough to have it. But for my own sake, I need you to give me your word.”

She noticed that his hand trembled ever so slightly as he held the vial. His conversation with Tom Riddle, regarding the Horcruxes, had really done a number on him, she realized. It must had taken a lot for him to fully trust a student with dangerous information, or items, ever again.

“You have my word, sir,” she told him firmly. “I would never betray your trust or confidence in me.”

Slughhorn looked at her for a few seconds longer, then slowly he nodded, and handed her the vial. Hermione wrapped her fingers around it tightly. She was so close. All she had left to do was add the Phoenix Tears to her potion, in just a few more days, then figure out a way to test the antivenin once it was finished.

“Thank you, Sir,” she told him sincerely, and put the venom into her bag.

After she left the empty classroom, she ran almost the entire way to the Ravenclaw common room. She had a little bit of time before her last class of the day, but wanted to make sure the vial she had just received was stored in a safe place, alongside her Phoenix Tears, and the remainder of her Unicorn Horn powder.

When she entered her dorm, and opened her trunk, she almost considered skipping her next lesson, so she could head to the library and see if she could find a way to test her potion once it was completed. But since she had just been with Professor Slughorn, it probably wouldn’t have looked the best if she skived out on his class.

Just as she was pulling the vial out of her bag, a voice behind her caused her to jump and almost drop it.

“What’s that, Hermione?” Amelia asked.

Hermione spun around, her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. Thankfully it wasn’t Rita, however.

“Merlin’s Beard, Amelia! I didn’t even hear you come in!” Hermione exclaimed.

Amelia laughed quietly. “Sorry,” she said, with her eyes fixed on the venom clenched in Hermione’s hand. She jerked her head up in the direction of it. “What do you have?” she asked again.

Besides Severus, Hermione hadn’t told anyone of her side project. But she didn’t see the harm in telling Amelia the same half-truth she’d given Severus.

“This? It’s for a potion I’m working on for Professor Slughorn,” she said.

Amelia raised an eyebrow. “Like extra credit?”

Hermione shook her head, then turned around to stuff the vial down in the bottom of her trunk.

“Not exactly,” she began. “I mentioned to him that I was interested in potentially pursuing a career in Potions after I left school, so I’m working on an antivenin to submit for an apprenticeship.”

Carefully she wrapped up the vial in an old sock, and tucked it down next to the Phoenix Tears. She then closed the lid, and tapped her wand on it, performing the protective spells ensuring that no one but herself would be able to open it.

“That sounds interesting,” said Amelia. “Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

Hermione shrugged. “I don’t know. I didn’t think anyone else would really be interested in my project.”

Amelia smirked knowingly. “Anyone else,” she repeated. “Besides Severus, you mean.”
Hermione’s lips turned up a hair, and a small blush formed on her cheeks, as she thought of some of their more intimate study sessions together. “Right,” she said with a laugh.

“So how is it going?” asked Amelia, as she made her way to her bed, and grabbed her Potions textbook from her nightstand. Hermione assumed that must have been the reason Amelia was in there.

Hermione sat down on the edge of her bed and sighed. “It’s going well, I think. But…”

“But what?” asked Amelia.

“I still am unsure of how I’m going to test it,” she admitted.

Amelia also sat down, and chewed her lip. “Do you have anything to test it with?”

Pointing towards her trunk, Hermione nodded. “That’s what I was just putting away. Professor Slughorn has given me a vial of snake venom.”

“Hmm,” Amelia hummed. Then suddenly, her head snapped up and a light was in her eyes. “I’m assuming you’ve only been thinking of magical ways to test it, correct?” she asked eagerly.

Hermione’s eyebrows knitted together. Of course she was thinking of magical ways to test a magical potion. “Yes…”

“What if you did it the Muggle way?” she suggested. Hermione wasn’t sure if she was following. “Take five vials,” she began to explain. “In one, you could have just the venom. In the second, you have a bit of clean blood. In the third, you would have blood with the venom. The fourth, you would have just the antivenin. Then in the fifth, you would have blood, venom and the antivenin. Then…”

“Then that way I would be able to see the effects, and compare the five! Amelia, you’re a genius!” Hermione exclaimed.

Amelia beamed at Hermione. “Well, I don’t know about genius, but…”

That was it! How foolish she felt, as a Muggle Born, for not even thinking of that!

“Thank you, Amelia!” said Hermione. “I should have asked you ages ago.”

Amelia waved off her thanks as she stood up from her bed. “We should get to class, we’re already late.”

The walk down to the dungeons, Hermione felt lighter than she had in awhile. There were two stressors that were lifted from her that day. She had the venom, and now she knew how she was going to test her potion, without potentially poisoning herself and ingesting it on her own. Now all she had to do was curse the venom, and pray that her antivenin ended up being brewed successfully. But since both she and Severus were the ones who worked on it, she wasn’t really worried that it would incorrect. Hermione truly felt hopeful for the future. For their future.

A/N- Hey all! I'm so sorry for the little hiatus with the story! RL has been kind of kicking my butt lately. I know that I've had some reviews with people worrying that I was abandoning this, but honestly, I will never, ever, ever abandon this fic. Even if it takes a little while between updates, it will never be abandoned. I love it too much.

I hope you all enjoyed the chapter!! And I'm really going to try to update again soon! I'm so sorry for the wait!! Love you all!

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Saving Severus Snape : xxix.


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