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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 43 : The One With The Make Over
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My beautiful Abigail,

Guess who made Quidditch Captain? I’ll give you a clue, it’s someone awesome and brilliant, and you think he’s gorgeous! .... before you say William, I’m going to tell you that it’s me. Although why anyone would think that William is gorgeous is beyond me, they clearly haven’t seen him in the mornings. Speaking of people thinking William is gorgeous, Isabella keeps sending letters to him, and he’s being secretive about them, I think we need to question them both on the boundaries of friendship.

I hope that you’re doing alright. I wish we could have stayed longer at Isabella’s, and that dad didn’t need to see me urgently. It turned out that he lied about needing to see me, and wanted to let me know that he read your letter you sent me... apparently you addressed it to ‘Potter’ and he thought it was for him. I er... I wish I could say that he won’t be embarrassing about it, but it’s my dad we’re talking about. Don’t worry; I’ll protect you from him.

It was a lot of fun, though; I think it was a good thing that we made Ethan come along. He needed to get out of the house, and that’s why he was out with me and William when you saw us. His mum is ill again, and he has been looking after her ever since the holidays started. I’m worried about him.

I wish that I could see you everyday like when we were at school. William is tired of my moping, as is dad, he says that I should invite you around. So, let me know when you’re free and we’ll meet. If you don’t reply I shall just turn up at your house and climb in through your window... if your dad or Darryl read this over your shoulder, I’m of course joking (I’m not joking).

Seriously, apparently I’m being pathetic without you around. William is planning to stage an intervention.

Much love,


I smiled down at the letter in my hands; reading over the words again and feeling my chest swell with pride at the fact that he had made Quidditch captain for the Gryffindor team. I would have to invite him over to babysit with me tonight.


“You know,” James said holding his nails up to inspect them. “This is really good; she does a much better job than William does.”

I leaned over so that I could see my niece’s handiwork and noticed that she had gotten nail polish all over the skin around James’ fingers. He turned his hand as he brought his nails closer to his mouth, blowing air onto them so that they would dry. I was babysitting her for my sister Sarah as she had a date, and my parents had to go to a function for my father’s work, so were unable to look after her. Darryl had big plans to get drunk with his friends, and probably spy on my sister’s date, so it was down to me to look after her. I didn’t mind, I relished any opportunity I have to spend with her, I was even more excited when my dad suggested that I ask James to come and help.

“I can’t believe that you let her paint your nails,” I said as my niece rummaged through her small handbag, pulling out various items that looked like children’s play make-up.

“It’s no big deal; I grew up around my sister, William, and girl cousins. I had this forced upon me whether I wanted it to happen or not. It was just easier to go along with it instead of fighting.”

Christina seemed to be deliberating over a choice of two eye shadows before looking up at James’ face, a frown puckering at her brow as she regarded him. James stopped blowing on his nails to look down at the colours she was holding.

“I’m thinking the bright blue today,” James said happily, and Christina’s face lit up as she nodded before poking her finger into the eye shadow and attacking James’ face with her finger. I knew that she had poked him in the eye – I knew from experience just how much it could hurt when she done this – but he was a good sport and didn’t complain once.

“I hope that you know I’m going to get a picture of this once she’s done,” I told James happily, running my fingers through his hair as I stood up so that I could leave the room and start preparing dinner. “What will the Gryffindor Quidditch team do when they see what their new captain does in his spare time?”

“That picture will never see the light of day,” James said as I walked away from him.

I turned to grin evilly at him, shrugging my shoulders in response to him. He was staring at me as Christina made the blue eye shadow go up to his eyebrows; I struggled not to laugh at him.

“Maybe I’ll keep it just for myself,” I suggested. I wasn’t going to show anyone the photos and he knew that, but I couldn’t help but joke with him over it. He looked so adorable when he was flustered.

“Ah, if you wanted a private photo collection of me you should have asked, I’ll be quite happy to pose for you,” James threw back at me, wiggling his eyebrows seductively as I felt my cheeks heat up at what he had implied.

“Stop talking,” Christina scolded James, grabbing his chin so that he faced her again and James obeyed her instantly, apologising, and closing his eyes. She had such a look of concentration on her face and I knew that she had warmed to James; it felt good to know that my family seemed to like James, and I just hoped the same with his family. I couldn’t help but worry at times that they would think that I wasn’t good enough for him.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I told them, tapping my hand on the doorframe as I walked away from the room and into the kitchen.


James kept his make-up on until I had put Christina to bed, I think he was a little worried about her reaction if he washed it off before hand, and strolled into my bedroom rubbing at his face with tissue before sitting on the bottom of my bed.

“Did I get it all?” he asked, turning to show me his face. He hadn’t. There was a big streak of blue underneath his right eyebrow, and I moved to sit cross-legged in front of him to help wipe it off.

I only managed to get half of it off before James surged forwards, pressing his lips urgently against mine, the force of the kiss sending me backwards onto the bed as James followed, pressed tight against me.

“Sorry, I just really wanted to kiss you,” James stated, leaning his head back so that he could look down at me. I felt my heart beating wildly as my stomach jolted pleasantly, I shifted underneath him and realised that my legs were either side of his hips. We had never been in this position before when kissing. I bit my lip and his gaze darted down, before he groaned and leant forwards to kiss me again.

I could stay like this forever, just kissing him until we ran out of breath. I moved my hands up to grip his hair, tugging lightly and causing him to let out another soft moan against my lips, before he grinned, moving his kisses to my jaw line. I moved my hands down, skimming his shoulders before going under his and lightly caressing his sides. His body bucked at that and he shied away as he buried his face into my neck and laughed loudly, warm breath tantalising against my skin.

“Don’t, that tickles,” James said, laughter still stifled against my skin.

I waited until he began kissing my neck again before I moved my hands back down to his sides, he jerked as though I had shocked him as he laughed again, moving so that he was straddling me on the bed, knees either side of my hips as I smiled innocently up at him.

“Abigail,” James warned, grabbing for my hands to stop me and putting them above my head, trapping them there as he stared down at me. His eyes looked blown, his face flushed, and lips slightly puckered from our kiss. I wanted to feel his lips on me again.

“I wasn’t doing anything,” I tried feigning innocence, but he wasn’t falling for it for a second.

“Oh, really?”

The look in James’ eyes was pure evil as he moved one of his hands, trailing softly against the skin on my arm and causing me to laugh loudly. He shushed me, but carried on moving his hand. I was well aware that my niece was asleep and that I shouldn’t make a lot of noise, but that was proving to be impossible when James was doing this.

His hand moved along my stomach, pushing the top up slightly as he did so, as he moved his lips down to the skin along my collarbone. I never wanted him to let me go, I wanted him to continue doing what he was doing. He seemed to be enjoying having this hold over me as he continued moving his hands so that his fingers tickled at my skin, brushing along the curve of my breast before moving down to my side. I attempted to stop laughing but it was hard to do so and James knew.

“See, it’s not funny, is it?” He asked me, looming back over me and so close that if I moved my head up I could press my lips against his.

“I thought it was really funny,” I teased him before I could think about what I was going to say. I liked that I seemed to lose my filter when it came to James, the guard that I had been putting up all of those years coming down around James. I felt so ease with him, trusting him completely. His encouragement had me coming out of my shell and I loved the person that I had become with his, and the others help.

“Oh, do you now?” The mischievous look was back on his face, as he leant forwards to kiss my neck, the skin prickling as I felt my eyes fluttering closed at the contact. “We should stop.”

James sat up with a small sigh, he seemed to be struggling with his own decision, but he released my hands from his grip and looked down at me, still sitting on top of me. I felt my chest heaving, and noticed the way that his eyes flicked down before focusing back on my eyes, looking a little embarrassed that I had caught him staring at my body. He made me feel so wanted and loved, I could never thank him enough for giving me confidence in myself.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to do that. It’s not that big a love bite,” James said catching my attention again, his finger trailing over the part of my collarbone that prickled after he had been kissing it. I hoped that it wasn’t too big of a mark; I needed to be able to cover it with my clothes so that no one in my family saw it. I shook my head, sitting up and kissing him softly on the cheek as I did so.

“Its fine,” I told him honestly, “I liked it.”

“Yeah?” James asked, hand rising to cradle the side of my face.

“We should do that again,” I said eagerly, and James looked like Christmas had come early.

“Shall we go downstairs? Otherwise I’m going to start kissing you again and I don’t want Darryl or your dad coming in to kick me out,” James said getting up from my bed and turning to hold his hand out for me to take. I did so and he helped me stand up before guiding me out of the room.

It was as we were standing in the kitchen getting some snacks to binge ourselves on that he asked me to spend the night at his. I almost dropped the packet of crisps in my hand, thankful for James’ quick reflexes as he caught it before it spilt all over the floor.

“Tonight?” I blurted out, nerves filling me at the idea of staying at James’ the night. I really wanted to, but I was worried that my parents wouldn’t let me, or his parent’s wouldn’t let it happen, or that James expected us to take the next step in our relationship. I was fine with what we had been doing so far, and was grateful that James was taking things slow with me, but I was constantly worried that it wasn’t enough for him.

“No, at the weekend. My parents are going away, Lily will be at Rose’s, and Albus will be at Fred’s house. I’ll be home alone, so thought that you might like to stay.”

I let the information process in my brain. We would be alone in his house the entire night, possibly weekend with no fear of anyone walking in on us. I gulped and James’ noticed, instantly knowing what I was thinking. Either he was a good mind reader, or he just knew me that well.

“There will be no funny business,” James told me quickly, shaking his head as he looked at me. “You’ll just be sleeping over; I’ll even sleep on the floor if you want? You’ll be keeping me company; I’m not asking you there so that we can have sex. There will be kissing of course, because we’ve kissed before and I always want to kiss you, I mean – why wouldn’t I? You’re breathtaking, and I love you. I swear I’m not asking you over for an ulterior motive, we’ll wait until we’re both ready for that step. I’m not even sure that I’m ready to take that step, I worry that I’ll be a massive disappointment to you because I’m a virgin and –“

I reached over to grab James gently by the chin, stopping him mid tangent, I knew that if I didn’t he would just carry on. I felt better at hearing his words, and he looked at me imploringly, blue eyes wide and glistening as he looked at me. I kissed him on the tip of the nose before letting him go.

“I’ll stay,” I tell him, and his smile is so wide and genuine that I can’t help but smile along with him. “I mean, it’s not like we’ve never fallen asleep together.”

“You’re right, you’ve fallen asleep on me at least twice,” James agreed as we took the snacks into the front room. “I just thought that this time it’ll be fun to fall asleep in a bed, and I get to see your adorable face in the morning.”

I scrunched my nose up at his words and threw my crisps at him. He attempted to catch them in his mouth, but failed so badly that we both ended up crying with laughter.

We settled into comfortable silence, both of us lounging on opposite sides of the sofa, but having our legs rest on each other in the middle as we listened to the dulcet tones of the radio. I had no idea what station James had put it on, but it was nice to have it on in the background.

“I can give you your birthday present,” James told me, sounding shy all of a sudden. It was a strange emotion to see on James, he was normally so secure and made me feel confident and ready to take on the world just by being around him.

“Should I be worried?” I asked, eyes flickering over his face as he looked at me, head resting in his hand, elbow leant on the back of the sofa as he faced me. His legs tangled with mine, and he looked so happy and at home, that it felt like we had been doing this for years.

“I hope not,” he said, although I was intrigued by his reaction. I knew he wouldn’t tell me, wanting to keep it a surprise. “What are you doing for your birthday?”

“Having a meal with my family, I think dad’s taking us to some place in London. I can ask if you can come along.”

James shook his head slowly, hand moving forwards so that his fingers ran through my hair. “I can see you when you stay over. You should spend the day with your family. You don’t get to see them much.”

“So, we’ll be alone the entire time?” I asked.

“William will be there at some point I think? He wants to give you a present as well. He was... well, he was quite insistent about it. Are you going to tell your parents that you’ll be staying?”

I shook my head. I didn’t think that they would let me stay over in a million years, especially if I remembered the way that they treated Sarah when she got her first boyfriend. “I’ll talk to Isabella about it, maybe I could pretend that I’m staying at hers the night? Won’t your parents mind me staying?”

“I don’t think that they would, although they would probably make you stay in Lily’s room. I wanted to just spend time with you, and avoid you being around my dad for a while.”

I groaned and tried not to think of how he was going to embarrass me about the letter.

“Shall we talk about it?” James asked me, shuffling on the spot and reaching for more of the snacks. I was nibbling slowly at the corner of a crisp. I felt a lot more confident when I had been drinking, but I knew that this was a conversation that we needed to have. I nodded at his words, trying to think of what I could say without sounding like an idiot.

“I think that’s a really good idea, waiting until our anniversary,” James started, “If you wanted to do it sooner, or later, then that, that’s fine too. I don’t want us to rush into anything that you’re not comfortable with.”

“We’ve already done quite a lot,” I admitted with a smile, James’ matched my own. “I haven’t felt rushed at all, and it’s felt really nice.”

James’ hand found my leg and he ran it up and down my jeans slowly. “Me too. I have an idea then.”

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“How about we just keep doing what we’re doing, and if things happen they happen. But, we’ll make sure that we’re prepared for it at all times.”

“That seems like a good idea to me too.”

“And of course, we can both stop things at any time, if either of us think that we’re rushing.” I nodded again; glad that we had worked things out and had a conversation about it all. “Now, shall we talk about the fact that William fell asleep in the bathroom the other day at Isabella’s? Or that I woke up to find you hugging Ethan?”

“You were hugging the table leg,” I retaliated. “And I wasn’t hugging Ethan, his back was really warm and I was cold, so I was drawn to it.”

James rolled his eyes dramatically. “That’s what they all say.”

“I was only cold because you would rather hug a table.”

“I don’t blame you for being near Ethan. I would do the same; he’s so warm all the time, like a personal heater.” James slouched slightly, hands still on my legs.
“I’ve woken many times pressed up against him after drinking at Williams.”

“I’m not sure I want to know,” I laughed. “Although, I want to hear all about William’s parties after we order pizza.”

James chuckled loudly. “This is going to take a while. They’re legendary.”

“You can tell me more when I stay over.”

James grinned like the Kneazle that had the cream. Before he started speaking about some of the things he had got up to whilst out with William and Ethan. I definitely needed to talk with Isabella about it all. James and I would be alone all night at his, and I couldn't wait.

A/N: One more chapter left! I better hurry up and think of a summary for the sequel :P

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