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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 41 : The One With Ginny Potter
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“Have you started packing yet?” Isabella asked the group as we hung around on the field. Quite a lot of students were outside, enjoying the last day of the school year and relishing in the thought of no more exams. Thankfully the end of year exams weren’t as difficult as I worried, and I hoped that I had passed them. It seemed like time had just breezed by without me even noticing, and I was going to be going home for the summer.

“Of course not, we’ll do that tonight,” William scoffed, leaning back against the tree trunk. I was sat by his feet, whilst Isabella lounged beside him. James, for some reason, was climbing the tree, and causing my heart to fly to my throat every time he moved.

“We need to make sure that we all meet up. I’m going to go crazy if I don’t see any of you all summer,” Isabella stated, before turning to look at me. “I live in Diagon Alley, and my mum works a lot, so you can come over all the time.”

“Why would anyone want to see you?” William joked, earning a glare from Isabella. “I can’t wait to get away from you.”

Isabella punched him in the arm, which William tried to avoid.

“Maybe you two need to meet up alone, finally work that sexual tension out,” James suggested as he hung upside down from the tree, arms hanging low as the bottom of his shirt bunched up around his chest. An urge to run my fingers over the exposed skin was strong, but I managed to contain myself.

“Don’t be jealous because you two aren’t sleeping together yet,” William shot back jokingly. I turned to look at him quickly, my mouth falling open at what he had just said and he had the decency to give me an apologetic smile.

“Yeah, it’s been what, four months now?” Isabella stated, “I’ve normally already slept with the guy by now.”

“You don’t normally wait for four minutes,” Sian joked and Isabella let out an undignified gasp before hitting her in the arm. Sian laughed and told Isabella to try denying it. I looked at James, who was still hanging upside down and it was to see him giving me a small smile.

“Well, unlike you lot, we are able to control ourselves,” James told them, lifting himself back up and grabbing hold of the branch to hang normally. I couldn’t help but watch as he moved, admiring the amount of strength he seemed to have in order to do that. I wouldn’t have been able to pull myself up onto the branch, although I probably wouldn’t have even been able to reach it. “We don’t all rush into things like that until we’re ready.”

James climbed higher up the tree and I watched him in fear. I was worried that he was going to slip and hurt himself, especially with how quickly he seemed to be moving.

“I wouldn’t be worried about him, he hasn’t fallen out of a tree since I pushed him back when we were younger.”

“I nearly broke my arm,” I heard James calling out and I struggled to see where he had gotten too, the leaves too thick for me to see too high up. I think it was best I didn’t know.

“It was a sprain.”

“Aren’t you scared of being that high?” I asked, hoping that he would come down a bit so that I wouldn’t have to worry so much.

“James is one of those weird people that aren’t scared of heights,” William told me.

“I’m not scared of anything,” James called, and I could honestly believe that to be true. He seemed very fearless.

William gave a loud snort of derision at his words. “James be careful of that spider next to your hand.”

There was a scream followed by the sound of branches snapping, and I watched in horror as James seemed to fall from the tree at a fast speed. He grabbed onto a branch quickly, stopping himself from falling all the way to the ground and let out a small laugh. I felt my heart fly to my throat as I stood up and reached for him, he dropped to the ground and let me hug him as I tried to calm myself down.

“You’re a jerk,” James told William angrily. “I could have really hurt myself.”

“You’re the one who was pretending not to have a fear of anything. Did you know that James once cried because of a spider.”

“You threw it in my face,” James said, letting go of me to walk over to William to kick him in the shin.

“Ow, that was my shin, you bastard.”

I laughed as William tried to tackle James to the floor, but James dodged out of the way and set off at a run. William scrambled up from the floor and chased after him, leaving Isabella, Sian, and I behind to watch them.

Isabella was watching William with a fond look, and she rolled her eyes after knowing that I had caught her.

“You should ask him out.”

“Maybe,” Isabella stated with a shrug, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear and looking away from me and down to the daisy chain she was making. “We’ll see what happens over the holidays. Never mind that though, come here and I’ll make you a flower crown.”


“Do I have to sit in between you two?” William threatened. I couldn’t help but smile, glad that my face didn’t redden in embarrassment at William’s comment. I felt like I had a better control over my embarrassment now, I think it helped that William liked to say something every time he caught me and James kissing each other, or being ‘loved up’ as he put it. The train rocked us as it hurtled down the track, the landscape was nothing more than a blur as we raced passed it on our way back to London to start the holidays.

“You didn’t have to come into the compartment with us,” James stated, turning to look at William, his arm around my shoulders. William was smirking, pleased that he had stopped us kissing, and I knew he was doing it just because he could. “You could have gone off and found other friends. Or stay with your sister and brother?”

“Why would I want to be near Sophie? It’s bad enough I have to see her over the holidays, why punish myself early?”

“Such love coming from my twin brother.”

Glancing at the door, I noticed that Sophie was leaning against the doorframe, eyes slightly red as she looked at us.

“As if you know what love is,” William stated. “I’d rather sit be with anyone else then you.”

“Why don’t you go and find Isabella?” I suggested to him. “I think she’s sitting with Sian further down.”

“Oh, has William still got the hots for her?” Sophie sounded excited at the idea of it, and William didn’t look best pleased. I probably shouldn’t have said anything if I knew this was how Sophie would react.

“Shouldn’t you be with your random shag of the month?” William asked, arms folded across his chest as Sophie sat beside him. I watched as her face fell slightly, before a brilliant smile crossed her face like some mask, and I knew that she was hiding something. William noticed straight away even though he hadn’t been looking at her, as though they had some sort of connection to each other’s feelings. He looked at her sharply, eyes trailing over her face and the deep frown he normally had on his face when she was around, eased into concern.

“FiFi?” William said tenderly, arms uncrossing and moving his wrap one around her shoulders. Her face dissolved into a heartbroken one as she buried her face into his chest, beginning to sob.

“Come with me,” James whispered into my ear. I nodded, and let James take my hand, leaving Sophie and William behind in the compartment.

“Where are we going?” I asked James as we ventured down the corridor of the moving train, pushing through the crowds of people that were gathering. Students using the last few hours to speak to their friends.

James didn’t say anything, continuing to walk us down the corridor. I saw a few people that I recognised to be James’ family members, but James didn’t greet them. He seemed too eager to get to wherever he was taking us. I was quite excited, especially because I would be able to spend some time alone with him.

“Here we go,” James stated as we got nearer to the front of the train. There weren’t many people about, and I found that strange, but didn’t question it. He opened a compartment and pulled me in, I looked around, noticing thankfully that it was empty. I heard James shutting the door and locking it behind us, before he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, lips instantly at the back of my neck.

Goosebumps appeared on my skin at his tender touch, and I bit my lip to try to stop smiling, hands entwining with his.

“I wanted to spend some time alone with you before the holidays began,” James told me, turning me around, and pressing his lips against my own. His body pressed against mine and he pushed me gently back towards the seats. I sat down once we got there, and James pushed me slowly so that I was laying down, climbing on top of me so that we were pressed against each other.

I didn’t care that we were in the compartment, or that anyone could come in if they used the unlocking spell. All I cared about was kissing James because I didn’t know how long it would be until we kissed each other again.


William was shooting us knowing looks, and I was avoiding his gaze as we walked off the train, pulling our belongings behind us. James’ hair was still unkempt from my fingers continuously running through it, and his lips were still slightly plump from our alone time. He looked thoroughly ravished, and it felt good to know that I had caused that. I knew that I had to look the same, and hoped that my parents wouldn’t notice.

I spotted my parents and rushed over to them, pulling James with me as we were holding hands. I Let go of it, and placed Snowballs cage down, so that I could give my parents hugs in greeting.

“You remember my boyfriend, James,” I said turning to point at James. James was staring at my father adoringly, before realising what he was doing and holding out his hand to shake their hands. They looked expectantly at William, who seemed to be hovering by James’ shoulder and smiling at us all. “And this is James’ boyfriend, William.” I joked.

My parent’s eyebrows rose, and I knew that I had caught them off hand with my comment. William gave a short laugh, shaking his head and elbowing James out of the way so that he could shake my parent’s hands in introduction.

“James wishes that I was his boyfriend. Hi, I’m William, I’ve been hanging around with Abigail and trying to find an ointment to get rid of this disease she appears to have, named James.”

My parents laughed, and James shot William a betrayed look. William didn’t seem to care, turning to James and giving him a smug look. He seemed quite happy with himself for what he said.

“It was nice meeting you, but I see my dad. Catch up with you both later,” William shot at us, before rushing away quickly. He disappeared quickly from view.

“I see my mum,” James stated, and I looked around for a sign of Harry Potter, feeling nervous at the idea of him out there, let loose in the crowd and probably ready to jump out and embarrass me. “Abigail, can I steal you for a moment so that you can meet my mum?”

I turned to look at my parents, ready to ask if it was alright, but my mum cut me off. “It’s fine, dear. We’ll go and get your things on a trolley and come and find you.”

I smiled before taking James’ hand nervously again and he guided us through the crowd and in the direction his family were in. Nerves were settling into my body, and I took a few deep breaths to calm myself.

“Mum, this is Abigail,” James said, hand on the small of my back as he introduce me to his mother. She had a kind face, but from the stories I heard she wasn’t someone to be crossed. I wasn’t sure who I was more nervous about being around, her, or Harry.

A wide smile broke out on her freckled face, and she gave me such a warm smile, I couldn’t help but match it. She reached for me and pulled me into a hug as I laughed nervously and hugged her back quickly.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you,” she said genuinely, making me feel a lot more at ease. “James hasn’t stopped talking about you. Strangely, neither has Harry.”

I felt my eyes flickering around at the mention of Harry, and James’ mum seemed to have noticed.

“Oh, don’t worry, dear,” she said knowingly. “He’s causing trouble at work. He won’t bother you here.”

I nodded slowly, wringing my hands nervously in front of me. James talked a lot about his mum, and I knew that he looked up to his parents, so I hoped that I was making a good first impression. “I hope you’re well, Mrs. Potter.”

“Please, call me Ginny,” Ginny stated. “I’m very well, thank you. A lot happier now that my babies are home. How are you?”

“Good. Tired from the train ride.”

James gave a small cough next to me, and I felt my cheeks heat up at the memory of how I spent the remainder of my trip. Ginny was giving a small frown as she looked from me to James, but didn’t question it, which I was thankful for. If Harry was here I knew that it would be a different story.

“I heard that you’ve already met my husband, and I would like to apologise, but just the one wouldn’t be enough.” Ginny shook her head, but she sounded fond as she spoke about Harry. “You’re lucky I managed to stop him send letters to you.”

“I wish that dad would calm down a little and not show Abigail just how crazy he is at first,” James stated next to me, hand moving from the small of my back to take hold of my hand gently.

“It’s probably better to get it all over with now. He’s a bit of a handful at times, best you know that from the start.”

“Is dad going to be back in time for dinner?” James asked as Albus joined us and hugged his mother. He turned to look at me, then James and then down at our entwined hands.

“Of course he is,” Albus said, hands shoving into his pockets as he stared at James with a hard look. “It’s a tradition that we get Chinese when we come home from Hogwarts. Teddy’s home too, isn’t he?”

“He is. Have you seen Lily? We can get going once she turns up,” Ginny said, running a hand through Albus’ dark hair. He pushed her away in disgust and then glanced at me again. I quickly looked away and at James, noticing that my father was standing behind him. “Did you want to join us for dinner, Abigail?”

I opened my mouth to thank her, but say that I was going to spend it with my family, when my dad spoke from behind me.

“I’m sure we can arrange for her to get to yours.”

James gave a squeak, his face turning red as he let go of my hand and whirled around. My dad gave him an amused look before glancing at me and laughing. I had to laugh too, James was looking at my dad as though he owned the entire world.

“Are you alright, James?” Ginny asked from behind us, and as I turned I saw that Albus was looking at the scene curiously, finding it funny that James was acting that way.

“Do we need another hug, James?” my dad asked, holding his arms out as James nodded meekly. He walked forwards, hugging my dad tightly, and giving a giggle.

“Oh,” Ginny said, seeming to realise who my dad was, as James still hugged onto him. My dad didn’t seem to mind that James was still attached to him. “It’s nice to finally meet you. James has spoken a lot about you too.”

“Is this the comic book guy that James wants to marry?” Albus asked as Ginny and my dad shook hands. Ginny turned to scold her son, my dad giving a laugh as James finally let go of him.

“Yes, that would be me. Although I have to tell him that I would never leave my wife for him.”

Ginny and Albus laughed, and I tried to comfort James, who was pouting a little.

“You ready to go, Abigail? Darryl and your mother are waiting in the car,” dad said, and I gave a nod in reply. I was aware that everyone was around us, and wasn’t sure if I could handle them all being there when I kissed James goodbye. He noticed my unease and took my hand, bringing it up to his lips and pressing them to my skin.


There was a bit of a struggle from behind the door, and I heard muffled cries of pain before the door opened and James smiled at me broadly. Lily pushed him and grabbed for my hand to bring me into the house, elbowing James away as she pulled me into a hug.

“She’s my girlfriend, why did you get to open the door?” James complained, as I hugged Lily back in amusement.

James grabbed for Lily’s shoulders and pulled her away from me before wrapping his arms around me holding me tightly. I had to move the box of chocolates that I was carrying out of the way so that they weren’t crushed, and hugging him back with the one arm. 

“Did you bring chocolates for me?” James asked, smiling down at the large box of chocolates in my hands, I glanced down at it before looking back up and shaking my head at him.

“No, I brought these for your family, as a thank you for letting me in their house,” I told him feeling instantly stupid that I had brought it with me. It was something that had been drummed into me from a young age, when going to someone’s house for dinner, bring a gift, whether it be chocolates or a drink.

“Oh, I thought I told you,” James stated, giving a small wince which caused my stomach to drop, “dad’s not allowed chocolate, he’s deathly allergic.”

My stomach fell further at his words, how did I not know that his dad was deathly allergic to chocolates? I was a bloody idiot, why wasn’t I told? Why didn’t we learn about this at school when they taught us about Harry Potter’s life? That should have been the first thing we were all taught.

James’s own face fell at my silence and hesitation, my eyes had widened as I felt embarrassment flooding through me, wondering how I could stash the chocolates before I killed Harry Potter. James quickly shook his head.

“No, no I didn’t mean it, I was joking.” He told me quickly, a fear of his own on his face. “I just wasn’t expecting you to bring a gift, I made a joke before I thought it through.”

“She brought a gift because she has superb manners, unlike you, leaving your guest outside instead of inviting her in,” Ginny said, coming over to us. “James only tells people that Harry is deathly allergic to chocolate so that he could have them all to himself. It’s nice to see you again, Abigail. James move out of the way. Why don’t you go into the front room, maybe you’ll wake your father up.”

I noticed a snappish tone in her voice at the last words as James guided me into the front room, I turned to him questioningly as Ginny and Lily walked towards the kitchen.

“Ah, and here is dad,” James said as I looked around the spacious front room, letting my eyes take in all of the pictures that lined the walls that I would inspect later for baby pictures of James. My gaze fell down to the sofa under the front room window to see Harry stretched out on it, face pushed into a cushion as he slept.
“Here is my dad again. The saviour of the Wizarding world, pretending to be asleep on the sofa in an attempt to avoid the argument he’s having with mum. The drools a nice touch I must admit.”

“Go away, James,” Harry muttered, not opening his eyes and attempting to speak quietly.

“Behave yourself whilst Abigail is here by not trying to embarrass us, and I might consider it,” James crossed his arms as he tried bargaining with his dad.

“Fine. Just go away will you?”

“Let’s go upstairs so that I can show you my room,” James said happily, grabbing for my hand and pulling me slowly from the room as though waiting for Harry to say something. Nothing came, and I was surprised. Maybe he was being good on his word.

I followed him out of the room, smiling at Lily and Ginny as they watched us from the kitchen. Lily giggled as she whispered something into her mum’s ear before the two of them looked back at me and James again.

“Can you please stop,” James begged them, taking hold of my hand and pulling me towards the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” I asked quietly as we headed down the corridor and James stopped at the door furthest away.

“They’re just excited that I’ve brought a girl round,” James told me. It made me feel special that he had never brought anyone home before, I wondered if any of his friends apart from William had come round here. I knew how protective James was when it came to his family.

He opened the door and I walked into the large bedroom, eyes trailing over everything, eager to explore every nook and cranny. I stood in the middle of the room as James walked around me, hand lingering on my waist. Everything in here screamed James, and it was better than I could have ever imagined.

“I love your room,” I told him honestly, looking around in awe at everything that lined his shelves and filled his walls. His room was slightly messy, as though someone had grabbed everything on the floor and pushed it into the nearest cupboard or wardrobe and the only things left behind was whatever had dropped back to the floor. I knew that if I looked under the bed or in the wardrobe I would find lots of mess.

“It’s not normally this tidy,” James admitted to me, taking a seat on a chair, and moving himself side to side.

Comic books were in protective wrappers and sitting on a shelf surrounded by various action figures, a few I recognised as being from my father’s comic books. Artwork covered his walls, looking at the writing underneath I could see that they were done by him, although a few had William’s name on the bottom. Pride of place, and in glass frames, were the picture that my dad had drawn of James and given to him when he came over at Easter, and one of my dad’s comics from years ago. I let my fingers touch the glass that protected the comic book, eyes trailing over the cover and recognising my dad’s drawing with ease.

“Your dad signed it,” James told me, still in his chair behind me. He seemed intent enough to let me walk around his room and look at his things, waiting for me to finish. “I asked for it to go into a frame years ago so that Albus couldn’t ruin it.”

“I remember him signing it,” I told him honestly, remembering the day well. I had met James before when we were children in a bookstore and my dad had signed this comic for him when he heard that he was James’ favourite comic book writer.

“What?” James stopped spinning in his chair as I turned to look at him, leaning back against the desk as I watched him. His shock seemed genuine and I knew that he was thinking about that day.

“You were the girl that read comics with me,” he said slowly.

I nodded at his words. James laughed, stretching his arms above his head, legs out in front of him.

“I had such a crush on you when I was younger. I remember telling dad about how pretty you were and that you were wearing a nice dress,” James admitted, his cheeks tingeing red as he said it.

“No you didn’t,” I laughed kicking my foot out to tap him with it, there was no way that he fancied me back then.

“I’m serious, just ask him. He’ll happily tell you about it because it’ll embarrass me,” James admitted. “I used to beg everyone to take me to the book store in the hopes that I could see you.”

I grinned, not being able to believe that James had a crush on me back then. It was amazing the things that I was beginning to find out about him, if we had seen more of each other back then things could have been a lot different now.

He tapped his lap and I walked across the room and took a seat on it gingerly, not wanting to crush him under my weight. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer, before letting out a loud groan.

“You’re crushing me,” He cried and I tried to stand up quickly in horror that I had broken my boyfriend, but James held me to him and let out a laugh. “I was joking, you’re fine,” He told me apologetically before spinning us around on the chair.

“Stop,” I cried with a laugh, putting my feet down on the floor and stopping him from spinning us around as quickly as he had been. “I’m going to throw up.”

James laughed his mouth close to my ear as he did so; tickling me and making me squirm away from him. He pushed my hair away from my ear and pressed a kiss on the skin just behind.

“If this is all me and your mother have to worry about, I don’t mind you two being up here alone,” came the voice of James’ father. I almost squeaked in surprise and tried to stand up from James’ lap, but he kept his arms around my waist and stopped me. I was worried that Harry was going to go back on his promise and embarrass us again.

“You could have knocked dad, we could have been up to all sorts,” James stated, grinning at his father, who rolled his eyes at him.

“Not in my house you don’t, your mother would have a fit,” Harry told us, an amused expression on his face, as though he was remembering something that only he was privy too.

“Just because you and mum were up to no good at my age, doesn’t mean that me and Abigail are,” James told him, shrugging behind me as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

“Precisely. I know exactly what your mother and I were like at your age, which is why she’s getting people to check on you both at regular intervals. Surprisingly, Lily was the one to volunteer to help supervise.”

James tutted.

“I’m nearly an adult, I’m the responsible one of the family. I was nominated least likely to get their girlfriend pregnant at the family awards.”

I almost blanched at his words, as Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

“Louis got my vote,” Harry stated, and I wondered why he wouldn’t vote for his own children. Although, I could see why Louis would get a vote, he was very shy in the Hufflepuff common room. Maybe he was the same when he was around his family.

“Well, Louis won,” James replied. “Don’t worry dad, this year will be mine. I can feel it.”

Harry rolled his eyes as I continued sitting on James’ lap, not really contributing to the conversation.

“Just make sure that you two don’t do anything, or at least don’t do it under my roof. I don’t need to walk in on that and neither does your mother. I know you’re both old enough to know better.”

I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I was mortified that this conversation was happening, whilst I was sitting on James’s lap, although I really should have known it would. This was James’ father after all.

“Is that why you came up here? To tell us off in case we were doing anything?” James asked, arms wrapped around my waist so that I couldn’t get up, he must have known that I was going to move away and sit on the bed.

“No, I came to tell you that Teddy is back with the food. If you want anything to eat you better get down there before he can eat it all.”


Dinner went better than I could have hoped, Harry was polite and courteous and I wondered if maybe that was due to Ginny being in the room as well. Maybe she was the secret weapon when it came to controlling him? Ginny was absolutely lovely, asking me many questions and giving me fond smiles. Albus didn’t seem to care that I was there, whereas Lily mentioned how she couldn’t wait until we got to know each other more without James’ ban in place. I glanced at James at this admission and he was careful to avoid my eyes, conversing with Teddy instead even though I knew that he had heard what had been said.

“James’ ban?” Ginny asked curiously as she twirled her fork into her noodles.

“Yeah,” Lily said loudly, eating happily as she seemed to relish having everyone’s attention on her. “When he started talking to Abigail he told all of us at Hogwarts that we weren’t allowed to talk to her in case we scared her off.”

My eyes widened at this, turning back to James who was looking sheepish.

“Is this true, James?” Ginny demanded in annoyance. I could hear the sound of her fork dropping onto her plate beside me, and James’ gaze flickered from me to his mother.

“You know what they’re all like, mum,” James tried defending himself, indicating everyone around the table with his fork, bar me. “They’re mental, the lot of them.”

“I can’t believe that you would say that –“ Harry snapped, and I almost laughed because he was the worst of them all.

“Dad came into Hogwarts just to embarrass me. Can you imagine if I let the rest all rush at Abigail at once? It’s safer if she gets to know them one at a time, no one can handle that amount of crazy thrown at them at once.” I knew that he didn’t want them all to come at me at once, and for that I was thankful, but I didn’t realise that he had actually banned them. Although, I was more surprised that they actually listened to him.

“Well, the ban can be lifted now,” Harry said happily, grinning with a mouthful of food. “Welcome to the family, Abigail. You’re going to need all the luck you can get.”

A/N: Wooo! We're winding down to the end, only a few more chapters to go and then it's sequel time! I'm so excited about it!

Love you all!

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