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Actions Speak Louder than Words by Veritaserum27
Chapter 36 : Blitz and Building: Rose and Scorpius POV
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The bright light forced my eyes to rapidly blink and it was a good ten seconds before I could register how many Death Eaters were coming at us. Luckily, the first few were thrown off by the fact that they hadn’t expected to see their partners lying unconscious on the floor. It was only a few moments, but I needed every extra second I could get to adjust my strategy. They recovered from their shock quickly and the curses began to fly.

Shit! I was on the other side of the bed and Rose was between me and the attackers! She began to stir and sat up.

Aurelius adveho!” I sent the alarm up to the ceiling, hoping it would work. The rooms at Mungo’s had enchantments on them for security purposes, but it was the only way I could call for help, short of sending a patronus and I did not have time for that.

“Rose, stay down!” I shouted.

The quickest way around the bed was over, so I vaulted over top of it. As I was coming down, the first attacker through the door shot a verbero scalpere curse at Rose. I deflected it into the wall over her head as she curled down into the bed as low as she could get, letting out a bloodcurdling scream.

There were so many of them. How did they get in? Where was the Auror on duty? I couldn’t remember who it was supposed to be. Jinxes and hexes flew around the room. I turned for an instant and shouted “Protego!” and a bubble formed around Rose. I just hoped it would hold.

“Aaaarrgggh!” A hex hit me in the back, just to the left of my shoulder blade. Pain shot down my entire left side. At the same moment, I felt my wand sliding out of my hand. Reflexively, I clamped my hand shut. It was a poorly cast expeliarmus. My wand slipped to the tips of my fingers, but thankfully I didn’t lose it.

It took a moment to re-grip my wand properly, and in that time, another verbero scalpere curse grazed my left arm. I winced, but then regained my focus. I sent three deflections and then two impedimenta jinxes and after that I stopped thinking about what I was doing.

Protect Rose, protect Rose, keep them back, keep them away.

Those words repeated over and over and over again in my head. I sent curses, deflected them, and watched for any movement out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t even tell how many I was fighting or for how long. As soon as one Death Eater crumpled, I’d hit him with either a body bind or a powerful stupey curse to incapacitate him and then I’d deflect a curse from one of the Death Eaters in such a way to have it hit another one - it was a tactic we’d been studying for our S.N.A.K.E. exams. When there was a brief lull in the action, I shot two quick curses at anyone who was still daring to move.

There were bodies lying on the floor and a few more masked figures poured through the door. I could hear a scuffle in the hallway, but I didn’t have time to think about how many others there might be and I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to hold them off for much longer.

Suddenly, the floor dropped beneath my feet and began to shake. A deafening sound invaded my eardrums. It was so loud it hurt. I grabbed onto the bed behind me to steady myself. The ground was shaking so much that the bed, Rose, and I slid across the floor toward the far wall. Many of the death eaters lost their footing and stumbled. Hoisting myself up, I took advantage of their momentary unsteadiness and put a body bind curse on as many as I could. I think I got about five of them when anotherverbero scalpere was thrown at me, landing squarely on my shoulder.

“Fuck!” the pain seared down my left arm, essentially making it numb and completely useless. Turning sideways, I could see through the remaining death eaters to the hallway beyond. The Aurors had finally arrived. Two cracks sounded in front of me and Harry and Ron were there, instantly fighting, thank Merlin. They made quick work of the few remaining Death Eaters. When all the attackers in the room were immobilized, Harry sealed the door. The fight in the hallway was still going on and Ron immediately apparated out of the room to help in the battle.

“What the hell was that sonic boom five minutes ago?” I asked Harry the first question on my mind as soon as there was a moment to think about anything other than incapacitating Death Eaters.

Harry didn’t answer, as he was intent on securing the room. He started on one side, summoning the wand of each criminal and magically binding them in turn. They were mostly unconscious or body-bound and were of little threat. I jumped into action and repeated his actions on the other side, after ensuring the protego bubble was still hovering over Rose. There were still sounds of a scuffle in the hallway.

“Some genius decided it was a brilliant idea to use bombarda maxima to blast through one of the doorways. The idiot didn’t realize it was a potions storeroom. I don’t think Stannous is too picky about his followers. It’s easy to find mindless morons who’ll throw themselves on the front lines if they think it’ll win them favor with their master. The problem comes when you want them to think for themselves.”

“Well, that stunt actually saved our lives. It was enough of a diversion to knock them off their feet and luckily I managed to recover first.”

“From the looks of it, you managed to do a fair bit more than that,” Harry commented, eyeing the eight Death Eaters who were now all bound and unarmed. He whispered the security spell that vanished the first suspect to the dungeons at the Ministry. Only the senior Aurors had access to that spell.

“How did the two of you apparate in here?” I asked as I ran to check that Rose was all right. One of the enchantments on the rooms was an anti-apparition, for obvious reasons. “I figured that I’d have to fight through all the attackers until the Aurors could get into the room from the hallway.”

Rose sat up and was positively shaking from the shock, but otherwise seemed all right. At least she hadn’t been hit by a curse.

“All right there, Rose?” Harry asked, as he made his way around the room, vanishing them one by one.

Her breathing was ragged, but she nodded. He looked over at me and I indicated that I could take it from here with Rose.

Harry acknowledged me with a curt nod and went back to dealing with the Death Eaters. As per protocol, they’d be held in the dungeons at the Ministry until the Aurors could file a report. With all of the threats now out of the room, Harry glanced at me and raised his eyebrows. I nodded that I was alright with Rose. I would not be fighting anymore. He apparated out into the hallway, where it seemed the noise had died down considerably.

Several minutes later, Harry unsealed the door and he, Ron and the remaining Aurors entered. Rose had calmed down and was no longer quivering. She had even set to healing my wounds from the battle. My left arm was useful again and she fixed all the major injuries. Al, Dom and Teddy, who’d also responded to the call, walked over to her and she began healing them as well. Colleen, Caesar and Kali were there as well, and I looked questioningly at Al, because first years weren’t allowed to be connected to the wand response network. He shook his head - clearly he’d alerted the group because they were so involved in Rose’s case and wanted to help out. Rose continued to heal the victims and noted that many of the Aurors were hit with the verbero scalpere curse. It was apparently the calling card of this group of Death Eaters, much the same as crucio flagrate was with Stannous himself.

Ron and other senior Aurors began hammering questions at Rose and I. More than willing to help, but torn because I knew Rose was getting tired, I pleaded with my eyes to Harry, who got my meaning and took control.

“Listen up, all,” he began. “Great response. However, we need to remind ourselves that Rose – er… Miss Weasley is the victim and this is her hospital room. With that in mind, I’d like to reconvene our debriefing at 10:00 am tomorrow morning in my office. Anyone else who needs medical attention will need to seek it down the hallway – in the emergency care unit.”

Although everyone respected him – and at least stopped the barrage of questions, several Aurors still continued to line up in front of Rose for treatment. They had come to trust her over the past year. Rose being the Healer that she was, would not deny anyone and would not admit how tired she was until they’d all been seen and treated to her satisfaction. I stayed by her side the entire time, but kept out of the way of her work.

“Brilliant,” Harry smiled at her. “Absolutely brilliant, Rose.” She’d finished with everyone else and, although he said that he was fine, she would never allow her Uncle to be in pain if she could help it. “Aaahh,” he sighed as she mended his shoulder. “That verbero scalpere curse is nasty! Thanks, Rose.”

“You’re going to put us out of business, Miss Weasley!” a voice boomed from the door. Healer Lawrence had arrived to clear everyone out. I was grateful, because I thought that perhaps Rose would finally listen to him over everyone else. “I need to evaluate you – and you need your rest. Sorry, Mr. Potter, but I need you and Mr. Malfoy to clear out as well. If Mr. Malfoy would like to stay the night, he’s the only one I’ll allow in the room until visiting hours resume tomorrow morning. But for right now, I’d like a moment with my patient to evaluate her condition.” Harry and I went into the hallway while Healer Lawrence checked Rose over. Luckily, she hadn’t been hit with any hexes, but he wanted to check on hers and the baby’s heart rates, given her history.

“What the hell happened?” I asked Harry once we were down the hallway and out of earshot. “I saw Stephens leave at midnight, but who was on duty?”

“Chance,” Harry answered. “She took a direct hit with verbero scalpere and it immediately incapacitated her. She’s being treated down the hall and hopefully will make a full recovery, but right now, she’s in serious condition.”

“Everyone else all right?”

“Pretty much. What’d you see?”

“Two death eaters entered at around 2:00, wands drawn. I thought they were medi-wizards until I heard them talking. After that, loads of them stormed through the door. How many did we get?”

“Most of the ones from the hall disapparated away when we arrived. You can apparate in the hallways, but not the rooms. That’s why it took so long for Ron and I to get in to you, we had to get the security to lift the wards on the room. By the way, that body bind curse was genius. We’ll be able to interrogate and prosecute the eight you caught. Perhaps they can lead us to Stannous.”

“I’m not gonna hold my breath. My guess is he sent in the low level minions for this job - it’s too risky in such a public building. I bet they don’t even know enough to give us any information. He figured he’d win by outnumbering us.”

At that point, Healer Lawrence emerged from Rose’s room and joined in the conversation. “She’s doing fine, considering. But really needs some rest. She’s asking for you, Malfoy.” I nodded. My feet wanted to move immediately to get back to Rose, but I felt I should stay for the rest of this conversation.

“The only explanation is that there’s a leak in the hospital,” Harry growled. “Two attacks within twenty-four hours… We’re going to have to come up with more security.” He was past the point of giving Healer Lawrence suggestions. It was time to give some orders. He turned to me. “I know you’ll stay in the room with her, but I think we need to have her moved. Is it possible to make it look like she’s been released according to her medical records? And – how much longer will she be a patient?”

“Probably another day or so – right now she’s the picture of health, but because she’s pregnant, and we’re still a bit unsure of the long term effects of the dark magic curse, we really need to keep her for just a bit. Most likely another few days.” Healer Lawrence was scribbling on a bit of parchment as Harry and I exchanged glances. We didn’t want to compromise her health, but the sooner Rose was out of this hospital, the sooner she was no longer a sitting duck.

“There!” he exclaimed, tapping it with his wand, “I just put in her file that she’s been released to you, Mr. Malfoy. Now, anyone who is searching the hospital records will think that she’s no longer a patient.” Harry thanked him, but before we could ask what came next, Healer Lawrence continued, “We’ll move her to one of the rooms we use for training. She’s familiar with that part of the hospital and since we don’t have other patients in that wing, we’ll be able to control which medical personnel have access. We aren’t using the classrooms, anyway, because we’re in a practical session right now and it’s end of term. We don’t need them.” Healer Lawrence was wise to take the initiative with Harry. An angry Harry Potter wasn’t something anyone wanted to mess with.

“Brilliant.” Harry was satisfied, although he was still glaring at the head of Hospital. “I’m going to put two guards outside her door and a team of plainclothes Aurors at the end of that hallway."

We quickly made the move and before long, Rose was resting in the same room where we’d first heard the baby’s heartbeat. Healer Lawrence, in a final attempt to get off Harry’s bad side, added a bed for me as well and I scooted it next to Rose’s.

She was so tired, it didn’t take long for her breathing to even out to a slow, rhythmic pattern as she grasped onto my hand. After I knew she was completely asleep, I slipped out of the door and into the hallway. My eyes blinked at the sight of Albus, Dom, Teddy, Ron, Colleen, Caesar, Kali and Harry all standing guard outside the door.

“Isn’t this a bit of… overkill?” I joked.

“No one wants to leave,” Ron commented. “Bunch of tossers, you lot. You’ve got your S.N.A.K.E.s in a week,” he nodded to Dom and Al, “and you three have got first year exams. You need to be studying.”

“Not me,” protested Teddy. While I felt a surge of affection well up inside me at the gesture, Ron was right. We all did need to be studying. I think Harry agreed, because he pulled rank on everyone.

“All right. Here’s the plan. You three,” he nodded to the first years, “I appreciated your support tonight, but you’re quite lucky that you’re about to become second years or I’d be taking administrative action against each of you and whoever it was that summoned you,” his eyes flicked to Albus, who did not meet his father’s eyes, but instead seemed to be intently analyzing the ceiling.

Harry didn’t say anymore on that point. It was useless to admonish Al and he’d made his thoughts known with the first years, so he continued on, “Al and Dom, you go back to Number Twelve and get some rest. I’ll put you two on duty at the same time that Selenia is working tomorrow. She’s the only hospital staff allowed to see Rose except Healers Chang and Lawrence. That way, you three will still have time to study for your exams and your shift here can count as your training sessions until Rose is released. Teddy, you and I will stay on for now and Ron will take the evening shift with Robards.”

Everyone nodded and as we were saying our goodbyes, Al said, “Hey Scorp, that was some right genius fighting you did earlier. We’re all seriously impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one wizard successfully fight so many at once!” Harry nodded and Ron slapped me on the back. “Even the senior Aurors are impressed. That was bloody brilliant.”

I smiled. I hadn’t really thought about it at the time. I was just trying to do anything possible to keep Rose and the baby safe. I started to say as much, but as soon as I opened my mouth, the words wouldn’t come out.

“We know,” Ron patted me on the shoulder and looked knowingly at Harry. Dom and Al exchanged confused looks. “Get some rest, Scorpius,” he shook my hand, turned, and headed to the apparition point to head home.

“That’s good advice for all you lot. I’ll see you tomorrow at 10:00 am.” Harry said just as he was settling himself into a chair outside the door.

I barely mumbled ‘goodbye’ and ‘thanks’ to all of them as my heavy feet stumbled back into the room and back to Rose.


Although in hospital, I slept better than I had in weeks, with Scorpius at my side. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t cry myself to sleep and didn’t worry about my training, the prophecy, or the baby. I just slept.

I slept so long, that light was pouring through the windows of the training classroom. When I finally raised my head off the comfy bed and looked around. Scorpius was sitting in one of the chairs, with a textbook in his hand, reading intently, his brow furrowed the way it always looked when he was studying.

The morning was pretty boring after that. Scorpius had his Auror debriefing and had to catch up with the training that he missed the past few days so he was gone for the better part of the day. Al and Dom were on duty outside my room, but I told them to use this time to study, so I didn’t want to bother them with my mindless chit-chat.

Shortly before lunch time, I saw Healer Chang and Selenia. She’d been officially accepted in her apprenticeship and I could tell she was over-the-moon. She had finished her case studies with the medical records and was allowed to take some time off, but she wanted to get started. She beamed as we listened to the baby’s heartbeat again and then she took all my vital signs. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that sound and I don’t think Selenia could’ve been any happier.

The medical records reminded me that I still hadn’t finished my final case. I remembered that the final case had really stumped me, but I couldn’t remember anything beyond that. When I asked Selenia if she could bring me the files, she refused. “Until you’re released, you are under direct orders to rest – no cases for you.” I pouted, but to no avail. She would not budge. I had to settle with the notion that waiting one more day wouldn’t make too much of a difference for a case that was years old, anyway.

“Everything sounds great!” Healer Chang interrupted our squabbling (or rather – my mini temper tantrum). “You’ve gained just under three kilos in four weeks. That’s magnificent. I still want you to continue to gain weight, maybe three to four kilos more before your next visit in a month.” Scorpius would be happy about my weight gain.

“You have some visitors,” Healer Chang continued, “if you’re up for it.” I nodded eagerly. I was starting to get stir crazy and I said as much (loudly) as Healer Chang and Selenia exited the room. They exchanged smirks with each other. I could tell they were becoming fast friends as well as colleagues.

I was a little bit surprised that my visitors were Healer Lawrence and Uncle Harry. I was expecting it to be just Al and Dom, coming to have lunch with me. The unlikely pair entered the room chatting in serious undertones. I eyed them warily.

“Morning Rose, I trust you are feeling well today?” Healer Lawrence asked.

In the back of my head I felt a vague sensation – like there was something I needed to talk to him about. I pushed it aside and answered “I feel great! Actually, I feel great enough to go home today?” I put a hopeful tone on the question.

He snorted and shook his head. “Sorry Rose, but Healers Chang and Cooper are in charge of that decision.” My face fell, but I figured it was worth a shot. “Actually Rose, Harry and I are here for a different reason. Have you given any thought to which specialty you’d like to choose?”

My heart sank. “Er… well, Healer Lawrence, I was going to ask you if I could have an extension on my decision. I haven’t found any one specialty that I want to focus on. They’re all so interesting to me.” I really didn’t want to have this conversation with Uncle Harry in the room. I didn’t want the head of the Healer trainee program to think that I was asking a favor because my Uncle was Harry Potter.

“Rose, considering the extenuating circumstances you’ve been under, I think an extension could be granted. You’re not the first witch in the Healer program to put her career on hold to have children. You have more than proved your abilities and will be welcomed back at any time.”

I was about to protest and explain that I wasn’t looking to put everything on hold indefinitely, I just wanted a few more weeks to decide. But before I could say anything, he continued. “However, I think you ought to listen to your uncle here, as he may have come up with a solution that suits all of us – especially you.”

It became clearer as to why Uncle Harry and Healer Lawrence were visiting me together. I felt extremely suspicious that I was being coerced (or at least double-teamed) by two people that I usually would never say ‘no’ to. I must’ve looked uneasy at Uncle Harry because he lightly chuckled.

“Don’t worry Rose. We aren’t going to make you do anything that you don’t agree to, alright? I just came up with an idea that I thought would solve your problem of not being able to decide what specialty you’d like to pursue and my problem with security for our top priority case at the moment. – Yes, that is you.”

I raised my eyebrows and folded my arms across my chest. It sounded exactly like I was about to be coerced into a ‘plan’ that I didn’t like. Uncle Harry pulled up a chair next to mine and said to Healer Lawrence, “Can you give us a minute, Aphis?” Ugh. My stomach began to flutter in anticipation.

After Healer Lawrence left, Uncle Harry turned to me and smiled, but his voice took on a serious tone and he dove right in, “Look Rose, there are some facts that we can’t deny right now and we have to be realistic about the gravity of this situation. However, I meant what I said; I won’t make you do anything you don’t agree to.”

I had no choice but to nod. Uncle Harry had never steered me wrong before. And as much as I didn’t want to admit it, there were certain things that I was going to have to come to terms with in the very near future.

He continued, with his voice very measured and slow, to maintain his control. “The main problem we have right now is that it’s clear that Stannous is still pursuing you. While news of your pregnancy and engagement are public knowledge, he’s still determined to find you and… do Merlin knows what. We can’t be sure if he’s after you - or the baby at this point.” His voice got very quiet at the end. It took him a moment to continue and he had to take a deep breath and clear his throat.

“The other problem is that St. Mungo’s is not a secure facility. And while we can put up certain protections while you’re a patient, it’s not fair to you or the hospital for us to bring down the big guns of ministry protection on a daily basis. They won’t be able to give the patients the proper treatment they need or proceed with the speed that they must work.”

I could see where he was going with this. I wouldn’t be allowed to finish my training or become a full blown Healer. He was right and I could protest all I wanted but the facts stood as they were. I wasn’t safe here and, by extension, I was putting my colleagues and any patients at risk just by working here. My heart felt so heavy. Being a healer was all I’d wanted since my fourth year.

Until Stannous was found and captured – Merlin only knows when that will happen – I was going to have to put everything on hold. Visions of me being cooped up in my grey, dingy room at Number Twelve for the rest of my days clouded my mind. I hadn’t had a panic attack in a very long time, but I found myself trying not to fall into the tunnel vision and cold shudders. I closed my eyes and took a few steadying breaths.

“You’re right,” I said quietly. Uncle Harry knew I would never put anyone, especially not anyone innocent, in harm’s way.

“I’m not done yet, Rose,” Uncle Harry said. Great. There was worse news to come. I nodded and it took all my strength to look him in the eye.

“Everyone knows the safest place in the world is Hogwarts,” he continued, very seriously as my heart and thoughts were sinking. “Perhaps Gringotts could rival them in security… but neither one of those buildings has an immediate need for a healer, so… I started to think…” I’d absolutely no idea what he was on about. Hogwarts and Gringotts and Healers - he was talking rubbish.

“The Ministry is probably the next most secure place that we have. There are hundreds of security workers, not to mention the entire Auror department.”

First Hogwarts and Gringotts and then The Ministry? Did he want me to become an Auror? I was a Healer. I couldn’t even fight very well.

“Uncle Harry, I don’t think that is a very good idea. Being an Auror isn’t for me. I’m really bad in a fight – I always freeze up.” I’d been trying to avoid thinking about how useless I’d been the night before with all the Death Eaters. Scorpius had to do all the work.

“Yes, Rose,” Uncle Harry began what sounded like a giggle and ended as several rough coughs. He turned his head away from me for a moment and cleared his throat a bit more before he continued, “I know you get nervous in a wandpoint situation. However, you’re absolutely fantastic after a fight.” At that point, he looked very serious and bore his eyes into mine.

“After a fight? But there isn’t any fighting to be done after a fight…” I countered.

“Nooo…” he said slowly, as if he expected me to catch on to his meaning. I cocked my head towards him, to let him know I was at least trying to follow his line of thought. He added, “… but there is plenty of healing that needs to be done after a fight.”

Healing? Oh. Oh! “OH!” I yelped. “You want me to help heal the Aurors at the Ministry?”

“I want you to do more than that. I want you to set up a department specifically for healing the Aurors. You said it yourself – we can be a bunch of stubborn morons when it comes to getting treatment. But at the same time, all the Aurors trust you. You are quick on your feet and you know how to triage and you have extensive knowledge of the best and latest countercurses.”

He went on, “I also would like you to maintain medical records and conduct regular checkups with each Auror in the department. Auror work can be very stressful and I think that if we have one healer who works for the entire department and knows the medical history of each individual, we’ll be giving the department members the best treatment available. You can make recommendations if anyone needs to be referred to a specialist. Take some time to think about it. And I want you to know that I’m not offering you this position as my niece, but rather as someone who has proved themselves as a remarkable Healer to the department by gaining the trust and appreciation from your abilities.”

My mind was swirling. If I took this position, no doubt, the Prophet would sway it as a ‘gift to Harry Potter’s godchild,’ but I couldn’t think of it that way. I’d be able to see Al, Dom, Teddy and Scorpius on a regular basis. I’d be able to do daily Healer activities. And work on emergency care, poisonous cases and the countercurse department. This was really a job that had all of my passions, rolled into one.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea, Uncle Harry!” I smiled for the first time in forever. “I don’t need any time to think about it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can do Healer work with all of my favorite specialties - which is really all of them.”

“You are your mother’s daughter,” he beamed back at me. “Did I ever tell you that in our third year, she couldn’t decide what classes to pick at Hogwarts so she just signed up for all of them? You’re the same way – you couldn’t find one specialty, so now you can practice them all! From regular check-ups to battle wounds to trick knees – the whole lot!”

The more I thought about this, the better it sounded.

“It’s settled, then,” Uncle Harry concluded, a great big smile on his face. “You will officially report to Healer Lawrence for confidentiality purposes. But for now, can you please give me your wand?”

I handed it to him. He placed it on the counter and began an incantation with his own wand twirling up and down it. It glowed bright white and then red and finally blue sparks shot out the end of it.

“There,” he said, handing it back to me. “You’re now connected to the Auror chain. If an Auror sends out a summons with aurelius adveho, your wand will receive the call. You are NOT to respond,” he stared down at me through his glasses from his position standing above me. His eyes seemed to pierce me with his seriousness. “I only connected you so that you will know that Aurors are fighting and you can get ready.” I nodded.

“The second command is an ‘all clear.’ You’ll see blue sparks come out of the tip of your wand. That means that it’s safe for you to apparate to us and we’re in need your assistance for any injuries. We’ll do this on a trial basis for now – until you can no longer apparate during your pregnancy.” I continued to nod my understanding to him. He was very serious and official. However, I appreciated that he viewed me as a professional and it made the job offer seem even more formal. Although apparating wasn’t my favorite method of transportation, the opportunity to act as Healer to the Auror Department made it all worth it.

“There’d have to be some stipulations set before I would start,” I stated to Uncle Harry.

“I would expect nothing less of you, Rose,” he replied, a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“First off,” I countered, “I need your complete support. If I decide based on my professional judgement, that an Auror has a condition or an injury that requires more care than I can provide, they’d have to be seen at hospital – NO questions asked.”

“Rose, I think that you’ve proved yourself well enough to the department. However, if it came down to it, I’m willing to back you in your professional judgment. I really want this program to work,” he commented.

“That goes for you too, Uncle Harry,” I tried my best to give him the same piercing stare that he’d used on me just moments before. “If your department sees that you’re willing to respect my judgment, then they’ll follow suit. Besides I’ve seen some of the injuries you and dad have come back with -”

He opened his mouth to comment, but I cut him off. “Look, I know that you lot are tougher than most. And I’m not set to use the same criteria on the Auror Department that I would on a civilian for hospitalization, but at the same time, I’m not about to put lives in danger, yeah?”

We settled on an agreement that if he wanted to question my judgement, he’d do it in private and we would make a decision together. Dealing with an Auror department that was primarily made up of impulsive Gryffindors, I had to play my cards just right.

Uncle Harry stayed for lunch – and a little bit after as well. We talked about some of the specifics of the program. He’d already cleared it with Healer Lawrence that I could start as soon as I was deemed healthy enough by my healers. I was permitted to finish my last case for the Medical Records Seminar on my own. We talked and discussed the details until Scorpius showed up and Uncle Harry excused himself. On the way out, they shook hands and Uncle Harry congratulated him – I thought that was a little odd, but I was so excited to tell Scorpius about my new job that I pushed it aside.

He nodded as I excitedly told him about the new department that I was heading up, a smile spreading across his lips. Finally, I noticed that he was beaming with a silly grin on his face. He was on the edge of his seat and it took me a few moments to realize that he had his own news to tell me.

“What is it?” I asked, apologizing for monopolizing the conversation.

“The senior Aurors decided that the fighting I did last night can count for my S.N.A.K.E.s practical!” he gushed. “They said it was more than they would’ve even come up with for the test, so I don’t have to take it! I only need to pass the written part now!”

“Scorp, that’s fantastic!” I threw my arms around him. “We need to celebrate.”

“Not yet,” his tone was serious. “I want to wait until we’re both done and starting our apprenticeships. We can celebrate when Auror assignments are handed out and after I’ve finished my written exam.”

Al and Dom must’ve heard my squeals because they came in to see what was going on. We told both of them our great news.

“Merlin, I’m jealous,” Al said. “I’d really like to have my S.N.A.K.E. practical out of the way.”

“Rosie, I’m so glad you’ll be our Healer!” Dom said, giving me a hug. “Actually, you’ve pretty much been our Healer all year – and for me and Al, basically since we were fifteen!”

She was right. Given the sheer number of scrapes the Weasley-Potter clan managed to get themselves into on a daily basis, someone had to act as Healer for the group. For our Hogwarts years, as soon and I got the hang of basic spells, I was their primary source for fixing broken bones, misplaced spells and other magical mishaps. It saved Madame Pomfrey quite a bit of time and energy.

We all sat and discussed the future – when they’d be full-blown Aurors and I’d be running the Ministry Department of Healing for the Aurors. For the first time in many months, I was excited about my future. Everything seemed to be lining up nicely. It was a remarkable day.

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