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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 31 : The One Where I Meet A Duncan In Disguise
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 A/N: I'm sorry about the wait for this! I was using last month to focus on writing Louis, and this chapter gave me a bit of trouble to write. Until I went to a restaurant that only served desserts and bam! Chapter written! :D 

I'm going to be spending the whole of next month focusing mainly on this story, so I'm hoping to actually write it! I may need some poking on the forums or something? If you see me online, just poke me and tell me to get writing this story! :D

Anyways, let me know what you think! I'm excited about hearing it.

“This is a really nice place.”

I looked around at the restaurant that James and I were sitting in, eyes wide as I took in the dark blue floor and walls that seemed to sparkle around us. There were booths all around, and quite a few other patrons chatted animatedly in their own ones. It wasn’t that far from James’ house, and Darryl had been nice enough to bring me here, he had even been nice when he had met James. I was actually surprised that he didn’t threaten him, although I was entirely thankful that he hadn’t. I didn’t want my big brother to scare James off.

“It hasn’t been here long, I’ve been a few times with dad,” James told me, looking up from his menu to give me a smile that caused my heart to flutter. I wasn’t sure if that feeling would ever disappear when I was around James. I really hoped that it didn’t.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant that only sells desserts.” I pulled the menu towards me. Everything looked amazing and I didn’t even know what I wanted to get.

“Dad loves it here, mum says that it’s bad for her figure and moans every time were here. She normally ends up getting the biggest ice cream though,” James said with a laugh as he put his menu down and looked at me.

I glanced up at him, a smile on my lips at his story, before looking back down at the menu. It took a while before I finally decided on a strawberry Knickerbocker glory, and James went up to put our order in.

When he came back, he sat across the table from me, and watched me. I looked up, feeling a little nervous at whether or not we’d be sitting in awkwardness. It had been a smooth transition from how we were before to our relationship now, and the only real thing that had changed was that now we held hands and kissed each other. I still found it amazing that we were actually boyfriend and girlfriend, or that James fancied me at all.

“So, we should probably get to know each other a bit better,” James told me, taking my hand over the table and lacing his fingers through my own. “Instead of just kissing all the time.”

“I don’t even know your name,” I joked and James rolled his eyes, but grinned at me. I loved when he smiled, he would get these cute dimples. “That might be a good start.”

“That’s good, because neither do I,” James laughed, “I developed amnesia after being in a terrible accident. You are the first face that I’ve seen, and by golly it’s a beautiful one –“

“By golly?” I asked with a snort, hoping that James didn’t notice that I had. “Who says that anymore?”

“No idea, because I don’t even know my own name.”

A woman came over with our food, shooting James a confused look at his statement and I had to hold in my giggle. She placed a waffle in front of James, covered entirely in chocolate sauce, banana and strawberry, and my ice cream in front of me. She left after telling us to enjoy our food.

“Can you...” James seemed to be struggling to think of something to ask me, so I waited, digging my spoon into my ice cream, and eating it slowly. I watched as James’ eyes followed my movement, before he gave a cough and quickly looked away with a slight reddening to his cheeks. “Can you speak any languages?”

“English. I’m very fluent in that.”

“As well as sarcasm. You kept that one hidden,” James added, picking up his fork so that he could begin eating his waffle.

“I’ve been learning from Isabella,” I told him honestly. “I know a little Czech.”

“Really?” James asked curiously, his eyebrows rising in surprise.

I nodded, eating a bit more of my ice cream before answering. “My next door neighbour taught me when we were growing up, she moved away before our fifth year and I guess I just remember it.”

“Have you ever used it in your comics?” James looked at me as he waited for my answer and I gave a shrug.

“Not yet, but I want to. How about you? Do you know any other languages?”

“Apart from nerd? Just German.”

“Where did you learn that?”

“I kept trying to read a book in Aunt Hermione’s house that was written in German, she agreed to teach me. I don’t know where she learnt it from, but I know enough to get myself by.” James ate a bit more waffle as I slowly at my ice cream, I didn’t want to make a mess, but James didn’t seem to care. He had already dripped chocolate sauce onto the table. “So if we ever get kidnapped and abandoned in Czech Republic or Germany, we’ll be fine.”

I laughed, and James grinned at me, wiping his mouth with a napkin to catch any sauce left behind.

“Michelle said that she knew French, but she wouldn’t ever speak it or teach me any words,” I admitted, feeling a little worried that James would get angry that I was talking about her.

He surprised me with his next words though.

“Do you miss her?” He looked sincere, and not at all annoyed that I had brought her up.

“Sometimes,” I admitted truthfully, “She was my first friend, my best friend. Actually, she was my only friend for so long. It just feels weird to not have her around.”

“It’s okay to miss her,” James told me seriously, I shook my head at him.

“After what she done I shouldn’t, other people wouldn’t.”

“You shouldn’t care what other people think. What do you think?” he asked me. I could feel him watching me intently and it was making my cheeks heat up slightly.

“I really shouldn’t miss her, but I do. There were some great times with her, it wasn’t all bad. Just... more than half of the time with her was bad.” I felt like a terrible person for admitting to missing her, even though she had been making my life so much harder, and for what she had done to me.

James scooted around the booth so that he was sat next to me, pulling his waffle over with him. “I would never think less of you if you missed her.” He reassured me, and I couldn’t help but smile at him gratefully.

“Thank you.” I dug my spoon into the ice cream again and took a bite. “Did you want some?” I asked James.

He grabbed for my hand that held the spoon, but instead of taking the spoon, he pulled me towards him and kissed me. Once again taking my breath away and stopping my brain from functioning, turning me into a gooey mess on the floor.

Although, that might have been the ice cream that had dripped from my spoon.

“I do love the taste of strawberry ice cream,” James told me, pulling away slightly to lick his lips and making my stomach flip at the smirk that began to cross them.

“I ...err ...” I began, not even sure where I was heading with that sentence. James laughed, before leaning in and rendering me speechless again.

A cough broke us apart with a jump, and I put my head in my hands as I had the sudden image of a staff member about to tell us off for making out.

“Oh look, you’ve made her embarrassed,” I heard the person say, realising that it was a girls voice.

“I didn’t embarrass her, you did. Why are you stalking me?” James asked from next to me. I looked up as he put his arms around my shoulder. “Don’t touch my waffle.”

The girl, who I recognised as James’ little sister Lily, a second year Ravenclaw, rolled her eyes at James, but held her hands up as she dropped James’ fork onto the table.

“I’m not stalking you, if I knew that you were here I would have made you get me a dessert,” she told him.

“Who are you here with?” James asked, looking around the room, but it was hard to see who was in most of the booths.

“Oh, only Hugo, we walked here because we were bored at home. He only had enough money to buy the one ice cream, and ... well, we all know how Hugo is with sharing.” Lily turned to me quickly, bright brown eyes inquisitive and red hair up in a bun, she leant her right elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand as she stared at me.

“So, you’re Abigail?” she asked me.

“No, this is William,” James joked.

“I didn’t realise he took after his father,” Lily retaliated quickly, which caused me to give a frown at her words. James didn’t elaborate and neither did Lily, both siblings staring at each other. Lily looked away from James first and held her left hand out for me to shake, I took it gently, noticing the firm grip that she had before she let go of me. “I’m Lily, James’ favourite sister.”

“You’re my only sister.” James shook his head from beside me.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I told her honestly. I was surprised that I hadn’t met any of his family properly beforehand, so was happy to have finally been introduced to his little sister.

“Are you both coming home after here?” Lily asked us, I turned to James not knowing the answer to her question. James was shaking his head.

“We’re going to William’s for a bit after this and then I’m taking Abigail home. I’ll bring her around another time.”

“Mum and Dad want to meet her,” Lily told us, eyes falling onto James’s waffle again. He pulled it closer to him to protect it, and she gave a pout.

James gave a groan from beside me at the look she was now shooting him.

“If I give you some money will you leave us alone?” James asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out some muggle money, he passed it over to his sister.

“Thank you, Jimmy,” Lily said happily, putting the money into her pocket.

“For that I’m going to take the money back from you,” he warned her, moving forwards to reach over the table. However, Lily dodged out of the way, apologising profusely to him. I picked up my spoon again and began eating my melting ice cream before it would turn into ice cream soup as I watched the two siblings together. It reminded me of me and Darryl.

“You’re really pretty,” Lily told me as I was mid mouthful and I choked at her words. She really thought that I was pretty? She didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath and answer her, as she walked away from the table and made her way back over to a booth towards the back and out of eyesight of us.

“Are you alright?” James asked me, rubbing my back as I managed to stop coughing.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I told him.

“Sorry about my sister. I would have introduced you to her at school, but I honestly keep forgetting that not everyone knows my family already.” James ate his waffle again and I wondered if it was cold now.

“Its fine,” I reassured him.

“Did you want some?” James asked, holding his fork up to my lips. I took a bite and had to keep in the groan at the taste of it. It was delicious and I knew that next time I was going to order the waffle. “I would introduce you to Hugo, but .... It takes a bit of build up and preparation to meet that boy.”

I frowned at his words, I had seen Hugo in passing at Hogwarts and he seemed fine, just a little quiet and moody looking. I just put that down to him being a teenager.

“He’s just a lot to handle at once,” James informed me, noticing my look. “Much like Albus, but Albus is just an angry person all the time who thinks the world owes him a favour.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said, unsure what else I could respond with.

“Speaking of fun, you’ll get to meet Uncle Duncan today,” James told me happily, a mischievous glint in his eye and it took me a moment to realise that who he meant.

“William’s dad?”

James nodded. “He’s been looking forward to meeting you.”

I hope that I wasn’t too much of a disappointment.


I had never been more shocked then I had been when I arrived at William’s house. Not because William answered the door topless, cue furious blushing on my part and averting my eyes, which William found hilarious. It wasn’t even because Isabella was already there, and I didn’t even realise that they were this close already. No, it was because of William’s dad, who was getting ready in the kitchen.

I stopped dead at the sight of him, and couldn’t help but stare at the large man standing in front of me. He was well over six and a half feet tall, seemed to be made of pure muscle, and was giving me the friendliest smile I had ever seen.. That wasn’t what made me stop in shock, it was the fact that this giant mountain of man had on so much make-up. Black eyeliner lined his purple sparkly eyes, his cheeks a bright pink and his lips covered in a thick red that was outlined by a darker shade. The purple matched the long dress he was wearing, that was covered in sequins.

He looked amazing.

“This is my dad, Duncan,” William stated turning to look at me. He noticed my shock at once and he seemed quite pleased with himself. “Oh, didn’t I tell you that he was a drag queen?”

William’s dad was a drag queen? I suppose that would explain the make-up and the dress. I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I hadn’t been prepared for this to happen.

Duncan was giving me a soft smile, before turning to look at William, and frowning as he noticed that he was only wearing trousers.

“William, go and put some more clothes on, we have guests,” Duncan scolded his son, hands on his hips as he raised one perfectly drawn on eyebrow at William. I had to admit that I was jealous of just how perfect his eyebrows actually were. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and I felt a little embarrassed that I couldn’t help but stare.

Duncan noticed me admiring him and gave me another smile. I blushed as I hid a little behind James, who gave a small laugh as I held onto him.

“Your eyebrows are amazing, you need to teach me how to do that,” Isabella stated, more confident then I was. I was thankful that she had spoken and taken the heat off of me.

Duncan grinned. “Thank you. William will have to teach you, he’s a lot better at doing them.”

“And thank you for that, dad,” William muttered from across the kitchen, digging through a pile of neatly folded clothes that were on the table.

“I hope that you’re going to be re-folding all of that,” Duncan told William, who rolled his eyes. “I don’t slave away all day at home for you and your brother to wreck things.”

“Of course,” William told him, grabbing for a t-shirt. I turned away as he pulled it on and glanced at Isabella, who was watching William. She noticed that I was watching her, and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Will,” Duncan told him.

“We all know that Sophie is the worst one out of all of us,” William stated.

“I’m not getting into this again; I have to go to work.” Duncan shook his head as he grabbed for a few things and began making his way out of the kitchen. “Don’t destroy anything, and I know how much alcohol is in the cupboard William.”

“Are you sure? Aunt Audrey was around earlier, and we all know that she’s as big a drinker as you.”

“Don’t blame Audrey, and I only drink because you kids stress me out. Have fun, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Abigail, I can’t wait until I next see you, I promise I won’t be rushing into work so I can finally get to know you.”

My eyes followed Duncan as he left the room before turning to look back at William, James had moved so that he was holding my hand and I leant against him.

“Your dad is... just, wow,” I stuttered out and William laughed.

“He’s a big shock for people when they first meet him,” William told me, moving to lean next to where Isabella was.

“Especially when you don’t warn them about him,” Isabella stated, shoving William with her elbow.

“I’m so used to it, I just forget he’s different.” William stated.

“So, is it true that James cried when he met your dad?” Isabella asked me quickly, interrupting William. I turned to look at James, who was glaring at William and shaking his head slowly.

“Err –“ I began, not knowing if I should answer that question. Would James want it known that he was close to tears.

“So, that part where I asked you not to tell anyone, William,” James stated, shifting on the spot.

“You’re yet to meet Darryl properly,” I told him, knowing that my brother was very interested in meeting James for longer than five seconds. I didn’t want him too, I didn’t want Darryl to scare him off by trying to be the protective big brother. “He can be scary when he wants to be.”

“I hope he doesn’t hurt me,” James admitted truthfully, and I felt bad that he seemed worried. I moved to place a kiss on his cheek, which cheered him up instantly.

“Who would want to hurt you?” I asked him truthfully.

“I would,” William admitted, which caused James to move over to him and punch him in the arm, before going over to one of the kitchen cupboards and opening it.

“So, what are we going to be doing today?” Isabella asked us. I turned to look at William who gave a shrug and faced James, who was rummaging through the cupboards.

“Ethan wanted to meet up; I think he’s getting too bored being cooped up at home and looking after his younger siblings.” James pulled out a packet of crisps, even though we hadn’t long eaten our desserts.

I felt my eyes widen slightly at his words though, and turned to look at Isabella who had the same expression on her face.

“As in Ethan Richards? Slytherin Seeker?” Isabella asked.

“The one and only,” William said loudly, as though he were announcing somebody very important. “You’re familiar with Ethan?”

“Only in passing and sharing some classes, not to the extent of Abigail though,” Isabella stated, and I ducked my head slightly at her words, remembering the few times that I had been around Ethan. Michelle had been with me and forced me to go and ‘stalk’ the poor guy, so I didn’t think that he thought of me too greatly, he probably thought that I was as bad as Michelle.

I chanced a look up and saw James watching me, crisps hanging out of his mouth as he looked at me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the emotion that I was seeing across his face.

“Michelle loves him,” I told them honestly, feeling my face heating up at the embarrassment of having followed Ethan around. “She used to drag me around after him so that she could watch him and talk to him.”

“Sounds like what James made me do with you,” William stated, turning to look at James before rolling his eyes and shoving him roughly. The crisps fell out of James’ mouth and he failed at trying to catch them before they hit the floor. “Oh, stop being jealous, James. Abigail doesn’t fancy Ethan.”

I couldn’t help the small smile that crossed my face. What did James have to be jealous of? I had never thought of Ethan in a way like that, and Ethan would never think of me like that. I was still amazed that James liked me, so the thought of anyone else was impossible to me.

“I’m not jealous,” James stated as he straightened back up and glared at William, who snorted. “I’m not.”

“The face tells us a different story,” William laughed. “Now, get ready and we’ll go.”

“I just need to use the bathroom first,” I said quietly.

“It’s just upstairs and the second door on the left,” William told me, before pushing James away as he tried to get him into a headlock.

After I had washed my hands, I walked down the hallway leading back to the stairs slowly. I found myself looking at the large amount of pictures that lined the walls, which documented William, his brother, and sister growing up. James was in quite a few of the ones with William, and I couldn’t help but smile at just how close the two had been growing up together. There were a lot more of William then the others.

I was so enthralled by the pictures that I didn’t realise that I wasn’t alone in the hallway until someone grabbed my arm. I jumped and whirled around, my heart beating frantically in my chest and got a glimpse of James, before I felt the press of his soft lips against mine.

His hands had moved to my hair, as he pressed me against the wall. Our kiss was urgent and left me breathless, as I moved my own hands to grip at the front of his t-shirt to hold onto. I felt like I was going to float away with the happiness that came from kissing James. I never once imagined this would happen and now I could never imagine myself coming down from this high.

James was a fantastic kisser, and I only hoped that I wasn’t terrible. But, I was happy to keep practicing.

“I wish that I could just stay here all day kissing you,” James told me, his breath tickling my lips as I tried to get my breathing to even out. He kissed me again before I could say anything, and I wasn’t sure how long we stayed like that. It wasn’t until I heard Isabella speaking that we pulled away from each other.

“They’re up here kissing!” I heard her yelling down the stairs, a joyful tone to her voice. James moved away from me and I turned to look at her as we began walking back to the staircase. She gave me a wide smile, before cutting in between me and James as we walked. “Don’t even think about James, I’m staying between you two so we can finally go to Ethan’s house.”

I felt myself gulping at the thought of going to Ethan’s house. If Michelle knew she would be so angry with me.

“Maybe we should take pictures of us all with Ethan and show Michelle when we get back to school?” Isabella suggested as though she had read my mind.

I couldn’t help but wonder how she would react to that.

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