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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 29 : The One With The Slap
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 A/N: Once again this is unedited, I shall edit in the beta-ed version when I get it back, I just couldn't keep this from you wonderful people any longer! :D

Let me know what you think!!

As exciting as dates went, mine and James’ at the library was in my top two best dates I had ever had. Granted we had only been on one before hand, but James had said that we could call this a homework date because he had brought sweets with him. I didn’t think that we could call it a date if William and Isabella were going to be joining us, either.

I didn’t mind though, as I got to spend time with James, even if it was to finish our essays that we had been neglecting recently, not to mention the Muggle Studies coursework that we were recently starting. We had to pick a hobby that a Muggle would partake in and compare it to the closest thing that we had in the Wizarding world, before coming up with an idea on how we could combine the two. I had no clue what hobby I was going to choose, but neither it seemed, did James. So I wasn’t feeling too bad about it, and thankfully, it wasn’t due until just before the end of the year, so I wasn’t in any rush to pick a hobby just yet. I just had to make sure I didn’t fall behind as it was quite a bit of work.

“Whoever said that Muggle Studies was an easy subject needs to be beaten with something,” James told me and I laughed as I turned to see him frowning down at the parchment of questions we had to focus on. He was massaging the sides of his temples with his fingers as he did so and I couldn’t help but stare at him happily.

The urge to jump around in excitement every time I looked at him and remembered that we were dating, got stronger daily and it took a lot of effort to not dance around like a crazy person whenever I thought about it. I held in my feelings though, I didn’t want to scare him off.

“Do you know what hobby you’re going to write about?” James asked me, turning to glance at me and I shook my head.

“Not even a clue,” I told him honestly. “But I’m going to focus on my Charms essay first. I don’t even want to think of coursework right now.”

“That’s a good plan,” James told me, shoving his parchment back into his bag before grabbing for another piece and pulling it out. He smoothed it down on the table in front of him and I glanced at his messy scrawl of writing, he had a lot more written then me.

“I’m just going to get a book, and then I’ll be right back,” I told James, nodding my head backwards and in the direction of where the Charms books were kept, which wasn’t too far from our table. James nodded as I stood up, “Don’t eat all of the chocolates.”

“I promise nothing,” James told me, glancing up at him, and grinning.

I laughed as I turned around and walked over to the section I needed. I suppressed a groan as I realised that Rebecca and her friends were occupying the table that had previously been empty when James and I had entered the library. It was as though they had appeared just to make my life difficult.

I hesitated for a moment as my eyes caught Rebecca’s, but I forced myself to walk over to the book that I needed. Maybe if I hurried, I wouldn’t have to hang around here for longer than I had to.

I winced as I heard them whispering to each other, just loud enough so that I was able to hear my name but nothing else except their giggles. It made my stomach clench unpleasantly, but I tried to push that feeling away, knowing that they were doing it to get a reaction out of me.

It was with relief that I found the book that I needed. Taking it off of the shelf, I turned to quickly walk away, but Rebecca had pushed her chair backwards and in my way, so that I had no choice but to walk around her. She sneered at me as I asked her politely to move out of my way, before attempting to step over her outstretched legs when she refused to move them. She lifted her leg as I moved though, which caused my feet to catch and for me to go falling onto the floor, my knee colliding painfully with the corner of the book that I dropped.

Tears sprung to my eyes instantly as they laughed at me. I refused to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they had made me cry so I willed myself not to sniff as my cheeks burnt in embarrassment. I stood up slowly, ignoring the pain shooting through my right knee as I did so and pleaded with my body not to limp and betray me.

“Pathetic,” Rebecca hissed as I left, clutching the book to my chest and cursing myself for being so damn sensitive about it all. Maybe I was being pathetic. It wasn’t until I was out of eyesight of the now laughing group, that I wiped my eyes on my sleeve.

I hobbled as quickly as I could back to the chair I had occupied, hoping that James wouldn’t notice, but he did. He seemed to notice as soon as I came back that something wasn’t right. He was standing by our table and had turned to look at me as soon as I came back, but I avoided eye contact.

“What’s wrong?” James asked me, he must have noticed the tears that I had been trying to hide from him. I shook my head as I wiped my eyes with my sleeves and ducked my head as I tried to contain them. I didn’t want to tell him, I didn’t want to be someone who can’t handle things and goes running for help every moment someone said something mean.

“Abigail –“ he began slowly, crouching in front of me and taking one of my hands in his own, before raising his other to brush my hair out of my face. I couldn’t help but look up at him; he was a little blurry through my tears. “-what’s happened?”

“It’s nothing.” I shook my head, sniffing as I tried to give him a smile, but it faltered and he saw.

“It’s not nothing, you’re upset.”

I didn’t want to say, I didn’t want to make this worse, but James was staring at me, waiting for me to say and I couldn’t help but let the words spill out.

“Rebecca tripped me,” I told him quietly. “But, I’m alright. It’s fine.”

James stood up quickly and I tried to get him to stop as he moved in the direction that I had just been. I followed him as quickly as I could, not wanting him to make things worse. I just wanted to forget about it all, he didn’t have to defend me.

“Oi, Rebecca,” James called angrily, walking over to where Rebecca was sitting with her group of friends. She fluffed her hair and licked her lips when James walked over to her and I felt jealousy swim through me at her actions.

“What is it James?” she cooed, standing up and pursing her lips as she looked at him.

“If I find out that you’ve upset my girlfriend again, I won’t be happy,” he seethed and I felt pride fill me at the use of the word girlfriend. I still kept thinking that this was all a dream and that I would wake up and find that James didn’t see me in that way.

“James, it’s fine,” I tried to tell him but he had already taken a step closer to Rebecca, who seemed a bit abashed that James was talking to her like that.

“I want you to apologise,” James demanded and I knew that he was asking for a miracle. Rebecca would never apologise to me and if she did, it would never be sincere.

Rebecca looked away from James and turned to me, giving me such a fake sweet tooth rotting smile as she said, “Sorry Abigail, my foot must have slipped.”

I didn’t say anything, I didn’t believe her and neither did James it seemed, and he was still giving her a hard look. Rebecca placed her hand on his arm, causing jealousy to hit me that she had the nerve to do so, James glared down at it as he moved away from her.

“Don’t let me catch you doing it again,” he warned her and she batted her eyelashes at him, hand moving to her hip and pushing her chest out slightly. I couldn’t believe the nerve of her

“Apologising?” she asked softly.

I was thankful to see that James was shaking his head as he backed away from her. I knew that I could never compete with Rebecca, she was so pretty, and if she had a nicer personality, I couldn’t help but think that James would go for a person like her. What did he see in me when she was around?

“Your desperation disgusts me,” he told her, lip curled in disgust and his voice sounding venomous, “and you’re an idiot if you think I’ll appreciate you attacking my girlfriend. Stay away from us.”

Rebecca’s smile fell from her face as she glared after James, before turning to look at me and I knew that she was going to get revenge for that. She blamed me entirely for what James had just done. I just wished that she would go away and leave me alone. He grabbed for my hand and we walked back to our table. He let go of my hand so that he could hold the chair out for me to sit on, before James came and sat down next to me, reaching for my hand again, and kissing the back of it as he turned his back on Rebecca. I turned to see her stomping off with her friends and further into the library, shoving passed Isabella and William as they went. William had to grab for Isabella’s shoulder to stop her from shoving Rebecca back.

“How’s your knee?” James asked me.

“It’s fine, you didn’t have to do that,” I told him honestly. I didn’t want him to think that I expected him to rush to my defence and aid whenever someone said anything horrible to me.

“Of course I did,” James said, “You’re my girlfriend and I don’t want anyone to hurt you. If they do I won’t be happy with them.”

“Someone hurt you?” Isabella demanded, dropping her bag onto the desk as William sat down. I looked up at her and saw the anger in her eyes. I didn’t want to say anything, I knew that she was going to go after Rebecca.

“Rebecca tripped Abi and hurt her knee,” James told her and I didn’t get up in time to stop Isabella from storming away from the table. William scrambled out of his seat to chase after her, yelling for her to slow down, but not telling her to stop.

“I hope she doesn’t do anything –“ I began but stopped as I heard Isabella’s voice call for Rebecca, before the sound of something getting smacked hard reverberated around the room. I let out a gasp of shock, my hands flying to my open mouth as I turned to face James, who was equally as shocked.

“Do you think she slapped her?” I asked as I moved my hands away from my mouth. That was exactly what it sounded like she had done.

William dragged Isabella back to the table soon after the noise was heard, and pushed her down into the seat opposite me before he took the one next to her. She was cradling her hand and wincing and William seemed impressed.

“I’m really sorry, Abigail,” Isabella told me honestly, slowly clenching and unclenching her hand as she grimaced at the pain. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to hang around with you this evening. There’s a very high chance that I’m going to be in detention until the Easter holidays.”

William laughed. “It’s only a week away, you’ll be fine.”

“What did you do?” I asked her, moving my leg and trying to stop the grimace as I bent my knee. I felt pathetic for being in pain, I was probably moaning over nothing and over reacting.

“I slapped her. It was so hard, that I nearly broke my wrist,” Isabella told us happily.

“I thought she was going to fall over from the force of that one,” William said sounding amused, staring at Isabella as he ran a hand over his mouth. “You really surprise me, Isabella.”

“It’s good to keep people guessing,” she said back, slouching in her chair and looking around. “People seriously underestimate us Hufflepuff's.”

“You really are a vicious lot on the quiet.” William shook his head as he let out an amused chuckle.

“The word you’re looking for is loyal,” Isabella told him with a smirk, still cradling her hand as she watched William grabbing for things out of his backpack. He sensed her watching and looked up at her.

“Are you not going to do any homework?” William asked her, I looked at Isabella in time to see her shrug.

“There’s no point, a teacher will be here soon,” Isabella told us. As if on cue, Professor Longbottom came over to our table a sombre expression on his face.

“You alright, Uncle Neville?” James asked as he neared , and he gave James a brief smile before looking down at Isabella, who turned around to face him.

“I’m alright, James, however I need to speak with –“

“I’ve got my things ready, sir,” Isabella said standing up and grabbing for her bag. “Are we going to your office? After you give me my detentions we can continue our discussion on how you tamed that fanged geranium to be your pet.”

“I told you, it’s not a pet,” Professor Longbottom told Isabella as they walked out of the library.

We all watched them go before going back to our work, wondering when she would come back.

“I feel like I’m going to be a third wheel,” William told us after a while of working. I was very nearly finished with my essay as I looked up at him, stretching so that my back clicked.

“I don’t think you are,” I told him honestly, I didn’t mind him hanging around with us at all, I loved being around William he was funny. Now I thought about it, I didn’t want to kiss James in front of William in case it made him uncomfortable, I also didn’t want him to think that I was taking away all of James’ time when he could have been hanging around with William.

“Good, because I wouldn’t go anywhere anyway,” William told us. “You’ll have to just put up with me.”

“Only because you haven’t got any other friends,” James snorted as he tapped his quill on the wood of the table, he’d been finished with his essay for a while now.

“I could have other friends,” William shot back. “What about Isabella or that Sian girl? She seems nice, wherever she may be.”

“She’s hanging around with her sister today,” I told him honestly. I felt a little guilty that Isabella was hanging around with me so much, as she spent less time with Sian. However, Sian had assured me that she didn’t mind as she spent a lot of time with her sister, and Isabella confirmed that she would spend most of her time alone as Sian was off with her family.

“My siblings are my friends,” William said pointing at James, an eyebrow raised at him. James scoffed and shook his head.

“Your sister and brother aren’t friends, besides even if we did class them as friends – which we’re not - you can only count Steven in that, he’s the only one that likes you,” James told him. I found it weird that William didn’t have more friends, how can people not like him?

“I’ll have you know, that it’s me that doesn’t like Sophie. I disliked her before it was cool,” William informed us.

“What a lovely sentiment from my darling twin brother.” We all turned to look at the new person that had just walked over to us and I finally met William's twin sister, Sophie. I recognised her, from seeing her in passing. She was wearing her Ravenclaw robes, her blonde hair up in a messy ponytail and thick-rimmed glasses that looked like more of a fashion statement then being used as actual eyewear. She was quite tall - taller than me - and I knew that if William stood next to her they would be around the same height, although William would be just a bit taller. You could only tell that they were siblings if you looked at them closely enough, you would never be able to tell that they were twins.

“What can I do for you, Soph?” William asked as Sophie gave both me and James a friendly smile in greeting. She pushed her hand into her robe pocket and pulled out two thick envelopes.

“Duncan’s sent us letters,” she told him and William nodded before looking down at the other letter.

“And I have Steven’s because?” he asked.

“Because you’ll see him before I do,” Sophie told him, pulling the strap of her bag onto her shoulder as she stared at William.

“You’ll see him a lot more if you weren’t too busy cheating on your boyfriend,” William said, which caused Sophie to punch him hard in the arm. I felt my eyes widen at Williams casual mention of his sister cheating on her boyfriend, and Sophie’s almost calm reaction to it.

“I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, Wilma,” Sophie hissed at him, “I’ve been through two new guys since then. Keep up. I’ll see you later you douche bag, say hi to Stephanie for me.” I wondered if she meant Steven. Or if William was seeing someone called Stephanie?

Sophie waved a goodbye before leaving, William shoved his brother’s letter into his pocket before opening his own one.

“So, you don’t seem to hate your sister as much as you say,” I stated, not knowing what else to say. James and William had talked about how Sophie and William would argue all the time, and aside from some bickering just now, they didn’t seem to overly hate each other.

“She’s being nice,” William told me, “believe me, it’ll get a lot worse. You can see that of course when you come over in the holidays.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I was invited to Williams over the holidays. I had been worried that he was just inviting me over to be nice, I didn’t realise that he sincerely wanted me to go.

“Your dad won’t mind?” I asked as James shuffled next to me to rummage in his bag.

“Of course not, he’s already mentioned here that he can’t wait to meet you, especially after hearing so much about you over the summer from James.” William threw a smirk at James, who began to bash his head against the table as he let out a groan.

“He’s going to embarrass me so much in front of Abigail,” James stated to William, who laughed again. I couldn’t help but smile at hearing that James had talked about me to others, I still found it weird that he had a crush on me all this time.

“You only have yourself to blame,” William told him and James groaned again before sitting back up straight and pulling what I saw was a comic, towards him.

“I can’t believe that you’re reading Gertrude the Goblin,” William said as I moved my chair closer to James, abandoning my essay so that I could read the comic with him. I looked up at William sheepishly, James seemed unabashed about reading it. “What are you? Nine?”

“I’ll have you know, it’s both wonderful and educational.” James told him as I let my eyes skim the first page.

“Why aren’t you reading that one that kept you awake for most of the night? The one that you got off of Abigail.”

I looked up at William’s words intrigued. Which one was he reading? I turned to look at James who was beginning to go a little red at what William had said.

“You’re a terrible friend,” James shot at William.

“You stayed up most of the night reading it? Did you like it?” I asked, I hadn’t found out what he thought of the comic yet and I was curious. Surely he must have liked it if he stayed up reading it.

James didn’t say anything, but his grin widened and his blush deepened.

“I haven’t seen him fan girling this hard since the last issue of ‘The Minister of Destruction’, I swear he almost cried when that one got sent to him,” William told me. I felt a swell of pride in me at hearing that James had fan-girled over my dad’s comic book, I couldn’t wait to tell my dad about it. “Speaking of which, it’s been a while since you’ve woke me up at three in the morning to gush excitedly about what had happened.”

“That’s because there hasn’t been a new issue for a few weeks, I’m eagerly waiting for the next issue,” James told William. I knew that my father was working on the latest issue and had run behind due to other commitments, so the issue had been pushed back a week so that he could catch up. I knew that my father would never normally let it get to this, but there had been an influx of interest in his other comics and he became temporarily snowed under. I couldn’t wait until I would go home in the Easter holidays and help him out. My father and I would normally spend an entire day in his office, eating our Easter eggs and bouncing ideas off of each other, whilst Darryl would lie on the sofa in the office and read a book. I really missed my family whilst I was at Hogwarts and I couldn’t wait for them to meet James, but was it too early for me to introduce my family to him.

“I wish I knew how long it would be until Colin Deacon would produce the new one,” James stated, and I smiled at my father’s name.

“It shouldn’t be long, probably in the next few days or so, I know that he’s been snowed under at work,” I told him with a shrug. I looked up when I realised that we were now sitting in silence to find William and James staring at me. It was in that moment that I realised that I still hadn’t told James who my father was and I cursed myself for not being brave enough to admit to it now.

“How do you know that?” William asked me and I gave what I hoped seemed like a nonchalant shrug.

“My dad told me,” I stated to them and William nodded slowly.

“Is he a big fan as well?” he asked me in interest.

“Something like that, yeah,” I stated, hoping that they wouldn’t see through my lie. I knew that I had to tell James soon, and I was planning to, it’s just that I knew that I couldn’t just blurt it out now. I had to come up with a plan, and figure out how I was going to explain the reason why I hadn’t told James about him.

“It’s where Abigail got her love for comic books,” James told William and I nodded along with his words. “I’m going to need to get your dad to let me in on his inside information, he seems to know a lot. I hope to one day get to that level of knowledge.”

“You’ll have to meet him one day, he’s brilliant,” I told James honestly and he seemed excited about the prospect of meeting my family.

“I would love to meet him, I can’t wait to see the man that is, with no doubt, going to have a bigger comic book collection than me. You can come and meet my family as well, the ones that don’t go here of course. I’ll introduce you to those nutter's another day.”

I smiled at his words. I found it weird that I had yet to properly meet the cousins that came to Hogwarts already, but they seemed to just keep themselves to themselves at the moment, although I had seen James’ sister and brother occasionally as I passed them in the corridors, but I hadn’t been introduced to them yet as I hadn’t been with James when I saw them.

James and William quickly fell into discussing the plans for the Easter holidays and I couldn’t help but watch James as he talked animatedly. My eyes flickered across his handsome face, taking in the easy smile that seemed to be permanently spread across his face and the glint in his eyes every time he laughed at something that William said.

I couldn’t wait to tell him who my father was, and I had a great idea on how I was going to do it.

I just hoped that James wouldn’t be too angry at me from keeping it from him.

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