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Actions Speak Louder than Words by Veritaserum27
Chapter 27 : Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV
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I couldn’t believe it. It was really true. I was pregnant. That’s why I’d been sick. They weren’t panic attacks – it was morning sickness… which doesn’t have to occur in the morning - as I’d learned from training - and experience, apparently.

Training. How the hell had I not realized it before? I’d have to be the most ignorant witch in the wizarding world. My mind tried to calculate how long it’d been since my last monthly. A while. A long while.

We just finished our finals on obstetrics. Every symptom I was experiencing could’ve been explained by pregnancy. Even the anxiousness. And forgetfulness. And tearfulness. Speaking of…

They began to flow softly down my cheeks and I swam out of my thoughts to Scorpius. We were still staring at each other, his hands still on my face. Or rather, I was looking at him and he wasn’t breathing. Oh, shit.

I squeezed the sides of his arms that I was holding on to for dear life. No movement.

It was too much – for both of us. I blinked to try to stop the tears, but they just came harder. I really didn’t think I could take anymore. I wanted to go home and just hide in my soft, warm bed and not deal with any of this. There was some movement in front of me and I realized that Scorpius’s mouth had opened. He took a breath and closed his eyes in a long blink.

“A baby,” he opened the silver orbs and steeled into my eyes. “Our baby,” I hadn’t even considered the baby part. I truly was an idiot. I was so focused on the pregnancy part, it didn’t even process with me that the pregnancy ended in… a baby. Our baby. Some healer I would make. Some mother I would make.

It was my turn to stop breathing.

I was going to be a mother.

A Mum.

Scorpius began blinking again, more rapidly than normal. “Holy shit. A baby.”


“A baby,” he said again.

“A baby,” he repeated for what seemed like the hundredth time. As if he kept saying the word over and over, it would sink in at some point. He at least had the power of speech. I, on the other hand, hadn’t reached that milestone yet. I was still concentrating on getting air into my lungs. The tears, however, continued to fall.

He slid his hands to the top of my shoulders. “Rose, don’t cry. This isn’t a bad thing. You have no idea what horrible illnesses were going through my mind.” His voice was choppy, as if the words didn’t want to come out.

Not a bad thing? It wasn’t exactly a good thing. What the hell was I going to do? I still had over a year of training. So did Scorpius. We were both only 21. I already had the prophecy to deal with. And Stannous.

The Prophecy.

Bad, scary, overwhelming thoughts began to consume me and I fell into my head. What did this mean? Was this the baby in the prophecy? It couldn’t be. What will happen to the baby if it’s not? Was I in danger? Was the baby? I’d just found out about it, but the thought of something happening to my baby… our baby… was terrifying. What if Uncle Harry was wrong and this baby was really part of some dark magic. The anxiety began to overtake any coherent functioning I had as the thoughts of what Stannous might do; of what he was capable of doing to me or – the baby. My head worked out of control and the most sickening, horrid thoughts were forming. I tried to stop them, but it was too much.

“Rose, what are you thinking about? Hey. Are you alright?” Scorpius was right in front of me, but he sounded so far away. I blinked to try to hear him better, but now my eyes weren’t working. I squeezed, but my grip on his arms was loosening. The edges of my vision went dark and everything faded away.


Rose’s body went limp in my arms. Her head fell back and my arm swept out to grab her and pick her up bridal style. Gently, I guided us to the floor and I tried to jostle her to see if she would wake up - to no avail. I looked up at the hot pink potion on the counter. It was still whirling around in the cup, confirming Rose’s pregnancy. My first instinct was to summon a Healer – we were in the hospital, after all. However, something told me not to. If Rose had wanted, she could’ve had any Healer at her beck and call. She was, after all, a Weasley and a respected Healer trainee. Obviously, she’d suspected she was pregnant, but wanted some privacy regarding this… erm, matter. But I needed help – and fast, so I sent a patronus to the only person I could think of that Rose would trust enough to help her. I just prayed that she didn’t bring her over-protective, pain in the arse boyfriend with her.

No such luck.

“Scorp, what the hell is going on?” Albus barked as he stormed through the double swinging doors behind Selenia. His face paled when he saw Rose lying unconscious on the floor in my arms. “What the fuck?” He paced toward me.

A fire erupted inside me. This was not about Albus and his hot temper. I shifted Rose in my arms and pointed my wand at my best mate for the first time, ever.

“Look Al, she fainted and I know she needs a Healer, but I also know Rose would prefer to keep this as quiet as possible. If Selenia decides Rose need more care than she can provide, then we’ll get it. But my primary concern is helping Rose and not making her twit of a cousin feel at ease!” My gaze was intent and I felt I was giving him more explanation than he deserved at the moment. I think the combination of my panicked explanation and my not-so-idle threat of a wand pointed at his chest caused him to back off. He raised his arms and retreated to the corner of the room by the door, contented to play the role of observer, in light of being hexed into the next millennium. I think it may have been the first time in his life where he realized what Rose actually meant to me and how far I was willing to go to protect her.

Selenia knelt down immediately on the floor and began assessing her patient. She seemed completely oblivious to mine and Al’s conversation. She began with Rose’s head and surveyed her best friend with concern and caring. I caught her eye and pointed at the pink, swirling potion on the counter, knowing that Selenia would understand, without letting Al know too much. His emotions were always right at the surface, and although he’d been shamed to the corner for the time being, I knew that any little thing could set him off - and this was no little thing.

I opened my mouth to ask Selenia what we should do next, but nothing came out. I knew that pregnancy could cause fainting - but so could stress - and Rose had looked really stressed out just before she passed out.

Selenia’s couldn’t suppress a gasp when she eyed the multi-hued pink potion. “Oh my Merlin. That explains a lot.” She glanced nervously at Albus, realizing my reasoning for being discreet.

“Al love, can you do me a favor?” she said loudly, eyes still on her patient. “If you go five doors down on the right, there’s a gurney on wheels. Please bring it here, so she can lie down properly. Don’t worry love; she’s going to be just fine.” The last sentence was said more to me than to Al, but both of us nodded. Once he left, she began asking me several questions.

“Do you know how far along she is?”

I shook my head. “We’d only just arrived and she used the potion. She told me she was pregnant and she started crying. Then we just kind of looked at each other for a minute and I noticed her losing color. She fainted and I called you. There was no time to discuss any specifics.”

“Okay. Has she eaten anything today?”

“No! Damn!” What a piece of shit boyfr- fiancé I am.

“I’d planned a breakfast for us in the players club at the pitch. We got distracted when Rose got sick and… and… all the chaos that ensued thereafter. The breakfast is now sitting in the dining room overlooking the pitch, getting cold. I could’ve gotten her some food – anything…” and now I am starving the mother of my child…

“Scorpius,” Selenia’s voice was calm as she reached across Rose to squeeze my arm. “It’s okay. I just need to know the facts. She’s going to be alright. Look at me, Scorp.” I had to drag my eyes away from Rose for an instant. “I already have to deal with ‘Al the bumbling cousin,’” she flicked her thumb over her shoulder, “so don’t make me kick you out of here as well. Like you said, if I think for one second that she needs more help, I’ll have a Senior Healer in here faster than you can say ‘Merlin’s pants.’” She smiled reassuringly and I felt a little calmer.

“Should I go and get something for her to eat?” I asked, desperate for some way to help.

“No, I think that’s the perfect job for Al, when he gets back. I’m going to have to keep him occupied for a few minutes. Was she complaining of any lightheadedness or did she say anything hurt before she passed out?”

“No, just… I think the shock of the realization is what did it.”

Selenia didn’t look up as she nodded. She was now going over Rose with her wand, whispering some sort of incantation. She seemed to be focusing her efforts on her head and abdomen area.

“Does anything look… is the baby okay?” I could barely whisper this question. I didn’t want to interrupt her important task, but Rose was still unconscious and I was was having a hard time keeping my panic in check.

Again another quick nod as she continued to focus on whatever she was doing with her wand. Next moment, there was a loud bang as Al pushed through the double doors with the gurney. I lifted Rose up so that I could place her on the bed as he wheeled it underneath her.

She began to stir as soon as I settled her upon the thin mattress and the three of us looked down at her. Selenia quickly sent Al to get some juice and toast. He immediately complied, running out the door and down the corridor repeating, “Juice and toast… Juice and toast… Juice and toast...” What a complete tosser.

“Rose love,” Selenia spoke in a soft but clear voice. I grabbed Rose’s hand as I stood on the opposite side. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked confused at seeing Selenia standing in front of her. I opened my mouth to let her know I was there, but Selenia spoke first, in a completely confident and calm voice, “Hello, sleeping beauty. How’re you feeling?”

Rose breathed out and looked around the room, until her eyes found me. “I feel… okay… just confused and tired.” I squeezed tighter as she answered Selenia’s question.

Selenia continued to speak while she turned to the row of cupboards and fiddled with some bottles and cups. She began mixing a few things together and tapping some sort of brew with her wand, muttering quick incantations, but all the while, with an ear on what Rose was saying.

“Well then, that makes sense. The confused part is because you fainted and the tired part is because you are expecting!” Selenia said brightly as she turned her head to speak to Rose. “Can you tell me what is the last thing you remember?”

“The pink potion,” Rose answered eyeing it on the counter next to whatever concoction Selenia was working up. “Expecting.” Rose repeated slowly. “Oh yeah.” Her eyes clouded over and she furrowed her brow. “I remember.”

“Here, sweetheart,” Selenia continued, adding one last tap to the small goblet she’d conjured for the liquid she’d been concocting. “Drink this prenatal potion. I added a few drops of anti-nausea serum and some ginger root, which my Mum always gave to us to help a weak stomach. I’m going to check you over in a few minutes to make sure you’re alright, but I think you should stay in this bed for the time being. At least until Al gets back with a little nourishment.” Rose drank the potion as requested.

“Al?” Rose was suddenly more alert and concerned. “Does he know-”

“No,” I answered and brought her fingers to my lips. “I had to summon Sels because you wouldn’t wake up, but she was absolutely fantastic and knew exactly what to do – she even kept Al busy enough so that he has no clue what’s going on. He only knows you fainted.”

“Would you two like to hear the baby’s heartbeat?” I hadn’t even realized that Selenia had walked away to give us some privacy. She returned with a small object that she fit on the end of her wand. It was wooden and in the shape of a wedge - sort of like a piece of pie.

The pointed end fit onto the tip of her wand as she passed it over Rose’s belly and muttered a spell. She had to move it around for a bit until she found the spot she was looking for and a soft, pulsing sound came from the wide end of the object. The sound grew in volume and had a strong, solid rhythm to it. It strengthened and seemed to fill the entire room. I don’t know if I’d ever heard anything so wonderful. I put both my hands around Rose’s and found her blue eyes tearing up.

“Scorp, what in the world are we going to d-?”

“Shhhh.” I squeezed her hand again and shook my head. Leaning in close to her, I brushed her lips with mine and whispered into her ear. “This is not the time for worrying, love. Everything will work out. This is a time to hear our baby’s first sounds.” As the rhythm of the new life pulsed around us, I realized that there was an actual baby growing inside Rose. We made that. Those sounds were coming from a being that would be a whole, real person that I could touch and see and smell in just a few months. Everything, everything that I did from this moment on would affect this new person: my child.

We listened for another few moments, and we probably would’ve stayed there all day, but Selenia finally lifted her wand and removed the pie-thing from the tip. “I think Al will be returning soon,” she explained. “Do you feel like sitting up?” she asked Rose, who nodded, brushing away her tears. I admit, I had to swipe at my own eyes briefly, it was so amazing and overwhelming and magnificent. I was still holding on to Rose’s hand, not wanting to let go just yet.

“I actually feel much better after that potion. I think I’m hungry for the first time in ages.” Rose answered as Selenia adjusted the bed so Rose was in a sitting position.

Selenia placed a hand on each of Rose’s and my shoulders. “Now, my lovely friends and the soon-to-be parents,” she was beaming, “I think congratulations are in order! As near as I can tell, Rose you are very close to three months along, so you really need to get in to see a Healer quite soon. Make sure you get an appointment for this week. I’m sure that Healer Chang will take your case – she’s the best, you know. Here’s some more of ‘Selenia’s special prenatal concoction.’” She handed it to me in a sealed vial. “Rose needs to take a few ounces every morning – at least until she sees her Healer. Also – and this is a must – if you feel the slightest bit lightheaded, you must lie down immediately and get right back here to be seen. No exceptions, Rose.” Her warning tone was not to be trifled with and we both nodded in unison.

“Juice and toast!” Al proclaimed as he bounded through the doors again. He appeared quite proud of himself. “Alright there, Rosie?” he asked after noticing she was sitting up.

“I’m much better now, thanks Al,” Rose replied. “That looks positively fabulous, don’t mind if I do.” She nibbled hungrily and drank the juice in one gulp.

“What ever happened?” Al wondered. I knew we wouldn’t be able to get out of here without some sort of an explanation, but I was at a loss for words and Selenia didn’t say anything, perhaps hoping that we wanted to tell Al the good news ourselves.

“Er…” Rose began stammering a bit for a quick explanation, “actually, I was so excited that Scorpius proposed this morning, I fell quite ill.” She lifted her left hand to show them the ring. It seemed like that happened ages ago, and it was really just about an hour past that we were on the pitch and I was on one knee.

“That’s brilliant!” beamed Al. “Congrats to the both of you! I know Dad will be thrilled. Not so sure about Uncle Ron, though.”

Selenia just squealed and gave Rose a huge hug. “Wow! It has been quite the big day for the two of you, yeah?” She turned to hug me as well.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I’m not too worried about Ron,” I said to Al, who looked confused at Selenia’s remark, “we had a chat beforehand. He gave us his blessing. Hermione too.” Al looked impressed. Rose looked shocked.

“B-but we’re keeping it a secret for now,” she insisted loudly. “We erm… want to tell the family all at once. So - so let’s just keep this between us - very few people for right now.”

“Sure Rosie,” Al looked at me questioningly and I just shook my head. I needed to talk Rose alone - soon.

“Now, love,” Selenia slid her arm around Al’s waist. “I think we need to give them some privacy. Rose is recovered and this is a – big day for them. We will see both of you later at Number Twelve? Can we plan on a small celebration?”

“That’s up to Rose,” I said. “It’s her day and whatever she wants is fine with me.” I knew we weren’t done talking, but I thought Rose would like to plan for something later. “How does dinner sound?” I asked her.

“Actually, it sounds fabulous,” Rose said, “but I need breakfast first…”

I chuckled. “We can eat all day long if you want, Ro.” I looked up at Al and Selenia, “We’ll send you a message later with the details, yeah?” They both nodded and she led him out of the room and down the hall. Rose and I were left staring at each other with the pink potion still churning on the counter.

A/N:  Thanks to everyone who has been leaving such kind reviews.  I love to hear it whenever someone is excited by the story!  I feel like I need to put up a warning - this and the next few chapters are a bit fluffy.  I worked through it a bit and I decided to keep in most of the fluff instead of skipping over it.  Maybe it's the hopeless romantic, but I feel like Rose and Scorpius deserve a little bit... for now (mwah - hah - hah!)

Special thanks to my beta reader, crestwood.  He has put up with me being particularly needy over these past few weeks and I totally love him for being so wonderful! ♥  He has some absolutly amazing work on this site, so I encourage you to check out his stories!




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