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Actions Speak Louder than Words by Veritaserum27
Chapter 22 : Baleful: Rose POV
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“There’s been another prophecy.”

Uncle Harry’s voice wasn’t loud, but the words rolled over me and seemed to rumble around the room. His voice was solid, as if he’d made up his mind and wasn’t going to be beat around the bush. The outburst had its intended effect. You could’ve heard a pixie’s wings flutter by.

“Harry!"  Dad’s alarmed voice broke the deafening silence and I jumped. “That’s secure information from the Department of Mysteries! We’re not to divulge that to civilians!” Dad was outraged, as he paced toward Harry, his face turning the Weasley red and fists clenched at his sides. “Why don’t you just post it in Witch Weekly! How are we going to keep Rose safe now?!” His last words were bordering between rage and panic as he shouted Uncle Harry down.

“A… a… pro-prophecy?” Mum croaked in the faintest whisper. Oh, Merlin. A prophecy. I hadn’t initially realized how this would affect her. She must be going out of her mind. I reached across Aunt Ginny to squeeze Mum’s hand. I could feel her fingers trembling. Aunt Ginny had already put an arm around her and leant a comforting head on her shoulder. It surprised me that I was more upset for Mum than myself. I really was alright with the idea of a prophecy. Knowing facts seemed to calm me more than what my imagination could dream up.

Dad’s anger melted the moment he heard Mum’s strangled cry and he crossed the divide in an instant and knelt next to the arm of the couch nearest to where Mum was sitting, cradling as much of her as he could reach. Aunt Ginny and I loosened our grips to let him pull her close.

“’Mione Love”, he nuzzled her cheek. He was whispering as if no one else was in the room. “We just wanted to work out all the details. Once it became clearer, it just seemed better to keep it inside the department. We still don’t know everything – there are a lot of guesses. It’s not an exact science and some interpretations have been wrong in the past.” Translation: I was trying to protect you, too.

“Jax and Selenia,” Harry’s somber eyes flicked from Dad and his head swiveled to the other two. “Unfortunately, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Everyone else here is family or in the Auror department. It’s nothing personal.”

Jax nodded his understanding. “Wait for you at Number Twelve, love?” he leaned in to Dom, pecked her on the cheek and rolled his fingers through the end of one of her blonde curls. He looked relieved for an excuse to head out of our self-inflicted chaos, but was searching her face to make sure she was alright with this. She gave him a quick nod and a squeeze with her hand.

Selenia didn’t even look at Albus, but nodded to Uncle Harry, stood and turned to grasp both my hands. She steeled her eyes with mine, cheeks stained with tears. She didn’t say anything, just stood up and stiffly made her way to Jax and the two apparated away together.

“A prophecy?!” Mum said immediately after we heard the distinct crack indicating they were gone. Her voice was the usual high pitch it got when she was nervous. “How long have you known?”

Harry put a hand on Mum’s shoulder, but he turned and spoke first to Albus and Dom. He quietly said, “You two will have to use obliviate. I know you are close, but this is not anything we can trifle with.” Al and Dom nodded their agreement without hesitation. He then turned back to Mum and gave her a tight, but warm smile. “Why don’t we all sit down – this may take few minutes.” She took in a shaky breath. Although I was still determined to stand my ground, I was a bit unnerved by the fact that the very idea of a prophecy had this much of an effect on the immutable Hermione Granger.

At Uncle Harry’s request, everyone who had been standing found a seat, with some people couching a seat on the floor. Everyone that is, except Scorpius. We were used to this, being in the Weasley-Potter Clan meant that you spent many family occasions on the floor. I was glad that Scorpius chose to stand in the corner. I was still resolved not to look at him.

“This is not what we agreed upon,” Dad growled at Harry, but I must admit, he was at least trying to hide his anger. He was still gripping tightly to Mum, awkwardly across the arm of the sofa. “Harry, please think about what you are doing.”

“Ron!” Mum couldn’t contain her angst anymore. “How could you keep this from me? A prophecy about our daughter? How could any of you keep this from the family – from Rose?!” Her voice got squeakier and squeakier as she went on. Finally, she broke and Dad’s eyes closed as he leaned his forehead against her shoulder and cradled her sobs.

“I know what we decided Ron,” Uncle Harry continued calmly. “But I think we may have been wrong to keep it from those most concerned.”

“But…” Mum began with a gulp of air. The conversation we’d had a few months ago crashed over me. “You’re not wrong about this prophecy, are you?” Sadness dripped from her. “Ron, if this concerns Rose, don’t you think that I should know as well?” she was still squeaking. I knew she was upset for me as much as for herself. “Harry, please…” she begged.

Harry took a deep breath and settled himself into the overstuffed gold armchair before he started. He aligned his arms on the arms of the chair, but was sitting rather stiffly. “The prophecy actually is several years old - we almost disregarded it because of the sheer number of prophecies that were coming in at the same time,” his eyes waved warily toward Mum and Dad before continuing. “It wasn’t until we started digging deeper after the attack at The Quaffle that we deciphered what…or rather who it was referring to.”

“So, obviously it is me,” I said flatly. “Does it say ‘Rose Weasley will be attacked’ -or something like that?”

Dad’s face fell a bit at my flippancy. We had passed the point of no return and he straightened up from being hunched over Mum. My need for an explanation was taking hold of me and I bore my eyes into his.

After a long moment, he spoke with uncharacteristic patience.

“No, love. Prophecies are made by true seers and they often don’t have control over when or where they are made. Trelawney didn’t even know she was having a vision most of the time, but she was really batty.”

Harry continued, “Actually, this particular prophecy tells about a child descended from two very different family lines. One is a line of blood traitors and the other is a line of death eaters. The child it refers to has unparalleled magic. It speaks of the coming together of good and evil and the power created by this union.”

Sweet Morgana and Circe. I was not expecting this. Unparalleled? Good and evil? Good magic and… evil magic? My brain started to work overtime and I just couldn’t reconcile a conclusion. I was confused and I spoke as the thoughts tumbled out of my mind. “But… I’m not descended from a blood traitor and a death eater… I guess Grandad Weasley is considered a blood traitor, as are all the Weasleys, but Mum’s parents are muggles – definitely not death eaters.”

Albus was next to speak and his voice was so soft and unlike the Albus Potter that it left an eerie feeling over the entire room.

“Rosie, the Department of Mysteries doesn’t think you are the child in the prophecy… they think you are… the child’s - mother.” He was barely whispering and looking down at the floor.

Mother. I am the child’s mother...

I was staring blankly at Albus, trying to make my brain grasp this information. Eventually, my eyes wandered the room, taking in each of the Aurors, and I landed back on Al because Scorpius was refusing to look anywhere but into the far corner.  Taking a deep breath, I braced myself for the tears, but they didn’t come. I wasn’t weepy, just trying to take it all in.

Mum squeaked again and Dad clutched her tighter. Aunt Ginny, who’d been leaning forward to hear Albus better, sat back in her seat in complete shock.

“The fuck, you say,” was James’s undignified response. He rubbed his messy black hair and Fred let out a slow, heavy breath. Without remembering how angry I was at him, I sought Scorpius on more time. But it was no use. He wouldn’t look at me or anyone else, staring intently away from any person in the room, holding his mouth in a tight pout.

“How do you know it’s me?” I was still trying to understand. “If it just said a blood traitor and a death eater, it could be numerous people.”

“It specifically mentions a red-headed witch who is a child of the trio that defeated Voldemort,” Dom spoke for the first time. “You are Ron and Hermione Weasley’s daughter – with red hair.”

Again silence as everyone thought through all this information.

“It could be Lily,” I thought out loud. The realization spilled out of me. “Oh Merlin, it could be Lily! Her father defeated Voldemort and she has red hair! Did anyone put some added protection around her?” My mind went back to the night at the pub. They could have been after Lily, not me!

Aunt Ginny stood up, but Harry was instantly out of his chair and met her, taking her hands and pressing them into his chest. His green eyes stared directly into hers.

“We already considered all possibilities and we are most certain that the prophecy cannot be referring to Lily.” Ginny searched Harry’s face, needing reassurance. I was staring intently at him as well. He seemed really sure, but how could he be so positive? He turned to me and pulled Ginny along with him.

“For the past several months, Albus, Dominique and Scorpius have been working with their mentees on sorting this through. First off, the prophecy was made on February seventh, 2006.” He looked at me and Mum and I understood.

“The day I was born.” I sighed. That made sense as to why it wasn’t Lily. She wasn’t even around for another four years. The prophecy couldn’t be about her. Relief passed over me. Aunt Ginny slumped back onto the couch on my other side so I could shift toward Mum and lean my head on her shoulder. Ginny leaned on me a bit and squeezed my arm tightly. I was so glad it wasn’t Lily, she is just too sweet and too young to have to have this hanging on her shoulders. Now I was sitting in between Aunt Ginny and Mum, I felt like I needed both of them close. Mum shifted toward me and put both her arms around me, as if she held on tight enough, she could act as a barrier between me and the world. I guess you just want to protect your kids as much as possible.

“That’s only part of it Rose,” Uncle Harry said and I noticed all of the Aurors began to shift around uncomfortably. Most notably was Scorpius. His hands clawed through his hair until he rested his forearms on top of his head, blocking out whatever nastiness was about to come.

“What is it?” I demanded. “You lot have got to stop treating me like this. I’m not about to wither and die… am I?” My attempt at a joke to diffuse the tension suddenly seemed in poor taste.

“Quite the opposite,” Uncle Harry’s mouth tipped up and the faintest smile appeared. I felt marginally better.

His face immediately went back to its stoic expression as he continued. “We are certain that you are indeed the mother that the prophecy speaks of. The problem is that Stannous also knows this. He confirmed it when he kidnapped you nearly three years ago. The…” he paused to check on my parents and Mum nodded to him. She was feeling better and able to handle this. The initial shock had worn off.

“The - erm... curse that Stannous performed on you would’ve - should’ve been fatal almost instantly. The fact that you survived six days is nothing short of remarkable.” He turned fully to me so that it was abundantly clear that I hear exactly what he was saying.

“Rose Jean Weasley, you are quite simply too strong to be killed by the nastiest curse performed by the nastiest wizard on the planet.”

I blinked. ‘Strong’ and ‘Rose Jean Weasley’ were not words that normally appeared in the same sentence.

“I’m sorry Rose,” Dom piped in. “We didn’t want to keep it from you, but we unanimously agreed that the less you knew, the-”

“-safer I would be?!” anger bubbled up within me again. “I don’t know how the hell keeping this from me was making me safe! I swear to Merlin-”

“Not safer,” Dom finished. She was, as usual, calm and collected. “We figured that you knowing about the prophecy would just give you one more thing to worry about…one more thing to bear.”

“Why don’t you let me decide how much I can bear,” I snarled. What am I, some sort of invalid? Not anymore. Like I told Uncle Harry: I. Am. Done. “I’m tired of being treated like a child. I’m past being of age – 21 years old! You wouldn’t treat any other witch like this. You are just doing this because I’m related to you,” I knew I was ranting, but I couldn’t stop the words from barking out of my mouth. Albus had moved from across the room and knelt in front of where I was sitting on the couch. I said my last words directly to him. He didn’t look angry or defiant at me. He just put his hands on my knees and looked directly into my eyes.

“Rose, there’s more,” he said carefully. “The prophecy also says that the other family ancestor of this child was very close to Voldemort. The father is descended from someone who was considered at his right hand.”

I was thinking again. My mind usually worked really fast, but something was slowing it down. I was ever the Ravenclaw, trying to figure out the puzzle. Death eaters close to Voldemort? It could be anyone. What was Albus not saying to me?

“L’erge Stannous was born Unos Lestrange,”

Albus looked right at me. “He was the son of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, born while they were serving their sentences in Azkaban. They managed to smuggle him out of the prison. To keep his identity a secret, he was sent to live in Bulgaria. He was basically raised by Karkaroff and taught the dark arts from a young age. He changed his name and got hired at Hogwarts. He knows about the prophecy and-”

“He is the father of this ‘child,’” I stated as the realization washed over me. Oh, Merlin. I swallowed hard, nausea coursing through me again. No. Not now. Not again. I do not want him to have control anymore. I inhaled slowly and deeply and put my hands over Al’s. I am strong. The shivers started again and I clasped tighter through my shaking hands. Al knew I was steeling myself and he grasped my hands firmly. His touch and eyes gave me strength. Again, I looked across the room to find Scorpius. This time, he looked back. His eyes held such sadness. Mine held determination – although my hands told a different story, but thankfully Albus held on tight to me.

“We don’t know that for sure,” Harry’s voice was firm I felt his words break through my dread. My eyes shot back to his bright green orbs. “We know that Stannous knows about the prophecy and he thinks he is the father. Rose,” he looked directly from me to Mum and then intently back to me. He wanted to be certain we heard him and punctuated each word, “we don’t know that for sure.”

“But we do know that he is determined to get to you,” Scorpius’s voice was gruff. His face was hard, but his eyes were still sad as they bored into me. I understood. But I can’t be kept captive anymore. I shook my head at him and got the trembling in my body under control.

“Rosie, that’s why he went after you in the first place,” Albus implored me with his eyes. “That’s why he – assaulted…”


Albus’s head jerked.

“He tortured me. With cruciatus flagrate.”

Albus nodded slowly. Mum and Aunt Ginny both gave me squeezes of support. Dom rested her head on James’s shoulder. He put an arm around her as he ran his fingers from his other hand through his hair. I was grateful that I couldn’t see Dad’s face, but I continued.

“I’m not going to be afraid to say it anymore. It lets him win. It gives him back the power that he tried to take,” I felt Mum and Aunt Ginny’s strength grow as I firmly said the words I needed to say. “He tortured me every day for nearly a week. And now he has forced me into hiding and is still exerting his power over me.” The room was dead silent and all eyes were on me as I spoke. I kept my gaze on Albus because I knew that this was hard enough for Scorpius to hear and I needed to stay firm.

“Uncle Harry,” I started, finally breaking eye contact with Albus to look at my uncle. “I haven’t changed my mind. I still want my freedom. This only makes me want it more.” I half-expected my Mum to squeak, but she just hugged me. She knew more than anyone how much it meant to have a normal life, a real life. Dad made a noise of protest, but she shushed him and he relented.

“Are you sure, love?” The green eyes had become watery, but Harry kept his voice firm.

“Rose,” Scorpius was pleading and his voice was weak. “He won’t stop. He won’t stop until he gets…”

“I can’t Scorp,” I looked at him and tried to make him see with my eyes how much this meant to me. Why couldn’t he see that I needed this? Albus, who was still kneeling before me squeezed my hands again. “How long until we find Stannous? A few months? Years? Maybe Uncle Harry is right and the prophecy is about another death eater.”

“But that won’t stop-”

“I don’t care. I need a life – my life. That is also why I need to learn to fight.” And there you have it. We were back to where we started this evening. “I want to be able to defend myself and the only way I will get better is to practice against someone who is better than me. Which, at this point, is pretty much everyone…”

“I think that is an absolutely brilliant idea!” My eyes almost popped out of my head. I didn’t think Uncle Harry would deny my request, but I thought he would take some convincing.

I decided to press my luck. “I want to start tonight. Now.”

“Rose,” Albus was dumbstruck that his father was so overwhelmingly approving of my plan. “You’ve had a really rough night. There was… a lot of information. Don’t you want to rest? Take it all in?”

“All the more reason to start now. I have a lot of pent up feelings I need to get out. Let’s go!” I stood up with renewed energy and even more determination. I walked over to the opponent of my choice.

“You,” I pointed. “I think you will do.”

“Huh?” James was clearly flabbergasted. “What are you on about, Rose?”

“I want to practice dueling with you,” I said plainly. “The rest of these divs will be too easy on me.” I gestured around the room of shocked faces.

“All right!” he said, pulling his wand from his robes, a grin spreading over his face. “To the basement!”

“I’ll come too,” Dom trilled. “-and I won’t be easy on you.” That’s my girl. I beamed.

“Why don’t all of you kids go down to the cellar and have a workout,” Aunt Ginny suggested. “I’ll make a snack for all of us in about an hour.” Mum nodded and Dad finally stood from his place next to her. Even he had a small smile on his face.

“Geez Mum, you make us sound like a bunch of twelve year olds,” Albus grumbled. “Oooo! Can you make treacle tart? It’s my favorite!” He suddenly jumped up. Al could be such a little kid sometimes. I couldn’t help but smile. The mood in the entire room had shifted and I felt lighter than I had all evening.

“I can’t do this,” Scorpius spoke to the whole room.

We all stopped and stared at him. “I can’t believe we all just agreed to this! We have no idea where Stannous is. We don’t know how many he has working with him or what they are planning and we are just going to lift all the protections we have put in place? We went out once – ONCE – and she got attacked!” I knew he wasn’t going to take this well, I knew he didn’t understand.

“Scorp, am I just supposed to live in a hole until I’m 30? 40? Why can’t you see that I need more than just…”


“That’s not what I was going to say,” my voice croaked. I couldn’t believe he thought it.

“I can’t do this,” he said again, shaking his head. And with that, he twisted and disapparated away. Gone.

My heart sank. Everyone was quiet for several moments. Did he mean he can’t do ‘us’? I grabbed Albus for support and put my head into his shoulder. Do not cry.

“Rosie, you know he just can’t bear to see you hurt – none of us can. He loves you so much.” I was shocked the words came from my Dad. He continued, “I know the feeling. The idea of you being a target haunts me day and night. But I know that you need to do this. Scorpius will come around. Just give him a bit.”

I nodded. I wasn’t really angry anymore, just frustrated – and a little hurt. Why couldn’t he see that I needed this? “Al?” I pondered to my cousin and Scorpius’s best mate. Was it over? Did I just let him go forever?

“He’ll be all right Rosie, just give him a bit, like your Dad said. He loves you way too much… just needs some time to cool off.”

I nodded, still a little unsure. “Let’s go,” I said quietly to my cousins. James put a reassuring arm around me. We all headed for the dueling range in the basement.


Treacle tart is really an amazing bit of pastry. An hour later, we were munching happily – Aunt Ginny truly does make the best and we happily ate while Uncle Harry began laying out the new regulations for my protection. The fidelius charm would still stay in place and guards would still be around at St. Mungo’s.

“We still need to know where you will be,” Uncle Harry continued. “We are going to have to be able to respond to you if another attack happens. You need to learn ‘Arelius Adveho.’”

“The charm to summon the Aurors,” I said, remembering it from the attack at the Quaffle.

Dad smiled, “That’s my Rosie – smartest witch in her class.”

And I think you should continue to practice dueling. That was really a great idea. It reminds me of Dumbledore’s Army.” Mum and Aunt Ginny smiled. Harry continued, “At least one senior Auror and at least one trainee should know where you are at all times, if you are not at St. Mungo’s or Number Twelve. At first, you will have to still have an Auror or trainee with you. If it goes well, we will reconvene to determine if we can lift more restrictions.” I nodded, willing to agree to almost anything at this point.

“Got it,” I said. I should be happier, but I felt uneasy without Scorpius here. My nerves were acting up again and the nausea was returning. I held my breath and looked down at my treacle tart, I didn’t want everyone else to see that I was having a mini panic attack.

“Rosie?” Dad noticed my quiet demeanor.

“I’m getting kind of tired,” I said. “We all have training and work tomorrow. Let’s head out, guys.”

“One more thing, Rose,” Uncle Harry was very serious. “We are keeping this information to only the Auror department and the people in this house tonight – plus Scorpius, of course. The rest of the Weasleys will not know about the prophecy, nor Selenia, Jax or Samara.”

We all nodded. I kissed my parents and Aunt and Uncle good night. I gave him an extra tight hug. “Thank you, Uncle Harry. I really needed this.”

“I know love,” he smiled warmly. “You head back with Dom, all right? I need to speak with Albus and James – don’t worry. No more secrets. Just family stuff.”

“See you later, guys.” Dom and I apparated home.

I didn’t realize just how tired I was until we climbed the stairs to our rooms. I opened the door to my bedroom and it looked so empty. Scorpius wasn’t there. I really thought he would be. Where did he go? Dom was behind me and she put her hand on my shoulder. “He’ll come around, Rose. He loves you-”

“-too much. I know. Why does everyone keep saying that?” I asked.

“Because everyone knows. It’s obvious to anyone who looks at either one of you. You two are just… completely into each other. Even more than Al and Selenia. If I were into that sort of thing, I would be insanely jealous of you.” Dom always was the skeptic. None of her boyfriend’s ever lasted very long. I couldn’t believe that Jax was still around. This may be as close as Dom gets to the real thing.

“Good night Rose, I have to go obliviate my boyfriend now,” she said nonchalantly. I gave her an appreciative smile. Harry was right, we needed to keep this information close. A leak would be really dangerous.

I decided, regardless of how tired I was that I would climb the two flights of stairs to his room - he most likely decided to hole up in Regulus’s room. I didn’t have any energy left for apparition. I knocked heavily on his door, knowing he was in there. He never left the door closed when he wasn’t.

“Scorp?” My tired head leaned against the door. I didn’t have much energy for this. “Scorpius, please?” This was my last attempt. I was about to fall asleep against the door. It opened and I fell inside – into his strong arms.

I pushed myself back. “Sorry,” I said, looking at the ground.

“What do you want, Rose?” his voice was hard. This was not the time. He was still really upset.

“I just wanted to see you. I’ll go now. Maybe we can talk tomorrow,” When I am less tired.

He didn’t say anything and I wanted to grab him and hold on. There was so much to consider, so much to think about. Emotions and words just started pouring out of me all at once.

“The prophecy said I am the mother of the most powerful wizard since Dumbledore, maybe even more so. Some crazy fuck wizard is after me because he thinks he is the father. I am still having panic attacks. I don’t know what is going to happen next. I just wanted to see you-” I was repeating myself, so I stopped before I sounded like a complete moron. He was just staring at me with a hard look.

I sighed. I was not going to get any understanding from him – not tonight at least. Slowly, I turned to go, half expecting him to grab me back or at least call out. He didn’t. My legs were heavy as I trudged back down the two flights of stairs. As I passed the third floor, I could hear Al and Selenia fighting in her room – loudly.

“If Rose says she needs this, then she needs this, Al! None of the rest of us has any right to judge what the best thing is for her. We haven’t had to endure what she went through!” I winced.

“You’re right, love-”

“And I can’t believe you spoke to me that way, in front of your family no less. I was mortified,” she was sobbing now. Selenia loved Harry and Ginny.

“I’m so sorry, ‘Lenia. It won’t happen again.” I could tell he was really remorseful.

“I think I need to sleep in my own room for a bit. I just need to think this over.”

“Okay, love, I understand.” Then I heard a much quieter, “Obliviate.”

If possible, my body felt heavier and more tired than before. How many people was this going to affect? Al and Dom were obliviating the people they loved the most. Scorpius and I are both suffering from a broken heart. Mum, Dad and Uncle Harry couldn’t seem to escape the past no matter how hard they tried to live a normal life. Part of me just wanted to run away, far away and live out the prophecy without hurting anyone. This thought played in my mind as I descended the last steps to my room. The clock next to my bed said it was only 10:30. If it had read 3:30 am I wouldn’t be surprised. I felt like I had been up for three days.

Quickly, I got ready for bed and flopped down, completely exhausted. I didn’t think anything could convince me to move from the comfortable position I found as I began to sink into a much-needed slumber, until I heard a gentle tap-tap on my door.

Scorpius! Immediately awake, I flew to the door to let him in. Momentarily, I was confused by his black hair and green eyes.

“Oh,” trying not to sound disappointed. “Hi, Al.”

“Hey Rosie,” he choked out as he threw his arms around me. I squeezed back and we stayed like that for a long, long time. Tears I had been fighting all night finally fell without reservation – and they weren’t all mine. He needed this just as much as I did. Albus was my best friend since birth. We would always be connected.

“I’m sorry you had to obliviate Selenia,” I sobbed. What a mess I was. Get some control, Rose. Taking a deep breath, I said, “I’m really sorry.”

“Rosie, Rose, Rose,” Al sniffed into my shoulder. He pulled his head back and looked right at me. “You are unbelievable.”

“What?” I didn’t understand. I really felt terrible about it. All of it. Scorpius, Al, Uncle Harry. I put everyone through a lot tonight. “I’ve been incredibly selfish.”

“Rose, you were just told that the biggest prophecy in a generation is the reason you have been tortured and hunted for almost three years now. And it is playing out a big part of your future. I think it’s okay for you to be a little concerned about yourself.” He held me close. I fell into him.

“How much did you have to obliviate from Selenia?” I asked into his shoulder.

“Only the part she heard about the prophecy,” he said quietly. It was a testament to how much he loved her. He could have obliviated the entire night. Or just the part that made her angry with him.

“You’re such a good bloke,” my heart went out to him. “I heard you two fighting. I guess we are all going to spend some nights in our own rooms for a while.” My voice trailed off, thinking of Scorpius again.

“Listen,” I began again, wanting to get this out before I started crying again. “Can you please check on Scorp tomorrow? I want you to hang out with him for a bit. He is really torn up. And I have – my whole family to talk to. He needs you, Al.”

“I’ll make a deal with you,” he smiled. “You take Selenia to Hogsmeade this weekend and I’ll take care of Scorp.”

“I don’t think I can give her the same kind of… er… attention you can give her in Hogsmeade,” I countered.

“You are too funny,” he looked at me through sarcastic eyes. “There’s no way that is happening anyway. She is furious. This way, you get a weekend away to relax and not think about anything. You can’t even talk about the prophecy because she doesn’t know. Scorp and I can have a bloke’s weekend.”

“I can’t,” I admitted. “I have to be with an Auror at all times, according to your dad.”

“Dad already knows. We worked out the details. There will be Aurors around the village, keeping a safe distance,” he said quickly, reading my face. I didn’t want any more babysitters.

He continued, “And, you are to take and use this.” He handed me a large piece of cloth. It was shimmery and smooth. It took a minute to register with me what it was. “Keep it with you at all times. Dad’s orders. If any trouble comes about, get underneath it as fast as possible.”

“Albus! This is James’s invisibility cloak! The cloak! I can’t take this.”

“We all agreed you need to have it. It keeps the bearer completely invisible. Death Eaters – Stannous - won’t be able to see you. Like I said, this is the biggest prophecy in a generation." The ‘family stuff’ that Uncle Harry had to discuss with James and Al suddenly became evident.

My sigh was heavy. “Okay, I guess you’re right.” Sleepiness crept over me again. “I’m tired, Al. I’ve got to get some rest,” I turned toward my bed. It seemed to call me and I collapsed down again on it. I only vaguely remember hearing the door click as Al edged out.

A/N:  Hey there!  So - a lot comes out in this chapter!  Thanks to everyone who's been reading and reviewing.  I'd love to know what you think - send me your thoughts, predictions, ideas... 

♥ Beth

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