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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 23 : The One With The Duel To The Death
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 A/N: I hope this turns out alright as I'm posting it from my phone, if not I'll sort it out when I get home as I'm out visiting family in London. 

Thanks to my amazing Beta Sam (TheHeirOfSlytherin) for her help!



James gave a smile before grabbing for the bottom of his trouser leg and pulling it up slightly to show me that he was wearing patterned trousers underneath. No wonder he wasn’t shivering as much as I was.


“Are those pyjamas?” I asked him, peering closer and seeing tiny snitches flying across them. They were really cool pyjamas.


“Yep, if I’m cold I’ll wear them under my uniform and robes,” James told me with a smile.


“I hope that they’re not the ones that you’d slept in the night before,” I said an eyebrow rose at him quizzically.


“Not always. But sometimes I’m feeling too lazy, or I get out of bed late...” James told me, trailing off at the end with a shrug. I shook my head at him, even though I had to admit that it was a really good idea - damn him for being quite clever! Although there was no way that I could wear my pyjamas underneath my school skirt without someone noticing.


“It sounds like you live a tough life,” I said, wrapping my arms around myself as I tried to stop shivering.


“I do actually, it is a hard life being me and being this awesome. Kind of a curse really,” James said, scratching his chin and pulling a silly face.


“I wouldn’t wish your curse on any else,” I stated as we began to walk slowly again, the sound of our feet crunching on the fresh snow meeting my ears.


“Are you saying that I’m cursed?” James asked me, pretending to sound hurt.


“You called yourself cursed first,” I pointed out to him.


“I’m allowed to insult myself, but you can’t insult me. That’s just mean, really,” James stated, still pretending to sound hurt. I could tell that he was joking because he couldn’t keep the ghost of a grin off of his face.


We walked around in comfortable silence for a while, walking through the snow that had settled on the ground of Hogwarts. I tightened my coat around myself, thankful that I was beginning to warm up a bit more. We were heading towards the lake, which we noticed seemed to be iced over. I didn’t understand why he wanted to walk over here, but I was happy to if it meant I got to see James; I hadn’t spent much time with him in the passed few days, he was spending some time with William and I was finally focusing on my homework that I had been trying to ignore as well as spending more time with Isabella. Michelle was talking to me again, but was spending less and less of her time in the common room. I figured she was just spending her time with Lucien, in the hopes of convincing him to go along with her ideas for Quidditch. James had been sending me letters, though, even if we couldn’t see each other, which I was surprised about, but was enjoying. They hadn’t been about much of anything, he was just asking how I had been since the other night; apparently James had fallen asleep as soon as he had gone back to the dormitory and didn’t wake up until William pushed him out of bed the next morning for sleeping so long.


“I wonder how solid that ice is?” James mused, causing me to look at him as he shoved his hands into his pockets.


“I’m assuming pretty solid, seeing as though it’s frozen water,” I said with a small laugh.


“Don’t laugh at me, Abigail,” he told me, turning to look at me and reaching an arm over to try and poke me, but I moved out of his reach. “I bet that I could go through it.”


“I bet that you’re an idiot, you wouldn’t do that. It’s stupid to even think that you could,” I told him honestly. Anyone that thought that diving through an icy lake was a good idea was a mad man.


James had a glint in his eyes and he seemed to be pulling his wand out of his pocket; he handed it to me and I took it before looking at it and then him in confusion. He backed up roughly a dozen steps before blowing onto his un-gloved hands as though warming them, whilst trying to psych himself up for something. Realisation crossed my face on what he was about to do, just as he had taken his first running step.


“James, don’t!” I cried, but it was too late. Before he neared the edge of the lake he jumped in the air and grabbed his legs, and he cannon balled through the ice as easily as a hot knife cutting through butter. I could only look on in shock as I ran to the edge, dropping his things next to me, careful not to fall in myself and wait for James to resurface. That nutter better not be drowning.


He surfaced with a large gasp of air and I felt my heart beating madly; those few seconds had to be the longest ones of my life.


He looked around, with wide, shocked eyes, before finding where I was kneeling. My knees were in the snow, I was now starting to feel the cold freeze through me and I was getting goose bumps appear on my arms and legs. James began swimming slowly towards me, as though his arms and legs were heavy.


“Oh, shit. It’s fucking freezing in here!” James cried loudly. I could hear his teeth chattering as he trod water. I was staring at him wide eyed; I was torn between being fearful for his health and laughing out loud. “Abi... help me.”


“James, this has got to be the craziest thing I’ve seen you do,” I told him, trying to think of a way that I could get him out of the lake without getting wet myself. I didn’t see how it was possible. He swam towards me, pushing past the small pieces of ice that had been floating on top of the water, but were now broken up thanks to James.


What kind of idiot just runs and jumps onto ice, thinking that doing a canon ball into the lake was the best thing to do in that moment? He was going to get hyperthermia and here I was trying to stop myself from laughing. It wasn’t my fault, it was the look on his face when he canon bombed into the ice and realised halfway through that he was going to actually go through the ice that had me laughing.


“I think this is the worst decision I’ve ever made,” James said as he reached the edge and attempted to pull himself out of the water, with the help of my hand to pull him back onto the snow covered ground.


“I regretted that instantly,” he said standing up and wrapping his arms around himself as he shivered violently, his shaky breath was coming out in clouds and his hair was dripping icy cold water down his face.


I instantly took off my coat and put it around his shoulders, “Let’s get you up to the hospital wing before you die of pneumonia.”


“Well, that really woke me up. Why did I do that? I don’t know what I thought I was expecting to happen, but it certainly wasn’t that,” James told me, putting his arms into my coat and doing it up on himself. It was a bit tight but he managed to fit into it, pulling the furry hood up so that it covered his head. I grabbed hold of his arm and began steering him away from the lake and over to the castle as quickly as we could manage to walk. I could feel the nip of the icy wind hitting me and the coldness of the day was beginning to spread through me. I hated to think just how cold James was in that moment.


“Remind me to never do that again,” James told me as we made it to the castle and walked inside. I was grateful for the heat that warmed me, but I could still feel the cold in my arms, as though it was trapped in my sleeves.


“I think that fact that you might catch a very severe cold or pneumonia might be a big enough reminder,” I told him as I pulled him towards the staircase so that we could begin the walk up to the hospital wing. I hoped that James had enough energy and strength to get there; I didn’t fancy carrying him or dragging him. I would probably end up leaving him in the corridor, bundling him up with some tapestries hanging from the walls or trying and wrap him up in a rug, but thankfully I didn’t have to resort to that as James managed to make his way to the hospital wing.


“Mr. Potter, what have you done to yourself this time?” Madam Ashwin asked, guiding James over to an empty bed across the room and nearer to the fireplace that was heating the room up. She quickly walked over to a cupboard and pulled out what looked like a long shirt that would reach to past James’s knees.  She handed them to him and quickly moved away so that she could shut the curtain around James and the bed. “Get changed out of those wet clothes and put those dry ones on before you catch your death!” she told him through the curtain.


She turned to look at me and saw that I was shivering as well. “What on earth have you two been doing?” she asked me, the scolding tone was still in her voice.


“James fell into the lake,” I told her quickly, ignoring the fact that I was telling a lie. I could hear James’s teeth still chattering together even from behind the shut curtain. I tried not to think about the fact that James was getting undressed not that far from me and tried to focus on Madam Ashwin. “I helped him get out and then I gave him my coat because he was shivering so much. I brought him up here straight away,” I told her; at least that part was true.


“It’s a good thing that you did, once James is changed you should go and stand by the fire to warm yourself up.”


“I’m ready,” James called through the curtain not too long afterwards. Madam Ashwin pulled the curtains back open and made James get into the bed. She checked his temperature as she waved her wand at the clothes he had been wearing; they instantly hovered in front of the fireplace so that they could dry off. I stood next to them, including my coat, and let the fire warm me up as I looked over at James.


“I can’t believe I’m basically wearing a dress,” he muttered to me as he got comfortable in the bed.


I gave him a smile. “I think it suits you,” I told him.


“Maybe if I had the right shoes...”


I laughed out loud at his statement; trust James to come out with something like that.


“I could do with some shoes or socks at the moment, my feet are freezing,” James said. “Or some slippers. I would kill for some slippers right about now. I think you should give me your socks.”


“I’m not giving you my socks; you’ve already had my coat.” I told him, I’m glad that my feet weren’t cold; my trusty boots were doing a good job at keeping the cold out of them, well, that and my thick, furry socks.


“What kind of friend are you? Not even willing to give me socks for my freezing cold feet? I could get frostbite,” James told me. The cover of the bed was pulled up to his chin as Madam Ashwin came over with some potions for him to take.


James took them obediently and Madam Ashwin left us alone as she told us that she would be updating her files as the potions began to work their magic.


“If you hadn’t have been wearing your pyjamas under your school uniform today, then you could have been wearing them now. Actually, if you hadn’t have jumped in the lake you wouldn’t be in this situation now, would you?” I said to him.


“Am I about to get lectured? Because it feels like I’m about to be lectured.” James asked me with a small smile at me as he pulled the covers more around him. I walked over to his bed and helped him lift the covers so that his back was covered as well. I reached into my pocket and pulled out James’s wand, placing it gently onto the side before looking back down at him. He was looking up at me with an adorable expression on his face, his hair half flat against his forehead whilst the rest was beginning to stick up again and he looked so helpless and small wrapped up in the covers like that and it was like he was building himself a little cocoon.


“No, I think that you’ve learnt your lesson,” I told him, tucking him in some more and finding my hand resting itself on his shoulder. I realised what I was doing and tried to brush the moment off and pretend that it didn’t happen. I gave a small cough and ran a hand through my hair, pushing it out of my face.


“You should be careful that the cold doesn’t make your cold come back,” James told me. “As adorable as your voice was, I don’t want you being ill again.”


“You probably should have thought about that before you jumped in a lake covered in ice in almost zero temperatures, therefore needing my coat before you caught anything yourself,” I informed him. I didn’t want my cold to come back either, I had only just got my voice back to normal and didn’t want to lose it again either. “I hope that you’re going to have a long bath or shower after you’re out of here, because you smell a bit like pond.”


“Well that’s nice of you to say,” James laughed. “And here I was about to ask you if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.”


“What?” I asked in shock as what he said hit me, did he just ask me out to Hogsmeade? Especially a Valentine’s day Hogsmeade trip? Didn’t he have anyone else that he wanted to ask? “Did you hit your head on a rock when you crashed through the ice?” I asked him slowly, unsure if he was joking.


“I don’t remember, but as soon as I went under the ice all I could feel was the pain of the cold water, so there’s a high possibility. But my question still stands; do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?”


“It’s the Valentine’s day one,” I told him slowly, wondering if he knew what day he was asking me to go to Hogsmeade with him and hoping that he wasn’t concussed.


“Funnily, I’m aware of that fact. I think I read it on the notice that was put up in the common room,” James stated, looking at me expectantly. I was looking back at him with shock, still not believing that he was asking me to Hogsmeade.


“Is there no one else that you would rather go with?” I asked him as I looked down shyly, scuffing my foot on the floor as I felt myself becoming embarrassed. What would I do if he did actually want to take someone else?


“I personally want to go with you,” James said and he seemed to be faltering in his words as he spoke them. “That is why I have asked you.”


“Oh,” I stated. He did want to go with me, he wasn’t joking. I looked back up at him and saw a small hint of embarrassment and a small hint of fear of rejection on his face as he waited for my answer


“Yeah, I would love to go with you, James,” I replied, scuffing my shoe again as I bit my lip to keep myself from smiling widely. I glanced up at him to see a gleeful look on his face now; the embarrassment and fear had completely gone.


“I’ll let you know what time to meet me; I just need to do something with William in the morning so I’ll probably meet you at around midday,” he said happily.


I nodded eagerly and went to open my mouth to say something, but I was cut off by a bell sounding around the castle. I looked around the room for the source of the noise, before realising that the bells meant that the start of dinner had arrived.


“Do you think that you’ll be allowed out of here for dinner?” I asked him. James gave a shrug at me in answer.


“Maybe she won’t let me out for a while,” James admitted, nodding in the direction of the office. “I’m quite hungry, I could starve up here.”


“Do you want me to bring you something up? I could sneak you a few rolls?” I suggested.


“Just rolls? I’m disappointed in you; I think when we go to our date at Hogsmeade I’m going to have to work on your sneaking and stealing skills,” James said with a scoff as though he was actually disappointed in me.


I grinned widely at his use of the word date. I was going on a date with James Potter to Hogsmeade. I wanted to jump up and down on the spot and cheer loudly at his words, but I used all of my energy and strength to stop myself.


“Are we going to spend the date being criminals?” I enquired. “Because I’m not sure if I want to go down the route of criminal mastermind.”


“You probably should have said something before I asked you out on the date; well it’s too late now, no going back. It’s going to be a date of a lifetime, one that you will remember for years to come.”


I grinned. “That’s making my expectations of the date get really high; I hope that you can deliver on these promises.”


“Oh, I’m good at delivering on my promises,” he told me with a wink.


“If you didn’t, then I would have no choice but to tell everyone that you wear dresses at night time.”


“No one would believe you,” James said with a loud gasp at my threatening words. “I shall deny the entire thing.”


“I could take a picture of it, I would show the whole school.”


“You don’t have a camera; there will be no photographic evidence so people would just assume that you’re lying,” James told me with a smug grin.


“I could get one from my dormitory, I’ll sneak in at night when you’re sleeping and I’ll take my picture then.”


“I should probably tell the headteacher your plans, we could have a serious stalker issue on our hands here. If you wanted a picture of me, Abigail, you only have to ask me. I will quite happily pose for you.”


I laughed at his words and shook my head. “It’s not my fault that you’re enjoying wearing the night gown as much as you do.”


“It is quite roomy and comfortable, you girls have some great ideas, I might have to see if I can keep this one.”


The sound of Madam Ashwin’s footsteps coming towards us stopped us continuing with our conversation and we both turned to look at her.


“Abigail, are you feeling a lot warmer?” she asked me and I nodded. “Then you may go down to dinner. James, I’m afraid that you’re going to be in here for a bit longer.”


“Oh, what? I’ll miss dinner.”


“You should have thought about that before you dived into the lake when it was iced over. You’re lucky I don’t send a letter back to your parents about this, maybe they could knock some sense into you?”


“Highly unlikely,” James told her honestly, “They’ve been trying for years, yet the stupid recklessness still manages to come through.”


“It’s going to get you seriously hurt one day, James.”


“Good thing I’m not a serious guy, then.”


Madam Ashwins lips thinned into a tight lipped smile as she shook her head at James’s words, before walking over to the other patients in the room to tend to their injuries and maladies.


“I should head off to dinner.”


“Okay, I’ll send you an Owl later, if I ever spring myself out of here. I don’t think I’ll last much longer.”


“I’ll be back to bring your rolls,” I told him happily as I grabbed for my coat and began backing out of the room.


“Make sure they’re the good rolls, I don’t want any of that brown bread,” James called after me and I nodded and waved at him. “Don’t leave me for too long.”


I left the room and walked down the corridor, hugging my still damp coat to myself as I did so, but I ignored it as I thought about how James had asked me to Hogsmeade with him. My grin was wide on my face and I skipped for a few steps as I struggled to keep my excitement to myself.


James had asked me on a date to Hogsmeade.


“What’s made you so happy?” Isabella asked me as I took a seat opposite her and next to Michelle and Sian as I sat down at the Hufflepuff table, stuffing my coat down onto the floor as I looked at the food and decided what I wanted to eat. I noticed that we only had brown rolls today; James wasn’t going to be happy.


“Nothing,” I told her coyly, struggling to keep the grin off of my face, not wanting everyone to know incase I had actually dreamt James asking me to Hogsmeade.


Michelle turned to look at me and I could sense Sian looking at me out of the corner of her eye as she waited to find out what I was so happy about.


“It’s clearly something, spill the beans, Higgs,” Isabella said, holding her hands out to stop me from grabbing some of the shephards pie. I gave a loud fake sigh as I looked around us all to check that no one was paying us any attention before leaning forwards to whisper to them.


“James just asked me to Hogsmeade on Valentines day,” I told them.


Isabella’s reaction really shouldn’t have surprised me; she let out a loud shriek of excitement, which caused the noise in the hall to dim slightly before picking back up and lots of people had turned to look at her in question. Isabella threw a hand over her mouth as she looked at me in horror at her actions.


“I’m sorry,” she told me honestly, through a gap in her fingers. “But I’m so excited.”


I smiled; that was how I wanted to act, how I probably would still be acting later that night when it was safe for me to.


I turned to look at Michelle who was looking at me in shock, her fork halfway to her mouth. She blinked rapidly as she placed the fork down before seeing that I was watching her and waiting for her reaction. She gave me a smile that I saw didn’t meet her eyes and she didn’t say anything else. Isabella grabbed my attention before I could dwell too much on Michelle’s reaction, even though my stomach was now twisting nervously about why she was reacting like this. Why couldn’t my best friend be happy for me?


“You need to tell us everything!” Isabella told me happily and I grinned again as I put some food onto my plate now that she wasn't stopping me.


“I’ll tell you all later.”


“This is so exciting,” Isabella told me, looking at Sian who was nodding as well, before looking at Michelle.


“I’ll have to wait for the details until later,” Michelle informed me. “I need to go and see Lucien.”

I nodded at her, before picking up my fork and beginning to eat my dinner.


“Well, I can’t wait to hear, so I hope you don’t mind telling the story more than once. I’m actually so excited, I’m going to help you pick out your clothes... we don’t have long to plan!”


I grinned again. In a few days I was going to be going on a date to Hogsmeade with James. I couldn’t wait.


“We’ll have to save the plans for later, I’m going to visit him in the hospital wing after dinner. I promised to take him up some rolls.”


“He’s in the hospital wing? Is he alright?” Isabella asked me in concern and I nodded.


“Yeah, the idiot just decided it would be a good idea to test the strength of the ice on the lake,” I informed them and Sian gave a small laugh as Isabella shook her head. Michelle had gone quiet beside me and the only reason I knew she was still there was because she was sitting beside me.


I ate the rest of my dinner listening to Isabella and Sian telling me about their day. Michelle had left us with a short goodbye and I didn’t know whether or not to follow her and ask what was wrong, but Isabella kept me talking. I made a mental note to ask Michelle what was wrong with her, knowing there was little to no chance of her actually telling me. Maybe I should ask James if I could borrow his cloak or map and follow Michelle to find out where she was going.


I looked down at my watch, realising that I should head up to the hospital wing to take James some food; there were no more rolls left so I figured that I would just grab some cakes. Surely some food is better than no food.


“I should go,” I told Isabella and Sian. “I’ll see you in the dormitory later, yeah?”


They both nodded at me and I wrapped the cakes in a clean napkin before leaving the hall and beginning to make my way back up to the hospital wing. Before I even made it there, I saw James walking towards me happily. I didn’t realise he would be let out this early; he was wearing the clothes he had on when he jumped into the lake and I hoped that they were dry.


“Did you discharge yourself?” I asked him before I could stop myself, knowing that it was highly likely that he left without being told to.


“No, Madam Ashwin said that I could go, as long as I agreed to take two more of the potions she gave me. I think she was annoyed with the amount of whining I was doing about being hungry.”


I laughed as I shook my head at him before holding out the napkin of cakes; he took it and opened the napkin, letting out a surprised noise at seeing that it was cakes and not the rolls he was expecting.


“I’m impressed, maybe we’ll make a better criminal out of you yet,” he told me and I grinned as I rolled my eyes and shoved him with my shoulder. He began to eat one of the cakes before passing me the other one; I took it happily and we both ate as we walked, not caring what direction we were heading in. We ended up in a corridor which had suits of armour lining the walls and I tried to think of where about in the castle we were, as James walked up to the suits of armour and pulled a sword off of one of them before walking to another to do the same. He turned back to me and held one out and I took it slowly.


I looked at him in shock. “Did you really just pass me a sword?”


“I may have done,” James told me with a shrug, holding on to his own and swinging it around. I made sure that I was out of sword range.


“You’ve only just got out of the hospital wing and you’re already planning to play with swords? Do you want to go back?” I asked him, looking down at the sword in my hands.


James laughed and shrugged at me, still swinging the sword around him and trying out different poses with it.


“Won’t the statues be upset that we’ve got their swords?” I enquired, wondering why the swords were loose on the statues anyway. Surely the teachers would want it so that no students, like me and James, would take the swords and try to run each other through with them. Maybe the teachers actually trusted us?


“And what would we do with these swords?” I asked him, holding the sword in my hand and feeling the weight of it; it was quite heavy and I admired anyone that wore a suit of armour whilst wielding a sword at the same time. They had to have some serious fitness going on. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do both.


“We have a sword fight of course, what else would we do with them?” James asked me, throwing the sword in the air and catching the handle with his other hand, he gave a smug grin before getting into a fighting stance and pointing the sword at me, I couldn’t resist a chuckle at the way that he was standing and the stupid look on his face. “What else would we do with swords? Pick the left over roast beef from our teeth?”


“We haven’t had roast beef in days; if you’ve still got some in your teeth, you’re clearly not brushing them and I am quite worried and disgusted.”


“I haven’t got roast beef in my teeth; I was just saying that for emphasis. Now draw your sword, I challenge you to a duel!” James cried the last part and I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him before I held out the sword myself.


“Are you not going to have a proper stance when you hold it? How would I know that you are ready for a fight?” James asked me.


“Like this,” I stated, before hitting his sword with mine. He let out a gasp at my action and hit my sword back with is own.


“That sounds like fighting talk to me,” James told me.


“You are the one who wanted to have a sword fight, and it was also you who passed me the sword. So if anyone is speaking fighting words, then it’s you!” I told him honestly as I thought back to how this started; it was entirely James’s fault. I just hoped that this didn’t escalate too far, I didn’t want to end up wounded, minorly or even fatally. I wouldn’t be impressed at all, I also don’t think that the healer, headteacher or the school board of governors as well as the Ministry of Magic would be that impressed if James managed to run me through with a sword. I’m not sure how he would explain it away anyway. Then James would have to tell my family that he had killed me with a sword and my dad would destroy him. What a sad day for James, having not only run his friend through with a sword, but also being destroyed and possibly killed by his idol. I really couldn’t see this sword fight ending well, and yet I did nothing to stop it happening.


“Shouldn’t you be saving me instead of fighting me? Kind of like I’m a Damsel in Distress?” I asked him, still trying to hit his sword with my own, the fear that we were going to seriously injure ourselves fading with the amount of fun I was actually having.


“I thought you might want to fight, you know all that girl power stuff, equal rights and the like,” James stated.


“Sometimes us girls like to be saved,” I told him honestly. James considered this for a moment before waving his sword and hitting the blade of his to mine, the sound of the blades hitting each other echoing around the corridor and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we were caught by someone.


“Maybe we are two rivals, who secretly have feelings for each other, but we battle it out in a sword fight.... to the death!”


“I’m not sure that I like that outcome,” I mused, with a small frown at his words. Was he pretending to have feelings for me? Before I could think more on the meaning of his words I brought my sword forwards to hit James’s again. James thrust at me with his sword and I dodged out of the way, before swinging around and bringing my sword up to hit his. He blocked it quickly. I swung again and he jumped out of the way, doing a roll on the floor before jumping back up and doing some kind of flip to show off. I watched him in surprise; I was more surprised that he didn’t manage to cut himself with the sword. Whilst I was watching him, though, he used the opportunity to grab my arm and pull me towards him so that we were almost nose to nose, his blue eyes staring into mine as he smirked at me.


“There’s no way out of this, Higgs,” he breathed, his warm breath on my face. I glanced down at his lips quickly before I looked back up at him. My heart beating madly at the close proximity that we were in. I bit my lip to stop myself from smirking; I was failing.


“Oh, no,” I wailed dramatically. “However will I get you to let me go?”


“I will let you go on one condition,” James whispered. We were still flush against each other and I could feel his chest rising and falling with every deep breath he took.


“And what’s that?” I asked him, beginning to find myself getting lost in the smell of him, his coconut shampoo was filling my nose; I loved when he used that shampoo.


“A kiss,” he said tenderly.


I stilled at his words.




Before I had a chance to respond, not that I knew how to, James was leaning forwards and placing his soft lips against mine.


I thought that my whole body was going to melt; he pulled away from me all too soon and was looking at me expectantly he seemed nervous.


I stared at him for a while, realising that his arm was still around me, pulling me to him. I was unsure what to do, all my mind could think of was the fact that James had just kissed me.


James Potter kissed me after asking me earlier if I wanted to go to Hogsmeade with him on a date.


I might scream in excitement.


I realised that he was watching me, waiting for my reaction; at the moment shock was the biggest emotion.


“Oh, what do we have here?” came a cackle from a few feet away from us. James and I pulled away quickly and almost jumped away from each other and looked in shock at the source of the voice, only to see that Peeves was floating around and laughing at us. We both let out a groan of annoyance.  


“What do you want, Peeves?” James asked, looking up at the poltergeist with a frown.


“Tut, tut. Two sixth years making babies in the corridor.”


“We were not ‘making babies’,” James told the poltergeist with a small frown, “That is not how you make babies.”


“It is a good thing that Peevesy stopped you both, yes it is. We don’t want the ickle firsties to see this when they come down here.”


“Why don’t you go and bother someone else, Peeves? I hear that Filch is around somewhere and I bet that he would love to get a visit from you.” James tried to coax the poltergeist away from us both, knowing that Peeves never missed an opportunity to annoy the getting-quite-old-and-should-probably-think-about-retiring-soon, caretaker, Mr Filch.


“You won’t be getting rid of Peeves that quickly, Peeves should be teaching you both a lesson.” The poltergeist nodded at his own words and looked over at us both. I was worried that Peeves would start throwing things at us. I glanced down at my sword trying to think if you could use one against a Poltergeist; I mean, he didn’t even have a body, how would I be able to use it against him?


Peeves saw me looking down at the sword and gave a loud laugh. “You won’t be able to get Peeves with a sword,” he cackled loudly as though the idea was so ridiculous that he couldn’t think of anything else funnier. “A sword hurt Peeves?” he asked rhetorically, laughing again and rolling about in the air. I watched him as James inched closer to me and grabbed for my hand; I turned to look at him and gave him a questioning look. James glanced up at Peeves quickly, before looking back at me and nodding his head behind him. I instantly knew what he meant for us to do; he wanted us to run away whilst Peeves was distracted.


Without thinking about what would happen if Peeves followed us, we both took off at a run down the corridor. As James was a lot faster then I was he was practically dragging me down the corridor by my arm, but I didn’t mind, it was getting us away from Peeves.


I heard him calling behind us as he noticed that we were leaving. “Oi, get back here! Peeves is not finished with you, you can’t run from Peeves.”


We heard his cackles following us down the corridor as I ran after James, letting him guide me. Well, more like drag me down different corridors and through different doors; I had no clue where he was taking us and I was just putting my full trust in him. I just wanted to get away from Peeves. I really hoped that he would get tired of chasing us soon or get distracted by some other unsuspecting person.


“I think we’re going to have to split up,” James told me honestly as he pulled me into a small alcove and glance out for a sign of the poltergeist. “I’ll distract him, then you can run back to your common room.”


“What will you do?” I asked him, not wanting him to sacrifice himself so that I could get away.


“Don’t worry about me, I can get away from Peeves,” he told me, giving me a wink before rushing out of the alcove and running back the way that we just ran from. I peered out and saw him antagonising the poltergeist before running away again, Peeves following him with a loud cackle.


I waited in the alcove for a few more moments, trying to keep the smirk off of my face at the fact that James had kissed me, before walking down the corridor and trying to stop myself from giggling.



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