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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 19 : The One With The Plans To Elope
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A/N: Once again, a massive thanks to my beta Sam, she's been brilliant at going through all of my chapters, and she's been so quick. 

“So, where are you meeting your boyfriend?” Darryl asked me, standing on his tip toes and craning his neck to look around the area he had brought me to. Thankfully, there was no sign of James, I didn’t want my brother to embarrass me.

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my friend. You can leave me here, I’ll be alright if you want to go,” I told him, trying to shove him away and convince him to leave, but the glint in Darryl's eye made it evident that he wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon.
I gave a groan; this isn’t what I wanted. But sadly I had little choice over Darryl bringing me to meet James; he had been the only person available to do so and he apparently knew the area because his friend lived nearby. I wondered if he knew that this area was close to where the Potters lived?

“I need to make sure this guy isn’t a murderer,” Darryl told me, still looking around for a sign of my ‘friend. “Is that him over there?”

I turned around to look at where Darryl was pointing and was relieved when he only saw an old guy throwing bread into a pond, to feed some ducks.

“No, now will you please go,” I told him again and Darryl grinned at me.

“Fine, I’ll go. Have fun with your lover boy. Have you got your wand?” he asked me.

“You know I’m not allowed to use it yet, I’m underage.”

“I didn’t ask that, do you have it?”

“Of course,” I told him, knowing that he was being his normal protective self.

“Good, remember the Ministry won’t convict you if you’re using a spell to defend yourself.”

“I’ll be fine, but thank you,” I told him, giving him a quick hug to show him I appreciated his worry. Darryl hugged me back before he walked away from where I was standing, I didn’t move until he disappeared from sight and began to walk around the park, trying to find where James said that he would meet me.

I walked slowly over to where I saw James; he was slumped on the table in front of where he was sitting. His head was in his arms as though he was asleep, which I knew was probably happening.

“Are you alright?” I asked him as I sat down opposite him on the picnic bench that he was sitting on. I felt the coldness of the wood through my jeans and I shivered, shoving my hands in my coat pockets and burying the bottom half of my face into my scarf.

James let out a groan at my comment, moving a hand to wave it at me, before putting it back under his head.

“It’s cold, are you not freezing sitting out here? Especially with your face on the wood, that’s got to be icy,” I asked him.

“It’s making me feel better,” he told me with a groan. His voice was a bit gruff as though he was coming down with a cold. I must admit that I was beginning to feel sick as well; it was due to my niece having her cold and giving it to me.

“Have you got a cold? Are you feeling like shit?” I asked him in concern; surely if we have both got colds he would not want to avoid me until I had lost mine. Which could be a while as mine is only just begun to start; I’m at the tickly throat stage of mine, and it was all going to be a downhill party from here. I gave a cough as the cold air seemed to dry my throat out slightly.

“I’m feeling like shit, but no it’s not a cold. I’m afraid that this illness is sadly self inflicted,” James said, finally moving and sitting up straight, bringing his head away from his arms and looking at me. He looked really pale, his eyes were bloodshot and he had dark circles under his eyes.

“Were you up all night reading comic books again?” I inquired, remembering all the times that he’d told me about him staying up all of the night before reading.

James shook his head at my words, before he stopped and grabbed the side of his face, letting out a tiny sob. I pitied him instantly in that second.

“My family decided it would be a good idea to celebrate New Year’s Day last night -”

“But its New Years Eve tonight,” I stated before he could finish.

“I know that, my family didn’t want to have to take all of us ‘kids’ back to school with bad hangovers.”

“We go back on the second of January, though.”

“It’s normally one hell of a hangover.” James groaned. “Now I understand why they normally take two days to recover. I really think that I’m going to die, or pass out, or just throw up everywhere.”

I inched out of the firing line, in case he did decide to start chucking up his food or whatever he had in his stomach.

“Why did you drink so much? Did your parents not care?” I asked him, knowing that my dad and mum wouldn’t be happy with me if I got drunk enough to have a hangover, let alone have any kind of drink until I turned seventeen and I knew for a fact that James was only sixteen. He wasn’t going to be turning seventeen until late in August.

“My parents didn’t know, I stayed upstairs with my cousins in The Burrow. Someone snuck some booze in. I say someone, it was actually more than one person. Teddy, Victoire, Dominique and Kieron all brought booze, Kieron seemed to have quite a bit of it actually; he must have taken it all from his dad or something? Speaking of which, I took some of my parents' alcohol from their cupboard, I hope that they just think that they took it with them. But that’s not the point, all I remember is being encouraged to do shots, there was a game at some point. Albus was pissed off because he couldn’t drink anything, neither could the others as they were too young. Then....” he faltered slightly before he let out another groan, this time putting his head in his hands and speaking through his fingers, sounding like he was embarrassed for having to relive the moment of his drunkenness.

“Then... at some point, I decided that it would be a great idea to recreate a scene from a comic book with mittens. I remember Teddy, Victoire, Dom and Kieron all laughing at me, before one of them suggested that we all dress up as these ‘superheroes’ that I talk about so much. I convinced them that it was a good idea to pull all of the sheets off of the beds and wear them as capes so that we could fight crimes. That really pissed off Albus; we made him out to be the villain, and he nearly pushed me down the stairs. But I can’t remember much after that, I woke up this morning entangled in my cape sheet and feeling like I had been trod on by a herd or stampede of Giants. I’m so glad that I stayed at The Burrow last night and that the ‘adults’ were having their party at my house, if anyone saw me in that state I would have been grounded; my dad would have been so angry at me, after he laughed for about ten minutes. Wait... Dad wouldn’t laugh until later on; Uncle Ron would laugh at my misfortune. I just barely managed to Floo myself here and drag myself to this bench, I was hoping that you would walk around and attempt to find me here. I don’t think that I can move that far.”

I blinked at his story; it seemed to have gone on for quite some time and it was very ‘busy’. A lot of stuff happened to him in the last twenty four hours it seemed.

“I am going to kill them, all four of them. I hope to Merlin that their hangovers are as bad as this. Well, Kieron’s might not be as his dad is half Russian so he should be able to drink alcohol like its water. Oh Merlin.... He brought most of the alcohol from his dad's stash.”

“Yeah?” I asked, waiting for him to finish.

“His dad has got some very strong alcohol, he gets it imported from Russia... no wonder I’m dying. Kieron shall be the one to die first, because if I try to kill Theo then I will be in even more trouble with my dad. He likes Theo. If Uncle Ron wasn’t in the way, then I think that they’d be best friends.”

“Won’t Theo mind that Kieron brought his alcohol around?” I wondered. Surely he would not want his alcohol being given out, especially if it was stuff that he actually had imported from another country. He must have really wanted that alcohol.

“No, he doesn’t mind at all. Well, I hope he doesn’t, Kieron said that he wasn’t exactly at home when he took it. Just left a note and came around, Theo would have been at the party with Kieron’s mum Lavender so he wouldn’t have found the letter until much later. So, really, Kieron is already going to be killed by Theo, so I will have to just try and get away with the three murders. Do you think that you could be my alibi?”

I gave a laugh, “Sure, I’ll tell them that we weren’t even in the country.”

“Brilliant!” James said with a smile as he moved his hands away from his face and looked at me, resting his arms on the table. “We shall tell them that we eloped to Las Vegas.”

“Did we have to elope?” I asked in amusement. I tried to stop my mind imagining what it would be like to marry James.

“What is the point of going to Las Vegas if we weren’t eloping?”

“Did we need to go to Las Vegas?”

“No, but to make it convincing when people ask why our parent’s didn’t know that we weren’t in the country, it was due to us eloping.”

“Well, that’s a good point,” I said with a thoughtful look as I raised a finger to my lips and tapped them, pretending to be impressed with his plan. “We could say that we’re going through a rebellious phase and we should be free to marry who we want and when. My father threatened to make you pay, so we had no choice but to run away from them all and try to start a new life together by becoming husband and wife.”

“A lot of that at the end just rhymed,” James told me slowly, sounding like he wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. He looked really adorable, something I would never tell him.

“That was a happy coincidence,” I told him, realising that he was right; I hadn’t even planned that happening.

“There is one thing though,” I added afterwards, he looked at me in question. “How would you explain your epic hangover? I assume that this one shall go on for two days?”

“Three days,” he informed me, “I want my parents to know that my party was clearly more entertaining and that I beat them at drinking because they’re old.”

“Ah, that would make you look awesome in everyone’s eyes.” I agreed, nodding at his words.

“I thought so.”

“What would be the reasoning behind the hangover, though?” I asked, shifting slightly on the seat, the coldness of it filling me and chilling me. But I didn’t want to ask James if we could move; he looked like he was struggling just sitting down.

“There was a two for one offer on the dinner buffet in one of the casinos. We were celebrating,” James suggested, sitting up more in his seat and wincing as he placed a hand on his head, squinting at me as though the sunlight was hurting his eyes.

“It would have made more sense to celebrate our wedding,” I told him, trying to stop the smile on my lips at the thought of it.

“We didn’t get married in the end; just before we were about to say ‘I do’ we were interrupted by some crazy girl from my past, who attempted to kidnap me. You had to use your awesomely learnt fighting skills to fend off her advances and save me. I believe that she shall have taken me to a tower, where I would have grown a really long beard, you would have had to arrive on a Donkey and save me from the tower, telling me to let down my beard so that you could climb up. But as soon as you get to the top we would have realised that I could have used the unlocked door to escape as my captor was an idiot. That and we were on the ground floor so I could have just left through the window.”

“Where would the fun be in that?” I asked him with a laugh, amazed at how great of an imagination he had. If we hadn’t have had conversations like this before I would have just assumed that he was still drunk. “The world needs more heroines like me in it. I need to save the Gentleman in distress.”

“I thought that I was a Damsel.” James scoffed indignantly.

“You can’t be a Damsel with a beard as epic as yours would have been. Millions from around the world would have come to see it and taken photos and written poems and sonnets about its wonderfulness, you would have been featured in magazines and books about bearded history, you would have taken the top spot in Beardly Beards.”

“I do like the sound of this one. I would have been knighted,” James stated, running a hand over his chin as though he had a beard. He didn’t, he just had slight stubble.

“The fame would have gone to your head.” I told him warningly.

“I would go crazy and attempt to shave off my beard, to rid me of such a cursed life that would have befallen me.”

“I would have stopped you. I would have made you see that there’s more to your life than the bearded way that you had come to know and slowly detest with every fibre of your being.”

“Then we would have returned to the United Kingdom, to be confronted with the angry mob after the untimely death of Kieron Nott. They would have interviewed us relentlessly for days, until they heard our amazing story of courage and bravery. I would get a second knighthood and you would be my first lady, you would be given a sainthood and your story will be re-enacted in plays, the likes of which shall be played in shoddy pubs around the entire of Hogsmeade.”

“It shall be a great life,” I said, trying my hardest not to laugh. If anyone heard our stories they would think that we were crazy. Hell, at times I thought that we were actually crazy.

“You could always have been a bearded lady? We could get double the fame and fortune.”

“I don’t think I can grow a beard.... maybe a uni brow.”

“That won’t make money,” James told me sadly and I couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh, causing James to smile, before letting out a small groan.

“Are you feeling any better?” I asked him in concern, placing a hand on his shoulder and squeezing it gently.

“Maybe a little,” he told me. “We should probably get going somewhere; otherwise I will have to add frostbite or a cold on top of my epic hangover.”

“That would make it even more epic,” I told him as he looked at me from where he lay his head on the table, my hand still on his shoulder.

“I can barely survive this. I am not sure I’d be able to survive anything else on top of it,” he told me sadly, sounding like he was on the verge of becoming tearful. He ran a hand across his face again and I noticed that he had nail polish on.

“Is there a reason why your nails are painted red?” I asked, trying to stifle the laugh that threatened to escape my lips.

“What?” James asked me, before sitting back up again and looking down at the aforementioned nails. He let out a groan and tried to rub off the colour with his fingers. He was failing.

“That’s my sister for you. How did I not notice this earlier?” he asked me and I gave a shrug.

“You’re not going to get it off like that, you need to get a remover,” I told him and James groaned as he stood up.

“I need to get a new sister,” he told me darkly, before waiting for me to stand up. We began a slow walk together around the park. I stuffed my hands in my pocket to warm them.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, as he walked slowly next to me as though he were dead to the world.

“I’m not sure, however far my body can take me. You might have to drag me the rest of the way if I collapse,” James told me honestly. “Or just leave me there, I’d understand.”

“Why didn’t you just send me a message to cancel? If you’re feeling so bad?” I asked him, wondering why he was forcing himself through this hangover from hell just to see me.

“Because I told you I would meet you.” James told me, before peering around the park. “Is that some sort of a hammock?” James pointing ahead of him as he slowed his walk even further so it was more of a shuffle.

I looked at where he was pointing and saw that there actually was a hammock; why on earth was there a hammock around? That had to be one of the most unusual things I had ever seen.

“I think it’s some sort of swing,” I told him; after all it was in the play part of the park, although why on earth did someone think that would suffice as a toy?

“I think I need to have a lay down on that thing,” James told me as he began to walk again towards the hammock. I followed him slowly, my arms wrapped around myself as I tried to shield myself from the coldness in the air.

I watched as James climbed into the hammock swing thing and lay down; he let out a groan as he rested an arm over his eyes.

“I’m not sure if this makes me feel better or worse?” he told me as I neared him. I looked down at him and gave a smile; he was still looking pale. “I can’t tell if my head is spinning or if it’s the swing moving.”

“It might be a bit of both,” I told him, shuffling my feet and wondering if he would mind if I sat down on it as well.

He moved his arm to look up at me, as though sensing my thoughts, “Are you going to lie down as well?” He shifted slightly so that there was more room. “There’s enough room for both of us.”

I looked at the hammock swing sceptically, “Are you sure that its going to hold the weight of both of us?”

“Only one way to find out,” James said, moving his arm back over his face, “I don’t want you to be standing there all day; there might be a high chance that I won’t be moving from this hammock for a while now.”

I gave a small laugh and shook my head as I thought of the best way to get into the hammock without us both toppling out of it.

“Want me to hold the bars so that we don’t move as much?” he asked me as he moved his arms again and looked at me. I shook my head at him as I climbed onto the hammock and lay down next to him. My head resting on his arm, which he moved to wrap around my shoulders. I could feel my cheeks beginning to redden, knowing that he was in no state to think about his actions and that it didn’t mean anything.

“Don’t be surprised if I fall asleep,” James told me as I lay against his side, my head resting on his shoulder as I tried to suppress my grin by biting my lip. “But please wake me up if you have to leave, I don’t want to be stranded on here alone.”

We lay in silence for a while and I wondered if James had actually fallen asleep. I didn’t want to move to check, incase I woke him up. My side was warm but my face was beginning to sting from the bite of the coldness in the air. I was wondering if I could hide my face in James’s shoulder as well when we were interrupted by a shriek.

“This is a public place.”

I turned around, after jumping slightly at the sudden noise and I could hear James groaning from next to me as I looked at the middle aged woman, scowling down at us.

I looked back at James, who was peering at her through half closed eyes.

“Seriously, lady, I am really hung over and I can’t be dealing with your loud voice this early in the morning.”

The lady scoffed at him. “Some of us have been up since the crack of dawn.”

“That might explain why you’re so cranky; you haven’t slept enough. Now can you please leave me and my friend alone so that we can go back to sleep?”

“My son wants to play on this swing,” the woman told us indignantly and I sat up, going to move off of the swing, but James put a hand on my arm to stop me.

“Well, I’m not done swinging on it.” James stated.

“That’s not acceptable,” the lady stated again, James interrupted her before she could speak again.

“Look lady, I don’t make the rules. I was here first, so you’ll have to wait until I’m done swinging,” James said, managing to sit up and looking at the woman. I felt a little embarrassed as I watched them both bickering, not wanting to draw attention to myself.

“Get him off of the swing, Mummy, I want my turn now,” the womans snot nosed child was saying, tugging on his mother's sleeve and pointing at us.

“There are plenty more swings over there, this one is occupied,” James told her, waving his arm around the empty park around them.

The lady and James stared at each other for a while and I was unsure just where this was going to go, when the lady’s son decided that the best course of action would be to climb onto the swing thing and attempt to push James off of it.

“Oi, you little sod!” James cried, holding onto the bars of the swing to stop himself from being pushed off.

“I’m getting off of here; I don’t want to be kicked again.” I cried, getting off of the swing and holding onto my leg, where the boy had kicked me really hard. I looked up at the mother who wasn’t trying to stop her son; instead she was just watching the scene unfold in front of her.

“I will push you off of this, you little brat,” James exclaimed in annoyance, still holding tightly to the bar.

“My son is not a brat,” the woman cried.

“I think that you’ll find that he is; he kicked me and he’s attacking James,” I cried, pointing at where the boy was still trying to push James off of the swing.

“I am telling you now; if you don’t remove your child, I will throw up on him. I am extremely hung over,” James warned her.

The woman snarled at James before taking hold of her son's arm and pulling him off of the swing gently, nearly taking James with them as the son was holding onto to James’s arm. “Let’s go, Terrence; you would not want to catch anything from playing on this one.”

I looked at her, horrified at her words. James seemed to be fuming.

“I’m glad you’ve taken your monster away, I was afraid that if he bit me I would need a Rabies shot,” James called after her; he shook his head before turning to look at me. “Well, that was eventful; remind me to never have crazy brats as my children.”

“I have no words for what just happened,” I told him, glancing up to see that the mother and Terrence were walking out of the park. Terrence was looking back at us and seemed to be flipping us the bird.

“If I dared act that way when I was that age, my mother would hex me into next week, and then my Grandmother would hex me into the week afterwards, then when I recovered from that my father would just look at me in disappointment and tell me that I’ve let him down.”

“I hate when parents say that they’re disappointed in you, it makes you feel a hundred times worse.”

James nodded, still looking at where the woman and Terrance had left the park, making sure that they were out of eye shot before standing up from the swing and moving away from it.

“Now that I’ve made them leave, shall we go find more people to terrorize?” he asked me. “Or find some food? I think that I can attempt to eat some food.”

“I don’t want you to be sick,” I warned him as we began a slow walk out of the park.

“I don’t want to be sick either, but I’m hoping that food would make me feel a little better,” James told me; he had a hand on his stomach and let out another groan. “I hate being sick.”

“I don’t think anyone likes being sick,” I told him honestly. He shook his head at me.

“Where did you want to eat?” he asked me. I gave a shrug as I looked around us; we had wondered out of the park by now and were just casually walking down some roads, not seeming to know or care where we were.

“We could probably walk around until we found somewhere that sells food, and possibly hot chocolate. I could really do with some hot chocolate right about now. I feel like my fingers are going to freeze off.”

James grabbed for my hand and I looked at him in shock; he held onto it and placed it into his coat pocket with his own.

“Well, I can keep this hand warm,” he told me. “You’ll have to put your other hand in your own pocket.”

“I could have put both in my own pockets,” I told him quickly, giving him the choice of letting go of my hand if he wanted to. Although I hoped that he would not; I felt the warmth spreading through me and I could barely contain the smile that had crossed my face.

“But where would the fun be in that?” James asked with a coy smile, “Besides, this way you can help guide me down the roads, I don’t exactly have the best co-ordination at the moment.”

We walked in silence again, enjoying being with each other.

“You know,” James began, making me turn to look at him as I waited for him to finish talking. “I have got to say that this has been the strangest day that I’ve had so far, and believe me, I’ve had quite a few weird ones with those family members I have, who are beyond crazy at times.”

“It’s quite a strange day, I agree. When I woke up this morning and got myself ready to come and meet you, I never imagined that, A, you would be hung over or still drunk, I am yet to decide which one it is; B, that you would almost have a fight with a woman and her son over a swing; or C, that we would have made plans to elope so that you could have an alibi for killing someone.”

“It has been an eventful day.” James nodded. “I’m not sure if I would have changed any of it, though, it would probably the hung over part. That part is slowly and surely killing me. Although, I have yet to throw up, so in my eyes that’s a win right there.”

He turned to smile at me and I gave a laugh.

“How about we go and get some chips?” I suggested, noticing that a chip shop was open; it had seats and tables in it as well so we could both sit down and have something to eat.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” James stated, pulling me in the direction of the chip shop. I followed after him, thankful that I had thought to ask my mother if I could borrow some Muggle money from her, as she worked in the Muggle world; she had Muggle money on her, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to buy myself some chips and I couldn’t just expect James to buy me some.

We entered the fish and chip shop and took a seat at one of the table, James letting go of my hand as he began to unbutton his coat. I felt the warmth of him vanish instantly and I longed for him to hold my hand again, but I settled for taking off my own coat, then my scarf and hat, before sitting on the chair, my coat hanging on the back of my chair whilst my hat and scarf was placed on the chair next to me, with my bag.

James had reached for the menu and was looking at it with a quizzical look on his face, as he decided what he wanted to eat. I was relishing at being in the warmth, hoping that we could be in here for a while, whilst hoping that James would not end up feeling or being sick and we would have to leave, either in a hurry or from being forced out of the shop and asked never to return.

“I think I am going to need to have some chips and curry sauce, that should be able to soak some of the alcohol up, don’t you think?” James asked, looking over his menu and at me, I looked away from him and down at my own menu, which was placed on the table in front of me. I gave the menu a once over, familiarising myself with the food on offer.

“I think that you’re crazy, but It’s your choice. I just hope that you don’t regret it.”

“Nah, it is a fool proof hangover cure, my Uncle Ron swears by it. Fatty food or curry manages to make my Uncle feel right again; it may take a while, but he still feels alright in the end.”

“I’ve got to admire just how truly extraordinary your family is, they sound very entertaining.”

“Maybe if you told me more about your family I would find them entertaining too,” James said to me. I looked up at him quickly; I hadn’t told him much about my family, I didn’t want him to find out about my dad and want to be around me because of who he was. He would understand that, right? But it was just working out when the right time would be to actually tell him the truth; would I be too late? I just knew that it wasn’t now, now was not the right time to tell him.

“They’re just a normal family really, we don’t have many dramas. We fight occasionally, and by ‘we’ I mean me and my brother. I always win in those fights, mainly because of how awesome I am.”

“Ah, I see what you mean. I was going to comment on how high a level of awesome you’re being today, but I thought that you would already know.”

“I did know that, thank you. I woke up this morning thinking to myself, ‘I feel pretty damn awesome right about now, It is going to be an awesome filled day’, so with my awesome levels practically off the chart, my brother is clearly no match for me. But sadly he’s a fool and he keeps trying to win arguments that he started, such as ‘why haven’t you moved out and got a job yet?’, ‘what do you mean you’re still in school? You should be out living your life’, ‘Make me a coffee’, ‘why did you put salt in my coffee?’ And my all time favourite, ‘Why is there a saucepan in your hands? Why are you advancing on me? Dad, she’s going to hit me with a saucepan’.”

James laughed loudly at my words and I grinned back at him. I spotted the waitress coming over to us from the corner of my eye a small notebook and pen in her hands.

“It sounds like a right laugh,”

“It can be at times, but obviously not as hectic as yours.”

“I really don’t think any family can match mine in those stakes,” James said to me before looking up at the waitress who had greeted us both and was waiting for our orders.

“I would like some chips, curry sauce and I would like to go for a fizzy cola, thank you,” James said, looking down at his menu as he read out his order, before looking up at the waitress with a smile. The waitress wrote his order down before turning to look at me.

“And what would you like, Darling?” she asked me nicely with a friendly smile on her face.

“Erm, I will have the same, I think?” I said, putting the menu back down on the table and looking at the waitress with my own friendly smile.

“Thank you, I will just go and get your drinks.” She walked away from us and James looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Ordered the same as me and you don’t even have a hangover,”

“Yours actually sounded good, so I wanted to have it as well.” I gave a shrug; it really did sound nice.

“I thought that I had started a trend, I thought I was popular.”

“I think if anyone is the trend setter and being popular it would be your uncle Ron; he was the one who started eating the hang over cure.”

“Damn him!” James said, shaking his fist in the air as though threatening his Uncle. “Always stealing my fame and fortune.”

“How are you feeling now? Any better?” I asked him, arms crossed in front of me on the table and my head tilted to the side as I looked at him.

“I am still feeling like absolute shit, but I’ve decided that if I don’t think about it, then I should be fine. That and I’m using all of my energy to not throw up, I am hoping that the food helps in some way. I am not sure that it will, but I still have high hopes about it all.”

“I feel pretty sorry for you,” I told him honestly. “I am not sure that I would be able to get out of my bed. Wouldn’t you like to be in it all day?”

“In your bed?” James asked with a mischievous smirk on his face, causing me to think back to what I had said and realising what I had made it sound like. “I wouldn’t leave your bed for one moment.”

“James!” I cried, ducking my head into my hands as I felt my face go red in embarrassment at his words. I heard him chuckling from across the table.

“I didn’t say that you were in the bed, I just imagine your bed to be comfy.”

“That’s nice of you, kicking me out of my own bed.”

“I would never kick you out of bed,” he told me. His eyes seemed to be glinting in delight at my embarrassment.

“You’re making me uncomfortable now,” I said, peeking up at him over my hands and seeing his smug grin.

“I would not mind having you in the bed with me if that’ll make you feel any better?” James told me.

“You’re unbelievable, do you know that?”

“Well, I’ve never heard the word ‘unbelievable’ whilst I’ve been in bed, but I will quite happily give it a try if you’re willing?”

I blanched at his words and he smirked at me in satisfaction, before turning to look at the waitress who had brought us over our sodas. I tried to stop blushing madly and thanked the waitress; she looked at me with a smirk of her own before walking away from us and I realised, my mouth hanging open wide, that she had obviously heard our words. I was entirely thankful that there was no one else in the fish and chip shop otherwise my embarrassment would be ten fold.

“You need to stop, you’re making me blush.”

“You look cute when you blush,” he told me before taking a sip of his soda and closing his eyes and being quiet for a minute. I knew that he was trying to stop whatever reaction he was feeling on his hang over from the soda and it gave me time to try and collect myself after his admission.

Did he really think that I looked cute when I blushed? I tried to stop myself grinning at his words, or just grinning about anything that had happened with James today. I had to admit that I loved hung over James, mainly because he was flirting with me, holding my hand and saying things that caused me to melt at them. Even the inappropriateness of some of the things that he had said in jest, although part of me hoped that he was being serious and wanted me in that way. I was kidding myself I know. But a girl can dream, right?

“I can’t believe that the waitress overheard all of that. I can never show my face here again without feeling embarrassed.”

“I’m the one who should be embarrassed, you’re the one who’s making it sound like you don’t want to even be in bed with me,” James stated. I opened my mouth to disagree with his words, when I closed it quickly, realising what he was about to get me to admit. I could see the mischievous glint in his eyes as I realised that he knew what he was about to get me to say; he gave me a smug grin before he took a bigger sip of his drink this time.

I shook my head at him, before deciding to change the subject back onto his hang over. “How are you feeling now? Is the soda making it worse?”

“No,” he replied. “It is actually making my stomach settle a bit and making me feel less like I’m dying a slow and horrible death.”

It wasn’t long before our food came and I slowly began to eat. James seemed to be feeling better with every bite he took, the colour at least was returning to his cheeks.

“It’s not long before we go back to school,” I told him, after I had swallowed my mouthful of food. “Are you looking forward to it?”

James gave a shrug, “Not especially, the only good thing is that I get to see you.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m here,” I told him, shaking my head at his words as I dug my fork into another curry covered chip.

“I’m not, you’re honestly my favourite person right now, especially after finding that comic. I don’t even know how I’m even going to thank you for that,” James told me honestly, looking at me intently. I blushed at the idea that I was his favourite person at the moment; it was a great boost to my ego.

“It was nothing, it’s fine,” I told him, “Thank you for my presents, by the way. I loved all of the chocolate.”

James had sent me a bath set to begin with, which smelt absolutely gorgeous and I had used in my bath the night I had received it, but the next day I had gotten a rather large package containing a lot of sweets and chocolate. I didn’t recognise some of the brands, so knew that it was likely to be Muggle. Some of the ones I tried were mouth watering.

“In my eyes, I should get you a lot more,” James told me honestly and I shook my head at him.

“What you’ve got me is more than enough, believe me. You don’t need to get me anything else.”

“You don’t know how much that meant to me,” James told me honestly, putting his fork down and grabbing for my free hand to hold. “I will never be able to thank you enough for that. But I will try and find a way to make it up to you.”

“You really don’t have to,” I told him, looking down at his hand entwined in mine.

“No, but I want to.” James told me, letting go of my hand gently so that he could pick his fork back up and continue eating. “When you least expect it.”

A/N: This chapter... well, what can I say about it? Haha, I shall let you all read it, I have absolutely no idea where it all came from but just... yeah. :D

The next update will be in three days, which will be on my birthday! Yay!!! :D Let me know what you think.

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