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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 12 : The One Where James Is A Dragon For The Day
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Halloween was by far one of my favourite holiday seasons.

It wasn’t quite up there with Christmas; I mean, who could beat Christmas? Presents when it’s not your birthday? Mince pies galore? Eating as much food as you like without anyone caring about the calories or that you had eaten a whole box of chocolates and sweets before dinner, that and no one cared at all if you spent the entire day in your pyjamas with a paper crown on your head? In fact, that kind of attire was whole heartedly encouraged at that time of year.

Halloween was different, though. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I felt more connected to this holiday than any of the others because I was a witch, but the spooky aura and the costumes really made me smile. The good thing about your attire on Halloween was that you could literally dress up as anything and tell everyone that it’s your costume. You could dress up as a giant elephant for the entire day, or dress up as a mummy, with toilet roll wrapped around yourself and people would love it.

Try that any other day of the year and you would be called crazy and judged quicker than you can say, ‘But I thought that Halloween was today, not tomorrow.’

Hogwarts always went full out on its decorations, making sure that every classroom and corridor was decorated, even if it was a classroom or corridor that was barely used; there was nothing missed in the decorating. I loved walking down the corridors and having cob webs stringing all over the place, with fake spiders crawling over them. The fact that bats flew down the corridors and in the Great Hall. That the front steps of the castle had Pumpkins on them, their brilliantly carved out faces looking hauntingly at you, especially in the darkness and mainly because the fact that the faces moved added to the wonderful effect that the castle was trying to give out.

Although nothing could be better than the fact that the statues were wearing either masks or witches and wizard hats. It was comedic and amazing, there was nothing that could brighten your day more than a statue wearing a vampire or a mummy mask.

I just wished that more students would dress up. There was nothing I wanted more than to dress up as someone else, pretend that I wasn’t Abigail, pretend that I was someone completely different. Someone like the heroes and villains that my father wrote about.

But hardly anyone did dress up, and if they did, it wouldn’t be something that had anything remotely to do with Halloween; they would either just put a bit of fake blood on their face, or just put on some devil horns. It’s not Halloween until you’ve gone full out on your costumes, although I wasn’t brave enough to wear one around the castle if no one else was.

My family absolutely loved Halloween when I was growing up and at home for it, it was a time when we could all dress up and play games.

That’s where the idea for Minister of Destruction came from; one year my father dressed up as the Minister for Magic and proceeded to jump out at me, my brother and sister in an attempt to scare us on Halloween. When he did jump out at us, we all had to run away as fast as we could because the Minister of Destruction would be hot on our tails. It was such a happy time and it broke my heart a little that I was too old to really take part in it anymore, but now that my niece was getting older I was sure that my father would carry the tradition on. Maybe I could become some sort of sidekick?

Either way, that year my father started planning his character Minister of Destruction, planning his back story, his life, his powers, his enemies. Just everything that he would need information on so that he could begin to make the comics. And my dad had a lot of information, folders upon folders of it; if there was something you wanted to know about a character than he could tell you about it.

That’s why I loved my dad’s imagination; there were things that I wouldn’t have even thought about and he knew the answer, like a characters favourite colour, their favourite food, what their earliest memory was. It was magnificent how he could include it all in his work and you wouldn’t even notice that it was there, until you went back and looked or something in the next comic caught your eye and you realise that it was mentioned in the one before hand.

It was something that I was hoping to achieve one day, when I published my own comic books. But until that happened, if it ever did, I would have to settle for doing the best I could at school.

Halloween had been uneventful so far, no one was dressed up apart from the teachers, which really disappointed me. Which is why I was most looking forward to my last double lesson of the day, Muggle Studies, because I knew that it would be about Muggle traditions on Halloween.

Professor Hargreaves had a trunk full of costumes waiting for us to pick things from, informing us all that the best costume would win a big bag of chocolate.

I don’t know who was more excited about this, me or James?

“This is going to be so cool,” James cried as he grabbed for a few items out of the trunk and walked back to our table. He had found a Dragon costume that looked like an all-in-one and was currently putting it on over his uniform. I looked back down into the box and picked up a bundle of fur clothing and a bag of what looked like face paint. It was going to be fun to put some face paint on myself.

I placed the items on the desk and picked up the outfit before putting it on over my uniform like James had done. I looked down to see that I was right in thinking that it was a bear costume. I gave a laugh as I tried to think of what I could paint on my face when James interrupted me.

“How about we put face paint on each other’s faces?” James asked me, jumping up to sit on our desk and looking at me.

The students around us were all laughing at each other and joking around about what they were going to or had dressed up as. I faltered for a moment as I realised what James had asked me. Could I even do that? Would I be able to paint his face?

“Are you sure?” I asked him timidly, unsure if he would decide to change his mind and realise that I would possibly be terrible.

“Yeah, I trust you.”

He trusted me. I can’t believe that he said that he trusted me. I don’t even trust me.

“Just try to make me look good, alright?” he asked me, holding the bag in his hands and sitting up straight as I took a few steps closer to him.

“Unleash my inner dragon.” James laughed as he closed his eyes and sat waiting for me to start painting his face.

“I can’t believe that you’re dressed as a dragon,” I told James as I got the paint and started to mix the green with a tiny bit of water, before putting it on James’s face. He pulled away slightly and gave a laugh.

“That’s quite cold and feels really weird,” James told me, smiling. His eyes were still closed so I decided to paint his eye lids first with the paint. “And there is nothing wrong with dressing up as a dragon for the entire day, is there?”

“Are you really going to wear this face paint for the whole day? Won’t you care about what people say?” I asked him, planning on taking off my face paint before the lesson ended.

“They’ll just be speaking words of their jealousy. They would have wished that they could have thought of a costume as well as mine.”

I smiled at him and leant closer, turning his head slightly so that I could paint the side of his face green, a whiff of his shampoo filling my lungs and I couldn’t help but take a deep breath. It smelt really nice.

“Are you smelling me?” James asked and I felt myself flushing and my cheeks reddening in embarrassment. Oh no, I can’t believe I did that, he caught me smelling him.

James’ eyes were open and looking at me, noticing the flush of my cheeks and no doubt the humiliation crossing my face. He gave a small chuckle and it took a moment before I went back to painting his face, my hands shaking slightly as he closed his eyes and waited for me to continue my painting.

“It’s coconut,” James said after a while of silence, in which my mind was racing as I wondered how I could fix this.

“What?” I asked, he had caught me off guard. I picked up a different paintbrush, wondering what detail to paint next.

James opened his eyes again to look at me. I was facing him now, standing closer than I probably should have been. The small paintbrush was in my hands and I was now painting small details on his nose.

I glanced up at his eyes, my heart seeming to flutter as I took in the bright blue of them. I wasn’t sure if it was the brightness of the room, or the fact that he seemed quite happy and content that were making them shine like this, all I know is that I couldn’t help but get lost in them.

“The shampoo you can smell, it’s coconut,” James said slowly and softly, his breath warm on my face.

“I love the smell of coconut.” I told him, finally looking away from his eyes and giving a small cough as I backed up a step.

“Me too,” James told me. He was still watching me, I could feel it. I settled for swirling the paintbrush in the yellow paint so that I could start painting the Dragon’s eyes.

“I hope this is going to look good,” James stated. “Because I’m painting your face next.”

I smiled. “Thankfully there’s not much you can screw up with face paint for a bear.”

“You say that now. I’m terrible at painting.”


James hadn’t been as terrible as he said; sure his painting skills had a lot to be desired, but I honestly couldn’t make myself worry about that, when all I could think of was how nice it was to have James touching my face.

Which sounds creepier than I thought it would.

The class had ended quicker than I wanted it to, cutting short the time I would get to spend with James. It was easily the thing I most looked forward to in my day; not many people would say that about Muggle Studies.

Even though the lesson had ended – Sadly, neither James or I won the prize. Instead, it went to Edward Moore who had dressed up as a Rubix cube, which we had learnt about a few months ago - I still found myself with James, walking with him down the corridor as we left the lesson.

I was too scared to wear my outfit outside of the classroom, although James had convinced me to keep the face paint on; apparently it was his ‘masterpiece’. James, meanwhile, was planning on wearing the outfit for the rest of the day.

James seemed to be in his element as we walked; he seemed to find it hilarious to run around the corridors and jump out at random students, scaring them.

I could only smile apologetically at the passing students, some of whom were laughing. Most of them were annoyed.

“James, you scared me, you idiot.”

I turned at the sound of the new voice and noticed that Rebecca Sweeney, a girl in my year, but in Gryffindor House, was standing in front of James, a wide grin on her face and her hand over her chest. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous as she talked to him, especially as she had placed her hand on James’ arm.

James was just laughing at her, happy that he had scared another person. Rebecca was smiling at him, her hand still on his arm as she looked his costume up and down.

“That’s a really great costume, James.” Her tone was flirtatious and I instantly felt jealous of her. She seemed so sure of herself, so confident and I envied her. It made me feel insecure that I would never be able to flirt so effortlessly and look so great doing it, I knew that James would be more interested in her.

“Thanks, Rebecca.” James shrugged, looking down at her hand and moving his arm out of her grip and up to his hair to push his hand through it. “I had help with it.” He nodded over in my direction, giving me an encouraging grin.

Rebecca’s eyes turned to me and her easy smile twitched for just a second, a cold, calculating look hitting her eyes and it worried me. She plastered the smile back on her face. I could tell it was fake.

“You’ve done an amazing job,” she told me. I didn’t believe her in the slightest, but I thanked her all the same.

She was watching me as though I were prey and she was a hunter, her eyes flickering over me as though studying me, taking in all my weak points. I knew that I had just become the enemy to her, purely for being around James.

“I like your make up,” she told me, smiling as sweetly as she could, trying to impress James.

“Er... James did it for me.” I told her, wringing my hands together. I wasn’t competition, how could I be? She was so pretty and I was a mumbling mess.

“He’s so talented, isn’t he?” she asked me, turning to look back at James, who was smiling politely at her and shrugging again.

I nodded in agreement at her words.

“I’m going to head off, I said that I would meet Michelle,” I lied, jerking my thumb behind me and looking from Rebecca to James, who looked a little confused.

“It was nice to talk to you,” Rebecca said. She was all sweetness, but her tone was hinting at me to leave and quickly.

“Did you want me to walk with you?” James asked me. He was being polite, but I was sure that he would rather stay with Rebecca.

I shook my head at him. “No, don’t be silly, I’ll be fine. See you both later.” I turned around before James could say anything else and headed down the corridor. I wasn’t planning on meeting Michelle and I cursed myself for saying it, because James knew that I wasn’t; now he’d know that I was lying and it was something that I didn’t want to deal with. I didn’t want him to ask me why, because how could I tell him it was because of my own insecurities? I’m not sure he would understand.

I didn’t make my way to find Michelle, instead I decided to hide in my dormitory and wipe the face paint off of my face. I was beginning to feel a bit silly for wearing it, especially as I didn’t have James around dressed up as well, taking some of the attention off of me.

It was whilst I was sitting on my bed, attempting to brush all of the cat hair off of my pillow – seriously, how much is that cat going to shed? How does he still have hair left? – When I was interrupted by Michelle coming into the room.


I looked up at Michelle, wondering what she wanted. She was hovering at the end of my bed, leaning on the bedpost and looking down at the floor. Even though we were talking again, it was still a little awkward, as though the argument was still there, unfinished.

“Yeah?” I asked her, a bit worried about the look that was crossing her face. She looked worried about something.

“I just wanted to say that I was sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to you the way I did yesterday. You were right, I was stressed and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. So, I’m sorry,” she told me honestly.

I was amazed; Michelle apologizing to me was an extremely rare occurrence, it should probably go down in Hogwarts: A History, or is this Daily Prophet worthy?

“It’s alright, Michelle,” I told her with a smile.

“Good,” She replied, a smile on her own face. “Did you want to head down to the feast? I know it’s one of your favourites.”

“That sounds like an amazing idea.” I agreed with her idea, getting up off the bed and hoping that Snowball wouldn’t go back onto my pillow and shed everywhere. I knew there was little chance of two miracles happening in one day, but I could dream.

“So, how’s your day been?” Michelle asked me. She seemed quite interested, probably trying to make up for what had happened.

“It’s been alright,” I told her. It really had been fun up until I left James talking with Rebecca. “Same old really, how about yours?”

We were heading out of the common room and towards the Great Hall as we spoke, settling back into our friendship with ease. It felt really good knowing that Michelle was the one to apologise to me, it helped to clear the stagnant air that had settled between us.

“Pretty much the same, nothing entertaining happened until now.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her, wondering what she was talking about as she walked into the hall and took a seat at the Hufflepuff table.

“James Potter is dressed up as a Dragon.”

I felt a grin spreading across my face as I scanned the Gryffindor table for a sign of James. He was standing out like a sore thumb as he sat with his friends, I really should have spotted him as soon as I walked into the hall, but he was surrounded by his friends, who was laughing at him. William was taking a picture of him and James was posing, much to the amusement of the others around him, especially, I noticed with a horrible sensation in my gut, Rebecca. She was sitting next to James, laughing at him and I couldn’t help but feel my happiness diminishing at her being there.

Especially as she had turned to look in my direction, as though knowing that I was watching, with a smug grin on her face.

A grin that told me that James was hers and she wasn’t going to give him up without a fight.

A/N: Rebecca has finally made an appearance, I'll let you all decide if the monster mentioned in the summary is her or Abigail's jealousy? It could be both. :P

So what did you all think of her? Did you love that small James and Abigail moment? Also... what did you all think of Michelle's apology? Crazy right? Bet you weren't expecting that! :P

Love you all! 


P.S - Sam = awesomesauce for Betaing my chapters so quickly! :D

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