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The Human Factor by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 8 : The One With Scorpius’ Girlfriend
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 Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell. And I don't own Harry Potter. 

Authors Note. Hi! How are you all? Sorry this chapter has taken so long, it was a struggle to write at times but I managed to write it in the end. Persistence works out. You asked for more Albus and he is. In all his glory and changing faces. This is the longest chapter so far. It’s once again, a mixed bag in terms of emotion but that’s what makes it so fun.

I’m on summer now so updates will hopefully come a lot quicker. I’ll try at least to have updates every two weeks. I don’t know how it’ll work out.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot to me.

Comments and opinions are welcomed. They are Pippa’s brain food. The next chapter features the Quidditch try outs! Will Pippa make the team? Will she not and have to make up a new plan? Who knows. Well, I do but that’s telling. There is language in this chapter, please don’t read if offended. Enjoy the chapter and I’ll see you again in chapter nine.

Thanks so much to StEpH_M for being my beta.

This story is dedicated to Liza. She had this story in her favourites and forever will & She told me she was a fan of it. I'll miss you. You're the brightest star in the sky now. 


Chapter Eight – 
The One With Scorpius’ Girlfriend

Amazing chapter image by tina.loves @TDA

“That’s exactly what you’d say if you were an alien and you were trying to hide your existence. Like if a Muggle came up to me and said, hey bro, you a wizard? I’d say no wouldn’t I?” - Scorpius Malfoy

The saying goes that only the strong survive, but in what definition is someone classed as strong? Is it merely based on physical strength? Because I am weak as anything if that is true. A lot of my punches miss their target. I once went to hit Damien when I was ten because he stole my sweets, but I missed him and hit a tree. I ended up with a broken thumb and grazed knuckles. Is it something that is so deep inside that it can only arise when the battle cry has been yelled?  Do we all start with this strength? Or does it grow after it’s been fed with all the vile situations that life puts us through? We all survive these situations somehow. The world doesn’t stop turning because your world is falling apart. Time ticks by without your permission.

Cassie told me I could deal with this, I wasn’t sure. She doesn’t fully understand why this was a mountain for me to climb. I don’t really but it is. I didn’t want to be in the presence of Albus. He said things that annoyed me and he did things that broke his mould. He was irregular. I hated anything I couldn’t figure out because those were the things that often caused a little chip in the armour or occasionally broke it completely. If I didn’t know what I was going against, I had no idea how to prepare my defences.

Cassie hummed softly as we strolled around Hogsmeade together. I was irritated, catty and moody. Cassie was careless, pleasant and sarcastic. This meant we’d accidentally had far too many spats this morning. Sometimes we just annoyed each other, but I don’t think she’d leave me like Emilie. The argument we had with Emilie ran far deeper than something like Cassie telling me I looked like a zombie. It’s okay though, I told her she smelled like rubbish.

“This day is going to be crap; I can feel it in my bones.” I muttered kicking the ground.

“Look, I bought you some new socks, what more do you want?” She was growing tired of my whining and so was I.

“Do you want to go to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes?” Cassie offered. “We’ve never been in it before. It’s Fred’s father’s shop you know! He was telling me all about it at breakfast this morning.”

“That’s not surprising considering that the name on the shop says Weasley and Fred is a Weasley.” Cassie rolled her eyes and I shrugged, giving in. “Why not? I might find something good in there I suppose.”

“I might buy a pygmy puff.” Cassie pondered. “Maybe I’ll get a pink one…or a purple one!”

“You like those things?” I laughed as Cassie smiled at me. “Have you seen their eyes? They look like they could kill you while you sleep. It will slice you down while you slumber.”

“I think they’re adorable.” She replied stubbornly. “I’m getting one.” She decided, ignoring my warnings.  

I sighed. If she gets murdered by one, I’m so going to say ‘I told you so’. “What about your parents?” I asked.

She laughed. “They love me and are amazed by anything to do with magic. Combine the two and you’re onto a winner.”

“Brat.” I stuck out my tongue.

“You know it.” She winked as we entered the shop.

The shop was buzzing with students which made me groan. I hated crowds. Shelves upon shelves were piled with things. In the middle of the store there were tables with more products and one was surrounded by a purple mist.  Cassie ran straight towards the Pygmy Puff’s, but I lingered behind as I stared at the products on the shelf. Half of the things were on the wrong shelves. If I ran this shop, it would drive me barmy. People need to learn to put things back in their rightful places. I mean, it only takes an extra five seconds. So I stood there, organizing the shelf and glaring at anyone who gave me a funny look or tried to touch my uncompleted work.

“Pippa!” I heard my name being called but when I tried to look for anyone I knew, I couldn’t see them. Hmm, perhaps it wasn’t my name after all. Maybe I misheard it or I’m hearing voices again. “Oi! You deaf cow.” I turned around to find Fred laughing at me. “I’m going to ask you something and you’ve got to be honest.” I raised my eyebrow. “Instead of checking out all the cool stuff in this store, you’re organizing the shelves?”

I almost laughed. It sounded almost weird when someone said it out loud. “I am, I can’t help it! These shelves are just begging to be fixed and who am I to deny them?” Fred shook his head. “And I am not a deaf cow thank you very much. My hearing is perfect, I am just good at ignoring things.” I looked at my perfect finished work. “There, all done.”

“Now that you’re done, do you want me to give you a tour of the shop? There is bound to be at least one thing you’ll like.”

“You can help me find Cassie if you want, this shop is a damn maze.” I told him.

Fred grinned. “I spotted her earlier, let’s go this way.”

Walking with Fred was weird. People would stop and smile at him. Random guys patted him on the back and girls fluttered their eyelashes. It made me feel sick. People need to get some pride and stop being suck ups.

“Why is everyone being odd?” I asked him, not caring who overheard.

“This is my kingdom.” Fred laughed. “My father owns this place. They are nice to me because I can get them a discount.” He frowned for a second before smiling.

“Well, that is the only reason I talk to you.” I shrugged and Fred glared. “You hang out here a lot?”

“I’m waiting on my dad. Every time there is a Hogsmeade weekend, he always comes to check on the shop and see me.” Fred explained as I listened. “Oh! And he comes to see Roxy too.” Roxy was Fred’s younger sister. She was a first year and she just might be the grumpiest thing ever to come into existence. She just sits there scowling at everything and complains about every tiny thing. I quite like her.

“That’s…” I tried to find a word to finish the sentence but I couldn’t. I wanted to tell him that I thought it was surprisingly sweet. That I was sort of envious that his family was that close but my mind wouldn’t let me say the truth. “…Nice.”

“It is.” He ruffled my hair and I frowned at him.

Cassie was standing at the table with a few other girls but she was the only one I paid attention too. “Pippa!” She yelled. “I don’t know whether I like this one.” She held up a rough looking bright pink pygmy puff. “Or if I like this one better!” She held up an even uglier light purple one that didn’t look pleased.

Fred laughed. “You’re not meant to get them out of the cages you know.”

Cassie shrugged. “It’s easier to make a decision like this.” She said as she held each pygmy puff under each arm.

“You look like you’re carrying a rugby ball.” Fred remarked and Cassie glared.

“Just help me!”

“Well, that one,” I pointed to the bright pink one. “Looks a bit like you when you haven’t had enough sleep. It looks a bit crazy. It will most certainly kill you when it gets a chance. Plus, it’s bright pink! What are you? A girl?” Cassie pouted. “And that one is so ugly, I can’t look it anymore.” I swear the purple one just glared at me.

Cassie turned to Fred. “What do you think?”

“I think that…” Fred paused unsure of what to say. “…you should get them both?”

Cassie’s eyes lit up. “Perfect idea! I love them too much now to give either of them up.” Cassie hugged her new found loves.  She looks crazy. She’s going to be known as the crazy pygmy puff lady. I am hanging around with her. My social life is over. Not that I ever really had one.

“…It’s no problem.” Fred replied, looking a bit scared.

“Do you want to know their names?” Cassie asked excitedly. “I’ve already decided!”  She’d probably decided years ago. She just comes up with names and eventually they are attached to pets, whether they fit or not.  I shrugged and Fred nodded. Cassie held up the purple one. “This one is Uggers because he isn’t the prettiest thing but calling him ugly is too harsh.” She snuggled Uggers and I shook my head. “And this one.” She snuggled the pink one. “Is Pippa Junior or PJ for short because it just reminds me of you.”  I could kill her. I’m nothing like one of those ugly beasts.

 Fred laughed. “I love it. Uggers and PJ!”

 Cassie checked her watch. “Pippa, you’re five minutes late to meeting Scorpius for your double date thingy.”

 “It’s not a double date. It is someone simply meeting up with their cousin to meet their new girlfriend…and his best friend is coming too.” I told her. “No dating about it.”

“Sure, sure.” She brushed me off. “Still sounds a bit dodgy. Maybe you’ll get murdered or maybe Scorpius is smarter than we think.” She pondered it for a moment then snorted. “Nope. That’s an absurd thought.”

“I don’t like Potter.” I folded my arms across my chest. “The boy is annoying at best. We’ll argue all afternoon and Harper will be traumatized. And with that, I’ll take my leave. Have fun looking after Uggers…and PJ…can’t believe you named one after me.” Cassie smirked. “Don’t let them near my bed.” I warned. “Or I’ll throw them out of the window. My namesake or not.”

“Bye Pippa.” Fred called. “Have fun! Come on Cassie, I’ll help you take PJ and Uggers to the till.”

I walked out of the shop towards The Three Broomsticks as I kicked a stone across the path imagining it was Albus’ head. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Oups. I’ve killed him. Mwhaha. I shook my head, I was really going crazy. I entered The Three Broomsticks a little while later. I looked around until I found Scorpius and who must be Harper sitting over in a corner.

“Hi.” I said as I sat down into the seat opposite Scorpius and Harper.  I smoothed out my dress as I stared at them.

“Only fifteen minutes late? That’s a record for you.” Scorpius laughed. “Harper, this is my cousin Pippa.” He nodded to me. “And Pippa, this is Harper, my girlfriend.” Harper smiled at the word ‘girlfriend’.

Harper looked at me warmly. “It’s nice to meet you, Scorpius talks about you a lot.” She was nervous, I could tell. I had made someone nervous! Go me. I rule. I looked at the girl. Harper had dark hair that fell just past her shoulders, a straight little nose and wide eyes that were framed with long eyelashes. She had a delicate nature about her. If the wind blew too strongly, she would be knocked down. She was completed by the smile she wore, it was real and friendly. She’d be the sort of person that would cherish the flower you picked up for free on the way home. In all, I instantly knew that she would never hurt my cousin, betray him on purpose or take advantage of him. She just didn’t seem to have the heart to do something like that. In normal circumstances, these sorts of people would annoy me, but I found myself not being irritated by the girl. I didn’t know whether it was because she was too nice or she just hadn’t spoken enough.

“You too.” I lied, unsure of what to say. I had never even heard of this girl until this morning. I mentally ran through my list of questions that Cassie had given me to avoid awkward silences.

I was going to ask how long they had been together but instead I found myself saying, “Where is Albus? Not coming?” I asked maybe a bit too hopeful. Look at that, I was being an optimist. That’s a new one.

“He’s still coming.” Scorpius laughed. “I didn’t know you two were fighting before this. You’d probably get on if you give each other a chance.” I snorted out of disbelief, Scorpius laughed. “I got you a drink.” He pushed an extra butterbeer towards me and I eyed it suspiciously.

 “Is it poisoned?”

Scorpius chuckled. “Of course.”

 “Awesome. I like living on the edge.” I sipped my drink and instantly I felt my body heating up. I always forget how sweet this stuff is.

Scorpius snorted. “Yeah and I’m a girl.”

“That could be true though.”

“You do make me laugh.”

“You make me want to die.”

 “Are you always like this?” Harper asked quietly. She was unsure whether she was supposed to laugh or cry.

 “Yep.” Scorpius smiled. “She doesn’t mean it though.”

“I do bloody mean it.” I protested.

 “You’re using that sarcasm thing again aren’t you?”

 “Nope.”  I smirked. “Scorpius, you are an idiot.”

 “It takes one to know one.” Scorpius stuck out his tongue.

“Your maturity astounds me.”

It was just then when Albus strolled over, his hands rooted firmly in his pockets. “Sorry I’m late.” Scorpius just smiled at him, completely forgiving him. “I got held up.” He was an expert at saying sorry even though you knew deep down, he didn’t really mean it. He was dressed casually, like he had just chucked them on without looking. I suddenly felt awkward in my dress. He ignored me, instead his attention finally settled on Harper. “Hi Harper, I’m Albus.” He held out his hand for her to shake. What was this? 1979? The only person I’ve ever seen perform a handshake is my dad with men that were even older than he was. He wasn’t cold to her like he often was to me. His tone was warm, almost welcoming.  I took another swig of my butterbeer. Man, this stuff was sweet. It surprised me everytime.

“Hi.” Harper replied, almost dumb stuck. I almost rolled my eyes. Albus isn’t anything special, only the son of someone who is. Even then he was only made special because of certain circumstances.

“We haven’t talked before have we?” He asked and I snorted. Albus doesn’t talk to people that often. I get the feeling that he believes that they are beneath him. He’ll participate in conversation if someone talks to him but he’d never seek it out on his own. Even then, if he doesn’t want to talk to you, you know it. He gives you that certain look that tells you you’re not worth his time and he’d wish you’d shut up. I’ve seen it many times.

“No.” Harper smiled. “We haven’t.”

“Well, I guess that will change.” He told her and I looked at him angrily. She gets this passive nice albeit a little fake Albus and I get the angry one that doesn’t stop spewing venom at me. I finished my drink in one gulp. I would never figure out the boy. This is what annoyed me the most. I had always thought that I was good at understanding at people but it turns out I was truly rubbish. I couldn’t understand why Scorpius insisted on spending time with me, why my brother refused to notice me, why Fred still talked to me even though I was vile to him and why Albus has multiple personalities. What was the real one? Was it the snarky sarcastic boy who had fire or this carefree passive boy? Or maybe that wasn’t him at all.

“I’ll go and get some drinks now that you’ve arrived Al and we’ve all finished.” Albus nodded. “Let’s go Harper.” Harper stood up and followed him as he walked away from the table. I closed my eyes to block out the world for a moment. Scorpius had left me alone with Albus even though he now had realized we don’t get on. He gets smarter every day.

Albus smirked. “Hello Nott.”

I frowned at him. I would rather sit in silence. Thank you very much Potter, please stick to my wishes.  

“You may have noticed I haven’t choked in my sleep.” He continued smugly and I looked away. “How have you been?” He was playing with me, teasing me, waiting for me to break. I wouldn’t. I could play his game.

“I’m good.” I offered curtly.

“You’re shit at conversation Philippia.”  He stated.

“Ever thought I don’t want to talk to you?”

“And what are you doing right now?”

“I’m just explaining that I don’t want to talk to you.” I trailed my fingers across the table. It wasn’t sticky, this made me pleased.

“But to do that you have to talk to me.”  He smirked.

“You’re being annoying Potter.”

“So are you.” He retorted.

“Stop talking to me then.” I told him.

“You stop talking to me.” He bit back.

“This is childish.” I sighed.

“You’d know a lot about being childish wouldn’t you?”  He hummed softly underneath his breath. He found this amusing; I found this annoying. It was somewhat draining and testing patience on my worn nerves.

“Do you know what I think-” I began.

“-If I wanted your opinion, I would have kicked your kennel.” He cut me off.

I glared at him even though I had no idea what he was saying but it sounded offensive. “I don’t know what a kennel is.”  I rolled my eyes.

“I forgot you’re a stuck up Pureblood who knows nothing about the world around them.” He then rolled his eyes. He was mocking me. This boy does my head in.  It seemed that every time I was in Albus’ company, I always got furious at something. Nobody else did this and I wasn’t sure why Albus could do this to me. Who did he think he was anyway? He didn’t know anything about me.

I frowned deeply. “That isn’t fair.” He just shook his head so I continued. “I know a lot of things actually. I know that if I start leaving vowels off my sentences, I sound ghetto…whatever ghetto is. I think it might be a person. ” I did know a lot of things but there was also a lot of things I didn’t know. I couldn’t help it that my parents lived as wizards and not Muggles. I had most of my experiences through Cassie. It was her car that I dangled out of the window and almost fell out. It was her who read me Muggle fiction, even though I hated it all. She also was the first person to give me peas but I don’t think that counts. “But I didn’t think you were caught up in all that blood status rubbish.” I was accusing him now. Two could play at this game.

“Aren’t you? Families like yours are.” He was being an idiot. He was acting like blood status mattered. It didn’t and it never would. I mean just look at me, I’m a pureblood and I am crap at magic.

“Scorpius is from a family like mine. Does he care about blood status?” Albus thought about it for a moment and he said nothing. I smirked, I had got him. Scorpius just liked people. Scorpius’ world was simple in essence. The lights were never on. Nobody was ever home but sometimes I think that Scorpius has the right idea. The boy was always happy after all.  ‘“Anyway, Cassie is Muggleborn.” He seemed surprised. It seemed Albus too lived in a bubble in his own world because Cassie doesn’t hide her heritage; she’s proud of it. Either that or he just didn’t care about anyone else. I’m going with the latter option. “I stay at hers in the summer. Her parents are nice.” I shrugged. I didn’t know why I was defending myself against him. I knew who I was. That was the thing that mattered right? Who gives a crap if he thought I was some crazy pureblood? It doesn’t affect him in the slightest. Unless you know, I take over the world. You never know, it could happen. It’s a long shot but the stories I was told at bedtime always told me not to give up hope.  “I don’t care about blood status.” I finished as I fiddled with my sleeve.

“So it seems.” That’s all he said. For some reason, I was expecting an apology of some sort but I had been fooled again. I almost felt like I deserved one. But I also knew I would be waiting forever. Albus didn’t seem like the type to apologize. He was one of the most stubborn people I had ever come across. Apologizing meant accepting defeat. Albus didn’t seem like the type to accept defeat. It was something for once, I understood well. In this world, defeat is not an option. Not now, not ever, so I pressed on.

“You need a personality transplant.” I told him randomly as I chewed on my bottom lip. As soon as I realized I was doing it, I stopped. I had been hanging out with Scorpius way too much; I’m starting to pick up his annoying habits. That’s what happens when you spend time in someone’s presence; they leave imprints on you without your consent. Stupid people! To hell with them all…except Scorpius of course because hell would surely break him, the others could cope, but Scorpius would die. Well either that or he’d try and make friends with the devil. Then the devil would either accept his friendship or kill him. If Albus went to hell, he’d probably take over and rule it.

“You’re one to talk.” He laughed. “Oh miss charming and grace you are.” My eyes narrowed. I was charming!  Always. Was I graceful? Occasionally.  “I mean for one thing, you’ve had this bit of dirt on your face all day.” Before I had even time to be embarrassed or angry, Albus had leaned over and rubbed his thumb across my cheek. I blushed at his touch. He smirked at me. His gaze met my hard eyes. It’s no wonder those emerald eyes broke hearts daily. “There.” He laughed as he moved his hand away and leant back in his chair. “Now you’re fit for a king.” He looked me up and down. “Well, once you brush your hair maybe.” This whole situation had made me nervous. Thus I had run my fingers through my hair all morning and thus, it was now a mess. I scolded myself, my hair wasn’t important and neither was what Albus thought. He could see me at my worst and I wouldn’t care. Even though the boy never had a crease out of place, his skin always clear and even though his hair looked like it had been caught off guard by a tornado, he managed to pull it off.

“Stop looking at me like that.” He was staring at me with interest and it made me squirm in my seat. “And stop insulting my appearance.”

“I’m not insulting it.” He smirked. “I’m just making observations, such as, you need to brush your hair more regularly. How the hell did you get a boyfriend in the first place?” The remark hit me straight in the gut and I found it hard to breathe for a few moments. It stung and I tried to form words, but I couldn’t because my thoughts had been filled with him. I was trying so hard to forget but people were making it impossible. Albus must know how much he had hurt me. He was a witness to the verbal spat with Emilie. He saw me effected yet he still did it.

I looked up at him, for once, unable to hide my feelings. “I don’t understand how anybody loves you.” I whispered.

I tried to close my eyes to remain calm but I couldn’t stop my blood pressure rising to dangerous levels. An angry flush hit my skin. The urge to be violent moved through me. I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t lose my composure. I was better than this. I was better than him or maybe he was better than me. In my angry haze, it was hard to think straight and my thoughts were becoming jumbled. This angry was making me forgot about my appearance, the one that I fought hard to carve out from the one everyone believed I should be like. I opened my eyes to find him scowling at me.

Albus gritted his teeth. His temper went up a notch, tightening his muscles giving him a rigid look. He drummed his hard finger tips on the table.  Albus said nothing as he glared at me and I glared back.

Then Scorpius returned with the drinks, Harper happily grinning behind him. “Sorry, we took so long.” He placed the wobbly tray on the table. How he hadn’t dropped them, I’ll never know. “The queue is so long!” I looked up at Scorpius as I stitched my composure back together. I could manage the rest of the day, I would come undone later.

Albus raised his eyebrow, his anger fading away. He was his normal calm and collected self. “Or you kept on letting people go in front of you?”

Scorpius laughed. “You know me too well!”

I rolled my eyes. “You’ve got to let people stop doing that.”

“Doing what?” He blinked innocently. He truly didn’t know. I almost patted him on the head but I stopped myself. That would be showing affection. For one, I didn’t show affection and two, I couldn’t show anything I didn’t feel. If I patted his head, someone might think I cared about him, I don’t or Albus might think I had a heart, which I didn’t. Grrr! Feel my evil.

“Letting people walk all over you.” I scolded him. “People will just abuse that.”

Harper frowned. “What’s wrong with being nice to people?” Oh my dearest Hufflepuff, you’ve got a lot to learn about the world.

“It tends to backfire.” Albus laughed. “But you should just keep on being nice, Harper.” He looked at her and she fiddled with her fingers. “All kinds of people make the world go around.” He stared at me for a moment and I managed to keep my cool composure. I don’t know how. Maybe the things Cassie had tried to teach me were finally sinking in. “You’ve just got to ignore the moody cow over here.” Screw my composure! I was going to pull his hair until he cried. “She’s angry at the world.”

“-I am not angry at the world, you twat.” The words escaped my lips before I knew it. Albus didn’t deserve the angry emotion points he got for irritating me. He deserved nothing but for some reason, I couldn’t offer him nothing.

Albus chuckled lightly. “Sure you’re not.”

“Now, now children!” Scorpius interrupted. “Be nice to each other.” Albus shrugged and I folded my arms. “Now isn’t this a lovely day?”

“It’s bloody freezing.” I muttered as I sipped my Butterbeer. Some of it dribbled down my chin. I wiped it away quickly, hoping no one had seen but Albus had. He was looking at me with that lethal smile.

“You’re such a lady.” He snickered.

I was about to insult him when Scorpius cleared his throat. “Albus! How is quidditch going?”

Albus grinned at Scorpius; quidditch was something that Albus wasn’t indifferent at. He seemed to love it. “I’ve been working on a few plans.” Scorpius nodded. “But I haven’t got my full team now have I? A few people were 7th years and bloody Emmett has quit the team hasn’t he?”

Scorpius gasped like a little girl. “Emmett loves Quidditch.” I sipped my butterbeer as innocently as I could. I couldn’t help but hide the small smile that found its way to my lips. My strange plan was working. Lily had convinced Emmett to give up something he loved per my request. I was surprised; I thought Lily would fail although I hoped she wouldn’t. Maybe there was more to Lily Potter than I first thought.

“I know.” Albus fumed. I was seeing him display emotion. It made me highly uncomfortable to witness. I had also, in my own way, caused this. “I don’t understand why.”

“Maybe he’s been taken over by aliens.” Scorpius offered before thinking it over. “It’s entirely possible; I watched this TV documentary about these aliens who emerged from these pods looking like six year olds. They fall in love with a few humans, then everything gets complicated and they have to leave cause the FBI, whatever that is, are being big fat meanies! It was a fascinating story. I would have loved a proper ending though, but it’s never been on the news so I guess, this FBI thingy never found them eh?” Scorpius sighed dreamily.

Albus laughed loudly. The sound was mesmerizing and easily catchable. Soon, I found myself laughing, and then Harper laughed while Scorpius looked puzzled. I didn’t know exactly what I was laughing about but it didn’t stifle the laughter. I think I was laughing at the fact that Scorpius believes in aliens.

“Scorpius.” Albus started as soon as he could stop himself from laughing. “That wasn’t real. It was a TV series called Roswell. Aliens don’t exist.”

Scorpius looked crushed. “Really?”

Albus nodded. “Yep.”

Scorpius eyed him. “Is there any proof to prove that the existence of aliens doesn’t exist?”

“Nope.” Albus answered. “But there isn’t any proof to prove they exist either.”

“I’m still a believer. One day, I shall find an alien and call it Chalky.” He was so hopeful. He actually still believed in aliens.

“Scorpius.” I tried to reason with the boy. “I’ll humour you, let’s just say that if aliens did exist, how would you know what one looked like? They could look exactly like you or I.”

Scorpius frowned. “Is this a subtle way of you confessing you’re an alien Pippa?” Albus sniggered and I frowned.

“No, I am not a bloody alien!” I remarked, frustrated.

“That’s exactly what you’d say if you were an alien and you were trying to hide your existence. Like if a Muggle came up to me and said, hey bro, you a wizard? I’d say no wouldn’t I?”

“Knowing you, you’d accidentally say yes.”

“Scorpius.” Harper smiled softly. He looked at her warmly. “I don’t think your cousin is an alien because wouldn’t that make you part alien too? And you’re not an alien.”

“But what if this alien Pippa stole the real Pippa?” He stared me down. “Where is my cousin? Give her back!” He ordered.

“Right here Scorpius, unfortunately.” Oh, how I wish I was any place but here right now. I would rather be getting eaten by a flobberworm that listen to my deluded cousin any longer.

“But that’s what you’d say if you’ve stolen my cousin and are pretending to be her.”

“This is getting ridiculous.” I sighed, running out of patience with my cousin. I was getting ready to deliver a smack down on him. This is worst when he thought I was Satan and kept on throwing holy water on me when I was nine. I eventually convinced him that I wasn’t Satan but he still wore that cross necklace and ate a garlic tablet everyday for a whole year. That was one smelly year. “I’m not an alien. I never was and I never will be. If I was an alien, I would have killed you by now or sent you to a different planet.”

“Hmmm, I’m still not-“

“-One more word and you will be in a world of pain.” I warned and Scorpius finally decided to shut up. Ah, the boy has some common sense about him after all. “Anyway.” I changed the subject as I mentally scanned my list of questions that Cassie told me to ask earlier. “How did you guys meet?”

Scorpius blinked. “In Hogwarts.”

“Well that’s surprising.” I sighed. “I mean, I know you met in Hogwarts, but how?”

“Well, I was strolling around the hallways looking for you actually and-”

I never got to hear the end of Scorpius’ story because that’s when Fred entered The Three Broomsticks in a tizzy. His clothes were crumpled, he was out of breath and he stared me down with manic eyes. “Pippa.” He wheezed. “You’ve got to come. Something’s happened to Cassie…she’s hurt.”  

Oh shit.


The Next Time On The Human Factor

I curled up next to her frame on the bed. The stupid nurse would have to drag me away kicking and screaming if she wanted to remove me. I was staying here until she woke up. She breathed softly and I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Her lipstick was faded which I knew would embarrass her. Her lipstick was some sort of defence and I wouldn’t let these people see her look anything other than her best.

“All of you need to piss off.”

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The Human Factor : The One With Scorpius’ Girlfriend


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