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The Human Factor by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 6 : The One Where Everyone Has Issues
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. I wish I did. I’d be rich.

Authors Note: Hi. How are we all today? Good I hope?  Here we are at number six! Thanks so much for your support so far, it means a lot to me and it’s the reason I stop being lazy and just write the chapters.

Sorry this update was a bit slow. Hopefully college gets better and I get more free time. Something amazing happened, I got made a validator at HPFF!  I’m really loving it so far.

Please tell me what you think! I’d love to hear it.

This chapter uses quite a bit of bad language, please don’t read if offended.

Thanks so much for StEpH_M for being my beta.


Chapter Six-
The One Where Everyone Has Issues

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“I don’t want your future ugly first born." - Pippa Nott

The sun glittered on my skin as I lay on the grass. He smiled at me as he tucked the strand of my hair that always fell in front of my face behind my ear.

“Pippa.” He breathed. I loved the way he spoke my name, he made it sound like a piece of poetry. “We need to talk.” I felt like I had been stabbed in the gut as I waited. He stared into my eyes, he was a master at torture. “You need more sleep. You look tired.”

“Why sleep when I actually like reality?”

“Sleep isn’t an option Pippa, it’s actually needed.” He ran his hair through his fingers as I looked at him with an innocent smile.

Love me, Love me, Love me.

“I’ll work on it.” I replied, giving in. It wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t sleep. “Is there anything else you need to talk about?”

“I don’t know where to begin.”

I kissed him. His kisses were like my drug that I wasn’t planning on giving up any time soon. I craved them, I needed them. He kissed me back with full force as he wrapped his hands around my waist. I smirked against his lips, he still wanted me. I still had the same affect on him as the first time. It wasn’t over yet. He wouldn’t leave me.

“I don’t know what to do.” He muttered softly as his fingers trailed my face.

“Just shut up.” I whispered before placing my lips against his as I stroked my hand up and down his back.

“Okay.” He whispered before kissing me.

Although everything was alright for now, I couldn’t shake the sickness inside my stomach.


I woke up startled and drenched in sweat. I had dreamt of him.

Him. Him. Him.                                                                            

I had cursed myself, I should never have let myself fall asleep because he plagued my nightmares.  He was the reason I was afraid of sleeping because every time I closed my eyes, he would be there with that aloof smile of his. His eyes bright and full of life. It was before everything was ruined.

It was simple, one day he was there, the next he wasn’t. He left and he exploded my world into little bits. I didn’t understand it then and I’m not closer to understanding now. One minute he loved me, the next he didn’t. He told me I was a professional at self destruction and ruining things. I told him he was perfect. He said he couldn’t fix me, I told him he was the only thing keeping me together.

I was a fool; I think I was in love.

I slipped out of my bed and wrapped my arms around myself. Cassie was sleeping, her hair was sprawled across the bed, a small smiled played upon her lips and she was drooling slightly. It was an attractive sight. I walked into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath for a while as I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration. I tried to shut down my thoughts but they flooded my brain.

I often thought I was in a different world when I was with him; the world was brighter and better. The birds sang and nothing was impossible. But I was stupid, I was blinded. The world didn’t change it was just the same old bitter world who enjoyed messing with me. I was a different person with him, I was fake and I wasn’t me. He would never have loved the real me. I thought that maybe he could, but when I revealed the disappointment that is me, he said good bye.  I tried to be perfect for him, I failed.

I walked over to the sink and turned on the tap as I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was static. It needed a good brushing. My skin was pale and I needed several years of sleep. He always did have this ability to make everything seem shittier than it was. I turned the tap off and splashed my face.

He told me I was his reason for living. He lied because he’s surviving without me. He said he was happy to have me in his life then he proceeded to kick me out of it. He said he’d never break my heart, but stamped on it until it stopped.  He said he would always be here for me, but where is he now? He told me always and forever and I believed him. He didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean anything he said.

Love was supposed to be a game but we all couldn’t win. I was a loser. I would never win at this game called love. So I have given up on it, given up on it all.

People are people, sometimes it doesn’t work out. People clash and people hurt each other.  Sometimes love isn’t enough, especially a love that isn’t real in the first place.

He broke something inside of me and it took a long time to put myself back together. Those were the days I slept a lot. These are the days where I don’t sleep at all. Cassie helped to stitch me back together. If I didn’t have her, I would have gone crazy.

I splashed my face cold water again. I breathed it. It was okay. I would be okay. He was my past and I had to focus on the future. I wouldn’t allow myself to think of him.

I could do this.

I pulled the plug on the sink and I watched the water drain. I wouldn’t allow this to mess with my head. I tiptoed across the room, grabbed the clothes I had laid out the night before and went to the bathroom to get ready.

Once I was ready, I quietly slipped out of the dormitory. I didn’t want to wake anyone up as it was Sunday, so everyone slept in. I didn’t know why I worried, all the people in my dormitory slept like the dead. I stuffed my wand in my pocket for emergencies.

I walked down the stairs, humming to myself. Today, I was going to learn how to play Quidditch. It would be a good day. Hopefully, I’ll find that I suddenly have skills and I don’t completely suck.

That’s the dream anyway. No harm with having a dream.

I strolled into the common room and I subconsciously glanced around to see if anyone was in there because I always liked to know what I was dealing with. I heard some soft breathing as I investigated. I found the person quickly, considering I am a super sleuth and the common room isn’t that big.

Albus Potter.

I stared at him. Unlike last time, his sleep was peaceful. He was casually sprawled on the sofa without a care in the world. I frowned at him as the grumpiness of the morning kicked in. I pointed my wand towards the boy as I muttered a spell quietly. I smirked, staring at my work.

The day had started to look up.

Crap! I thought as something came to me. I had forgot to write Cassie a note telling her I where I was going. Cassie likes to know where I am. Otherwise she starts to panic that I have succumbed to an early demise. I ran up to the dorm.

“Accio quill and paper!” I muttered as soon as I entered the dorm. The quill and paper flew towards me. I put my wand down on the bed and I scribbled a note.

C -

I’m learning how to play Quidditch, I’m at the pitch if you need me. Don’t touch my stuff, I’ll know if you have.

-          P

I stuffed it in her sleeping hand and ran out of the room.

I arrived at the pitch at half eight. I was late, I always was. I was a control freak who didn’t quite get the concept of time. I had never been early for anything. It was one aspect of my personality that seemed to grate on people but it wasn’t like I hadn’t tried to destroy this part of me. I had left places really early to actually get there on times only to find I ended up lost or I got distracted like that time I spent an hour in a field crushing flowers because Damien had upset me that morning. My penchant for lateness was who I was but that didn’t mean I liked it. My stomach would always be tied in death hold knots as I strolled up to the person I was meant to be meeting. The familiar look of disappointment would always be there, grinning and taunting me.

“Pippa, you’re late.” Fred remarked. I scanned him for anger but I found none. “But I knew you would be. Damien says you couldn’t be on time if it was to save your life.” A small smile perched itself upon my lips. I didn’t know why.  “He said you’d be at least an hour late but you’re only half an hour. I’m proud of you Pippa.”  He brushed his fingers through his dark hair.

“Thanks.” I pulled a bobble off my wrist and tied my hair up into a ponytail. I figured flying would be hard when the wind had turned your hair into Medusa’s snakes. I didn’t want my own hair whipping me in my face. I could lose an eye. It wouldn’t be a great look. “I think I should warn you, I’m a lousy at flying.”

Fred looked confused for a single moment before he blinked it away.  “Why do you want to learn how to fly Pippa?”

“Because certain people need to learn their lesson.” I muttered. Oh crap. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone.  I wished the ground would swallow me up in a giant whole and never let me out again. I coughed. “Only joking, I like toffee.” I told him as he raised his eye brow. Toffee? I like toffee? That was the best thing my brain could have thought of in those single moments? Toffee? I don’t even like toffee. I’m more of a fudge girl. Toffee takes too long to eat and it hurts my jaw. “What I actually mean is I’m a little bit sleep deprived so ignore the garbage that is coming out of my mouth.” Ah! Brain, you’re back. It’s nice to see you again. I’ve missed you, please don’t leave me again, I’m needy.

“Yeah, I can tell.” He smirked as he eyed me.

I frowned. “Are you telling me I look like utter crap Fred Weasley?” I had used his full name. He just got owned. I would sell him and get enough money for a bar of chocolate. Oh! I could just imagine it now. Maybe Fred was even worth two bars of chocolate. Now that would be heaven. Two whole bars of chocolate just for one whimsical boy? Sounds like a good deal to me.

“Erm.” Fred stuttered as I gave him my first prized death glare. “What I meant to say was that you look tired...” I just stared at him. “Not that you aren’t nice looking or anything like that, well…when you smile you are…your frown sort of scares me…no offence…erm…it’s not like it’s not a nice frown or anything like that erm-“

“-Fred.” I interrupted.

“Yes?” He gulped.

“Shut the hell up.” I smiled sweetly. “Or prepare to die.”

“Got it.” He nodded smiling to himself. “Even though, if we were to fight, you’d lose.”  He was taller, broader than me, but so was that chunky tree in the distance.

“The only weapons I have are words.” I sniggered. “That and my brilliant mind which is full of cunning plans.” Fred snorted. I glared at him, he shrugged. “I have plans Fred, just you wait. You’ll see.” Then I cackled. Oh my god. I just cackled like a witch! Ah crap! I am a witch. I meant cackled like a story book witch. You know the cliché ones with moles on the end of a hook nose and green skin? Plus they are always slightly bitter and always old. My mom once told me bitterness came with age because you stopped being able to see the things you could before. Life has a habit of wearing you down unless you find happiness in misery.

“Did you cackle?” Fred asked with raised eyebrows.


“I swear you just did. “

“No, I didn’t.” I denied. “It never happened.”

“Alright, you weirdo, you didn’t.” Fred paused. “But you so did.” He grinned at me before laughing.  “You cackle! It was so funny, please do it again, I’ll give you money, my first born, anything you want!”

“I don’t want your future ugly first born.”  I folded my arms across my chest grumpily.  

“My first born wouldn’t be ugly with me as its father.”

“I beg to differ you fool!”

“Oh, rush me to the burn unit!” Fred clutched his heart as if he was in deep pain. “That cut deep, Pippa. I don’t know whether I can go on living with this knowledge; that you think I’m a fool.” Then Fred fell to the floor and lay there for a while. “If you haven’t realized, this is me dead on the floor.” He then pulled a weird looking dead face. I pity the fool who dies looking like that. I hope I’m frowning, I want to be like I was in life; a grumpy git. I just stared at Fred. “Dude! Don’t you care that I’m dead? It’s your fault! You broke my heart and I simply couldn’t continue living.”

“You’re a big drama queen.”  I poked his leg with my foot. “And I have news for you, sweetie; the dead don’t speak.”

“Then I’m a zombie, baby.”

“Don’t baby me.” I warned him.

“Don’t sweetie me.” He smirked.

“You’re so funny sweetie.”  I mocked him.

“Oh baby, if you weren’t the one, I’d left by now.”  He smirked. “I invented this game Pippa, you won’t win.”

The game was simple, whoever freaked out first lost. I freaked out about a lot of things but I could handle vomit inducing words against me. I mean, my mother calls me her little pip.

“Pumpkin, why are you so bitter?”

“Because of you my cuddle bug, you’ve driven me to insanity.”

“Oh honey, I can change!”

He sat up. “You said that the last time princess.” He wiped fake tears from his eyes. “But you lied didn’t you?”

I pouted. “I’ll try for you, give me a chance darling!” I held out my hand. He took it but pulled me down with him. Fred had just pulled me onto the grass; I was going to kill him. It was slightly muddy and I was going to get grass stains. Grass stains are a bitch to get out. I had them on my knees and elbows because I hadn’t fallen down gracefully. My life is over. Fred was a lot cleverer than I thought. I frowned, Fred couldn’t possible know about my little quirks. Before today, we had barely spoken but he put me at ease. I didn’t understand how he did it but I was becoming comfortable with him. Not comfortable enough to show I was insane, comfortable enough to show I was weird. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted another person in my life. I didn’t understand this nor did I know what was happening. This put me on edge slightly. Maybe I was overacting; perhaps Fred would never speak to me again. Perhaps I’m dreaming. I needed to clean. I scrambled up and tried to neaten myself up as I sat next to Fred on the dirty grass. I tried not to shudder as I imagined the germs crawling on my skin.

“Okay flower, but break my heart again and we’re over.”  Fred laughed. “And if you cackle again we’re over because I don’t like it.” He paused as I breathed in the air. “You know what Pippa?”


“You’re not so bad.” He smiled softly at me.

I felt sick. I wasn’t a good person. I sighed, Fred would soon learn about the person I was and he wouldn’t like what he would see. His illusion of me would be shattered. I wasn’t the person he thought I was. Just like he wasn’t the person I thought he was.  “I’m not good Fred, I just am.”

“I think you’re too negative on yourself. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t believe in yourself.” I believed I could take down Albus Potter. I think that counts.

“Save your fucking lecture Fred. I don’t want to hear it.” The venom poured out of my mouth, attacking the boy who had only ever shown me kindness. He didn’t deserve it, I knew that but I couldn’t stop. “You don’t know anything about me so don’t try to understand because you never will.”

“Oh really?” Fred laughed. It wasn’t his kind laugh that I was used to. It was mocking. “I know that you used to be different, then shit happened. Yeah, your best friend hurt you, then your boyfriend and they both left you but-” Fred stopped suddenly. He stared at me with this knowing look. He understood. I closed my eyes for a few moments. I pushed people away because I was petrified of getting hurt again. I didn’t want anyone to get that close. I didn’t want to care about anyone. “I get it.” He sighed. “I got a little too close with a tiny compliment and now you’re freaking out. Your brother said you had some issues but this is ridiculous!” I ignored him stared at my shoes. They had mud on them, they would need cleaning later. I made a mental note to do it as soon as possible. I would make them shiny and perfect again. “Pippa, not everyone is out to screw you over. I’m only trying to be your friend; you don’t seem to have a lot of those.” He waved his hands in front of my face. “Look at me and listen.”

“No you listen.” I argued as I avoided eye contact. If I got eye contact, I would melt and become his friend. This couldn’t happen. “It’s just best if you stay away from me.” I was brilliant at pushing people away who tried to get close. I should teach a master class on it.  “I’m sorry I asked you to teach me.” This was a lie. I was enjoying myself before I felt suffocated.  “I’m only learning to screw someone else over.” I covered my mouth, I had said too much. I always say too much, I need to learn when to just shut the hell up. “Just ignore anything I say. Okay?” I panicked, as I thought about him judging me, him finding out about my beautiful plan and ruining it.

Fred opened his mouth to say something but he never got the chance.

“…What’s going on here?” Damien asked with James by his side. Damien grinned at me as I took in the situation. So, I was a little too close to Fred’s face. Yes, we were invading each others personal space but it was all innocent. I coughed at I moved away from Fred a little.

“Absolutely nothing.” I replied.

“Hmm.” Damien said, clearly not believing me.

“I complimented your sister and she went ballistic.” Fred answered. “She has issues.”

“Welcome to my world.” Damien replied as I glared at him. I did not have issues! I was a perfectly functioning person…okay, so maybe I did but doesn’t everyone?  I mean you only have to take a glance at the people in my life to show that being normal is actually odd.

I mean James kept a man-journal until he was fourteen.  He only stopped because I found it and read little abstracts over the dinner table and kept quoting my favourite lines to him.  It was basically James being a bit whiny about his hair, his insane family and the fact that he talked to his pet lizard, Crippen everyday.  He also called his man journal Cleopatra. If that’s not weird, I don’t know what is. Damien only learnt his right from left at twelve and used to own a teddy bear called Cliff.  Cassie has already name her future children and once delivered a smack down on me because I hid the ketchup. And Scorpius? I’m surprised he can get himself dressed in the morning.

“Damien, do you really want to start this game?” I told him grumpily. “Because hey, I’m your sister, I know things.” I knew today was Sunday and my name was Pippa. Everything else is up for debate.

“Okay, whatever Pippa.” Damien brushed me off. My brother has this serious problem of not taking me seriously. “So, how is the lesson going?” He asked casually, but I knew he was interested. There was probably a bet somewhere in the mix that Damien was riding on. James and Damien like making bets. It’s how the losers passed the time.

“We haven’t started yet.” Fred laughed. “Okay, to begin lets pick up the damn broom.” We stared at each other for a moment before normalcy returned. We had made a silent agreement to take ten steps back to when everything was normal. I knew I would never talk about it again, I wasn’t that sure about Fred.

I stood up and I picked up the broom. “It’s a bit heavier then I thought it would be.” I remarked as James laughed, Damien slapped his forehead and Fred just sighed. “What?” I shrugged. “It is.” I always thought they were lighter.

“Just sit on it and kick off.”

“Easier said that done.” I muttered as I sat on the broom. Thank god for cushioning charms. “So I just kick off now?” I asked, a little hesitation creeping into my voice.

“This is going to be funny.” Damien snickered.

I kicked off and I was hovering. Holy crap. This was scary. I understood why Scorpius was scared of heights. I was only about ten inches from the ground and I was almost ready to give up because I kept on having visions of me falling off and dying. I didn’t want to die. I was not ready to die. I hadn’t caused enough trouble for people yet.

“Philippia Nott!” Someone yelled which startled me so I tumbled onto the floor clumsily. All those lessons about how to be graceful was clearly a waste on me. Mum would be so disappointed.

“Ouch.” I muttered as I rubbed my hands. “Who the hell yelled because I’m going to kick their-” I didn’t finish because I was confronted with a very pissed looking Albus Potter. I quickly brushed myself off the floor.  “Hi Potter, what’s up?” I asked with a fake smile.

What’s up?” Albus hissed. “This!” He pointed to his forehead. Oh, he finally realized I had written idiot on his forehead then.

I tried to look understanding but I was finding it hard not to laugh. “Oh my gosh Potter, who did that?”

“I think you know who did it.”

I shrugged. “I actually don’t.”

Albus held up the palm of his hand. I read the writing on it, ‘love Pippa’.  Crap! I had forgotten I marked my handy work. I am so stupid at times. I belong in a house with other stupid people. I should not be allowed to converse with normal, intelligent people. I made a mental note next time to not tell my mortal enemy that it was I who drew idiot on his forehead. James, Fred and Damien all burst out laughing.

“Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“Get it off now.”

“That’s not really polite now is it?” I sighed as Albus seethed.

“I mean it! I can’t get it off.”

“That’s because only Pippa can.” Damien joined in as he tried to hold in his laughter. “She’s done that to me hundreds of times, don’t worry, if she doesn’t take it off, it expires in a week.”

“A week?” Albus rubbed his idiot forehead. “That’s far too long. I need you to take it off now.”

“And why would I do a stupid thing like that?”

“Since when did you two go daggers at dawn with each other?” Damien asked, interrupting our sniping.

“Since he was a twat.”

“Since she was a bitch.”

“Oh screw you!”

“I’d rather die.”

“You’ve always been unlikable, now you’re just so ridiculously annoying that every time you speak, I lose my will to live.” I yelled at him. I actually yelled. I didn’t yell that often because I didn’t think people needed to see that they had got to me but this was something different. Hatred prickled my skin, it was like the monster that always lived inside of me was awake and was making up for lost time. Albus brought out my worst side. A side that I wish I didn’t have.

“Pippa.” My brother put his serious voice on. “Fix his damn forehead.”

“I can’t.” I hissed. “I left my wand behind.” I told him. I had left it on my bed this morning when I wrote the note to Cassie. I hope no one steals it again. It took me ages to find it last time.

“Then let’s go.” Albus grabbed my arm and began dragging me to the castle. My brother just stood there and watched. That twat wasn’t even going to come and save me! I could be murdered. It was weird, Damien was always funny about…him but he was fine with Albus kidnapping me. My brother is an oddball. 

“Un hand me you beast!” I muttered. “I won’t do it you know.” Albus said nothing but kept his grip firmly on my arm. “You can’t make me.”

Albus laughed. “Just give it up.”


Albus shook his head with a small smile on his face.


We had made it inside the castle. People were giving us odd looks. I made sure to give a dirty look to everyone. I didn’t want to show favouritism.

“People are giving us weird looks.” I hissed. “I wish every move you did wasn’t scrutinized by everyone.”

“I wish that too.”

I stopped walking and he jerked.

“What the hell?” He snapped. “Come on!”

“Okay.” I said weakly.

Albus shot me one last look before he started walking again. His grip never left my arm. He seemed to know as soon as he let go, I would run. Albus had made confession number two. I really should stop speaking altogether, that way I would never learn things I didn’t want or need to know.

We walked towards the common room. Albus muttered the password before strolling inside with me being awkwardly dragged behind him. He brought me to the entrance of the girl’s dormitories. “I’ll wait here.” He told me. “If you’re not down in five minutes, I’ll send an army up there to get you.” Ah, what a gentleman.

“I’m petrified.” I rolled my eyes as I pushed past him. I hated getting up these stairs, there was too many of them. I huffed and puffed up the stairs. I needed to go running.

I weighed my options as I pushed open the door to the dormitory. Should I remove it? Or should I keep being stubborn? I picked up my wand and twirled it in my fingers. I still needed to get on the team and the captain hating me doesn’t bode well. Maybe I should beg for his forgiveness and say I was sorry? Hmm, that doesn’t sound like something I would ever lower myself to.

I decided I would just figure it out when I saw him, because time was ticking and I didn’t doubt that a crazy army was waiting in the shadows. I cursed, this was my bloody life? This was ridiculous.  I wanted a refund or an exchange.

When I got downstairs, I found myself presented with an unusual sight. Albus was talking to Emilie. Before now, I didn’t know that they even knew each other; then again, I had never really paid attention to Albus much. He got attention off everyone else, why did he need mine? Emilie was smiling at him and Albus was staring at her with his normal blank look. A look that is encrypted, you can neither tell if he’s interested or if he’s being bored to death.

Emilie spotted me first. Her dark eyes grew cold at my presence. “Nott.” She smirked. I just stared at her. Usually Emilie and I exchange no words. We were too above ourselves to argue with each other. We had too much pride. I thought I had missed the words but now I’ve got them back, I realized I actually preferred the silence. “It’s been a while, bitch face.”

“Always the pleasant one aren’t you?” I shrugged. “It obviously hasn’t been long enough.”

Emilie rolled her eyes.

I rolled my eyes.

Emilie frowned.

I frowned.

Emilie glared.

I glared.

Emilie delivered a cruel blow. “I see he has finally left you.” My composure crumpled a little. I would not break in front of Emilie. “I mean, it’s about time. He was only deluding himself when he said he loved you.” I bit my lip. “I mean, you’re nothing special and you never deserved him.” I must not break Emilie’s perfect nose. Not again anyway. “I guess things worked out in the end didn’t they?” Her eyes twinkled.

I opened my mouth to say something but I never got the chance.

“Lay off, Emilie.” Albus rolled his eyes. “I mean, did you take an extra dose of bitch this morning?”

Emile frowned and shook her head. “You’re an idiot Potter.” With that, she walked off like a puppy with her tail between her legs.

“What did you do that for?” I shouted. “I had it completely under control!”

Albus laughed. “When did you have it under control? Before or after you were going to cry?”

I gasped. “I was not going to cry!” I do not cry. Not now, not ever.

Albus rolled his eyes. “Sure, you weren’t.”

“I don’t need you to come in and save me you know, I can fight my own battles.”

“You’re doing a splendid job of it so far. You let that girl talked to you like you were crap. You just took it.” Albus shook his head. “I’m surprised, normally you’re like a bull in a china shop, crashing, destroying, not a meek little doll. You’re a girl with a big mouth.”

I pointed my wand at him and muttered the spell. In seconds his forehead was back to normal. “There!” I yelled furious. “Now go away.” I wished he would crawl into a hole and die. “And don’t go lecturing me. Since when do you stick up for strangers? You don’t give a crap about anyone but yourself.”

“I could say the same thing about you.”

“Do you know what? I don’t need this.” I ran towards the stairs. I looked at him. “Goodnight, I hope you choke in your sleep later on.” In that moment, that was the only thing I would have wished for. I was a bitter little sod, but so was Albus. I had seen a spark tonight; the anger brought the puppet to life. A little switch clicked and I was in the presence of the real Albus Potter.

I never wanted to see that person again.

Because that person made me feel something real and I hadn’t felt something like that for a while.


Next Time On The Human Factor

 “-You’re weird.” He blinked at me. “Anyway, my dearest favourite cousin-“

“Hey!” Damien yelled. “Favourite? I’m the favourite! I’m always the favourite.” He rambled. I think Damien has issues. It is true though, people always seem to like him the best except with Granddad Nott. He loves me because I am not a blood traitor Gryffindor. I have yet to tell him about my muggle born best friend. That can wait until hell freezes over.

“Chill, Damien.” Scorpius ordered and Damien just scowled. “Alright, my favourite female cousin-“


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