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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 25 : Showers, Gertrude, Clive And Me
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Dislcaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. Nellie & Izzie are mine. I also don’t own Narnia. Mostly everything you see belongs to JK.

Author’s Note I apologize for the shortness of this chapter. It’s just as I was writing, the rest of the chapter started not to fit. It just seemed weird. Too much drama for one chapter. And, I mean drama and it sort of needs a chapter to itself. Lucas, Sarah & Drama that Nellie doesn’t even know about it happening.

This chapter just sort of hurries the plot along, the next chapter is where all the real stuff happens. Thanks everyone for all the amazing reads and reviews. We’re almost at 800 and that’s huge! The next chapter will be longer.

What music inspires you? I keep on listening to the same songs and it’s killing my mojo.

I also have started a new story. It’s on my authors page if anyone wants to take a look. I’m really excited about it. I rewrote it like five times before I came to current storyline.

I am also open for questions again, so if anybody wants to ask me a question, feel free to do so on the forums.

I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Have a great new year everyone

Comments and opinions are welcomed.

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“It’s just that your boyfriend wouldn’t like it.” - Sirius Black

Chapter Twenty-Five -
Showers, Gertrude, Clive And Me

What would you say to the boy you feel is the rice to your pudding?

I bet, on Izzie’s face, that covering him in vomit was not on your list. Maybe give him a bunch of flowers, shower him with chocolate, pat his head, fluff his pillow so he doesn’t strain his neck. Not cover him in alcohol induce vomit. Am I right? That’s good, Izzie gets to keep her face.

I’ve never been able to handle my drink. I admit it. A lot of people can’t but yet they still do it. I’m not a complete prat drunk, it‘s just one drink and I‘m looking in wardrobes for the pathway to Narnia. I rarely get angry at people, I’m just more annoying and my thoughts will never stay locked inside my head like they should. I’m a good drunk, except for the end of the night where my head is in the toilet. There was only that one time where I was on holiday with Izzie and I tried to seduce this boy called Patrick. Long story short, I made up that I had a ‘party move’ and he ended up in hospital with a broken nose when my flying spoon trick went badly wrong. But that was only the one time. That springs to mind anyway. Anyway, he nose healed eventually, albeit a bit crooked but that’s not the point!

Sirius is staring at me like I have two heads and have escaped from the circus. I am lying here, almost dead and still quite drunk. I mean for starters, who knew that Sirius had three arms? I am sure he doesn’t but my vision is trying to fool me into thinking he has.

“I think.” Sirius paused for a moment as he took in a sharp breath of fresh, non smelling of sick, air. “That we should go back.” I frowned. I had ruined it all hadn’t I? This was a chance to spend some quality time with Sirius and I end up throwing up on him. I sat up and looked at him. “Don’t give me that look Nellie.” What look? The can’t you just put up with the sick look? “I don’t mean to end our partying.” The moonlight highlighted his perfect, high cheek bones, the glossy black colour of his hair and my sick of course. “It’s just, I need to get showered and changed, because I’m covered in sick and you stink of sick too, so you might as well get showered too.” I raised my eyebrow. “Not together obviously. That would just be weird.”

“Am I supposed to be offended by that remark?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.

“No.” Sirius said, as he stood up and pull me with him. “It’s just that your boyfriend wouldn’t like it.” He responded, his voice hollow and my face couldn‘t mask the hurt those simple eight words had on me. Not even all the alcohol in the word could of softened that gentle blow.

We couldn’t escape Lucas..

Lucas didn’t even have to be in the same room and he was already causing problems for us. I didn’t want to talk about him. When mine and Sirius relationship dominated my life over my own obsessing; I could barely remember him sometimes.

The way Lucas drapes his arm around my shoulder, the way his lips feel against mine, that he laughed at all my jokes, even the ones that were never funny and the way he tried to stop me from attending tonight. Other times though the memories screamed at me, painting a picture of what my life would be like if I could only get over Sirius. Memories that ripped me apart. The times when I should have been thinking about Lucas and Sirius was the only presence in my mind.

The amount of times I wished Lucas was Sirius is shameful. The fact that every time I shut my eyes, I can see Sirius staring back at me. Even in my dreams doesn’t get the story right. It paints Lucas as the bad one in all of this when in fact that person is actually me.

I followed him as quietly as I could, we entered the common room and the party was still carrying on. How James is getting away with this I’ll never know. People were dancing, getting a little bit friendly, drinking. The room was packed. Me and Sirius managed to get through relevantly unnoticed, or if people did notice us, they would avoid us like we had the lurgy. It was probably because we smelled too. “Come Nellie. You can shower in our dorm, I’ll find you something to wear.”

“Why?” I questioned as we walked up the stairs.

“In case you get ill again.” Sirius said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I don’t want to hear that you’ve been found dead tomorrow because you fell and banged your head in the shower. And I won’t fit into any of your clothes, plus it’s a real bugger to get up to your dorm.”

“You don’t have to look after me you know.” I told him. "I can look after myself. Despite what everyone believes."

“I know.” Sirius said quietly. “But I want to.” He shrugged at me. “It’ll give me a piece of mind. Plus, Izzie was having some sharp words with Remus that I don’t want to interrupt them.” Sirius paused to think about something for a while as we entered the room. “Nellie, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.” I said automatically.

“Izzie doesn’t care that Remus is a werewolf does she?”

“No. She doesn’t.” I answered and Sirius nodded, “I mean she’s known for months and still pursued him.” I smiled at him. “None of us care. Remus is Remus. We all have our own freaks, our monsters, it’s just ours are controlled by a different cycle that had nothing to do with the moon.”

“Ah.” Sirius nodded like he didn't really want to hear any more stories about that time of the month. “You want to go first?” He said as he looked through his trunk and pulled out a t shirt and jogging bottoms. “For you.” He put the clothes on the bed before patting them awkwardly.

“No. You go first. I was sick on you after all.” I told him. He looked a little relieved. “I won’t take no for an answer!” I added, just so he wouldn't feel bad.

“Okay Nellie.” Sirius sorted out his clothes for himself before going off to take a shower and leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I sat on the floor; I didn’t want to mess up his bed with my smelly self. Being alone made me ponder the last words Sirius said to me before the incident. What the hell would Sarah have on Sirius that as so important that he doesn’t want the whole school finding out? I wondered whether he would tell me more or was that the only explanation I was ever going to get? And how the hell was he going to get out of this situation? Would he be stuck with Sarah forever?

Maybe he was starting to like her. Maybe he found that underneath the bitterness was a girl who just wanted to be loved. That's what happens ; the cow always has a heart of gold. Maybe he was falling in love with her.

The image of them getting married popped into my head, followed by the image of two perfect looking kids, Gertrude and Clive. I had started hyperventilating by now. Sitting there, tormented by the fact that maybe there was a future for them.

I mean, he would learn to love her eventually and one day, he wouldn’t be able to live without her. I mean, I'd become attract to someone after a long time too, even if we didn't start on the best impressions.

“Nellie.” said, shaking me. The water from his hair flicking in my face. “What’s a matter?”

I hadn't even realized he had finished his shower.

“I don’t want to become an auntie to Gertrude and Clive.” I cried out.

Sirius looked at me oddly. “Nellie. Go and have a shower. You’ll feel better, I promise.” He didn't even ask me who Gertrude and Clive were.

Slowly, I got up and I picked up the clothes and headed to the shower.

I got undressed, turned on the shower and stepped into it. It was refreshing to feel the water against my skin. It was then, I started to cry a little. Tears mixed with the water as I washed by hair with wait for it... the shampoo that Sirius uses!

I will have the most lovely hair when it dries.

Sirius tapped on the door when I was washing my hair for the seventh time. Anything to keep me preoccupied from my tears and those lovely thoughts.

“What?” I yelled, my voice strained as I washed the soapy suds out of my hair and finally began the conditioning process. “Don’t come in because I’m naked." I told him. "I don’t shower with clothes on.”

“Nellie, why are you crying?” Sirius paused. “And don’t try to say you’re not because I can hear you.”

“It’s nothing really. I stubbed my toe." I lied. Being not able to see him made the whole situation easier. "I’m coming out in a bit. Go and get more drink for us.” I said, as I washed the conditioner out.

I sighed as I turned the shower off.

“You sure?” Sirius didn't sound like he thought it was a brilliant idea.

“Yeah.” I told him as I dried off myself and got changed. “Let’s party.”

When I left the bathroom, Sirius was sitting there, with a couple of bottles of drink around him.

That boy sure does know how to cheer me up.

…to be continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And According To Nellie O’Neill.

“So, Sirius.” I said,. “How are you?“ I sat down on his bed. In his lovely smelling Sirius clothes. You know what? I think I might just forgot to give them back. I know, how devious am I? What will I do if he asks for them back? Easy. Pretend I already gave them back to him. Thus making Sirius think he’s gone mad.


I’m evil. I know.

Sirius looked at me oddly for a moment before shaking his head. “I’m good Nellie. Thanks.” He drummed his fingers on the bed.

“So you going to tell me the deal with Sarah or what?” I blurted it out. I wanted to ask gently, maybe even make enough hints that he would just come out and tell me himself.

Oh well, at least I said it.

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