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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 69 : You Were In His Future As Far as He Could See
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Somethin' in your voice caused [him] to turn [his] head
Your smile, just captured [him]
And you were in [his] future as far as [he] could see
And I don't know how it happened, but it happened still
-Kenny Chesney

“Lily, there’s no way in hell I’m wearing this - pregnant, or not.” It was the middle of August. Sirius and I had been living in our new house for about a month. I was about three and a half months pregnant with a baby of an unknown gender.

And, as of that moment, Lily was encouraging me that the frilly, pink bridesmaid dress would compliment my already big stomach (which would be quite the balloon by October, with me five months pregnant, and all.)

At about three months pregnant, the first small bump of baby was popping out of my relatively flat stomach. Something that Sirius made quite a bit of fun of.

But at the moment, the small bulge didn’t matter. What did matter was the ridiculous dress that Lily was trying to put me in. Because Lily and I had no other friends that weren’t boys, and were the only female contact that the either received (for the most part.) I was one of Lily’s only two bridesmaids. (The other being her Muggle best friend.)

However, I was about to put in a condition. One that said, ‘No terrible-looking dresses.’

“But look at it! That pastel pink is absolutely gorgeous!”

I shook my head. “Lily, hun, I know it’s your wedding, but I could never live with myself if I wore that.”

She sighed heavily, and turned the page of the catalogue. “Alright, what about that one . . . To be completely honest, I like it better.”

That dress was much more acceptable, even pretty. It wasn’t that horrible silky material (the kind that would make my baby belly even more pronounced). Rather, it looked soft and stretchy. It was a light shade of purple (but not quite lavender,) and was void of the terrible bows and flowers of the previous one.

“Alright,” I conceded. “But how are we going to have it fitted properly for a five-month-pregnant girl?”

And that set her off in a frenzy. Poor Lily was absolutely frazzled with the wedding. Sirius and James were no help, and I was far more a hindrance than they. If only Dora were here, I thought.

As it was, Lily’s Mum was a wonderful help, as was her Muggle friend, Delia. Lily and Delia had been classmates in Primary school; Delia was a Muggle. A year ago, Lily had admitted the truth about her being a witch to Delia, who had accepted it after a bit of nervous anxiety.

However, Delia wasn’t coming for another fifteen minutes, and I was slowly (and accidentally) unravelling the shreds of Lily’s psyche.

Luckily, Delia was much like Lily . . . Well, actually that usually wasn’t a good thing. But, the fact that Delia and Lily were both insanely early meant that Lily was restored to sanity much sooner. (About fifteen minutes or so.)

“I’m ridiculously hungry,” I announced, after Delia had convinced Lily that the dress would be fine, especially since she was magical and could fix it with the flick of a wand. Lily, who had been too stressed to think of the simple solution (though I hadn’t thought of it either, so who was I to talk,) relaxed immediately. “I’m going to Apparate over to Italy; I’ve got this terrible craving for bacon and pineapple pizza. Anyone else want anything?”

Being pregnant and dealing with cravings was made much easier by the fact that I could Apparate to many parts of the world (so long as it wasn't too far) in few seconds time.

“Yeah, could you pick me up a plain slice?” Lily asked. Delia requested the same.

I popped out and popped back with pizza within a few minutes.

“I love being magic.”


“I hate being magic!” I cried angrily one night, as I cuddled up to Sirius on the couch (we had popped Star Wars into the VHS and were enjoying it thoroughly,) and ate ice cream.

“You don’t hate being magic,” Sirius insisted. “You just hate the fact that your parents can pop in at any time that they want, unannounced.”

I glared at him. “Yeah! Unannounced! Sirius, how can you not hate it?! My parents just walked in on you shagging their five-months-pregnant, out-of-wedlock daughter.”

“Well, we won’t have to worry about that much longer . . . In a couple of weeks that belly’s going to start getting in the way,” Sirius insisted.

I shrugged and pointed out, “There are other ways . . ." I winked suggestively. 

Sirius laughed at the screen as Han Solo warned Luke and C3PO about the violent nature of Wookies. “Chill out with those suggestions, and enjoy Star Wars.”

I laughed along with him and nuzzled happily into his chest.

“Oh, love, I forgot to tell you! I’m going out with the boys tonight; we’re leaving in about a half hour.”

“Okay,” I replied. “I’m rather tired, anyway.” Even though it was barely nine o’clock at night, my eyelids were already dropping, and my mind slowing down.

In fact, it was only a few minutes before I fell asleep, ice cream bowl in hand. I had fallen into such a deep sleep that I didn’t even wake when Sirius crawled out from under me a half hour later.

The next morning, I woke up with sun shining brightly through the front window of our sitting room. My back and neck ached terribly (my back being something that bothered me on a daily basis, at that point,) and the ice cream bowl that I had fallen asleep holding was on the table next to the couch.               

What had awoken me was a crash from the kitchen. I yawned and sat up, rubbing my eyes sleepily.

Hey, it’s Lily’s wedding today.

I stood up slowly and wandered into the kitchen, wondering what the noise was, and what time it was, as well. When I got there, I could do nothing but stand in the doorway and laugh. Sirius was sprawled over a chair, which was sprawled over the floor. The back door was open and one of Sirius’ shoes was off.
He looked blearily up at me. “Get up, you hung-over buffoon.”       

“Stop. Yelling. At. Me.” Sirius’ face was buried in his arms and his legs were thrown over his head in a way that would be extremely painful for anyone short of a contortionist.

I sighed, and decided (since I was too far along in my pregnancy to lift heavy things, apparently,) that I would levitate him to his feet. (Well, I probably couldn't have done it if I was un-pregnant, as well.) Probably a bad idea, seeing as he fell back down immediately after I released him from the spell.

The second time, I sat him in the chair. He slumped down and created a cradle with his arms, letting his head fall roughly into it.

Sighing, and thinking that we’d have to get ready to leave soon, I filled a tall glass of water, put it in front of Sirius, and gave him two Aspirin.

“Drink it, now. Then have some coffee, because we’ve got a wedding to get to . . . I hope that James isn’t as bad as you. Lily will have his head.”

Sirius mumbled a bit. “Backyard . . . sleep . . .grass.”

“Sirius, that makes no sense.”

He repeated, “Backyard!” a little more forcefully.

Humoring him, I went out to the backyard to see what he was going on about.

“Bloody hell!”

James was laying face down in the grass.

Today is not going to be a happy day.

Leaving James there for a few more moments, I raced back into the house and jammed Lily’s telephone number in.

“Delia?!” I cried frantically, when she picked up the phone. “Who’s there so far? Anyone magical?”

“Remus is here,” she replied calmly. “You haven’t seen James, have you? He’s late and Lily’s starting to hyperventilate.”

That’s odd . . . How can he be late? It’s barely ten o’clock . . .

And then I looked at the clock for the first time that morning. Twelve o’clock.

Bloody hell! We’re supposed to be there in half an hour!

“Err . . . I dunno. I’ve been, er, getting ready this whole time. But can you do me a favor and send Remus over? I have something for him . . .”

Delia grumbled, but promised she’d send him in a few minutes, after Lily stopped using him as a replacement for James. (In other words, once Lily stopped screaming at him and running around frantically.)

I hung up the phone quickly and forced Sirius to get up and pushed him into the shower; he immediately sat down. I warned him that if he was not clean and standing by the time I was done with James, then, well, I didn’t really have any threat, but I’d come up with a good one.

I’m getting too fat for this
, I thought miserably, as I rushed outside with a glass of water and Aspirin. I was just sitting James up and coaxing him to take it when Remus showed up at the edge of our property.

“Holy crap!” he cried, running over. “What happened to him?!”

“I could ask you that,” I pointed out, as I shoved one of the white pills into James throat.

“We went out for a bit of drinking last night, James and Sirius stayed to have one more, and that was it!”

I thought of Sirius, sitting in the shower, probably sleeping against one of the tile walls, and James, who seemed to think that the small Aspirin was deadly cyanide rather than something that would help with his hangover.

“I think they had more than one more round.”

Remus nodded, wide-eyed. “I do, too.”

“Alright, well, since no one else knows your super-potent, never-fail hangover cure, give it to this guy, shove him in the shower, and bring him to Lily. You do that . . . I’ve got to take care of Sirius, shower myself, and get us both out of here in twenty minutes, or Lily will have a coronary.”

I rushed back into the house, grumbling to myself, but actually quite proud of how well I could take control of a situation when everyone else was far too drunk and/or hungover to.

I stepped back into the bathroom to see steam pouring over the top of the curtain. Luckily for Sirius, he was standing when I pulled the curtain aside. (Albeit, he was leaning against the wall, but a girl can’t have everything.)

“Okay, you’re done. Time to make room for James.” I pulled him out of the shower, threw him a towel, and directed him out the door, and into the bedroom. Remus practically had to drag James inside.

“Get him in and out in ten minutes. Otherwise, Lily’s going to kill him, and we’ll never get to have another game of Quidditch, again.”

“You got it, boss.” Remus saluted me playfully.

“Okay, Sirius, get your tux on, now.” I pulled the tuxedo (Lily insisted on having what appeared to be Muggle wedding, as to not startle her Muggle guests that didn’t know she was actually a witch,) out of the closet and threw it at Sirius. “Be dressed by the time I get back.”

I hurried out of the bedroom and back into the bathroom, where James was just stepping out in a towel, as good as new. “One day you’re going to have to teach me that cure, Remus,” I remarked.

“You got it, dude.”

“Alright, now get him out and over to Lily.” Remus and James hurried out of the house, to the street corner, and Apparated. (No one could Apparate directly onto or off of the property, do to the barriers Sirius had put up, him being an Order member and everything.)

The picture of James, running out to the street in nothing but a towel was one that I would like imprinted in my mind forever.

As soon as they’d Disapparated, I jumped in the shower, shampooed and conditioned my hair, and jumped out. I used a spell to shave my legs (rather than a sharp razor and my clumsy hand,) taught to me by Bria and Connie - the beauty queens. I rushed out in one of the extra-large towels that were usually for Sirius. (But, as my belly grew, the smaller towels that I used no longer covered up enough to actually dry anything.)

Sirius was just tying his bow-tie when I sped into the bedroom as fast as my legs could carry me. I dropped the towel, pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, and promptly dragged Sirius out of the room, carrying my bridesmaid dress in a bag over my shoulder.

With my soaking hair swinging in my face I made my way to street as fast as I could. (We couldn’t travel by Floo with Sirius in his snazzy suit, and me freshly showered.)

I let Sirius go and we both Apparated on the spot. We ended up just on the edge of the property of James’ parents’ house. We hurried up the freshly-cut lawn and into the house. Sirius ran off when he saw Remus and James and Peter, and I hurriedly made my way up to Lily’s room. (There were so many rooms in that house that we all still had our rooms from years ago.)

When I burst open the door, I saw Lily, standing on a platform in her gorgeous dress. It was tight around her torso, and flowed out from her hips just a little bit. Her long sleeves were completely lace and flowed just past the tips of her fingers.

And her hair was gorgeous, too. Her long, red curly locks were up in a French twist, and had a long veil attached to them.

It all would have been picture perfect if Lily wasn’t sobbing, and her make-up running down her face indefinitely. Beside her, Delia was freaking out, trying to get Lily to stop crying, frantic over what would happen if Lily’s running make-up dripped on her crisp, white dress.

She obviously wasn’t used to magic.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“James isn’t here! He’s not coming; I know it!” Obviously too much in a tiff to stay standing, she hopped off the platform and sulked over to the bed. She collapsed onto it and began to cry some more. “How could I ever expect him to really love me? I was so mean to him for the longest time. I haven’t even let him have sex with me! Why would he ever love someone like me?”

Uh-oh . . .

“Delia, want to handle this?” I squeaked.

She shook her head. “I can’t, I’ve got to get ready.”

Thanks for all the help.

“Lily . . . James is here.”

The heavy sobs stopped, but Lily was still sniffling. “He is?”

“Yeah, he is. And, er, I know he loves you. I’ve know that lovable ol’ lug for practically half my life; he’s the most honest, lovable guy I know . . . All the Marauders are. You’re getting a prize, Lily, but so is he.”

“Oh, Anna ” Lily jumped up from her distraught position and engulfed me in a hug. “Oh, look at me,” she said, running to a mirror. “I’m a mess ”

“Don’t worry, Delia can fix that. D’you think you could help me with this dress? I know it doesn’t fit anymore . . .”

“Anna, I owe you more than that.”

I shook my head, laughing. “All I did was tell you that James was downstairs, waiting for you.”

“No,” Lily insisted. “It was mostly you who helped me see what a mess I’d become all those years ago. And if you hadn’t helped me see, I would never be with James right now. And my life would just be a mess. So, yes, Anna, I owe you everything.”

I smiled. “What are friends for?”


“As the best man, it’s my duty to make a toast, I was informed.” Sirius paused to gesture to Remus and Peter. "And although our other two friends are groomsmen, I am obviously more important so I will be doing all the talking this evening."

Lily and James’ wedding had gone down without a hitch, thanks to Lily’s meticulous planning. (It was a good thing, too, because I didn’t think that Lily’s psyche could take a botched wedding.)

“I can’t believe you guys let him make the speech,” I whispered to Lily and James, as Sirius took his place up on the stage that had been set up for the reception party. “I mean, that’s like sending me up there to make a speech ”

“No,” James insisted. “Sending you up would be a much worse idea.”

I shrugged. I couldn’t argue with someone when they were that undeniably right.

“Well, I’ve know James ever since we were eleven. I met him on the train we take to school every year, and I remember one of the first things he said to me was something along the lines of, ‘Did you see that girl named Lily? She’s just about perfect.’

“And, well, for years and years he loved Lily, even when she was a bitch.”

Strike one.

“But then she got with it. And even then, it took her nearly a year to go with James. Anyone remember what happened . . . I do. James passed out. I don’t know if any of you have ever passed out from the one you love, but James did. I’m not sure if that says he really loves her, or that he’s just a total fruitcake.”

It got everyone laughing, but James turned red. Strike two.

“And they were just the cutest couple I ever did see. And James was totally compliant. I mean, it was an entire year before James got to run into the common room and yell, ‘Guys! Guess what Lily let me get to-”

"Strike three!" I yelled from the side.

Sirius never got to finish. The microphone was knocked from his hand as James leapt onto the stage and tackled him to the ground. Lily, barely able to contain her laughter, ran over to the microphone and said, “Thank you, Sirius, for that lovely speech. Now, let’s party!”


“I can’t believe you went to tell everybody about that time James came into the common room screaming about how Lily let him . . . you know,” I marveled, as Sirius and I stepped back into our own house around one in the morning, after a bitchin’ reception party.

“You would have done the same thing!” Sirius defended.

I nodded, thinking about it. “Yes, but I just can’t believe you said it.”

“Aww, don’t tell me you don’t know me that well after all these years,” Sirius faux-cried.

“Shut up.” I laughed. “Man, I am completely beat . . . But I could wait a little bit for some fun,” I said suggestively.

Sirius raised a brown at me and smirked. “There’s something about you being pregnant that makes you completely horny . . . And I like it!”           

A/N: This chapter is the beginning of a series of rapid-fires. In order to meet my June 30th deadline, you guys are going to get fantastically quick updates. (Which should be -hopefully - easy enough, seeing as I already have most of these ten chapters written.) Anyways, a tentative schedule of updates:

Sunday (7th) - Chapter 70
Tuesday (9th) - Chapter 71
Friday (12th) - Chapter 72
Monday (15th) - Chapter 73
Wednesday (17th) - Chapter 74
Sunday (21st)    -Chapter 75
Tuesday (23rd) - Chapter 76
Thursday (25th) -Chapter 77/ Versicolor Chapter 1

Quite obviously a lot of chapters in a short time . . . The last to updates are tentative, depending on my vacation schedule. But, there it is, folks, the date of the last chapter of Polychromatic. :(

A/N2: Of course, it goes without saying that credit for Star Wars goes to George Lucas. :) If you've never seen it, do so now!

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