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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 55 : Two Hints Lust (Three Hints Guilt)
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Two hints lust then I mix some charm with a dash of wits.
Add some good looks and then,
Close the door and dim the lights.
(This will finally be the night)
-The Audition

“Mum, we’re peacing out!” James called, as each of us levitated our trunks towards the front door.

We’d stayed at James’ house for a good two weeks after that day at the fair. Jason was gone the next morning before the rest of us woke up - work, I suppose. Lily had stayed for a week before returning home to spend some time with her parents. Darren had gone home as well, and planned to meet up with us again at my house. And Damon - good ol’ Damon - stuck with us.

“James, honey, be careful. And Anna, dear, be sure you don’t get off in the wrong house again.”

Of course, you have to bring that up, Mrs. Potter,
I thought.

After we'd woken up and found Jason gone those two weeks ago, I had flooed home with my trunk and tried to come back with a small bag . . . Let’s just say it took me two tries to get back to the Potters. Luckily the house that I ended up in first had a very nice, understanding family living in it. They gave me a few cookies to take for the road. Like I said - very nice.

“I will, Mrs. Potter,” I promised and squeezed her happily around the middle. I tried to be gentle, though, as she was still looking rather fragile.

“Come on, let’s go!” Pete cried excitedly. “I love Anna’s house! It’s so much fun!”

“You just like it because they have tubs of chocolate frosting that you’re allowed to just sit around and eat,” Remus pointed out.

Pete was quite for a few moments. “. . . So?”

Remus laughed and shook his head and motioned for as all to come. I waved happily and excitedly at Mrs. Potter as I handed my dufflebag to Damon, who stood next to me.

Oh, Damon. Last night . . . Last night . . .


It was nearly four in the morning, and the boys were already asleep. I'd spent an entire hour trying to entertain myself, and was extremely unsuccessful.

Darren was snoring loudly next to me. I jabbed him in the shoulder with my elbow. He didn’t respond. I hit him a few more time before he snorted and sprung up to sitting position. “Waz goin’ on? Who’s attacking? Those damn pythons again? Alright, I’ll get my gun.”

“Darren, pssst! Darren! Wake-up!”

He groaned and shifted around so he was facing me. “Anna. Dear God, what do you want from me?”

“I’m bored.”

He hit me. And said nothing.

“Ugh, fine.” I went around the circle and hit each of the Marauders like I had whacked Darren. (Remus, Sirius, Peter, and James - in that order.) None of them woke up. It was quite upsetting. I had made nearly an entire circle by the time I made it to Damon. (Who was lying spread eagle on top of the blankets with his arm draped over Darren.)

“Damon. Daaaamooooon.”

He groaned in response; out of all the boys, he was easily the easiest to wake.

“Good morning, Mr. Damon! I’m bored.”

“Anna, what is wrong with you?”

“Lot’s of things . . . Now sit up, Greek boy; I need entertaining ”

To my surprise (and excitement) he did.

“Now if only this lump would move,” I said, gesturing to Darren, who was once again snoring away.

“I’ll take care of this,” Damon offered. He was still very disoriented, so when he went to turn Darren over into the spot where I had been laying before, he turned over the wrong person. James was flipped onto Peter instead . . . Poor saps didn’t even notice.

“Ah, perfect  A space for moi to lay down.” I put my hands out in front of my to catch myself as I fell to my stomach. I had learned the hard way that when you’re a girl, falling on your front side hurts a bit.

“I’m so excited that you woke up, dude. Sirius is usually the only one who’ll entertain me when I’m bored in the middle of the night, and he just refused to wake up.”

“You’re just so needy, aren’t you?” he joked.

Uhhh, I hope not.

“So . . . Tell me your life story, Damon. I’m bored and I love stories.”

“Has anyone ever called you a nutter before?”

“I stopped counting when I turned fifteen.”

Damon smiled. “Well, fair enough, then. But it’s quite long and boring.”

“You just don’t feel like pulling it all together,” I accused him. “Alright, then. Whatever happened to that girl that you were dating?”

“I dropped her - not literally, of course - I mean I broke up with her. She got rather clingy.”

I could see only the outlines of Damon’s reminiscent face in the dark, and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“You. You’re probably the only bloke that I’m friends with that isn’t a total girl. You know how Sirius is your twin? Well, we must’ve been wrong, because he is quite possibly the biggest girl I know.”

“What can I say? I’m a very manly man.”

“You’re also a very creepy man.”

He shrugged. “Eh. Yeah, that too.”

We were both lying on top of the blankets, facing each other. Somehow, our hands had gotten rather close and were touching.

“You have the nicest eyes,” Damon said out of no where.

Now, normally, I would have been fairly complimented. But under the circumstances, (there was no way one could see in the really dark without night vision goggles,) I had to call him out on bullshit.

“Because you can see them and all, right?” I taunted.

“Whoops. I guess lines don’t work all the time.”

Damon was trying to use a line on me?

“Were you trying to use a line on me? ”

“Yeah . . . So?”

I - I suppose he’s right. I mean, we hooked up last time, on Christmas, right? Why am I really that shocked that he’s working on it again?

“Nothing, I suppose.” I moved my hand that was touching Damon’s a little bit closer against him.

Oh, sure, just ignore every blatant feeling in your head and hook up with Damon - again.

Oh, dear. I was going to be confusing myself again.
What blatant feelings? Boredom? Won’t that be cured by hooking up with Damon?

Merlin and Godric, you’re rather thick sometimes.

Yes, thank you.

While the voices inside my head were raging at each other, Damon had inched a bit closer to me. And I had gotten a bit nearer to him in return.

Well, explain, then, dammit, if you’re so smart.

Fine! Thought about Sirius lately?

A few months ago, I would not have caught onto the underlying motives of the question. However, after having dealt with the more mental part of my brain for a good year or so, I was beginning to catch on more quickly.

I haven’t, as a matter of fact. I thought we’d decided that that whole thing wasn’t going to work.

No, that’s what you decided.

We’re the same bloody person!

The voices inside my head made me want to scream. At the same time, Damon’s fingers were lightly trailing up and down my arm and around my shoulder.

You know what . . . I know how to shut you up.

So, I cut the pleasantries with Damon. I started snogging him with no prelude. At first, it was a fairly innocent kiss, just his lips playing with mine. It was, however, enough to shut up the voice in the back of my head.

But soon, I started getting quite into the snog that we were having. I didn’t even think about how the sixteen year old me would have beaten up the seventeen year old me. I hardly had time to admonish myself to succumbing to the fingerholds of kissing and sex-stuff over the past year-

-because I was too busy clashing my lips and tongue against Damon’s. I slid one of my legs through his and hooked it around to give myself more balance as I sat up and caged him down with an arm on each side of him.

“Anna, Anna,” he said breathlessly as I took a break from his mouth and kissed up and down the side of his face. “This is such a bad idea.”

“Bad idea is my middle name,” I told him, as I went back to kissing him.

He rolled carefully and quietly so that he was atop of me now, and kissed my neck gently. With practised, roaming hands, he toyed with the lines of indecency. I was in for a bit of a surprise when Damon (like Sirius) was
also able to accomplish what Darren had not been. Of course, that set me off laughing, and if anything was enough to end a kiss, laughter was.

At a later date it would occur to me how mental it was for Damon and I to get quite so into it lying next to my best friends. But at the moment it was no concern.

It was a few minutes later when I was able to stop laughing. I didn’t explain to Damon (who hadn’t noticed, and wasn’t going to be informed) what had got me laughing, or what exactly I was laughing about - only that I was having a feeling of deja vu.

“But that was
quite an entertaining kiss,” I admitted.

“Yup - we barely snogged at all last Christmas - see what you were missing?”

I laughed again (probably for the billionth time that past hour or so) and told Damon good night, before rolling over and being lulled into sleep with almost no thoughts in my head.

But sleep eluded me once again. I was crossing the threshold of sleep when I remembered - Sirius. And for whatever, God-forsaken reason, I felt guilty.

There’s no reason to, I assured myself. Beside me, I could tell that Damon had fallen back asleep; his slow, quiet breathing clued me in.

You can snog whomever you like. You and Sirius are not together. Nor do you want to be.

Or do you?

Oh, shut up.

Yeah, so, we’d gone at it with Darren and the Marauders sleepily oblivious surrounding us. Damon and I smiled pleasantly at each other as we stood before the fireplace.

I waited until all the boys Flooed to my house, and then grabbed a small handful of powder for myself.

“17 Marks Place!” I tucked my elbows in and prepared for the majorly spinny ride. I’d gotten quite good at keeping my eyes open while Flooing and not puking. Very few people could master that - I could.

“Home sweet home!” I shouted happily as I stumbled into my kitchen. “Daddy!” I ran and threw my arms around him. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

It was true; I hadn’t seen him since the previous summer, and even then I rarely saw him during the day. He looked older. I mean, his hair had always been gray (apparently he’d starting greying as soon as Jason was born,) but his face was always unlined. I saw extra creases in his face as he smiled at me.

Jeese, what is it with all these parents looking older?

“Anna, honey, how are you?”

“Happy!” I answered.

“Atta girl.” He kissed me on the forehead asked, “Weren’t your mates supposed to come, too?”

I scrunched up my face in confusion. “Did they not come?”

He shook his head.

I smacked my palm against my forehead and sighed. “Godric! Finally, I don’t get lost, and now they do . . . Alright, time to call up the neighbours.”

I was reaching for the red, rotary phone when I heard a crash and a large amount of coughing. I turned around to see James sprawled on the kitchen floor, on top of one of the overturned kitchen chairs. And covered in lots of soot.

“Er, James?”

He coughed a bit and then looked up and smiled. “Sorry, dude. Well, okay, so, Pete went first, and he ended up saying ‘17 Starks Place’ and we didn’t know where he went. So Remus followed him because Pete would totally get lost, and, well, you know how me and Sirius just usually follow Remus wherever he goes - oomf ”

James’ body convulsed and Sirius landed on top of him.

“Ugh, Sir-irius - can’t - breath.”

“Oh, right.” Sirius smiled and rolled off of James.

They were laying, spread-eagle next to each other on the floor when Damon came through the fireplace and stepped on James’ back.

He groaned again and tried to kick Damon, who tripped over his leg and fell to the floor.

My Dad turned to me and asked, “Does this sort of thing always happen?”

“Oh, yes,” I assured him.

“Alright.” He smiled, waved to the boys, and walked out of the room while sorting through some mail.

“Where’re the other two dumbarses?” I asked as James stood up and righted the chair he had knocked over.

“Well,” Sirius drawled. “I’m sure James told you that we ended up at 17 Starks Place, right? Well . . . What word do you know that sounds kind of like 'starks?’”

I thought. “Uhhh. Marks? Parks? Blarks? Crarks? I don’t know?”


I put on my ‘thinking face.’ “So . . . You three ended up in a strip club?”

“Exactly!” Sirius cried jumping up excitedly. “Wait, you actually got that - I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Wow, that’s hilarious!” I said. And it was hilarious. The Marauders in a strip club, even if it was only for a few minutes. Oh, the havoc that must have gone on.

“And Remus and Peter are still there because . . .?” I prompted.

“Because, they’re Remus and Peter, duh!” James answered. “Oh, poor Darren is going to be so upset that he missed this.”

I nodded and thought of Darren’s devastated face when we broke the news to him. “Yeah, true. Well, let’s split and find something fun to do.”

“Should we wait for them?” Damon asked.

I waved him off. “Nah, they’ll be a while.”

Damon shrugged and the three boys followed me into the common room, where I crashed onto the couch. “So what’s there to do around here?”

I went to answer, but Sirius beat me to it. “Well, usually we watch movies, or eat, or make cupcakes, or go to the beach.”

I was about to say something when Jason Apparated into the room. He landed softly on the dark, wine-colored rug that sat in the center. The loud crack that accompanied his Apparation made me jump a mile into the air.                       

Jason laughed at me. “So, I heard someone say, ‘we watch movies,’ did I not?”

Sirius nodded.

“Well, lookie what I have here . . .” He was holding something behind his back, and Sirius jumped up to look. Jason turned in a circle, as Sirius followed his motions, trying to get a look at whatever was making Jason so excited.

“Will you just show me already?” Sirius whined, sitting dejectedly down by Jason’s feet, pouting.
Jason smirked. “Well . . . Okay.” He pulled a medium-sized, rectangular box out from behind his back, and it took me a few moments to recognize it as a VHS case. It took a few more moments for my eyes to focus on what was on the case.

“Oh my god! It’s Star Wars!” Sirius, James and I shouted in unison.

Jason took a step back and looked at us apprehensively. “You guys spend way too much time together.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we know,” Sirius we assured him. “Hand it over, already!”

Jason laughed, and threw it to James without warning, who caught it anyway.

Jason nodded appreciatively. “Chaser reflexes.”

Sirius was impatiently waiting for Jason and James to end their little episode. “I want to watch Star Wars! Put it on!”

James raised an eyebrow. “Me? How the hell am I supposed to know how to do it?” He tossed it back to Jason and asked him to put it on for us.

We all sat around excitedly as Jason took the videotape and put it into the player for us.

“What is-” Damon began to ask.

“Don’t question, just watch,” I demanded.

Two hours later, Damon was just as much of a Star Wars nut as we were.

“That was awesome!” he cried.

“’Round these parts, you’d say ‘bloody brilliant’,” Sirius explained.

“That was bloody brilliant!” Damon yelled.

Sirius nodded. “Alright, I’m bored, I’m going to go explore.”

Damon sat, draped on the couch, spluttering and protesting as Sirius transformed into his Animagus form and took off.

Jason, who was still in the room, cast a look at where Sirius had been perched on an armchair a few moments earlier, to the archway he had leapt out of a few seconds ago. “I’m not even going to ask.” He Apparated (Godric, I wish I knew where that boy goes to all the time.) and the room was quiet.

I turned to Damon, ready to explain everything to him; the werewolf, the rat, the stag, the dog, the Shrieking Shack, the everything. And then I thought of Remus, and his four-year reluctance to tell me - perhaps he’d rather be there when all that explaining happened. I decided to talk it over with Remus later on.

“Er, want to go find him?” I suggested.

Damon just looked at me, still confused, and stood up. “I’m just going to follow you.”

We left James, asleep on the couch, and walked into the kitchen, where Sirius was waiting patiently - his tongue hanging out happily - for someone to open the glass door for him.

“If we let you out to explore will you promise to come back before it gets totally dark?” I asked Sirius. A quick glance outside told me he’d have a half hour or so before it became dark, as dusk was just beginning.

When will the other dumbarses be back?

Padfoot (as we all liked to refer to Sirius when he was transformed) shook his head up and down and pawed lightly at the door before jumping up and slobbering kisses all over my face.

“Oh, gross! Sirius, will you get down?” I laughed and complained when Sirius jumped. The huge dog (definitely bigger than me, and approaching the size of a small bear) sat down and whimpered at the door.

“Alright, stop whining.. No ticks; we’re not picking them off you later!” I yelled at Sirius as he bounded out the door. I was sure we’d be picking ticks off of him later. “Want to see the rest of the house?” I asked Damon, after I had slid the door closed.

“Erm, sure, but I was wondering if you could-”

“Explain?” I guesses. He nodded. “Later. It’s a bit complicated and I’d like to get all the guys involved, since they are all involved.”

“Alright then,” Damon agreed. “Let’s see the rest of the house.”

So I led him through the downstairs. I showed him the loo that was in the corridor. I showed him the second common room (the one that was full of fancy furniture - no one ever went into it) and the dining room that was adjacent to the kitchen. I led him down to the basement, which had been done-over since last summer. I was surprised to see that most of the boxes had been moved to the corner so that an old couch could sit opposite to the television that used to sit in the common room.

I was excited to find a deep freeze filled with popsicles and frozen pizza. And when I say excited, I mean absolutely thrilled. Damon didn’t see what was so special; I told him it was because he’d never had frozen pizza or a popsicle before, and therefore, he was a deprived child.

I tried to explain frozen pizza to Damon as we climbed two sets of stairs so that we were on the second floor. I briefly pointed out my parents room, Jason’s old room, my bedroom, and the guest bedroom.

“That’s probably where you’ll be staying, but maybe not. You guys will probably get tired of stepping on each other and go to Jason’s room or something; it’s pretty small and there’s, like, a bazillion of you.” Damon followed me into the room, and I gestured to the larger bed, and the four cots that were crammed around the perimeter of the room.

“I’m tired,” I claimed, and dive-bombed the largest bed. I figured that jumping onto one of the cots could have ended badly.

“Me too. Jeese, hanging out with you lot is tiring work.” Damon laughed and lay down next to me.

“Yeah, well, you get used to it. It’s also a bit easier for us since we’re ninety percent water and ten percent chocolate. And chocolate has quite a bit of caffeine in it, you know.”

Damon laughed, and when he flipped over to his side and winked at me.

“Has anyone told you that you have the nicest eyes?”

I laughed.

“They always just look so life-like and happy.”

I smiled. I always took pride in my happiness. “Yeah, don’t they?”

“And you’re always smiling,” he pointed out.

“I’d like to think that helps balance out my bad traits.”

“Bad traits? Like what?” Damon questioned.

“Umm . . . I dunno, you’d have to ask someone else, because I’m under the impression that I’m absolutely perfect,” I said earnestly. It came off a bit as a joke, but it wasn’t really one.

Damon laughed, and before I knew what happening, he had kissed me lightly on the lips. And it didn’t even take ten seconds for our escapade to escalate to what it had been last night.

Once he kissed me, the rational part of my brain had turned off. I no longer remembered that I was in my house, where it was possible for either of my parents, my mates, and my brother to walk in. It was barely any time at all before I had rolled over and straddled my legs around his waist. My hands ran through his hair and over his shoulders.

It was then that my mind began returning to me, and I remembered that guilt that had robbed me of an extra half an hour of sleep the previous night. But my instinct told me to keep going. Damon’s hand traveled from my back to my shoulders and -

“Bloody hell!"

Damon sprang off of me faster than the kangaroos that the Marauders and I had played with in Australia the previous summer. My head snapped towards the door to see Peter standing, shell-shocked, with Remus behind him, also looking rather gob-smacked.

Remus muttered something to Peter, who nodded. No one took their eyes off of me and Damon (who had long since moved as far away from me as possible while still remaining on the bed.)

“Well, this is a bit awkward.”

“Yeah, just a bit,” Remus agreed.

The four of us stayed stock still in a silent battle when Sirius appeared behind Peter and Remus.  “What’s going on? Oh, and don’t worry, Anastasia, I’ve already checked myself for ticks.”

I waited for someone to explain to Sirius what they had caught me and Damon doing; no one did and I was rather surprised. However, I didn’t feel like explaining myself, because guilt was too busy raging through my blood and poisoning me as quickly as a Basilisk’s venom.

“I’m sure you did,” I said sarcastically. “But someone’s going to double-check before you sit on the furniture and let those creepy creatures get everywhere.”

He frowned and nodded. It wasn’t like he hadn’t told us that before, and we’d woken up to those damn little blood suckers on someone else. We had to completely hose down the entire guest room because of that lovable, damned dog.

“We’ll just make the sleepy head do it,” I decided. “Sirius, go wake up James.”

He grumbled and mumbled as he left the room. “Almost makes running around not fun at all.”

Peter and Remus walked, still amazed and dead silent, into the room so that they were near me and Damon.

“What the hell was that?” Peter exploded. “When did you two get together?”

“We’re not,” I answered simply.

“So what are you doing together, if you guys aren’t together?” It was Remus, this time.

Crap, he sounds angry.                    

“What the hell are you doing, asking me that? Coming from you, Remus.”

Crap, again. I always made it a point not to taunt Remus about his one-night-stands and random hookups. He never made fun of my sometimes deranged actions, so I returned the favor.

I just looked at the ground, not saying anything, and I didn’t even have time to brace myself. Remus grabbed my arm, nearly pulling my shoulder out of it’s socket and marched me into the hallway, where were could keep our conversation private from Damon and Pete.

“What are you doing together?” he repeated.

“I dunno,” I mumbled. “It just seemed like a fun idea at the time . . .”

Remus took in a deep breath. He shook his blond hair out of his face and I watched the dark scar next to his eye lighten; it always got a bit more prominent when he was stressed and angry. “Sorry,” he apologized. “And I really am. Sometimes I just forgot that you and Sirius aren’t together anymore. And, you know . . .”

Remus looked so guilty. And there was no reason for it. Sure, I suppose he overreacted a bit with his anger, but it wasn’t like I was scarred because of it. He only reacted in his own special way.

“Listen, I don’t need a lecture from your, Remus. I feel guilty enough as it is.” I looked down at the ground and ran my big toe up and now the glossy, wood floor.


“Please don’t ask, Remus. I don’t know why, and I don’t want to talk about it either.”

He smiled. “Fair enough. You have fun with Damon this summer. Just - just be careful where you guys decide to snog like that with the door unlocked, alright?”

I nodded before I stuck my head back into the bedroom. “Now, who wants cupcakes?”

There was a clap of thunder outside, synonymous with the loud, crashing sound made by stampeding, teenage boys.

“Watch out!” I called downstairs. “Cupcake-deprived, raving lunatics on the loose.”  I waited until the three boys had sped past me and started down the stairs before I slid down the banister myself.

I caught up with the guys as they tried to push and shove their way through the door that led to the kitchen. I gave Damon and playful, flirtatious tap in the bum. He turned around and winked at me before pushing the rest of the guys through the door. They fell in a pile at my Dad’s feet.

“You lot again, eh?”

Remus looked up at my Dad’s smirking face sheepishly. “Sorry, Mr. Xanthis. We were going to make some cupcakes and got a bit overexcited.”

He nodded. “Yes, I know.” Then gestured to Sirius and James. James' entire top half was covered in powder and Sirius had a streak of chocolate frosting running from his knee to his shoulder. They had already started making the cupcake batter; Sirius held down the large, metal mixing bowl and James stirred the wooden spoon vigorously, sending bits of batter all over the kitchen. “So have Sirius and James, apparently. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head upstairs before I end up looking like either one of those two.”

He smiled pleasantly and stepped over the pile of boys. The door swung closed as Peter, Damon and Remus scrambled to their feet.

“And your Dad doesn’t care that you guys make a total mess?” Damon asked, as Remus and Peter scrambled over to their fellow Marauders to take the frosting tub out of Sirius’ posession.

I shrugged. “Not really, as long as we clean up after ourselves. My Mum isn’t quite that lenient, but she’s away for the next few days, so it’s one big party now.”

“Sounds cool-” Damon was cut off as James pushed him out of the way to get to me. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on; I was being locked out of my house again, this time in the rain. James’ battery, chocolatey hands pushed my back through my house. I clung to the door frame of the kitchen for dear life as he attempered to push me into the corridor.

“No!” I cried, as I lost my grip and found myself being pushed along the corridor. With no other options left, I threw myself to the ground and attempted to grab onto whatever I could find. But, alas, James picked me up. I kicked and squirmed and attempted to make myself heavier, but to no avail.

Really, Anna, you’re a failure. James isn’t even that strong and he can carry you? What the hell’s wrong with you - can’t even properly squiggle out of sometimes arms!

But to my excitement, I managed to break free of his hold just as we reached the front door. I immediately curled up into a fetal position and refused to let him grab me again.

James sighed. “Sirius!” he bellowed.

Psh. Of course.

“Come on, James! That’s playing dirty! Sirius could probably pick up the Hogwarts Express and carry it outside if he wanted to!”

James smirked as Sirius sauntered from the kitchen and scooped me up into his arms like nothing. “I know.”

I thrashed in Sirius’ arms, as he carried me from the safety of the porch overhang and dropped me on the wet, soggy grass. He sprinted back into the house before I could even get up, and then spent the next five minutes making faces at me from the window.

Of course, I flipped him off. Oh, those boys are so dead.

A/N: Ta-da! Chapter 55! Also known as the anniversary chapter! Yaaay! I’m a bit disappointed with this chapter - no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get this to work the way I wanted . . .  Oh well, it’s definitely better than the first few versions of it I had. So, I know I’m two days late for the 2/28, one-year anniversary (which makes me slightly angry and frustrated)  however, I was partying Saturday night, and as I went to post the chapter last night, those stupid formatting problems struck again, and I spent nearly twenty minutes reading through and putting all the exclamations and italics in. Then, when I hit submit, my HPFF session had timed out, and I was too disheartened to do it all again in one night.  So, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and Anna's random hook-ups/guilt.

A/N2: Fun Facts

James: When he was born, his Mum was 101 and his Dad was 107. (Old, it seems, but JK said that James’ parents were old by Wizarding Standards when they died, which was sometime before James did. And seeing as Dumbledore is about 150, I figured that was a good age.) Despite his parents’ actual age, they appear to be in their 50s.

Remus: Has developed a fool-proof method of contraception.

Anna: Has, in the past, considered becoming a Journalist, a History of Magic Professor, a Healer, and a Professional Quidditch player.

Lily: Used to want to die her hair brown.

Anna: Never received ‘The Talk’ from her parents - her father never tried, and she cut her mother off every time she tried.

A/N3: Oh, and also in honor of Polychromatic's one-year anniversary, I will finally be updating the summary. (Sometime within the next week days when I have less essays to write and exams to study for.)

A/N4: And thanks to everyone (though you probably won't end up reading this) who pointed out all the places where I accidentally said Darren where I meant Damon, and things like that. My brain got a bit confused when I was writing this (originally, they were both in this chapter) and I thought I caught and fixed all those errors when I looked over this . . . Obviously not. :D

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