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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 42 : How Much I Care, How Bad You Are
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A/N: Hello, everyone! I'm so so so sorry that it took so long to get this chapter up - and I'm not even fully happy with it! Perhaps because these next few chapters are so crucial, it's hard to feel good about them. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this (at least a little.) Merry Christmas/Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone who does not. :D

Uninvited, no one knows
How much I care, how bad you are,
How good we’d be
-the Academy Is...

"Godric, Anna! We just spent a quarter of an hour yesterday arguing with some bloke because he said you were a whore; and now you’re just going to go prove him right!?"

I was caught between a groan and a laugh. Of course, James would assume that since Anastasia and I were in the same bed, that we shagged; it was just so James. On the other hand, he just insulted my girlfriend and that is not cool . . . But it was funny . . .

Before I could decide how react, Anastasia grumbled into her pillow next to me.

"What was that, whore?" Well, at least I could tell at that point that James was kidding.

"We dmph faa."

"One more time?" James taunted.

"We didn’t fuck!" she screamed, then kicked James (who had knelt next to her) and turned over to go back to sleep.

"Yeesh, Sirius, your bed-buddy is cranky in the morning."

I smirked, rolling out of the bed (How the hell did we both fit?) and said, "You say that like we haven’t know this for the past six years."

James shrugged. "Come on, mate. Remus and Peter are waiting in the common room; it’s time for breakfast."

I looked back to Anastasia, wondering if we should wake her. She’d be angry if she missed breakfast. James pushed me along, and as if he had read my mind, he said, "She’ll be even angrier if we wake her up."

It was true. So James and I met with our partners-in-crime and made our way down to the Great Hall. "So, what did you lot do last night?"

"Snogged a girl," Peter said, nonchalantly.

And I muttered under my breath about how, "I went to find the dunderhead that snogged a girl behind a tapestry across from Filches office." Everyone heard and laughed.

"Hid under my bed," Remus said, as if there wasn’t anything weird about that. Of course, being us, there wasn’t.

"Threatened someone." James, what a dumbarse. He would do that.

Of course, none of those activities were out of the ordinary for us.

But mine was!

"Sounds very nice, gentleman, but nothing compared to my night, I’m afraid."

"Oh, yeah? What did you do?" James asked. He had a funny look on his face, that I couldn’t place. Ooo, that rhymes.

"Anastasia’s my girlfriend!" I cried, unable to contain my joy in a normal matter. Then, displaying talent that neither the Marauders, nor myself knew I had, I ran up a wall, and flipped back to my feet.

The Marauders and others in the Entrance Hall looked at my oddly. Then, James, Remus and Peter broke out into wild, raging, congratulatory applause. Everyone else went back to their business.

"Mate! Dude! Mate! Dude! Mate!!!" James was jumping for joy (literally.) It felt nice to have such supportive friends.

"You didn’t . . . Ask her, did you?" Remus said. Leave it to Remus to come to the worst conclusion possible.

"Of course not." Remus looked relieved. "Come on, that would be suicide; it was actually Anastasia who decided it."

"That’s awesome, mate!" Remus patted me on the back.

Psh, like I needed their congratulations - I already knew how lucky I was. I had done what no one else had done before. Twice . . . Haha.

I didn’t think anything of the way that Remus was silently beating James up with his eyes.

During breakfast, I recounted the thrilling story of Anastasia’s profession of her love for me. Well . . . it wasn’t quite that, but knowing Anastasia, what she did is damn near close enough.

It was nearing ten o’clock when James dragged me by my collar; it was time for Quidditch practice. I told Remus to follow us back up to the dorm with something for Anastasia to eat; it wouldn’t be the first time that she chained herself to her bed in avoidance of practice because she hadn’t eaten.

"Move your arse!" James shouted, as he thundered up the stairs and kicked down the door. It wasn’t until the weak, wooden door was off its hinges and in splinters on the floor that James realized what he had done.

"Now, was that really necessary?" I asked, gesturing towards the mess.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Well, at least Anastasia had woken up.

"Dumbarse broke the door."

"It’s time for practice," James explained, navigating around the shattered wood towards his trunk.

"Remus is bringing you food," I offered, before Anastasia could break out the chains and threaten.

She shrugged. "Ooo, goody." She groaned and rolled off the bed, (my bed!) dropping to her hands and knees. "Ow." She then stood up and began to search around the room.

"Aha!" A few minutes later Anatasia stood up holding a pair of black shorts and an eye-piecingly bright blue t-shirt.

"Alright, well put it on and let’s get a move on," I stressed.

She shrugged and skipped into the bathroom. A minute later her pajamas came flying out the door, and she came flying out a moment later. "Let’s go!" Anastasia jumped on my back and I caught her easily. "Are we going or not?"

"Forgetting something?" I asked, gesturing to her broom, that sat, forgotten in a corner.

She cocked her head sideways, like a dog is sometimes apt to do. "Oh, right. I forgot about that."

"Bloody mess, forgetting about her broom during Quidditch practice," I mumbled

She didn’t hit me, but did attempt to squeeze the breath out of me, I think. "James, will you get me the broom, pretty please, bestest mate?"

"What about me?" I asked indignantly as James sauntered off to pick the broom up for Anastasia.

"Eh, you’re okay."

"Really, now?" Without warning, I threw her off my back and onto the bed, pounced on top of her, and began to tickle her. She squirmed and screamed (most people would think she was having a seizure) and thrashed.

"Come on, guys! I don’t want to see that!" Remus had just walked into the room and was looking at us with a disgusted look on his face.

James’ face was just frustrated. "Can we get to practice, now?"

"Sorry, el capitain!" Anastasia yelled, springing up and bouncing on the bed. With a war cry, she sprung from the bed, flipped forwards once, and grabbed her broom from James; she marched out of the dorm before any of the rest of us. A few seconds later she stuck her head back in. "And that was without a single spot of breakfast."

"Your girlfriends a nutter," James told me, as we heard a crash outside, and serious of bumps.

"Yeah, maybe you should go walk with her and grab her hand to make sure she doesn’t kill herself."

Remus didn’t have to tell me twice. I was down the stairs and helping Anastasia up before I could consider what I was doing - Anastasia wasn’t exactly the most selfless person in the world, so I didn’t even entertain the possibility that Anastasia wasn’t totally thinking of what she wanted when she asked.

I offered my hand to help her up, and she took it; I pulled her up from the ground, rather roughly, and let go of her hand, sending her catapulting across the common room with the force. "Shit!"

"Nice job, Sirius," she teased.

I laughed. "Thank you." And without asking her, I grabbed her hand; she didn’t let go, and I took that as a good sign.

We held hands all the way to the Quidditch field; we were followed by James and Darren who would intermittently make ‘awwing’ noises. We all herded into the changing rooms and got into our practice kits before hurrying out to the field; James was being particularly nazi-captain today. I pecked Anastasia quickly on the lips before kicking off into the air - it felt nice to have those special, couple sorts of things to do.

Later that day, as Anastasia showered, and the pounding water made her deaf to our conversation, James decided it would be a great time to torture me.

"So, you both seem to be getting on pretty well," he said, nudging me in the ribs.

"Yes, we are . . . But we’ve been getting on that great for how many years now?"

"Six years, eight months," Remus interjected.

"Yeah, well, like I said, things are looking good." James had that look in that eye; that one when that all of us Marauders knew so well - he had something else to say.

"What else did you want to say, Prongs?" I said, using the endearing nickname.

"I think you should get her a t-shirt that says ‘I love Sirius relationships!’ What do you think?"

I flicked my wand lazily at my best mate, and he was suspended by his ankle within seconds.

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and Anastasia stepped out. She took one look at James and said, "I don’t even want to know."

Yeah, I couldn’t help but think. You don’t.

Three days later, things were still running smoothly.

I would walk Anastasia to class, kiss her, and then tag after the Marauders on the way to our class. At dinner time, I’d sit near the Marauders, next to Anastasia. Sometimes, she’d even let me hold her hand while we ate.

She seemed content enough to let me treat her like a princess, albeit she was perhaps a little more stiff than usual.

I suppose I should have stopped myself then; I should have known something was wrong from the minute that I felt it. If I was discontent with that relationship, there was no way in hell that Anastasia was enjoying it.

A/N2: Any readers who are new to this story, or old readers who care (seeing as this will slightly effect the story’s outcome) the beginning of the story (the little bolded section at the top of the first chapter - where Sirius gets taken away and Anna and Dumbledore talk) has been slightly altered. Originally, Sirius was said to be Anna’s fiancé, however, now, he is just mentioned to be her best friend. As you can see, that is a big difference. And I felt the need to point that out.

A/N3: To my wonderful readers - as you can tell from the above A/N, minor rewrites have begun. In fact, chapters one through eighteen have been edited. and Anna And to those who pay attention to details, you’ll find that in the second chapter I’ve edited it so that Anna no long has "a feeling" about Peter. I had planned to follow it up with a subplot, but that never went through, and now it just feels like a comment left hanging. So, to those of you who have been kind enough to point out some of my grammatical errors and such, this should clean the chapters up a bit and make them more readable.

A/N4: For those of you that have been wondering about Anastasia, the writing process has come to a minor halt as I work out some of the details. However, this story will tentatively begin posting at the end of January - possibly sooner of later depending on the circumstances.

A/N5: Thanks to robleschick for the idea about the ‘I Love Sirius relationships!’ t-shirt. :D

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